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  • Adorkable: Merlin's positively bashful when Elizabeth, who has just regained her memories from her time as a goddess, asks if Merlin will call her 'big sis' like she apparently used to when she was little. Merlin tries to act like she doesn't remember, and gets even more embarrassed when Escanor asks Elizabeth to tell him that story when they have time.
  • Arc Fatigue: The final battle. by the time the Demon King has possessed Zeldris and faces off against Meliodas, the Seven Deadly Sins have already beaten him in a form that was much stronger than his current form. The fight is still painfully drawn out, as the characters get more power ups to fight an antagonist that was pretty much equally matched when he was just against Meliodas. This is somewhat justified, as the goal isn't to kill him, but to free Zeldris (*then* kill him) it's understandable that they can't just immediately finish the fight. Still, the lack of tension and length of the fight make it a bore, despite being the climax of the series. Things only get more exasperated when the finale also brings in Arthur reigning in Chaos and Cath Pulug to fight, but that's the end of it afterwards.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • In his review of the anime, Arkada proposes that Meliodas's constant harassing of Elizabeth is merely an act by Meliodas to appear more human on the basis that it feels forced like it's not part of Meliodas' character. Additionally, Arkada also proposes that the reason Meliodas doesn't get reprimanded from Elizabeth for his harassing her is because she actually enjoys it.
    • While the Demon Clan are portrayed as vicious and have no issue taking innocent lives, are they like this naturally or are they like this from having to fight for their very existence from all the other races who despise them for who they are?
    • Are the Goddess Clan a race of arrogant Jerkass knight templars no better or even worse than the Demon Clan, whose bigotry and pride prevents peace from being achieved between the five clans? Or do they have a point, in that the demons are such a threat to all life that it requires the rest of the clans united to defeat them?
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    • Many theorize Gowther to be in the Autism spectrum due to his lack of understanding on human emotions, his monotonous speech, and his lack of social skills.
  • Awesome Ego: Escanor is so arrogant, he demands the Vampire King apologize for even existing in Escanor's world. Considering he can back it all up with his immense power, the fanbase loves him for it.
  • Awesome Music:
    • Perfect Time, the show's premier Theme Music Power-Up. Whenever you hear the Celtic-inspired opening riff, you can tell that ass-kicking is going to ensue once the music explodes into its powerful chorus.
    • Escanor's Theme. Pure Awesome Ego in musical form. Whenever it starts up, you know somebody's about to get stomped hard.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Meliodas himself. Some people consider him to be a funny and badass protagonist in need of a hug, but others consider him to be overpowered and a disgusting pervert who Elizabeth should just ditch.
  • Broken Base:
    • The anime adaptation has gotten some divided opinions. People were already split the moment A-1 Pictures was revealed to be the studio behind it (considering their track record regarding a number of their previous anime adaptations), but said Broken Base has only gotten more heated due to certain changes made that don't follow the manga. Some feel that these changes do a disservice to the source material, while others enjoy the anime for its visuals and argue that some of the changes border on Pragmatic Adaptation. The change to Studio DEEN, in the third season however, is more unanimously negative.
    • The defeat of Estarossa by Escanor has some fans split. Escanor still has his Awesome Ego that everyone loves, but after watching Estarossa easily brutalize Meliodas, many felt that he went down entirely too easily for someone with that much potential to someone with Escanor's win streak. Though this turns out to be justified in that Estarossa is not really Meliodas's brother, but a brainwashed Archangel Mael, and the same one to have once held Escanor's power.
  • Complete Monster: The Demon King is the tyrannical master of the Demon Clan. Waging the holy war to kill the Goddess Clan and many mortal races to take control of Britannia, the Demon King grooms his two sons Meliodas and Zeldris to supposedly succeed him. Having them become vicious killers, even attempting to force Zeldris to kill his own lover, the true purpose of becoming his successor is to be his host. Upon the later return of the Ten Commandments, the Demon King has them run rampant through Britannia, devouring souls, before he himself is freed. Possessing Zeldris, the Demon King attempts to also wipe out Britannia and kill all life there before he can be defeated.
