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Tear Jerker / RuPaul's Drag Race

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"Yara, no llores."
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  • Pretty much any time a queen gets a supportive message from one of her parents, there will be tears involved, from both the queen in question as well as the others as they recount how their own parents were less than accepting.

    Season 1 
  • Ongina revealing that she has HIV after winning the Viva Glam challenge.
  • Rebecca crying in the bathroom in the same episode, depressed and grieving about her friend who is dying of AIDS.
    • although, her later fumbling answers about the friendship and revealing that they currently aren't close makes it retrospectively seem like an attempt to generate a reason she performed poorly.
  • During Bebe's tic-tac lunch with Ru, Bebe recounts life in poverty-ridden Cameroon, where AIDS runs amuck, and implies that she's had to experience several deaths up close while breaking down in tears.

     Season 2 
  • Pandora Boxx recounting nearly being Driven to Suicide because of homophobic bullying and the lingering self-doubt even after the attempt.
  • Sonique crying at the 2nd season reunion show, before coming out as trans.

     Season 3 
  • A little one. In the "Queens in Space" episode of season 3, Raja choking out tearfully that she doesn't want Delta to be eliminated because Delta is her best friend. Raja is usually quite stoic, and she is often called "fake" by other members of the competition, but there is no denying that Raja is a girl who loves and cares about her friends.
  • Alexis' boyfriend in the Marines, who is most likely dead. She's completely given up hope of ever seeing him again.
  • Alexis Mateo almost leaving the competition, looking completely fed up and disillusioned.
  • Same episode: poor Yara Sofia, having a breakdown during her lipsync and collapsing to the floor in frustration, crying her eyes out in the middle of the song. The fact that the song was the bouncy "I Think About You" by Patti LaBelle creates a dissonance that somehow makes it even sadder. Before long, everyone else is crying too - especially Yara's opponent and friend, Alexis, who hugs Yara, gets to the back of the stage, and collapses in sobs. Ru makes an effort to reassure Yara, but this is still quite possibly the saddest elimination in the show's herstory.

     Season 4 
  • Sharon Needles' backstory. She grew up in rural Iowa and was horribly bullied, and even the school administrators partially blamed her for bringing it on herself for being different. She ultimately dropped out of high school and left her hometown at a young age. It was only during a stint in Des Moines—Iowa's capital and largest city—that she was exposed to drag queens and other gay people, inspiring her to craft her drag act and eventually settle in Pittsburgh.
  • Latrice Royale's speech to Ru Paul following her elimination, thanking him for all he has done for the drag community, equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking, as it punctuates Latrice leaving the competition.
    "You have changed my life forever. You have changed the world of drag forever. I love you and respect you so much, and thank you for seeing something special in me. Thank you. (Walks to back of stage to leave, before turning around and raising hand) She is large, in charge, chunky yet funky, the bold and the beautiful, I am Latrice Royale!"
  • From the season 4 reunion show, Latrice reading aloud the fan letter from a ten-year-old fan is both this and a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Jiggly crying in the 4th season reunion show as she recounts how she discovered that Phi Phi set her up for failure, saying that she let Phi Phi sleep at her apartment when they were first starting out as queens, and was completely devastated that her friend betrayed her.

     All Stars 1 
  • In real life, the death of season 2 contestant Sahara Davenport.
    • The episode of All Stars where Manila talks to Latrice about Sahara and shows off a photo of the two of them together is also a tearjerker in retrospect. Manila and Sahara were a couple in real life.
  • It is so, so disheartening to see Pandora Boxx - Miss Congeniality, mind you - look so dejected after being teamed up with the infamous Mimi Imfurst. She looks so depressed that it's kind of a damper on the season premiere by itself.note 
  • The second half of All Stars Untucked: Episode 2. Chad gets a video message from his estranged father, who he hadn't seen in twenty-five years. Tear jerking enough by itself, as several of the queens start crying. Unfortunately, some of the queens' daddy issues come to light. Yara Sofia starts breaking down, and Chad comforts her. After this, Manila states that she feels unworthy in her dad's eyes because she's a drag queen. Finally, Latrice states that it's important to reconcile with their fathers, and how she never got that opportunity; her father died shortly after she was released from jail. You will need Kleenex during this episode.
  • Jujubee crying backstage, saying, "I miss my dad!"
  • Jujubee and Raven having to lipsync against each other in the penultimate episode of All Stars after saying that they can't stand the thought of having to do so, and the two of them can barely get through it without choking up. There's no dancing, no big theatrical moves; just two friends holding hands, unsure of what to do, and bawling their eyes out. It's such an emotional moment that Ru can't bring himself to eliminate either queen, instead allowing them both to advance to the finale.

