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The seasons are themed. Are the theme may spoil the reveal of the winning queen for those who crack it.

  • Of course there are main themes that appear through all the series, but some are more heavy-focused on each season.
    • For the first season the theme was variety. Many different queens for not just many different personal backgrounds, but also different ways to do drag (The Big Girl, The Beauty Face, The Bald & Boyish, the Dark Androginous Drag, The Talented Circus Entertainment etc). It was didatic to viewers not familiar with the drag world: to present different approaches to the same premise and prove the show to be worth watching. The winner, BeBe Zahara Benet was not just from Camaroon (another continent entirely) but also her acting was unique and her wardrobe was wide in versatility.
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    • The second season was all about tradition (and jump splits and spacattis). The Drag Mother theme was all over the place, and it was revealed in the Reunited to be decisive for the decision to crown Tyra Sanchez. Just look at all the Paris Is Burning quotes and references. The weight in family support or the lack of it and the point Morgan had about how in L.A. there was no padding. All the old tricks Tyra's Drag Mother taught her and the episode with the old gay dudes (one even talking about a "gay pantheon" and Oscar Wilde.
    • Season Three was about stepping up the game, taking it to another level. All the queens were pretty diverse on their acts but all with a high-level of coherense and self-knowledge. So it's natural that Raja was the winner with her supermodel persona.
    • Season Four had a heavy theme towards the apocalypse. so naturally "Sweet,Spooky,and Stupid" Sharron Needles took the crown that run.
      • Season four only used the Apocalypse theme in the first challenge. Overall the season was a step away from Season 3's focus on cliques and bullies, and instead focused on dynamics of the gay community, including acceptance from others as well as other gay people. This is why the final three made so much sense, as they represented three dynamics of gay acceptance. Chad Michaels is the mentor, she's been there through the worst of it and acts like a teacher to the others. Sharon Needles is the bullied victim, never accepted in her hometown of Pittsburg, she found acceptance in the show. And Phi Phi was the misunderstood bully, she lashed out at others, but she discovered her behavior was likely caused by insecurities brought up by her poor family life.

Phi Phi O'Hara faked Kenya Michael's mysterious letter on "Untucked."

  • After Kenya is eliminated, she supposedly send a letter which praises Phi Phi but ruthlessly slams several of the other girls (that Phi Phi also hates and has proven willing to play mind games with, conveniently). The letter is not only in perfect English even though Kenya was previously upset about her poor grasp of the language, but it also contradicts things that she said to the girls' faces. Phi Phi pointedly reads the letter herself, never shows it to anyone else, and carries it with her for the rest of the episode so no one could pick it up. It seems suspciously like Phi Phi simply said whatever she wanted with a convenient scapegoat in Kenya, and it worked since Jiggly Caliente is visibly shaken by it and references it in later episodes.
    • More often than not, though, foreigners have a better grip on written English than they do with spoken English. Also, some of the queens (Willam, Chad) have a view of the letter, so they'd know if Phi Phi was making it up or not. Most likely, a producer wrote the letter.
    • A little credence to this claim could be in one of the latest Untucked episodes where the girls get a similar letter this time from Gia. To a more cynical viewer this could be the producers attempting to make the authenticity of said letter more believable. However considering Gia's behavior the letter seemed a little too well thought out and written.