  • Crazy Awesome: While not nearly as much as the mangaka's previous Kongoh Bancho as of yet. The world is filled with warriors capable of causing the ground to shatter beneath them, even a Mook can easily cut down an entire forest with ease. Ban and Melidolas for example destroy Baste Prison because of their over-enthusiastic greeting.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Oslo is surprisingly popular for a bit character, having even made it into sixth place of the poll himself.
  • Evil Is Cool: "Evil" in this case involves:
    • Helbram, who uses multiple borrowed powers and gives King a hard time and then starts using a storm of leaf knives.
    • Vivian, a highly competent mage who gets points for her amazing helmet alone.
    • Dreyfus, whose powers allow him to literally break down anything in his way.
    • Guila, a cunning strategist who stomps Meliodas twice and eventually does a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Hendrickson, who makes it his business to utterly brutalize everyone previously thought to be the strongest of the strong and looks unconcerned about any of them.
    • The Ten Commandment are basically an entire crew of these.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    • Vivian would normally avert this, having that creepy helmet on all the time, but without it she's essentially a fairly decent-looking woman in a maid outfit.
    • Again, Hendrickson.
    • The only one able to rival Hendrickson is Estarossa. He's got it all: Stubble, a built chest that's exposed, a legitimate threat against the heroes, and actually being a pretty calm and nice dude overall, makes for one sexy villain.
  • Fanfic Fuel: When it was revealed that there have been 107 Elizabeths over the span of 3,000 years thanks to the reincarnation curse placed upon her, it provided fuel for fans to come up who the other Elizabeths were since only 4 of them (#1 the original goddess Elizabeth, #2 Elizabeth the barbarian, #106 Liz the Holy Knight, and #107 the current Elizabeth) had been revealed in extensive detail up to that point.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Some argue that Jericho deserves a break for all the trouble that she goes through for Ban and have her love rewarded by the guy, despite Ban and practically every other character having already said that he will only have eyes for Elaine. The number of times that Jericho has fumed with frustration every time she hears from Ban's mouth that he will do anything for Elaine counts as a few blows to her self-esteem since she would like it if Ban spoke that way about her too. Some fans want her to "win" even more after she successfully kept both Ban AND Elaine alive while running away from two of the Ten Commandments, even unknowingly leading them to their demise by having them run into Escanor. After the danger has passed, she even accepts Elaine as a friend despite the revived fairy trying to kill her before; providing her the speech necessary to snap Elaine out of her temporary madness.
  • Foe Yay:
    • Ban and Jericho. In their first meeting he strips her (yes, he wanted the clothes but it was obvious they wouldn't fit him) and, in the second, she stabs him saying "I'll carve my name on your heart" and paints her lips with his blood.
    • Slader seems to be a bit obsessed with Gowther. He is really enthusiastic about fighting him and he even asks Gowther if he believes in fate.
    • King has a brief moment with Ban in the Capital of the Dead Arc when he stabs Ban with Chastiefol while he was leaning on the spear with a flirtatious demeanor.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: While still doesn't have the same level of fandom like old-time heavyweights like Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, Captain Tsubasa, Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura in the region, the anime adaptation is very popular in Latin America, to the point where it managed to reach the Top 10 of the most watched Netflix series in that region. It's one of only two animated series that managed to reach that position (the other being Castlevania), and the only anime so far.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • In the second High School A.U. spinoff, there's a little skit which involves Gowther and Guila who're a student and a member of the school disciplinary committee respectively. Basically, the skit involves Gowther briefly brainwashing Guila's little brother Zeal in order to bypass her. The whole thing is played for laughs considering the nature of the spinoff. Come some certain chapters in the manga proper though, this skit doesn't seem as hilarious as it was before.