     Season 5 
  • Season Five's Monica Beverly Hillz coming out as transgender. It was clearly a heavy burden.
  • During the Snatch Game critiques of Season 5, Jinkx Monsoon keeps on chanting, "Water off a duck's back. Water off a duck's back". It's heartbreaking enough, but it gets even more so when you realize that she's expecting to be trashed by the judges, just as she was trashed by the other girls (the exceptions being Jade Jolie, Ivy Winters and Alaska) in the work room before the runway. It leads to Tears of Joy when she actually wins the challenge.
  • Alaska is critiqued for lacking heart by the judges, and visibly is unable to stop herself from getting emotional. Carries on to Untucked where she expresses some frustration that she's been constantly compared to Sharon, and that being told that she lacked heart by RuPaul deeply hurt her.
  • Jinkx admits how close she's gotten to Ivy Winters, and even admits she has a bit of a crush on her. And that very same episode... Ivy is sent home, and Jinkx is devastated.
  • When Roxxxy Andrews revealed she and her sister had been left at a bus stop at 3 years old, recalling what the scene looked like and how her mother said she was just going to the store, only to be gone all night, then being a ward of the state for a year before being raised by their grandmother. Just wow.
  • Detox relating how his ex-boyfriend, who had been threatening and stalking him, died shortly after they broke up. While he tries not to let it show it's obvious he's still deeply hurt by it.
  • While working with gay vets in season 5, Jinkx's partner vaguely references a "medical condition" as a reason why he has trouble bending over. After dancing around it for a bit he eventually confesses that it's AIDS, and that side effects of the medication caused him to gain weight and reduced his mobility. Jinkx assures him that they'll get through it, but after the vet goes off for a bit we see Jinkx lose it for a moment, being disabled herself with narcolepsy.
  • In a "Untucked" episode, Alyssa Edwards gets a video message from her estranged father, who apologizes for giving her such a hard time growing up and says that he's proud of her. Both Alyssa and Jinkx recount how they used to pray to God when they were younger to make them different and Coco (who if you recall has almost no love lost for Alyssa due to personal reasons) tearfully begs Alyssa to forgive her father because "there's gonna come a time when [Alyssa] won't be able to".
  • It's incredibly heartbreaking to watch how nearly none of the girls are supportive of Jinkx. Roxxxy and Coco tend to gang up on her the most. As such, it makes it all the more satisfying when she proves them all wrong, but you'd be forgiven for thinking it wouldn't come true.

     Season 6 
  • During Untucked Laganja Estranja received a very touching message from her parents, telling her that they have come to accept her as a drag queen, and her mother apologizing for avoiding her for so long due to her career choice.
  • Trinity revealing that she's HIV-positive and that the reason she came on the show was to be a role model for other young adults with the virus.
  • Joslyn getting a video message from her boyfriend who says that they both were effected hard by the death of their 6 year old nephew.
  • More of a meta thing but the fact that the show's attempts to be more trans positive has been responded to so harshly by the fanbase is quite upsetting when you consider that the show itself hasn't necessarily had the most positive history with trans people.

     Season 7 
  • During the Snatch Game episode, Katya discusses her ongoing struggle with anxiety, as well as her previous alcoholism. It's a reminder of the fact that the normally lighthearted Katya has her own demons like everyone else.
  • Miss Fame talking about her grandfather, who had been the father figure in her life, and how he was murdered when she was 15 years old. Miss Fame actually starts crying after she stumbles on an old photo of them with his grandmother she had brought with her to the competition.

