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  • In the past, Elizabeth was never King Liones' true daughter, but it is believed that he loved her as his own. This is proven when Elizabeth climbs onto a tree to get her father attention and he desperately tries to get her down from it despite not knowing how to climb. This caused him to fall and hurt himself. This shows that he cared for his daughter very much, even though they are not blood related.
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  • When Elizabeth offers herself for Meliodas' safety in the first chapter, she kept on crying, saying that Meliodas was being too kind to someone he doesn't know. This was something that Meliodas completely disregarded as he protected and saved her from Twigo. Later, when Meliodas invited Elizabeth to travel with him, she happily accepted. This later takes on a whole new meaning when we learn that Meliodas actually has known who Elizabeth is all along, this is the 107th life she's been reincarnated into, and Meliodas is once again befriending a new incarnation of the goddess despite knowing that they are stricken with a curse that always dooms one and consumes the other when they inevitably fall in love.
  • When the townsfolk were upset at a young boy for pulling a prank on a Holy Knight Gilthunder for insulting their ale. The village leader was the only one who stood up for him, saying that the boy protected their pride, which not of the others had done and worked together to remove the holy sword to restore their water supply. Despite not moving the sword at all, they showed that they cared for one another and worked together to return their pride.
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  • After seeing Meliodas again since the last time ten years before, Diane was overjoyed and started to cuddle him, showing that she cares for and loves Meliodas.
  • Elizabeth became depressed after Meliodas got injured and the doctor who was supposed to help him was forced to kill Meliodas instead. She blamed herself for the whole ordeal because she made Meliodas and the doctor get involved. However, Meliodas told her that she should stay strong and even told her that even if she died, he will continue to stop the Holy Knights in her place.
  • After Elizabeth saved Meliodas and Diane from Ruin's illusion magic, Meliodas went to her and said that he accepted her will and went on to fight Ruin. During the fight, Meliodas defeated Ruin and said that there is no way for him to escape since he hurt someone important to him, and that was his sin.
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  • When the petrified Ban was left behind by King, the spirit of Elaine came to Ban and set him free with a kiss. This shows that Elaine still loved Ban even in death.
  • Despite leaving her alone for the past seven hundred years, Elaine was still shown to believe in King and told him to protect Ban.
    • Her statement that Ban wiped away those seven hundred years of loneliness in seven days. Even moreso when we see how in the Bandit Ban OVA.
  • Even in death, Ban still swore to make Elaine his, which made her happy.
  • After being (temporarily) shrunk down to normal human size, Diane wanted to get the affections of her one-sided crush in Meliodas. This is played for laughs as she asks him to grope her like he does Elizabeth. He declines, stating that he'd never do that to her because he cares too much, as she starts to tear up, clearly upset, he tries to cheer her up by rubbing the top of her head, something he could never have done previously and her appreciation is clear to see.
  • Even after hearing Meliodas said that he doesn't fondle anyone important to him, Elizabeth stated that she will still believe in Meliodas no matter how he sees her.
  • In Chapter 39, When Cain asked again if Meliodas really destroyed Danafall, to which he told him he didn't betray anyone, Cain then started crying and hugged Meliodas, being glad that he didn't betray anyone they care about.
  • As Elizabeth was forced to return to Liones with her sister Veronica, an injured Meliodas got up and stood between them, stating that he will protect Elizabeth with his life.
    • It was shown again when Meliodas' broken sword was stolen, Meliodas didn't seem to care much about it and also revealed that if Elizabeth was all right.
  • In Chapter 46, when Veronica sacrificed herself to save Elizabeth from Geera's attack, she stated that despite them being not blood related, she still loves Elizabeth as a sister.
  • During their training, Ban revealed to King that he is planning on getting a magical item from Liones that could speak with a Goddess and ask them to revive Elaine. This shows that Ban really want Elaine back if he is going through the trouble to ask for a deity help.
    • In the same chapter, King mentioned that Meliodas could be a demon himself, but Ban grew furious and threatened King for saying such a thing about Meliodas. Ban then went on saying that Meliodas and Elaine were the only two people to accept him for who he is which no one had ever done. He even believed that Meliodas is too kind to be a demon, which shocked King.
  • Despite being a cruel woman, Guila shows a lot of love toward her younger brother, Zeal as she killed his bullies and sworn to do everything she can to make him happy.
    • She even makes a Heel–Face Turn and helps Diane after the latter protected Zeal. Hell, Diane ruining her chances to escape for saving a child she doesn't even know (when she previously had said she didn't care about humans) is this. And Zeal being the sweetest little brother ever.
  • When Gowther saved Pelio from an attack from the Armor Giant, it shows that despite being emotionless, he shows a lot of care toward his young master who saved him in the past.
  • While Diane was wondering if Meliodas would ever make a upset face if she was kidnapped like Elizabeth, King told her that he would definitely come for her even if he does it alone which made Diane happy, but wonder if he does it to cheer her up.
  • As Diane was fighting against Dreyfus she was gravely injured and could barely fight, but all she cared about was to save her friend Elizabeth.