    • Elizabeth has some Green-Eyed Monster about Meliodas's previous love, Liz, in seasons one and two. She wonders how this woman was very important to him. Later, Tomato in the Mirror ensues; Meliodas reveals that she is Liz, a reincarnation of her, and each incarnation is doomed to die.
    • With season three, Meliodas prepares to move the Seven Deadly Sins out to Camelot to handle a crisis, and he tells Elizabeth coldly she should stay in her kingdom now that the coup has passed and her family is safe because it's too dangerous to deal with this threat. Elizabeth gets upset and calls him out, saying she doesn't want him to see her as baggage. She ends up being close to the truth; Meliodas later reveals that he and Elizabeth are cursed as Starcrossed Lovers, that the minute she learns of her past lives, she'll die in three days and be reborn, while he'll outlive her. And this has happened 107 times already! Meliodas was trying to give Elizabeth a chance to avoid the curse, in the case of I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
    • Gowther in Obliviously Evil mode brainwashed Guila into thinking they were betrothed because he wanted to know what love is and to regain his heart. We find out in a Flashback Episode that he fell for King Bartra's sister who was ill but rescued him from beneath the castle's taverns. When she died, Gowther was overcome with heartbreak and regret that his heart couldn't save it, and it triggered his Laser-Guided Amnesia.
  • Ho Yay:
    • With Slader, a guy who appears to be a badass Straight Gay, and Gowther, an extremely effeminate looking guy that could easily be mistaken for a girl. The conclusion of their battle in the Liones capital pretty much looks like something that could fit in a romantic comedy.
    • Ban and Meliodas. They were ecstatic to see each other again and Ban has the same lack of sense of personal space with Meliodas as with Elaine. In chapter 87 he literally said "I love ya, cap'n" and he obviously doesn't want to kill Meliodas despite he is willing to do so to get Elaine back. It's taken further in the Ten Commandments arc where Ban takes on the Commandments to save Meliodas, who calls him an idiot affectionately and tells Ban to save himself. Ban then grins and says they'll be idiots together.
    • At least in the anime, when King is upset at having to sleep in a room with Ban, Ban just grabs him and tugs him down to go to sleep with and/or cuddle with. No joke.
    • Ban actually seems to get a lot of this.
    Ban: What're ya doin'?
    Gowther: [while groping Ban's pecs] This is the greeting the Captain showed me yesterday.
    • Dreyfus and Hendrickson, whatever their differences, display the kind of Heterosexual Life-Partners relationship that always seems to leave room open for it not being quite so hetero. For example, Griamore, whose father is Dreyfus and whose mother is dead, calls Hendrickson "uncle". Think about it.
    • In the anime, Guila and Jericho have their moments, particularly in the first-season finale where Guila cheerfully announces that The Power of Love saved her from being turned into a monster like the other New Generation knights. Jericho thinks Guila is referring to her... and then looks incredibly jealous when Guila gestures to Gowther as the object of her affections.
    • Elizabeth & Diane have been getting a fairly good Womance vibe after Diane has befriended Elizabeth and let go of her previous jealousy regarding Elizabeth's relationship with Meliodas. One of the stronger cases was when Elizabeth & Diane accidentally found a plant that shrank them to Tiny & Human size respectively (both applied to be nude). In which later on in the episode when we see Diane in the tournament human-sized it was revealed that she had a tiny nude Elizabeth in her cleavage and Diane was seemingly Going Commando.
      • To a milder extent in Episode 2 of Season 3 in the anime, there was a scene where Diane & Elizabeth where having a little chat about their feelings for King & Meliodas respectively. But if you see the scene without any lines it practically looks like they are on a date with each-other with their body language and massive amounts of Luminescent Blush.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Dreyfus. Sure, he murdered his own brother and blamed the Sins, but his obvious remorse and love for his son (and he thinks for a while said son was killed by his former best friend who now has become evil) make him this trope. Later it's revealed that he allowed himself to be possessed by one of the Ten Commandments to spare his best friend from being taken over.