     Season 8 
  • And season 8 gives us one with the first elimination. The moment Ru announces that the Laila is staying you can see how crushed Naysha is. And when makes her exit you can see her choking back tears as she writes her farewell message. Made even worse when you realize she has been trying out since season 1.
    • Even moreso in the Untucked, the moment she leaves the stage the tears start flowing a she chokes back sobs. As she's led to the workroom, the stage hand assisting her gives a very sad Aside Glance, obviously feeling for Naysha's misery.
  • Also in the first episode of season 8. Kim Chi explaining her fear that her mom will discover her drag career. As far as her mom knows, Kim Chi is a makeup artist, and thinks that the pictures of Kim Chi that she saw were just Kim Chi's makeup jobs. Kim Chi states that she doesn't want to let her mom down, and is saddened that she isn't the kind of son an Asian mom would want. This comes through later when she has to dress in an outfit inspired by her mother, and the judges all comment that although it was beautiful, there was an incredible somberness to her runway, likely caused by the turmoil with her mother.
    • When the queens are asked what they'd like to say to their younger selves, Kim Chi breaks down in tears, saying she wished she'd known when she was younger that things would get better, and not to self-harm.
    • Fridge Horror: During the aforementioned mother-homage runway, all of the queens feature photos of themselves with their mothers ... however, Kim Chi's mother's face is blurred out. This could mean that even after filming Kim Chi still did not come out to her mother (so the show could not approach her mother for rights for her face to be shown), or Kim Chi did come out to her mother, and her mother took the news poorly.
      • Confirmed in the reunion that Kim Chi has not told her mother about her career yet, and has no intention of ever telling her.
  • Thorgy Thor tells the girls about her hippie parents, in particular, her mother. While young she went off to college and partied all the time, but always called home to see how her parents were getting along. Turns out her mother was dying from cancer and had taken a turn for the worse, but her parents and sister didn't want her to know because they didn't want to take away the 'college experience' from her. Finally, her father tells Thorgy to come home while her mother was literally on her death bed, but the cancer had deteriorated her so much she was already gone mentally, meaning Thorgy never got the chance to give a real goodbye to her. She says to this day she's angry and resentful towards her father and sister for keeping it a secret from her.
  • Derrick Barry talking about the falling out she had with her mother, after she came out and the first thing out of Derrick's mother's mouth was effectively if they could keep it a secret from everyone else. Derrick says the experience made him lose a lot of respect for her mother, and that it really left her broken in a way that she still hasn't really recovered from.
  • Bob the Drag Queen breaking down in tears as she shares the very real terror she felt when her mother was diagnosed with a rare form of pneumonia that nearly took her life. One day Bob's mother was healthy and active, and suddenly she was practically a skeleton.
    • A tearjerker moment made even more Harsher in Hindsight in 2020 after the season's Ensemble Darkhorse Chi Chi DeVayne's unexpected death. This was also due to a bout of pneunomia, which occurred as a result of complications arising from scleroderma-related kidney failure.

     All Stars 2 
  • It's sad that the good vibes among the queens in All Stars 2 were brought down significantly by Ru's announcement that they'd be eliminating each other. None of them are particularly happy with the twist, and both Roxxxy and Tatiana are heartbroken that they have to make a choice like that. When Roxxxy eliminates Coco, she actually bursts into tears, and neither she nor the other queens seem that happy come the final dance.
    • Adore breaking down backstage after Michelle reads her outfit and she ends up in the bottom 3. The fact that Michelle basically tore Adore down for just wearing an outfit that's typical for her style is pretty heartbreaking; she says it takes her back to being "baby Adore" and makes her feel like she doesn't belong.
    • In a Periscope video after the episode had aired, Adore confesses that Michelle's critiques were not what made the decision, just part of the factor. Guest judge Raven-Symone being incredibly harsh to her for some reason, and in Danny's personal life, he had been dealing with depression stemming from his father passing away and his boyfriend suddenly breaking up with him. He says that part of the reason he decided to come onto All Stars was that it would keep him occupied as he worked through his grief, only to realize that it wasn't helping.
    • Following the hardships of the first episode and her inability to persuaded to stay, knowing her heart isn't in it, Adore quits before Snatch Game. Especially sad since she was an early favorite to win and all the other queens loved her, leaving one to wonder What Could Have Been had she stuck it out.
  • Roxxxy, Detox, and Ginger discussing the Pulse Nightclub massacre at the All Stars 2 reunion. All three of them had first started performing in drag at Pulse so the shooting hit them pretty hard. Season 1's Jade Sotomayor even lost a cousin in the massacre. Ginger is in tears when she recalls meeting the other queens there and Detox describes the experience as losing a home.

