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    Elaine and King 

  • If Elaine was speaking to King, how come she didn't tell King how she died and that Ban didn't kill her?
    • She did tell King that Ban didn't kill her. When Elaine appeared to King, she outright stated that Ban isn't the person King thinks he is. That pretty much told King that Ban isn't the murderer that King believed Ban to be. As for why she didn't tell King about the Demon, the battle with Guila happening at the time most likely prevented Elaine from telling King the whole story.
    • Futhermore, Ban doesn't want that King know about the complete deal (otherwise, he would tell King the story himself, before or after that scene). Elaine can know that and she respects it.
  • How come Ban doesn't want to tell King what happen, I mean he wouldn't believe him but still?
    • One of the cardinal rules of the order of Seven Deadly Sins as discussed in the Byzel Festival is that they don't talk about their past.
    • And/Or Ban considers it's his fault because Elaine could have survived if she would have drunk the Fountain herself but she didn't and she saved him instead. Also he could want avoid that King feels guiltier.


    Hendricksen's Cargo 

  • How did Hendricksen get the dead demon to the kingdom without anyone noticing?
    • When the body was found it was in pieces. It's most likely Hendricksen and his knights transported the pieces in separate crates or something and then stitched the whole thing back together in the basement.
  • They have it hidden in Merlin's castle's basement and Hendricksen said they found it twenty years ago. But they couldn't use that castle until ten years ago. Where did they hid it until then?
    • Maybe she was really in cahoots with Hendricksen. Maybe they hid it somewhere else until that place was free. Maybe they hid it there without her knowledge. Whatever the reason, it will most likely be revealed later in the manga.
  • Mages (such as Vivian and Merlin) have teleportation spells.
  • It could also have been found there buried considering the kingdom is located where the Great Fairy Forest once stood and Gowther the Doll was found buried there too, and both were at the end of the last Holy War.

    Demon's Escape 

  • How did one demon manager to escape while the others were still sealed off?
    • This will be explained in the manga in due time.

    Sins Fleeing the Knights 

  • If the Seven Deadly Sins were the strongest order of knights in Liones, then why did they run away from the Holy Knights ten years ago?
    • It's explained in the flashback. When the Sins discovered Zaratras' corpse, the castle they were in was suddenly surrounded and attacked by all of the knights of the kingdom. They were completely caught off guard and had to run away so they could regroup and figure out later exactly what happened. They maybe called the strongest but having an entire kingdom's worth of Holy Knights maybe too much for them. Note also the current arc in Liones. There was that point wherein three of the Sins were surrounded and only got away thanks to Gowther. After that, they decided to sneak around rather than continue fighting every knight they came across. Then there's Diane and what happened to her.
    • Not only that, but not knowing what exactly was happening, they wouldn't want to harm, much less kill, the other knights as they could've be as innocent as the sins themselves. Not to mention that obliterating the kingdom's knight order at such a dire time would be an open invitation for a possible hostile kingdom to attack.

    Diane and High-Heels 

  • If Diane dislike her height so much, why does she wear high heel which make you look taller and how did she get a giant armor for her ten years ago.
    • Maybe she likes the shoes? I mean there are some women who are sensitive about their weight but aren't so extreme that they deny themselves of something really fulfilling to eat. The same I guess could be said for Diane. Personally, her shoes look more like regular boots rather high heels and it really doesn't matter whether she has high heels or not.
      For the armor however, it's likely that it was made for her like all the other armors worn by larger knights like Twigo and Kaide, the guy Threader struck in Liones. If armor can be made for those above normal-sized humans, then armor could probably be made for a giant.
    • How many giant-sized pairs of shoes can she find?

    Diane and the Portal 
  • How come Diane went first in Oslo portal and not King?
    • Maybe because King is Oslo's master and was needed to facilitate the teleportation or something? I mean if King went first, would Diane be able to give Oslo the proper instructions to be teleported to Liones? Then again it could be chalked up to Diane being too eager to get to Liones without any real forethought.


