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Quotes / The Seven Deadly Sins

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"I've resolved to find the Seven Deadly Sins with you and stop the Holy Knights. Even if you were to die, I would fulfill the promise made with you."
Meliodas, to Elizabeth in Chapter 11

"I... made a promise. Even if you were to die... Even if I'm the only one left... I will protect the people of the kingdom from the Holy Knights."
Elizabeth, while trying to save a little boy in Chapter 13

"Don't make light of my eyes that can spot exposed panties from a mile away."
Meliodas, joking in Chapter 10

"All people eventually die. But... as long as someone protects what that person stood for, their principles will never die."
Meliodas, in Chapter 12

"I did everything that I could to protect them all... I wanted to protect everything. But... I couldn't. That is my Sin. And that is why I can't fail this time!!"
Meliodas, in Chapter 39

"And I'll tell you one more thing. A real sin... can't be erased, no matter whaaaaat you do."
Ban, to Ellen and her brother in Chapter 18

"I wish what he came to steal wasn't the Fountain of Youth... but me..."
Elaine, expressing her desire in Side Story

"I already know... That you'll grant my wish. Your power is stronger when you weild it for others than yourself. Not just for me, but for your friends who need you. I know that... You're kinder than anyone else... I know how you kept on blaming yourself in front of the burnt down hometown, and shed countless tears for me and your people... I know... Your power can be immeasurable... In the past, the human kingom was in peace with the forest of fairies ruled by the fairy king. Not only it was a sign of friendship, but it was also an agreemnet not to intefere with each other's kingdom. But what was respected above all else... What repelled every invasion and struck fear into those who tried... Was the power of the lord of the fairies, "King"."
Elaine, talking about King in Chapter 25

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