     Season 9 
  • The Season 9 queens also had a heartwrenching discussion about the Pulse night club shooting.
    • Trinity Taylor is from Orlando and used to be a regular, and while she wasn't there the night of the shooting, her coworker lost her daughter.
    • Cynthia Lee Fontaine was supposed to perform that night, but had to reschedule, and a friend of hers went to the club just to see her. When he found out she wasn't there, he decided to stay anyway and enjoy the night, and was killed for it.
  • Charlie Hides talking about burying all of her best friends in The '80s due to AIDS.
  • Eureka's medical evacuation. Oh God, Eureka's medical evacuation. Eureka was crying, the other queens were crying, Farrah can only choke out an anguished Little "No" between sobs, hell even Meghan Trainor was starting to tear up.
    • Becomes a Heartwarming Moment, when Ru Paul offers Eureka a place in Season 10, which she happily accepts.
    • Season 10 explores this further when Eureka reveals that the she had to have surgery and after a rough recovery process, she wasn't sure if she would be able to return to the show or even dance again.
  • Despite the controversy around Maskgate, Valentina's downfall is heartbreaking. She clearly wanted to be in the competition, and ends up in tears on both the main stage and in the confessional when she realizes how badly she ruined her shot at glory. Ru's final words to departing queens are usually encouragement, but Valentina pissed off Ru so much that Ru's dismissal is cold, hitting the tearjerker home:
    Rupaul: Valentina, I thought you had the stuff to go all the way. Now, sashay away.
  • Nina Bo'nina Brown's final episode: she laments sending home Valentina and blames herself for having the latter in the bottom two with her. It was at that point that the queens completely exit the discussion and ignore her after Nina understandably admits that she did not feel victorious winning a lipsync against a queen who was clearly devastated and lacked the will to fight, where Rupaul then told the girls to never give up. Even in the Makeover Challenge, it became evident that her creative drive also tanked. Come the runway, Ru's words become an Ironic Echo for Nina, as she's pitted against Shea, a queen who has been rooting for her since day one, and decides to throw the lipsync, her inner saboteur and depression winning over her. When Shea is told to stay, she literally break downs while we see Nina's makeover sister also break down back stage, all while Nina herself gracefully accepts defeat. Through Ru's final words to Nina were ridden with love, seeing her enter the werk room pumped in the beginning and later sashay away completely dejected due to her self-doubt is jarring.
  • At the Season 9 Finale, Ru prompts Shea to talk about her family, of whom in particular, her relationship with her father and his cancer diagnosis was discussed during the season. You can see Shea struggle to hold back tears when she says that not only did her father die of his cancer mere weeks before the season aired, her sister also died of cancer barely a month later.
  • Sasha, Valentina and Shea admitting that they've had problems with eating disorders. Valentina mentions that before she came on the show, she promised her mother that she would eat every day, even though sometimes she feels like she's forcing herself to do so.

     All Stars 3 
  • Kennedy discussing her feelings of neglect at conventions. She points out that whenever Drag Race queens are performing at meet and greets, the lines for the other queens are always full, while only one or two people will come to visit Kennedy, and always as an afterthought after going to meet other queens. Kennedy clearly feels unloved by fans in the Drag Race community.
  • The Finale: Rather than Ru choosing the top queens of the season, it's revealed that each of the eliminated queens will vote on who from the remaining four queens they want to see in the Top 2. Despite Shangela performing statistically the best and expressing a strong desire to win, the jury chooses Kennedy and Trixie as the Top 2, believing they need the win more. The look on Shangela's face as she realizes she's lost despite doing everything she possibly could do to get that crown is utterly heartbreaking.
    • Compare her expressions during her eliminations. In Season 2 Shangela was just happy to have made it onto the show, while in Season 3 she's proud of having fought so hard and proved herself. In All Stars 3, however, she's absolutely devastated, getting blindsided by the jury twist while being within inches of the crown, likely knowing that this was her last hurrah and she's not getting any more chances.