    Seven Deadly Sins Reputation 
  • Before the whole killing the Great Holy Knight, people seems to show great trust and respect for the Deadly Sins, but they were very dangerous criminal in their past, how much they treated them like knights?
    • It will be probably be explained in the manga later in more detail on how much they were treated like actual knights. From what is known however, the Sins are a special order of knights made up of conscripted criminals. They are duty bound to serve the kingdom in repentance of their crimes. In doing various deeds for the kingdom such as eliminating vampires and trolls, they are seen as heroes by the populace. However based on Ban mentioning a set of rules during the Byzel festival, it seems like they may have limited freedoms as opposed to regular knights.

    Meliodas tied up 
  • Everytime Meliodas wanted to sleep in the same bed as Elizabeth, Hawk tied him up so he doesn't do anything perverted, but Meliodas could break steel easily, why can't he break himself out of it?
    • He considers it "roleplay" and seems to enjoy it.

     Dead or Alive 
  • Elizabeth is one of the keys to release the seal to the demon clan and thats is why Hendricksen needs her (alive). Why then did Guila say in Bryzel that they were ordered to retrieve both princesses dead or alive?
    • Well maybe she meant Veronica to be dead or alive while Elizabeth remain alive, or it doesn't matter if Elizabeth was alive or not.
    • Reread chapter 45 where Guila says it and she only mentions one princess, which based on context is obviously Elizabeth. Not sure if it was stated but it seems like they only need Elizabeth's body regardless if she's alive or not.
    • Apparently they needed her blood, which will remain inside her even after death unless they cut her head and let her bleed dry, which is unortodox handling of a corpse even for a corrupt order of knights. Similarly, it would be too eerily suspicious to say "I need her blood", since that just screams "I'm doing dark profane ritual and therefore am a bad guy".

    Diane and Elizabeth shrink 
  • If Diane was using Elizabeth clothes to not be naked, then why didn't she use a piece of clothes like a ribbon so Elizabeth could cover herself and of all places, why her bosom, I mean, shouldn't she told Hawk instead to kept a secret of what happen and give Elizabeth to him?
    • First off, fanservice. The first few manga covers honestly state that stuff like this was gonna happen.
      For hiding Elizabeth in Diane's boobs, there apparently was nowhere else Diane could hide her. The waitress uniform apparently has no pockets big enough for a shrunken Elizabeth.
      For giving Elizabeth something to wear while she was shrunken, well she was covered by the waitress' ribbon beforehand. The ribbon covered Elizabeth while she was carried in Diane's boobs and Diane did give the ribbon with Elizabeth when she handed the latter to Meliodas. Covering the ribbon around Elizabeth beforehand though would be kinda moot. That would require Diane stuffing the ribbon alongside Elizabeth in her boobs. Really unnecessary and more uncomfortable than needed.
      As for Hawk, he was busy selling beer to the people in the festival. There apparently was no time to hand Elizabeth to him before the reveal. Plus Diane really wanted to keep it as a surprise. Handing Elizabeth to Hawk before it kinda ruins the whole plan since he doesn't have anything where Elizabeth could be hidden.
      Diane also could have just covered Elizabeth and placed her somewhere else but that defeats the first and main duty of protecting the princess in the first place, especially in such a state. So rather than place Elizabeth on the ground unprotected, might as well just put her in a place that is really close by.