The reason Willam was disqualified from Drag Race was due to drug use

  • Its already rumored that whatever Willam did to get kicked off the show was not the reason given to use in the Reunion special, Phi Phi O'Hara has even offered to reveal that secret for Facebook votes to get onto Rupaul's All Stars Drag Race (which she ultimately did not get). Looking at the facts of the episode itself, the queens outright said what Willam was doing could get them all in trouble, and just getting unsanctioned visits from her husband really wouldn't have been anything to get the rest of them in trouble. And looking at Willam during that episode, he was very quiet and down in the workroom, similar to someone coming down from a drug high, plus the whole nausea thing on stage. In the end, what Willam was doing was doing some sort of illegal recreational drug in her hotel room, obviously against the rules, and the queens were upset because if it got out it could get the show and all of them in legal trouble. Since the producers didn't want it getting out that one of their contestants was doing something illegal, they made up the story about Willam's husband following her all the way to LA (which itself is a very lame cover story). This also could explain why, although Willam was a judge favorite, he wasn't asked to return. An unsanctioned visit against the rules was one thing, but they couldn't allow a contestant on drugs to remain on the show. It could also explain why Willam wasn't brought back for All Stars.
    • To give further credence to this theory, in the reunion episode Willam mentions how queens who get accepted on the show aren't allowed to tell anyone. This is a blatant lie. The queens are indeed allowed to tell the people in their private lives why they're disappearing for weeks or months on end. They simply can't make any big public announcements. Further, those who have met Willam in person can attest to her drug use.
      • Not a blatent lie, Detox has confirmed you're not supposed to tell anyone in an interview that was completely unrelated to the Willam incident when discussing her time on the show.
      • At the same time, when the Season 6 queens were announced, Pandora Boxx said on Facebook how happy she was that she could finally talk about how her friend and mentor Darienne Lake made it on the show, implying that she knew beforehand.
      • But that's from after they got back and had filmed everything but the reunion. That's very different than someone finding out before/during the taping of the show and even make visits during.
  • Willam spilled major tea recently that pretty thoroughly explains the debacle. In summary: While the old yarn the show itself spun about conjugal visits has obviously been long Jossed, the other theories are only partial truths from what ultimately amounts to a broadly Troubled Production for Season 4. Willam, in his usual manner, was a rabble rouser on set from the beginning and cultivated bad blood with some prominent members of production for standing up for the queens being mistreated in various ways. Additionally, he (also in his usual manner) had sex with the producer of Untucked during the filming period, got weed from a P.A. and routinely left the hotel quarantine. The final nail in the coffin that led to Willam's disqualification, however, was lying to production about his computer being stolen so he could take a pre-booked flight home during filming to participate in a musical he was scheduled to appear in.
    • The cherry on top of this drama sundae is that Willam was originally booked to appear on All Stars 1, but had production pull out on him 40 hours before filming started, well after he could reschedule the commitments he had cancelled to participate in the show.

The lipsync is sometimes meant to reflect the drama of the show

  • The lipsync to "Cold Hearted" by Paula Abdul was when Alyssa and Coco finally went head to head in season 5. It's pretty self explanatory.

Trinity actually did have an answer for Bianca

  • Bianca asked Trinity what she thought she did best. Trinity didn't seem to have an answer. Except this seems to be a case of editing to make the moment more dramatic because you'll notice that Trinity's drink suddenly changes fullness.
    • Trinity's glass goes from almost empty to half-full. But from S3 the queens were allowed only one drink (due to some of them getting drunk previously) so while editing was obviously involved they likely just spliced footage that happened earlier in the actual conversation, to after Bianca's question to maintain conversation/story flow.

Laganja was going through marijuana withdrawal

  • Longtime friend Adore talked about how Laganja's behavior on the show is not remotely how she is at home. Laganja jokes about being a stoner all the time (it is in her name, Laganja), and the show heavily forbids drug use—especially if that's why Willam was eliminated as suggested above. Laganja's erratic behavior could have been frayed nerves from not getting her Mary Jane fix. She's certainly not the only stoner in the history of the show, but it does affect people differently.
    • It is entirely possible that she would smoke marijuana because she had issues with anxiety and the show is most likely very stressful so it's possible that due to lack of marijuana and aggravated anxiety she was having a bit of a breakdown.

Laganja wanted her own Stupid Statement Dance Mix

  • When "Drop Dead Gorgeous"—featuring Alyssa Edwards—made waves online and became a beloved staple in her touring shows, Laganja saw this and wanted a video of her own. As such, she spouted quotables as often as she could in hopes that someone would put together a Youtube video for her. What she didn't realize is that it was Alyssa's natural personality that made her the Ensemble Darkhorse of Season 5. Laganja trying to purposely invoke that only succeeded in making her obnoxious.

The contestants are no longer provided media players to listen to the "Lip-Synch for your Life" song

  • Has anyone else noticed that in the entirety of Untucked for Season 6 there was not a single queen who had headphones in her ear? I don't remember if there were any in Season 5, but I venture a guess in order for the queens to be more focused on talking and causing drama, they are no longer provided an iPod backstage to listen to the song beforehand. If this also happened in Season 5, it could also definitely explain why Penny Tration was so ill-prepared for her song. I'm sure they still get to practice the song, just no longer in the Untucked lounge, it seems.
    • Darienne herself jossed this — the queens are still given iPods with the prepared songs, but there are also completely new songs shuffled in (including all of Ru's songs) to throw them off their game.
    • Officially jossed in the show proper as of Season 7, during the first Untucked episode it clearly shows the girls are not only provided with the song for the upcoming Lip-Synch, but are also provided scripts so they can memorize the lyrics.