     Season 10 
  • Vanessa Vanjie Mateo being eliminated in the first episode of Season 10. Of course, any elimination is tough, but Vanessa's heartbreak is palpable, as she can't even bring herself to look at the judges, even as Ru assures her that she has made her drag family proud, especially her drag mother, season 3 second runner-up Alexis Mateo. Backstage, she ends up choking back tears as she hopes she hasn't disappointed anyone.
    • Her memetic exit from the runway is also this; she later revealed she did it so she could keep her composure instead of breaking down into tears.
  • Kalorie has a similar reaction following her elimination. As the first queen on the show from New Mexico, she clearly feels a lot of pressure to do well, and as she gives her elimination interview she begins to cry, fearing she let her state down by being eliminated second.
  • While stories of familial strife and hardship are, unfortunately, nothing new within the queer community (and the show itself by extension), Dusty's backstory is especially gut-wrenching. She has completely cut her family out of her life to the point that they had no idea she was going to be on the show, and likely still don't at the time of it airing. What makes this especially heartbreaking is that this is the good option for her relationship with them, as before she left her family, they sent her to conversion therapy and even went so far as to have her exorcised, as they felt her homosexuality was the result of possession.
  • In keeping with Season 10's tearjerking elimination, Dusty Ray Bottoms' tugs many heartstrings with her episode 4 elimination, especially as she recounts on Untucked how she would watch the show at the lowest volume so that her anti-gay parents wouldn't realize what she was watching, and how the show made her come to terms with who she is...which apparently wasn't enough to survive the show.
  • Blair St. Clair takes the cake when she reveals that her first sexual experience was being raped in college in episode 6. The trauma visibly shakes her and everyone on the stage, even eliciting the Vixen's Mama Bear side ("I can't wait to find that motherfucker"). It doesn't help when Blair is eliminated in the same episode. It was no coincidence that a phone number for sexual assault survivors was aired as soon as the show went to commercials.
  • At the Reunion, Asia is clearly distraught after The Vixen leaves. When Ru is dismissive of The Vixen's feelings about her conflict with Eureka throughout the season, Asia is completely unable to hold herself back from tearing into Ru for it. This coincided with a horrific incident around the same time where racist fans threatened to burn Asia alive. This and her clash with Ru at the Reunion led to moments like this, where Asia's fashion effectively morphed into protest statements overnight.

     All Stars 4 
  • Episode 3: the fall of Gia Gunn. After Gia's utterly disastrous Snatch Game performance (so bad that she even derailed Latrice's performance), and everyone having enough of Gia's shady, drama-queen behavior, it's obvious Gia's number is up, and Trinity isn't even coy about wanting to eliminate her. Manila sits down before the lip sync to hear Gia out, and Gia just starts weeping, letting out all her complicated feelings about being an open trans woman on the show. These are obviously valid feelings, but it's clear from her withdrawn behavior that it's not just that - she knows full well that despite all her shit-stirring tactics, it's over for her, and this time she has no one to blame but herself. You wouldn't think you'd get a Cry for the Devil moment for one of the show's most notorious contestants, but it's sad to watch Gia looking so utterly defeated, just waiting for the inevitable.
  • In episode 4, Latrice's elimination. While Monique is torn during the deliberation due to having to choose between the two queens she worked with on the challenge (not to mention even outside of the challenge itself, Latrice is... well, Latrice, and as Monique points out a huge inspiration to all black queens in and outside the show, and Monét is not only Monique's Season 10 sister, but maybe one of her closest friends from said season), the moment that takes the cake is Manila not winning the lip sync and realizing that this means Latrice will likely be going home due to her track record. Every remaining moment she has on camera in the episode is spent sobbing.