    Seven Deadly Sins Strength 

  • If the Seven Deadly Sins are the strongest order of knights in the kingdom, then how come the rest seem to get beaten easily by the Holy Knights with or without their Sacred Gear. And what is holding them back?
    • In the case of the Sins without their Sacred Weapons, it's because they're not drawing their full strength as explained by King after the Capital of the Dead. Without weapons, they are only drawing a small fraction of what they are capable of. That's why they had a hard time early on.
      For the Sins with their Sacred Weapons, so far it's because of certain opponents. It's not they're being beaten easily. It's just they're facing opponents that have an advantage over them.
      With King, it seems to have something to do with Helbram as Gowther stated. Now that he's in Liones, it will probably be addressed especially considering the state Diane is in.
      With Diane, the only one who proved to be an actual threat was Dreyfus. His power was apparently stronger than her's. There's probably also the fact that she's in the capital and there's innocent people around.
      With Gowther, it's so far not clear what happened. When he faced Dreyfus, he was dominating over the Great Holy Knight until that shadow appeared. It will probably be explained in the future.
      ** Gowther was dominating Dreyfus' mind perfectly fine, but he didn't foresee there being a secondary consciousness possessing his bodily functions, which basically ganked him from behind with a surprise attack.
The Sins maybe called the strongest but that doesn't mean they don't have weaknesses or can't be beaten.
  • We see Meliodas chop a huge hill in half with a twig. How does he have trouble fighting anyone before the Ten Commandments?
    • It's explained by Merlin later on that his full power was sealed away in order to prevent him from destroying stuff as a result of his anger at seeing an injured Elizabeth during the time when the Sins were framed.

    Diane Sacred Treasure 

  • How Diane lose a Sacred Treasure that is the same size as her?
    • It will probably be explained in the manga in the future.

    Diane affection 

  • Why is Meliodas so annoyed with Diane affection toward him. If he is a pervert like most people say, then why he doesn't enjoy it?
    • It seems less like Meliodas is annoyed with Diane's affection toward him, and more like he isn't interested in women who aren't Elizabeth and Liz. There seems to be something rather suspicious going on. Both Elizabeth and Liz share the same face and name. There might be a Reincarnation Romance going on.

    King Leadership 

  • If King was the Fairy King long time ago and the oldest of the Deadly Sins. Then how come he isn't the leader?
    • I'm not sure if it was stated that King was the oldest of the Sins but the reason is probably because he isn't the strongest. Meliodas so far has been stated to be the strongest ergo Asskicking Equals Authority.
    • Alternatively, Meliodas recruited King and the others for his order, so he gets to pick who's leader. Not to mention that, older/stronger or not, so far only Meliodas seems to have a military background, ergo the only one fit for a leadership position.
  • The most recent chapters seem tho show that Meliodas was the first to join (then Merlin) and he created the 7 Sin specifically to to be a match to the 10 Commandments. Though Escanor is stronger than him the closer it is to noon.

    King Liones Vision 

  • If King Liones can see into the future, why didn't he see the Holy Knight betraying him or his daughter, Veronica, death?
    • This is kinda a question that frequently gets asked with characters who have such powers. Sadly, the problem with them is that its not always a straightforward answer. He saw the Holy War that was foretold in the prophecies and tried to prevent it. Did his efforts to prevent it fulfilled the prophecy or did he create a completely new timeline in which he didn't forsee what would happen? It'll probably be explained later in the manga in time.
    • It's explained that his powers have limitations. It doesn't usually give specific details. It's possible that his power did warn him of the coup, but the signs were so vague that he didn't figure out what would happen until it was too late.

    Meliodas reaction to Elizabeth 

  • If Elizabeth look just like Liz, then how come Meliodas reacted normally when he first met her?
    • If by normally you meant by groping her while she was unconscious, then the situation I guess was rather suspicious. Considering that Gowther stated that the Sins had already met Elizabeth when she was a kid, Meliodas might've not been that all too shocked. Also consider their shared history. Meliodas came from and destroyed Danafor. Elizabeth is stated to be from Danafor. Maybe Meliodas knows something about Elizabeth that has yet to be revealed in the manga.
    • It's revealed in Chapter 137 that Elizabeth is actually the reincarnation of Meliodas' deceased lover, Liz. Considering that, it could be 'normal' for him to grope Elizabeth as he would also do that with Liz. Whether Meliodas knows that Elizabeth is Liz though isn't known yet.
    • He knew all right it shows him in the most recent chapters carrying her as a baby out of the ruins of Dannafor.