    • Jericho. An Attention Whore Glory Hound who simply can't catch a break. Her brother thinks she shouldn't be a Holy Knight because she is a woman. Her friend Guila joins the Sins and Jericho doesn't understand why. And finally, the power that was supposed to prove her brother wrong turns her into a horrible monster that almost killed him. She later loses the "Jerk" part after Character Development but steps into The Woobie territory when time and again she's reminded by Ban and others that his love for Elaine is so strong that she will never have a chance in hell at winning the guy's heart. Despite this, she still keeps trying to get him to notice her, even if it's just a little. She also wants to support him in his quest, no matter how impossible it is.
  • Memetic Badass: After Chapter 124, several people are saying that DREFYUS IS A BRO!
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Using the Dark Souls often quoted phrase "Praise the Sin!" in regards to Escanor who has sun based powers. It's especially used when he's in his terrifyingly overpowering muscular day form and about to pretty much completely rekt those foolish enough to face him.
    • Almost overnight, when it came to light that Meliodas's mentor is named Chandler, people immediately started making jokes that Meliodas learned everything he knows from Chandler Bing from Friends.
    • After Ban went missing for an important mission, people begin to ask who Ban is.
    • The third season of the anime moved from A-1 Pictures to Studio Deen, and resulted in some memetic QUALITY.
      • Meliodas and Escanor's fight. It was so bad that people compared it to fan animations and found the fans did better.
      • Buff Meliodas Explanation 
      • This season and Season 4 are so bad that it's become a common thing to post comments on higher-quality series how a single scene has better animation than those entire seasons.
  • Memetic Loser: Griamore (the Holy Knight that makes barriers) just can not catch a break when it comes to who he is up against. The fact that he continues to fail at protecting the Liones princesses, and that his father, Dreyfus, turns out to be Evil All Along through what appears to be demon possession, doesn't help.
  • Memetic Molester: Melodias, though it's anyone's guess as to why.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Galan of the Ten Commandments wastes no time demonstrating how awful he is by leveling the entire capital city of Camelot, murdering countless bystanders just for breathing room for his fight.
  • Narm Charm: Hendrickson's Gray Demon form. Sure, he's got clawed fingers, evil eyes, and his chest is bared, but....he also has purple skin, has cute little giraffe-looking horns on his head, and has adorable little purple wings on his back that don't look near big enough to support him. It's hard to know whether the be awe-inspired or laugh.
  • Nausea Fuel: Ban's backstory has him so desperate not to starve to death that he'd eat his own vomit as a kid. Nasty.
  • Rooting for the Empire: During a particular flashback of the Holy war 3,000 ago, some fans are beginning to start rooting for the Demon Clan. The Ten Commandments are not only a Badass Crew but are clearly awesome. Plus they have every reason to seek Britannia's destruction: one of their brethren betrays them, killing two of his comrades, and the Goddess Clan takes this opportunity to incite the other races to attack the demons, which ended with the demons being sealed for three thousand years, while the ones truly responsible for the war enjoyed the spoils. It doesn't help the fact the Goddess Clan are clearly not in any way better than the demons as they captured thousands of demon civilians, children included, just for bait and killed them all.
    • This is helped by some unanswered questions. For example, how bad were the demons before the holy war and how munch of the Ten Commandments current actions are because of the atrocities they witnessed in the great war, which for them was little more than a month ago. They find it impossible to forgive the other race's for the crimes committed against the demons simply because, from their perspective, it just happened.
    • There a contingent who while believing they should be stopped in the end. Should be allowed to get their vengence on Meliodas for betraying and working with the Goddess who wanted to exterminate them for just existing.
  • The Scrappy: The Demon King, due to what was already said on Arc Fatigue on top of the horrible life he cursed Meliodas with and for his Final Battle being such a huge Anti-Climax that he has been said to be an even worse Big Bad than Kaguya by a large portion of the fanbase.