    • To note out that at first Diane didn't like Elizabeth because she was close to Meliodas, but doing the series, she grew to like and respect Elizabeth as a friend of her which is rare for Diane since she think nothing of all men beside Meliodas and dislike any female that are close to Meliodas. It shows that Diane truly cares for Elizabeth.
  • Guilthunder being finally able to help Meliodas after the latter killed the chimera keeping Margaret hostage. He even cries while he thanks Meliodas and calls him his hero.
  • Arthur's cheerful hero worship for Meliodas. Especially because is obvious that Merlin had a hand in it.
  • King Bartha has several of these:
    • His reunion with Elizabeth. Pure fatherly love.
    • He doesn't only rescue Threader, he gave him a name, taught him how to live in society and give him the best job Threader could ask for. Threader's Undying Loyalty is obvious but we see how much Bartha cares about him when Threader risks his live trying to open the charmed door and Bartha begs him to stop before he kills himself.
    • His friendship with Arthur is very cute too. The young man remembers him fondly and goes all the way to his kingdom to rescue him.
  • Dreyfus arriving in the nick of time to help his son (who is obviously happy to see him again) to fight Hendrickson
  • This is more a Tear Jerker, but Ban desired to bring Elaine back to any cost proves his utter devotion to her. The Tear Jerker part is what he has to do to resurrect her and he obviously is broken for it but he'll do it anyway.
  • Gustav showing his concern for his sister despite being previously an asshole to her. He even begs Ban not kill her. Props to Ban too for really find a way to recover Jericho alive.
  • When Merlin's not being shady and doing things for the lulz, she's pretty much this.
  • After all the insanity dies down thanks to Hendrickson's defeat, King encounters Diane, who had been shrunken down to human size with some magic pills. She then asks him if he'd like to spend some time with her. He declines at first, saying he doesn't want to be a third wheel since he figures she wants to use the opportunity to hang out with her crush, Meliodas. She then makes it clear that Meliodas won't be there, and she wants to go out with him.
  • A meta example: in chapter 114, the results of the character popularity contest were posted. Who got first place? King. Seriously, after all the crap he's had to put up with over the course of the story, its nice that the audience at least is showing him a little love.
  • This exchange between a young Ban and Zhivago:
    Zhivago: ''If you're tired, you should sleep. Otherwise, you'll never grow up.
    Ban: [tired] ''I can't sleep. That's when he kicks me in the stomach.
    Zhivago: I see. [cradling Ban's head] Well then, I guess I'll just have to guard you.
  • Escanor writing a sappy love poem for Merlin and her genuinely wanting to hear it. Keep it mind that sort of thing seems utterly out of character for her.
  • In Chapter 124, Hendrickson had been shunned in his youth due to this 'Acid' power. Dreyfus took him in, and they became good friends. Dreyfus even held his brother in high regard, despite his jealousy. When Fraudrin possessed Hendrickson because Dreyfus could stave off the demon's control, Dreyfus immediately gave himself up without hesitation to save Hendrickson.
  • Slader is a complete badass who bears a disturbing resemblance to a horror movie murderer when wearing his metal mask and wielding his huge, saw-toothed sword. He can also be a very sweet, nice guy who is utterly loyal to the king who saved him from slavery, grieves quietly for his slain comrades, gives Elizabeth advice on love, outfits Gowther with new clothes, and tries to soothe a crying, magically-age-regressed toddler Griamore (who, come to think of it, might have been crying because he was being held by a huge man wearing a scary metal mask).
  • Ban's immediate reaction to seeing Elaine again is to pull her close and kiss her, no questions asked.
  • Jericho bluntly telling Elaine during a heated argument and battle as the former has the latter pinned down, that even if Ban doesn't return her feelings, she would never hurt him or cause the kind of pain Elaine inflicted due to her enhanced jealousy by her curse. Elaine is visibly stunned by this. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The bar Escanor runs is named 'My Sweet Gluttony.' It's rather obvious who he was thinking of when he came up with the name.
    • Although brief, Ban and Escanor's reunion, with Escanor being relieved to hear that they are heroes again. Ban then immediately trusts his life to Escanor despite it being night.
  • Jericho and Elaine managing to become friends despite being rivals for Ban's heart.
  • Meliodas and Ban's reunion in chapter 159. After they have there usual contest Ban expresses regret over trying to kill Meliodas but Meliodas pays no mind and acts as if it never happened.
  • When Elaine and Elizabeth meet up, they become fast friends, despite teasing each other about their respective love interests.
  • King's will to protect Diane is enough to both allow him to overcome the previous Fairy King's doll and make her realize the depths of his devotion to her, despite her amnesia. This, in turn, allows her to empower her Harlequin golem to the extent that it knocks Dolor's on its ass.
  • How Escanor managed to defeat Goat's sin Gowther despite in the middle of the night. His love for Merlin is so much, that he can access his full power and break from Gowther's Mind Rape.
    "You are not the person that would walk alongside me... when i was drowning in in absolute darkness, she always the one who illuminated the path of my life, because that is what a sun does."