     Season 11 
  • Mercedes discussing both her difficulties with being a Muslim immigrant and getting placed on the US's no-fly list, and the subsequent strain of performing and traveling under those conditions leading to a stroke which left her wheelchair bound and paralyzed on the entire right side of her body. It's made clear that the anxiety of all of this affected her performance and led to her being placed in the bottom two in the second episode. The judges were quick to say that she should be trying to make her circumstances work for her, but it's incredibly hard to not sympathize with the hardship she's been put through. When Mercedes talks about it in the workroom, many of the queens are visibly shaken and angry on her behalf.
  • In Episode 3 Honey Davenport's elimination. After the six-way lip-sync, Ru goes down the line of queens and tells each of them to sashay, each time with a zoom in on Honey's face getting more and more anxious, and when the last queen is told to stay, you can actually see on Honey's face how heartbroken she is. Made worse by her actually collapsing to the ground and wailing in pain after leaving the stage on Untucked.
  • Yvie's disease, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. While it lets her be very flexible and pull off some extremely great stunts on the runway, it is also slowly degrading her body. She's always in pain and often has to cover it up, her joints can easily pop out of place if she's not careful, and her entire career has a ticking clock on it because eventually it will be too much for her to perform. She's a badass for going as hard as she does and putting on such a brave face all the time, but it's daunting to imagine that looming threat over your passion and livelihood.
  • Silky and Yvie really tended to bring out the worst in each other, making for the most infamous feud of the season. It hits a low point in the makeover challenge, when Ru asks each contestant and their partner who should go home, and Silky not only picks Yvie (natch) but flat-out tells the judges that America's next drag superstar needs to be kind to people, and that Yvie isn't kind or nice. Yvie looks humiliated and crushed, struggling hard to not burst into tears at that shady comment, and doesn't do a very good job. (Thankfully, Silky and Yvie make peace in the next episode, and end the season as friends.)
    • In a similar vein, there's the reunion. Clips of snarky comments about Scarlet Envy and her silly diva behavior bring up some very ill feelings on Brooke Lynn's part, as Brooke Lynn claimed at a viewing party that "the entire cast hated her." Brooke Lynn clarifies that "you just rubbed me the wrong way," and in a particular awkward moment, only Ra'Jah O'Hara will back her up, making it look like mostly Brooke Lynn's personal vendetta. At the end of the show, Scarlet is the bigger person, and endorses Brooke Lynn going into the finale and admits her admiration for her. Look close, and you'll see a deep sadness in her eyes, indicating that she was a lot more hurt than she let on. Who would've guessed Scarlet would wind up being The Woobie? (Again, Brooke Lynn and Scarlet were able to make peace off the show.)

     UK Season 1 
  • Blu talking about being unable to marry her partner because gay marriage was illegal in Northern Ireland. (Heartwarming in Hindsight since it became legal right around the time the episode aired!) And then there's Divina, in her mid-thirties and a little older than the others, talking about how difficult it was being queer when she was young, and watching values slowly become better nowadays.
  • Baga Chipz and her mum in episode 7, the family makeover challenge. Baga's plan is to do them up like the Kardashians, but it doesn't look right on her mum, and during critiques Baga makes very unflattering comments to the judges about how it's harder to work with a woman of a certain age... amongst other, even less flattering things. The other queens, and Michelle Visage, are vocal about how uncomfortable it was to see Baga throw her mum under the bus like that, and Baga tries to smooth it over, but it's hard not to feel for her mum when she starts crying in the Werk Room in front of everyone. Altogether, it's pretty uncomfortable television.
    • Baga has a chance to explain herself and her Parental Issues in the finale, on What's The Tee? with Ru and Michelle. It turns out Baga's been somewhat estranged from her mum for much of her life, since Baga's mum got a new partner and spent most of her time with her other children, so Baga was largely raised by her grandmother. According to Baga, she'd spoken to her mum seven times over the past decade, and even though she refuses to be seen as a victim, she's clearly a little hurt and rejected about it. Just a sad situation all around.

     Season 12 
  • The Shocking Elimination of Rock M Sakura, who'd been predicted by fans to be a top contender. She gets to the back of the stage, gives a brief speech, and just barely makes it off camera before loudly bursting into tears.
    Rock M Sakura: Never give up on your dreams. And tell yourself that you love yourself.
  • In episode 5, some of the queens reveal some major Parental Issues, with Jackie's mother forbidding her from dancing as a child and not being supportive of her drag career, and Widow's last interaction with her mother before she died in a car crash being an argument.
  • Crystal reveals in the Madonna Rusical that her father has Parkinson's that has gotten very bad very fast and how painful it is to see the man who taught her how to be crafty be unable to sit up. In the talking head that follows, Crystal is unable to speak because she's too choked up.
  • Episode 9 is bound to tug anyone's heartstrings. During critiques, Jackie Cox explains what her runway look - a stars & stripes-themed kaftan and hijab, reflecting her Persian heritage - means to her, and goes into detail on her feelings about the treatment of queer people in the Middle East, and the treatment of Middle Eastern people in America. Even for a politically-themed episode, it is a sobering speech.
    Jackie: When the Muslim ban happened... [starts crying] really destroyed... a lot of my faith in this country. And it really hurt my family. And that's so wrong to me! And I had to show America that you can be LGBT and from the Middle East and there's gonna be some complicated shit about that, and that's okay!
    • In light of this speech, her performance in the resulting lip sync, to Katy Perry's "Firework," carries a ton of subtext to it, with Jackie proudly whipping her kaftan around the stage to a bright positivity anthem. In this political climate, it's a powerful image, and it's especially not lost on guest judge Jeff Goldblum, who starts tearing up on camera. Also a Heartwarming Moment.
      Jackie: I'm exploding out on that stage because I'm feeling the weight of everyone who's ever been told they need to go back home where they came from, and I'm here to let them know that baby, you're a firework. And you have a place right here in America.
    • Widow Von Du finally gets eliminated here, who's struggled hard in the competition and was completely at her wits end by now, getting openly frustrated during critiques and crying the whole way to the back after the lip sync. After such a strong start, her downfall is terribly sad.