  • Seasonal Rot: Anime-only example: The third season was met with backlash from fans of the Manga. Not only the 3rd season change studios from A-1 Pictures (which animated the first 2 seasons) to Studio DEEN whose reputation suffered badly besides their recent hits KonoSuba and the cult hit Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu which received positive reception but suffered from censorships like Censor Shadows and changing the blood from Red to White or Pink (for now, unless Netflix will release the uncensored version), bland coloring, and lackluster animation reminiscent of One-Punch Man's second season.
  • Squick: Some find some of the relationships presented in the manga to be rather squicky. While opinions differ, a common thing that is often brought up among the relationships is how they consist of characters whose appearances make them look vastly different in age.
    • Some find Meliodas constant fondling of and general Lovable Sex Maniac antics towards Elizabeth to be rather squicky especially considering that he receives little to no reprimand for his actions from her and instead has Elizabeth slowly fall in love with him. Meliodas being Really 700 Years Old but having the body of a kid is sometimes added to the squicked out factor for some. There's also the fact that he's known her since she was very little which some interpret as Wife Husbandry even though technically he didn't actually raised her personally himself.
      • While the general thing with Meliodas and Elizabeth has been squick for some in one way or another, it reached new heights in Chapter 183. The chapter shows the exact moment that Zaratras and Baltra meet Meliodas immediately after Danafor was destroyed. Coming out from the destruction was Meliodas holding baby Elizabeth who at this time has been revealed to be the reincarnation of Liz, Meliodas' former lover. Meliodas still clearly protective of his lover who just moments ago died and reincarnated, lashed out at Zaratras and Baltra, who tried to take her from him and get him medical attention, saying "DON'T YOU DARE LAY YOUR HANDS ON MY WOMAN!!!" With or without the prior context of Elizabeth, Meliodas' exact line in this moment referring baby Elizabeth as his woman really came off as highly squicky for alot.
      • Taken a step even further; Elizabeth was born after Liz died, Liz died just before the destruction of Danafall, and Danafall was destroyed 16 years ago, meaning Meliodas has been groping a teenager.
      • What adds another layer to the uncomfortable nature of their relationship is the power dynamic. Meliodas is the highly respected leader of The Seven Deadly Sins so no one really questions him to begin with. On top of that, he's so ludicrously powerful that there's no option to forcibly stop him. Elizabeth's options are either meekly take it, ask him to stop only to get ignored or just leave the group, which is out of the question due to her needs.
    • Some find Ban and Elaine's relationship to be rather squicky as he is a grown man and she has a body of a child. This disregards the fact that Elaine is actually a fairy and Really 700 Years Old, making Ban, a human, the younger of the two. Ban looking and acting like what could be interpreted as a lustful pedophile around Elaine in some scenes however doesn't help much.
      • On the other hand, Elaine overall does act more mature than Ban (so her age isn't just a number), even though both have their immature moments.
      • Their reunion in Chapter 142 is sweet and they even kiss. Too bad Elaine was revived with dark magic and Ban was bleeding profusely from the mouth. The fact that they continue to make out with one another, despite Jericho being three feet away from them, counts as a Kick the Dog moment to her and Jericho's fans.
    • When the past relationship of King and Diane is revealed in King's backstory, some found it to be rather squicky and looking like Wife Husbandry, as he's older than her and she is a very young child (albeit a lot older than a human child). This is a bit of a contrast compared to the case with King's sister Elaine as the fact that King is being also presented as a child due to his fairy form is disregarded. Furthering the contrast a bit is that King's present relationship with Diane is found by some to be okay, even though King still looks like a child due to his agelessness and Diane is a teen, a thing that's kind of the gender reversal of Elaine and Ban's case.
