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Fridge Brilliance

  • Meliodas' sword's hilt is shaped like a dragon with its throat being the place where one normally holds it. In eastern mythology, dragons have a "reverse scale" on their throats and anyone else touching it sends them into an Unstoppable Rage. Considering these draconic motifs and Meliodas' title of Dragon's Sin of Wrath, this makes sense in a meta way.
  • Ban is shown to be the heaviest drinker of the group. This makes sense, considering he's immortal; he can drink as much as he wants without having to worry about dying from alcohol poisoning.
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  • Gilthunder's attack on the ale making town by cutting off their water supply, makes more sense when we learn that as a child Gilthunder was trained by Meliodas, and likely remembered his favourite drink, along with a report that he owned a roaming bar, Meliodas would stop to resupply at that town specifically, and was already in the area. On top of that only a holy knight could remove the sword from the stone ground, so he would have to reveal himself to save the town, and resupply on his favourite booze.
  • At one point, Meliodas tricks Elizabeth into thinking that the next location they had to attend, she would have to join a Naked Dance Festival. Several chapters later, Elizabeth ends up shrinking, unable to fit into her clothes, and spends most of the time naked with only a ribbon to cover her.
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  • King never used his real appearance and name during his time with the Sins because he wanted to prevent Diane remembering him from their time together when she was a child.
  • Diane and Meliodas recognizing King in his real form makes sense despite the above as King was Diane's Childhood Friend and she could have recognized him subconsciously, and Meliodas was one of the soldiers who arrested him 200 years ago.
  • The two times wherein Ban was imprisoned were both after a person important to him disappeared. The first time was after Elaine died and the second was after Meliodas disappeared and believed to be dead. It would seem that Ban willingly let himself be captured in order to let the pain out.
  • Guila seeing a Sin's magical power once and then provides a detailed paragraph on that ability, such as knowing Full Counter reflected attacks at double strength, is because her father's heroes were the Seven Deadly Sins, back when they were still loyal. She had heard of them and their powers and only needed reminding who has which power. In fact some flash backs show her father talking to them while carrying her as a young child.
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  • After Byzel, Elizabeth became sick and was sent to bed to rest, however it would seem that Elizabeth was in love with Meliodas as she blush harder when Meliodas is close to her. This would explain why Elizabeth suddenly feels better.
  • On the cover of Chapter 19, Elizabeth and Diane are shown in each other's clothes. This foreshadows what happens in Byzel wherein Diane had to wear Elizabeth's clothes as result of them being both shrunk, and unable to fit into their old clothes.
  • When Gowther first meet Dreyfus in Liones, Gowther perform a pose while giving his name and title. This is the same thing that Pelio asked Gowther to do back in Ordan while they were playing which shows that Gowther is honoring his time with Pelio.
  • It makes sense that Guila isn't transforming into a demon as quickly as Jericho or the other 2nd generation Holy Knights. Guila lacks the Inferiority Superiority Complex that drives the other new generation Holy Knights — the only reason she drank demon blood was because she was willing to do anything to protect her brother. Strong negative emotions are needed for the New Generation Holy Knights to fully awaken their powers. For Guila, those were the feelings of abandonment brought about by the disappearance of her father. By then she had an inkling that "Doting Dale" did not abandon them willingly, resolving much of her issues. This probably contributed to her resistance to the Demon Blood transformation.
  • One of the reasons Ban got along with Meliodas is because he reminded him of Elaine. They're both youthful, blonde and treat Ban well despite his reputation.
  • Diane acting like a teenager (despite being one of the oldest Sins) makes more sense when you keep in mind that giants age really slowly.
  • Meliodas is left handed. The left hand was considered the hand of the devil and Meliodas is a demon.
  • In Chapter 28, we see a great shadow that Veronica implies to be Meliodas' true form. In Chapter 124 we see that it is FRAUDRIN's true form, a foreshadowing to Fraudrin himself and for the events of Chapter 124.
  • Knowing what we know now about Power Levels, there's no way Helbram should have been able to stop fully Demonized Meliodas' rampage at Vaizel, regardless of any equipment of sacred treasures, but when Hendricksen gave him power through his Link magic Meliodas went down real easy. Too easy. Why? Because Hendricksen is a member of the Druid Clan, and his magic can purify demons.
  • Studies have shown that people who swear more have a tendency to be more honest than people who don't. As such, Galan is the most foulmouthed of the Ten Commandments.
  • Meliodas' claim on the title of "Strongest Sin" went out the window when Escanor comes along. Meliodas is the Sin of Wrath, Satan's Sin, and Escanor is the Sin of Pride, Lucifer's Sin. Lucifer and Satan are the same person, so this only makes sense. Adding on to that, Lucifer's name means "Morning Star" as in, the Sun, so Escanor having the power of the Sun makes sense.
    • Not exactly. Satan and Lucifer are two different beings, one an outright demon, the other a fallen angel turned demon (Sometimes. It's also thought he might of been an earthly king too, since the name Lucifer only appears once in appears in one passage of the bible.) However due to osmosis it still makes fridge brilliance sense for these two to be evenly matched, except in one minute of the day. Because as it stands now there's only a slight difference between Satan and Lucifer.
      • This in turn brings up its own Fridge Brilliance on the origins of Escanor's Sunshine power. Lucifer is a fallen angel. Now who and what was the last owner of the Sunshine Grace?
  • Grayroad's commandment is Pacifism which makes anyone who kills in her presence age instantly until they die, so why wasn't Ban affected when he killed Merascylla? Simple, he's immortal and cannot age or die so the commandment is useless against him.
    • Only for this to be averted later when it's revealed that the reason Ban wasn't affected is because he actually didn't kill Melascula.
  • Merlin's design actually makes a lot of sense if you think about her Arthurian Distaff Counterpart. In that regard, since she's a male version of the Arthurian Merlin (who is part incubus), her appearance makes sense if you take into account that she is possibly part succubus.
  • Why does Meliodas' wanted poster look like his brother, Estarossa? Because ten years has passed since the last time the Holy Knights saw him, and they assumed that he would age normally. So if Meliodas aged normally, he'd probably look like Estarossa right now!
  • Goether's sin is Lust, but he's more concerned about reading than being lecherous. Lust isn't always about sex. It's an inappropriate desire or a longing for an abstract concept. He lusts after knowledge, specifically, for knowledge of emotions, which he's trying to learn from books.