  • A villainous example, the relationship between some of the Ten Commandments.
    • Galan and Merascylla, while occasionaly arguing, are truly friends, playing golf with giant stone balls and partying together while drunk. When Escanor defeats Galan, she is so livid that immeditatly tries to kill him, clearly forgetting that Escanor is more powerful than her.
    • Dolor and Gloxinia once fought side by side against the Demons, and even after defecting their bond still remains. During their whole fight with Meliodas, their main concern was not defeating Meliodas but the other's well-being: Gloxinia kept trying to heal Dolor's injuries and Dolor shielded Gloxinia from Meliodas' attacks.
    • Monspiet and Derrierie are always together, she is more open with him, and he even provides a Lap Pillow for her. It's especially visible when Meliodas is about to use Revenge Counter on all Commandments during their fight, and Monspiet embraces her to protect her, with Derrierie looking quite sad, as if she knew it was hopeless and they were about to face certain death. Thankfully for them, Estarossa stops the technique.
      • In chapter 189 As Meliodas uses full-counter to obliterate them, they hug each other one last time.
  • Chapter 188/189 Meliodas's and Elizabeth's reunion.
  • Chapter 215: King and Diane finally share their first Big Damn Kiss. And Diane tells King she loves him. And this is coming right after King was crying hysterically over the fear of losing her forever.
  • Chapter 216: Seems the gravy train is at last coming in for King after all his suffering. Not only does Diane reveal the Gowther of the path restored her memories, she admits to loving him from the day they first met, and they share another, more proper kiss. But that's not all- King asks why he's been unclothed... That's when King sees he has finally sprouted wings.
  • Chapter 217: King has an Adorkable Security Cling onto Diane's face when they freak out at the sight of Meliodas in the flesh.
    • From that same chapter, after Diane asks Merlin to shrink her down to a size that's friendly for the town the Sins are about to look for Gowther in, she's now too small to jump off the castle safely, so King gets to heft her down in a Bridal Carry.
  • Chapter 220: Ban turns into an angry drunk when he wrongfully thinks Escanor cheated on Merlin after she gives him the cold shoulder during a moment of grave concern. All his beloved Elaine has to do to cool his jets is pat him on the cheeks and sweetly tell him to have some fun, then puffs her own cheeks out in a cute pout. Ban instantly melts, and Elaine starts stroking his head like a puppy dog as he croons delightedly.
    • Meliodas is there to catch Merlin and help her into bed to get some rest after she stumbles while still recovering from serious injuries inflicted by Zeldoris that even her own magic wasn't able to fully heal away. Even if she tries to hide her suffering from the rest of the Sins, Meliodas knows her well enough to know when something is up, and calls her out on it in a protective manner.
  • Seeing that Elaine loves Ban so much that this causes her body to change. She actually evolves into an older and prettier-looking monarch-winged fairy with The Power of Love, and with that huge change, she becomes incredibly gorgeous and extremely strong.
  • Monspeet and Derieri decide to leave their demon life behind to start a new peaceful life together, in a farm, with a HUMAN girl. They actually helped the girl out with farm and were pretty friendly and genuinely enjoy her gentleness toward them. There's a weird feeling of heartwarming two see 2 of the most powerful demons in such situation.
  • The ending theme of the second season, "Beautiful", is overwhelmingly cute and astonishingly depicted. It's mixed with picturesque and storybook-like scenes of Elizabeth in Elegant Gothic Lolita attire on a picnic with Hawk, admiring nature. It ends with a positively adorable shot of her lying against the side of Meliodas' bed, fast asleep and cuddling a pillow, picnic basket set down on the floor, shoes and stockings shed to let her tired and delicate little bare feet lay free and at ease, and the sun shines down on her radiantly to show how much of a thing of beauty she is, a fair-skinned sweetheart. Hawk is also nestled beside her as a cuddle buddy. Sweet dreams, Princess Elizabeth and Captain of Scraps Disposal.
  • In contrast to the rather unconcerned Ludociel, Archangels Tarmiel and Sariel leave their hosts, Arbus and Solaseed, to prevent Arbus's body from being destroyed and so he can be properly buried, and prevent Solaseed from taking damage from the possession, as her body grows up as a result of the obsession. Sariel fulfills his bargain and heals her disease before leaving as well.
  • In Chapter 293, Elaine overexerts herself saving the Holy Knights from the army of demons, causing her wings to dissipate and for her to fall. Ban however returns from Purgatory to catch her, and sacrifices his eternal life to save her for good.
  • Chapter 295 and 296: It is revealed that Hendrickson had been acting like a fanatic druid and goddess worshipper the entirety of the war just for the chance to save Margaret. It really comes to show how much he has changed.
    • What's more, he offers his own body to Ludociel in exchange for the Princess, fully willing to die. Doubles as a tearjerker.
      • Ludociel of all people gets this when he refuses to take Hendrickson's body under the reasoning that he cared far too much to use his full power with the druid as his vessel, healing him instead.
      • In Chapter 302, The seven deadly sins finally reunite against the Demon King.

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