     All Stars 5 
  • Ongina's elimination is just heartbreaking to watch. She came into the competition as one of the strongest competitors from the original season and a highly anticipated queen who many had high hopes for. However, after a poor showing in the reading challenge and being almost up for elimination in the first episode, Ongina quickly begins to doubt herself and get in her head, worrying that, since her season was over 10 years ago, she just can't keep up with the newer queens. When in the next episode she once again does poorly, a devastated Ongina practically begs the other queens to choose her to be eliminated, since she feels she doesn't deserve to stay in the competition over the others, even going as far as to choose herself during voting. For someone normally as fun and positive as Ongina, seeing her so crushed is really sad.

    Canada Season 1 
  • Anastarzia Anaquway's story of her Near-Death Experience in episode 2. She opens up in the Werk Room about the rampant homophobia and anti-LGBT hate crimes in the Bahamas and how several of her friends were murdered simply for being gay. In fact, Starzy was the victim of one herself, being shot multiple times upon arriving home one night. She actually drove herself to the hospital, passed out from blood loss upon arrival, and overheard doctors saying that they didn't think she would survive. After Starzy healed from the incident, she immediately moved to Canada, requested and was granted asylum, and never looked back. She still has a bullet in her kidney from the attack. Damn.

     UK Season 2 
  • Considering the hype she had coming into the Werk Room, the downfall of Joe Black in episode 1 is really sad. She forgets the words in the middle of the lipsync, and just looks completely defeated as her mind goes blank. Especially sad as she started the song off pretty well, and might've been a match for Bimini Bon-Boulash if she hadn't tripped up.

     Season 13 
  • Having been filmed only a few months removed from the Black Lives Matter protests that swept the nation, the queens inevitably touched upon that subject. Kandy discussed how her background of being Afro-Latino put her in a lot of danger, Tamisha reminded everyone how despite the protests bringing a lot of attention, trans black people were still at risk on a daily basis, and LaLa mentioned that the Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed at was only a few minutes away from her place, with her tearing up thinking about how it could have been her. Becomes heartwarming however when it reminds the queens of what they have to fight for and why they choose to protest even in the midst of the pandemic.
  • In the few episodes they were together, Kandy developed a crush on Joey Jay. As such, it was quite heartbreaking seeing her reaction to the latter's elimination.
  • Episode 6. Let's face it, there wasn't a soul that wanted Tamisha Iman to go home this early - not the other queens, not the fans; hell, even the judges were a little conflicted about it, but she's just struggling too much in the physical challenges. During the episode, Tamisha even revealed that not only has she been recovering from cancer, but she's been using an ostomy bag through the competition and didn't want the other girls to know (in fact, they didn't know until watching the episode). Tamisha had built up so much respect from fans and peers as an Old Soldier and a survivor, that watching her leave just hurts. Kandy Muse had just mended fences with Tamisha; now here she is having to send her home in the lipsync, and she's bawling her eyes out over it.
  • Denali's apology to Kandy in the Untucked of the Makekover challenge. The queens were given the dreaded "Who should go home question" to which Denali (who was in the bottom and sent home that night) answered Kandy despite Kandy giving a strong look. Kandy rightfully defends herself to which Denali makes no effort to counter. When Kandy brings it up in Untucked Denali explains in tears that she knows that her and Olivia's (her partner) looks were the weakest of the night but was not going to throw either of them under the bus. Denali added that she didn't believe her own words and only said Kandy's name because she knew Kandy was safe and still the guilt was making her physically ill. When Kandy earnestly tells Denali that it still made her upset all Denali can reply with is a tearful "As you should be"

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