Phi Phi O'Hara was not invited to All-Stars due to offering to share Willam's secret about her disqualification

  • Phi Phi was just coming off one of the hottest seasons of Drag Race, and there really seemed to be no reason why she shouldn't have been included in the cast ... except that during Facebook voting for the one guaranteed "in" for the season Phi Phi attempted to rally for more votes by offering to share the real reason Willam was disqualified from her season (stating the the reason given, visits from her husband, was a lie). This was a real bonehead move from Phi Phi, because she went ahead and threatened to break the terms of her confidentiality/non-disclosure clause in her contract in an attempt to get on the same show again. Now Willam already called her out on this and Phi Phi had since rescinded her offer, but by then it was too late, the producers could not reward Phi Phi for almost breaking the contract, and as a result they decided to not include her in the All Stars cast, not only as punishment, but also if Phi Phi did get in, it's entirely possible that her fans would demand to know the secret anyway, putting her, Willam, and the show in a bad situation. However, based on more current media it's obvious Phi Phi was not blackballed from the Drag Race alum completely at least, they didn't let her in All Stars but as long as they doesn't pull this stunt again, there should be no reason she cannot be included in a future All Stars season.
    • Jossed, Phi Phi has stated that she was supposed to be in the first season of All-Stars but due to the incidents that led to her 30-day incarceration she couldn't attend. She basically said her background check came back "dirty" but was told if there was a second season she would be on it then.

Rebecca Glasscock was invited to participate in All Stars, but declined the offer

  • With the exception of Phi Phi, every queen in the top three thus far was invited to come back for All Stars, but Rebecca Glasscock was curiously absent. It's already known that Rebecca has chosen to distance herself from the show and does not get involved with it at all, so it's easy to believe she most likely was given the chance to return, but she decided on her own she did not want to be involved with Drag Race again.
    • She actually did lobby for votes on her Facebook page, but considering she had kept a low profile after her season in addition to being The Scrappy during said season, it's easy to see her not getting enough to make it.

Bianca went easy on Adore in "Glitter Ball".

  • Consider: Bianca was doing really well all season and could easily have won the puppet challenge, but she didn't. Not winning the puppet challenge seems odd for Bianca, especially considering her background as a comedy queen and an insult comic. The other queens even commented that Bianca got the easiest queen for the puppet challenge. Bianca losing the mini challenge might've been because De La took it up to 11 with her Bianca puppet, but it seems equally likely that Bianca knew Adore was having a rough time with the other contestants doubting her ability, so she decided to give Adore a break.
    • This is supported later on when Bianca spends a lot of time hand-holding Adore in how to construct her garment, even though her own outfit ended up suffering. Everyone expected Bianca to really push it and make something jaw-dropping for the Glitter Ball, and instead ended up making an outfit that really she has shown capable of building in a few minutes live on stage. She was confident even her same old silhouette would be enough to keep her safe and gave someone else, maybe Adore specifically, the chance to win the challenge.
    • Another piece of evidence to support this: In an earlier episode, Bianca loaned a waist cincher to Adore because she didn't have one and was repeatedly catching flack from the judges for not having her waist cinched on the runway. Bianca was really helpful and kind to Adore throughout the season, so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to claim that Bianca let Adore win a challenge.
  • Maybe Bianca just didn't wan the added responsibility of having to choreograph the dance number, which the winner of the mini challenge always ends up doing? Or the fact that Adore was so easy to do, mixed with the fact that Bianca had been cracking jokes all season made the impression less impressive than it would have otherwise been.
    • This could also be the case, but it doesn't seem in line with how she acted during the rest of the episode. After all, if she didn't have to worry about choreographing the dance number, she could have spent more time creating a really stunning runway look, but instead she spent a lot of time helping Adore with her ensemble. Plus, considering Bianca's comedy background, she could've been hilarious in the mini challenge regardless of whether or not she got someone easy to mimic.

Season 8 Episode 2 : The queen Ru was talking to and will be bringing back into the competition will be:

  • The Vivienne, the Drag Queen from the United Kingdom who won the title of UK Drag Ambassador and is to be flown across the pond to visit the Drag Race set. Ru already knows she can bring it since she won the smaller contest, and bringing in a UK Queen would be a fantastic way to pull in overseas fans, since we all know Ru is trying to start a UK Drag Race. Plus, just because the queens are competing for the title of "America's Next Drag Superstar" doesn't mean the queens have to be from America. I could even see Ru giving the queens a slight read before introducing her about how maybe its time to start looking outside of the US since so far the queens that have been competing for her haven't met her expectations.
  • Scarlett Starlet is also a very popular guess, since many fans had already assumed she was on the show due to her sudden disappearance from the public eye during when Drag Race was taping, normally a pretty strong indicator that said queen has been sequestered for filming. Is it possible she just missed the cut for the initial cast but was put aside as a 'stand-by queen' in case someone had to drop out last minute? Is it also possible that previous seasons have had their own understudy queens for the exact same reason, in case someone needs to drop out before they start production?
  • Luz Violeta, winner of The Switch Drag Race: El arte del transformismo, the Chilean version of Drag Race. She's already shown she's a Drag Race winner in Chile, maybe Ru will want to see if she can snatch the crown in America as well.
    • These have all been Jossed as episode 3 leaked and it's Naysha who comes back.