      • It's not really a Double Standard - generally, infantilization of women goes hand in hand with making them sexy and attractive, while with men it generally makes them less sexy (we're not talking about elder to adult here, but adult/teen to teen/child). Both Elaine and Diane were the least experienced and innocent (and thus child-like) half of the couple, which is why Ban and King are thought of as a little creepy (instead of the centuries old Elaine and King). Besides that, in the past King is clearly the mentally older and wiser of the two and Diane was in multiple ways dependent on him (and he looked like a pre-teen and Diane looked like and was a toddler), while Ban and Elaine from the start needed and helped each other and had a more equal relationship. Diane's current relationship with King is less squicky because they're more dependent on each other and are more each other's equals. King hasn't matured that much in the centuries that went by, while Diane clearly has.
    • Some find Vivian's obsession with Gilthunder to be squicky especially considering that she's been in love with him since he was eleven and she was nineteen, and that she had taken him and Margaret hostage to prevent them from revealing the frameup of the Sins.
      • There's also the abduction and not listening to 'no' no matter how repulsed or angry Gilthunder is.
    • Gowther's brainwashing of Guila and making her believe she's his lover was definitely not portrayed as good and he got called out for it. What isn't addressed is the fact that he may have had sex with her when she was brainwashed, as seen in his entry. Which would be rape.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • The reaction to certain changes made for the anime adaptation which involve cutting out a number of things from the source manga such as characters, foreshadowing, and even whole entire events. To name two notable ones which are a Chekhov's Gunman and Chekhov's Gun respectively, Oslo and the pendant that Veronica gives to Elizabeth before the Byzel Fighting Festival. The two do later appear in the anime during the parts wherein they actually become relevant in the story however due to the cutting out of their initial introduction, they come off as looking a bit more like sudden convenient plot device than anything else. This is somewhat more in the case of Oslo whose sudden appearance in the anime comes as looking like an Ass Pull.
    • For Season 3, many weren't happy for Studio DEEN animating the series since it suffered from its lackluster animation, Censor Shadows, and changing the Blood from Red to White or Pink. Having enemies bleed White Blood becomes unintentionally funny when the blood looks more like Semen than actual Blood.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Meliodas for some readers. While there is actually a reason behind his sexual harassment of Elizabeth, it doesn't justify his actions for some.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: In the series, King is an extremely unlucky Butt-Monkey who isn't even liked by his former fairy subjects. According to the first character popularity poll however, he's the most popular character overshadowing even the main character Meliodas. In postcard votes submitted by fans alone, he's in fourth place but combined with online votes, he's the most popular character by landslide with nearly four times the votes Ban in second place has. To really put this into perspective, Meliodas is 5th place with 6668 votes, Ban is 2nd with 32086 and King is 1st with 121945 votes, that's more than the other members of the top 10 combined.
  • Values Dissonance: As an anime/manga series straight from Japan, a number of things can be attributed to as being products of Japanese cultural norm than anything else.
    • Meliodas' perverted behavior towards Elizabeth and her general submissive attitude towards it is often portrayed in a comedic tone. Much of this can be attributed to just being part of the Ecchi comedy the series showcases.
    • When it comes to the romantic relationships especially for the main leads, the series runs a gamut of romances that could be considered unconventional. These include Interspecies Romance, Mayfly–December Romance, Eternal Love, and Reincarnation Romance. Some of the more unconventional relationships in the series of note involve those wherein one character is ageless and chronologically very old yet looks practically prepubescent child-like, while their love interest is chronologically younger but looks physically older than them. While the tropes involved in these relationships justify them or at the very least make the matter complicated, their bare appearance can be attributed to the age of consent that Japan has.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion:
    • When Gowther revealed his true form, many were confused whether Gowther was a man or a woman due to his rather effeminate features. Some are still confused, even in the show. Since he was originally a doll, he technically didn't have a gender at first.