Fridge Horror

  • Helbram says he uses his human form to remind himself why he hates humans. But, if you think about it, it's also the worst self punishment. Imagine how he must feel looking at the face of his friends' torturer and murderer whenever he looks at himself in a mirror.
  • Vivian is obsessed with Gilthunder and could force him to do anything. Do the math. Somewhat mitigated now that Merlin has imposed a cursed ring on Vivian that causes painful bruises to spread all over her body when she does anything to defy Gilthunder... although now this could very well take a whole new level into horrific proportions if she's into sadomasochism and allows the curse to spread just because her desires for Gil are that overpowering.
  • Gilthunder knew all along who his father's murderers were, but had to see them every day, work alongside them, and pretend he didn't know the truth. Now, Hendricksen is only his superior, but Dreyfus, beside that, is his uncle. Try imagine them having normal uncle-nephew talks and seeing each other in family reunions, especially if the topic of Zaratras was mentioned. With Gilthunder knowing that Dreyfus was a murderer, unable to speak out and perhaps even fearing Dreyfus would kill him or Margaret if he discovered they knew. For ten freaking years.
  • Ban's Immortality, which is full on out and out true immortality, he literally cannot die even when turned to stone he will eventually outlive everyone he cares for, because of either old age or them being killed, and even if the day should come where the planet itself is dead, he'll still be wandering around it. That, or end up a frozen statue drifting in space for all time if he gets ejected from the planet somehow.
  • Fanbooks list Hendrickson as a vegetarian, or at least his favorite meals being vegetarian ones. Why? His childhood was spent day after day watching over the corpses of the dead to make sure they didn't come back to life. And probably eat the living thereafter. You'd want to avoid eating meat too after that.
  • It's later revealed that Gowther had a magical-looking heart inside his chest gifted to him as a memento by his creator and spiritual father, the original human Gowther. Gowther later threw away this heart, but eventually learned it wasn't the source of his emotions, as he had the capacity for heart within his being all along, then chose to suppress it, and that was just a simple charm. When he threw the heart charm away in a dungeon, he didn't discard his emotions (having done so already through the act of a self-inflicted memory and emotion purge)- what he actually and unknowingly did was discard his father (in a figurative manner) and imprison the memory of him. Thankfully, the heart charm was eventually returned to him.
  • Fridge horror in 232. After Escanor defeat Meliodas and a cut away is shown of each sin. In hawks eye you can's see a shadow that looks like the Demon and king and we later learn that the demon king is using Hawk to spy on the living realm. The Demon King saw The One and didn't warn Zeldris of it later. This likely means that with the power the Demon King gave to Zeldris, even The One can't beat him.
  • When Elizabeth dies, it takes some time for her corpse to revert to its new, living form. Does this mean Meliodas' curse is the only reason she's never been Buried Alive?
  • Meliodas' molestation of Elizabeth goes from offensive to this when you realize something. He has lost her so many times that he likely tries to make his time with as enjoyable as possible before she dies again. Meliodas has seen so many Elizabeths come and go that he doesn't even bother with etiquette. When compared to his fair and respectful treatment of her during the holy war, Meliodas has truly changed.

Fridge Logic

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