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Drinking Game / The Seven Deadly Sins

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For people who read the manga:

  • Take a drink whenever Meliodas gropes or sexually harasses Elizabeth. Drink again if she doesn't appear to mind it.
    • And again if Hawk definitely does.
  • Drink whenever Ban sings.
  • Drink whenever Ban gets injured.
  • Take two drinks whenever Ban gets drunk.
  • Take two drinks whenever Hawk gets beaten up.
  • Drink whenever Diane tries to get Meliodas' attention.
  • Drink whenever Diane gets jealous of Meliodas lavishing attention on another girl.
  • Drink a whole bottle whenever one of the Deadly Sins is beaten.
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  • Drink whenever a Holy Knight is defeated.
  • Take three drinks whenever King has a nosebleed.
  • Drink once for every blatant fanservice shot of Diane.
  • Drink whenever Gowther does his ''sparkle''.


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