    • When Merlin finally revealed herself in the present, there has been some confusion over what gender she is. Most of it comes from her first full body reveal which despite presenting Merlin with her rather Stripperiffic Ms. Fanservice outfit, her breasts aren't that pronouncedly drawn big. Fortunately Chapter 84 did a better job in, ah, detailing her (complete with some Gainaxing), making her being a woman much more clearer.
    • Simon who at least one person asked about his gender according to the Q&A in the first Fanbook. The answer is that he's a boy with a girly face.
    • Hawk might be seen as female due to his eyelashes, usually being the only one offended at Meliodas groping Elizabeth, and Crossdressing Voices.
    • Gloxinia a.k.a. Octololi of the Ten Commandments. Due to appearance and use of feminine Japanese Pronouns, alot of people assumed for the longest time this character was a girl. Then his actual gender is revealed along with the fact that he's actually a fairy.
  • What an Idiot!: Unlike most instances where a character appears to be written poorly, the author orchestrates this on purpose to actually prove a point. Dolor gets one moment in particular, and it's totally his own fault. His Pride as a giant is the reason why he became one of the Ten Commandments. Zeldoris, powered up with the Demon King's abilities as his representative, appeared before him and forced him to either fight a losing battle to the death or join their cause against his will. Had he just ran away from a fight with Zeldoris, he would not have been forced into the bind that he faced. Nope, couldn't do that, cause we don't wanna be a Dirty Coward. Diane did not make that mistake- she ran like hell from the get-go. Though to be fair there is no reason to believe Zeldris would have let Dolor escape.
    • Meliodas takes a big jump in this when he goes to face DK Zeldris without any of the Sins and only Elizabeth. Considering that the SDS beat the DK before and saved Meliodas from possession and that Gowther's mind abilities are a key factor in saving Zeldris, you'd think that Meliodas would do well enough to use people who are more than willing, and capable, of helping him to his advantage. He instead decides, after all this time, that it's only his problem and that the rest of the Sin's can't get involved in his business anymore, and thus, undermines the Sin's and Zeldris's position in the war which starts to cost him dearly.
  • Woolseyism: The English Dub translates Derriere's Catchphrase to Bottom Line, which works as a pun and an actual phrase that makes sense for her to say.
  • The Woobie: In this manga most of the cast need a hug...
    • Meliodas saw his girlfriend die and supposedly destroyed his own kingdom. The background behind that is much sadder. He, a member of Demon Clan, and Elizabeth, member of Goddess Clan, were cursed as a punishment for falling in love with each other. Meliodas was cursed with immortality, while Elizabeth was cursed to continuously reincarnate into members of different clans. They would meet and fall in love with each other again but when Elizabeth remembered her past life, she would die after three days and the cycle would continue. Meliodas destroying Danafor is partly because he has to see Elizabeth die in front of him 106 times over the past 3000 years.
    • Ban had an absolutely ruthless childhood, being horribly beaten and abused by his parents, and eventually running into people who intended to sell him to a serial child-torturer/murderer, only escaping with Zhivago's intervention, who would become his surrogate dad. Then when he was grown, Ban tragically lost Elaine, the first person to actually acknowledge him, and it has been his personal quest to revive her. This has driven him so much so that Ban was beside himself when he was offered the chance to revive her if he would kill Meliodas, his best friend and the only other person Ban cares about. And then he watches his father die in front of him.
    • Due to incidents beyond his control, King has suffered and lost a great deal. These include among things, King's best friend going mad to a point that King had no other choice but to Mercy Kill him THREE times, and the lost of the original Fairy King's forest along with the life of his sister. Worse yet, he is constantly reminded and blamed for all of these tragedies even when he was otherwise indisposed to prevent them.
    • Gilthunder. He lost his father at a very young age and for years had to remain silent about the identity of the murderers (one of them being his own uncle), while everybody blamed his dear mentor and said mentor's comrades. All of this because a Yandere threatened him and his girlfriend with death and sent monsters to monitor each of his steps. And he never complains or shows his suffering.


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