Acid Betty gets disqualified for punching another contestant

  • This is the rumor I've been hearing circulating around the net, apparently fueled by an angry post on Acid Betty's boyfriend's Facebook which was removed shortly thereafter. Rumor also has it that it's happening in the 5th episode.
    • This is actually somewhat unlikely as Acid Betty would probably not be allowed to tour with the other queens if she did such a thing. She may however mouthed off to RuPaul when she lands in the bottom two.
    • Jossed, although the fact Acid Betty gets eliminated in the 5th episode was accurate.

Ru purposely sought out strong minority queens for Season 8

  • Season 8 is the most diverse the show has been in years. It's been theorized that Ru intentionally wanted a diverse cast after the...delicate racial issues of Season 7, where there were no Asian queens, two black queens and the Latina got the Bitch Edit which led to nasty online comments, many of the white queens had a very similar blonde Barbie aesthetic, and while fan favorite Trixie Mattel is Native American, you'd be forgiven for thinking she was white at first glance.

Katya will win All Stars 2

  • Due to the unprofessional behaviour of Alaska and Detox during the eliminations (favoring their friends over queens who didn't deserve to go home) and Roxxxy spending most of the season on the bottom Ru will crown Katya as the winner for her good performance, sense of fair play and positive attitude and growth.
    • Jossed

Who is the mysterious 10th Queen for All-Stars 3?

  • Around the rumor mill, it's said the most likely candidate would be Bebe, winner of Season 1. The reveal of a past winner returning would certainly justify the secrecy.
    • Confirmed
  • Also possible would be a returning queen from the first season of All Stars who may deserve a second chance, such as Pandora Boxx, Yara Sofia, Latrice Royale, or even Mimi Imfurst. The fact that it would be a surprise to see a queen return for a second season of All Stars could also justify the secrecy.
  • Another rumor that lost steam was that Ongina would be the surprise contestant. Maybe they could spin it around that they kept it a secret because she's the only Season 1 queen to return, but that seems a little weak to not just announce her with the others.

BeBe in All Stars 3 is a mole

  • A theory cropped up on Facebook that keeping in line with the season's The Handmaid's Tale theme, BeBe was actually a mole placed in the competition to skate to the top, only to reveal that she was a secret judge all along.
    • This theory seemed to gain some steam as the season progressed, as many fans believed that BeBe's performance didn't fully warrant the praise she received throughout the season. And of course, she made it to the Top 4. However, while some of the theorists believed that BeBe would be revealed as a mole in the "Handmaids to Kitty Girls" episode, this did not come to pass.
    • Denied by Michelle, which for some people only added fuel to the fire, considering that she's denied fan theories before that turned out to be entirely true (namely, Reddit guessing all of the queens for Season 9 in advance, despite the fact that in general, Redditors have been shown to suss out season casts well before they're announced with near-laserlike precision).
    • Fully Jossed... although the actual final twist of the season turned out to be somewhat similar in spirit, as when the Top 4 was determined, the previously eliminated queens returned to vote on who should be the Top 2. Ironically, they promptly voted BeBe out.

BeBe let BenDeLeCreme win their lipsynch.

  • When BeBe lipsynched against BenDeLa in All Stars 3, she took her wig off near the end of the song, which everyone knows is one of the biggest lipsynch no-no's in the series. And sure enough, Ru's smile disappeared at that moment and she awarded the victory to Ben. Considering Ben's shocking self-elimination and BeBe doing such a blatant faux pas resulting in her loss, it possible BeBe lost on purpose. Ben may have informed her of her plan, and BeBe most likely went with it because she knew she'd benefit from Ben's self-elimination in the long run. This would also explain why she was so tight-lipped about who she would have sent home if she had won. She had no intention of any of eliminating anybody and simply grabbed someone's lipstick just to film the scene, meaning she'd have to either face that queen's resentment (in a season full of sore losers) or admit that she threw the competition.
    • The idea of BeBe being that oblivious to standard Drag Race tropes isn't entirely far-fetched though, given the fact that she had no idea who Ornacia was.

Ru purposely sought out pageant queens for Season 11 to improve their image

  • One can't help but notice there are multiple pageant queens in Season 11 whereas there are usually only one or two. Previous seasons have made them out to be the Mean Girls of the drag world, so it looks like Ru intentionally brought on several to show that they're not just Alpha Bitches but can have all sorts of styles and personalities.

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