    Elizabeth Rusted Armor 

  • When Elizabeth first appear, she was wearing a armor that was twice her size, how was she able to move around with just armor?
    • Maybe Elizabeth's rusted armor was just that light.

    King Fat Form 

  • If it took a lot of energy for King to keep of this form, then how he was able to handle it for five years with the Deadly Sins?
    • So far it's been stated that King's Fat Form takes alot of energy to maintain that he can't use his other abilities to their fullest. As far as I can remember, that's all he suffers from while in it. There doesn't seem to be a limit to how long he can maintain it. Also note the current chapter with King. If there was a limit, someone should've been extremely tired due to staying in a certain weaker form for a rather long time.

    King Imprisonment 

  • How come Elaine didn't know about King imprisonment for a thousand year for his crime. And what happen to the other Fairies?
    • Elaine probably didn't know about King's imprisonment for a thousand years because nobody told her like how nobody told King that his sister had died. As for the other fairies, unless they were all killed, what happened to them will probably be explained later in the manga.
    • Just reread Ban's backstory and Elaine stated herself that due to guarding the Fountain of Youth for several years, she doesn't know what's happening outside the forest.

    Helbram Helmet 

  • When Helbram was killed by King and explain the helmet origin, why didn't King take the helmet as a reminder of their old friendship?
    • King probably didn't take Helbram's helmet because of all the pain associated with it. Helbram did explain earlier that he kept the helmet to remind him of how his curiosity got him and his friends captured.
  • King does have that helmet during his trip to the New Fairy King`s Forest, Helbram`s ghost speaks to him when he uses it.

    Liz's Sword 

  • How come when Liz offer Meliodas sword he refuse it, but when Elizabeth offer him the sword, he finally accept it?
    • It's explained in the story. Meliodas didn't want the sword originally because he didn't want to hurt people. He only accepts it after Ban tells him to start being serious.
    • Also, Liz just gave him the sword without explaining why. Elizabeth gave Meliodas a Rousing Speech which made him realize Liz didn't want him to kill, but live.

    Sexism in a progresive society. 

  • We are said Gustav thinks Jericho shouldn't be a Holy Knight because she is a woman. The problem is, he seems to be the only one with that sexist ideas. Female Holy Knights are treated the same as men, we have never seen one suffering sexist discrimination, being treated with incredulity or disdain or anything. Actually, Lyones in general seems to be more advanced in that topic than several Real Life countries. So, how does he have such a different mindset?
    • It appears to be more like he's just an overprotective brother rather than a genuine sexist.
    • Also possible that, when asked by a young Jericho why he was so much stronger than her he replied with "that's because you're a girl" and she took it in the worst possible way. Also consider that she's pretty inconsiderate herself, so it's possible her brother's the same (if you consider she modeled her "macho" persona after his).
    • In the anime at least we never see actual examples of him being sexist towards her, just that Jericho feels like that's how he views her. If he acted as an overprotective brother it's not hard to see her coming to that conclusion, seeing how personally she took Ban humiliating her.
    • The lack of sexism might have something to do with how the other side of the coin for most powerful races, is the Goddess Clan, whom humans seem to revere to some degree, even the non-Druids (the female Druids become the Priestesses to the Goddesses, while the male Druids become assistants). This would likely make it different from how it works IRL, especially once you take into account the existence of magic, and individuals like Merlin.
    • Bigotry is not always related to the culture someone grows up in. The most progressive countries in the world still have some degree of racists, hate crimes, etc., because you can't legalize evil or free will out of existence. There will always be people unwilling to look beyond their own experience of [group].


  • It's perfectly reasonable that Gilthunder was being forced into cooperating with the Holy Knights, but that doesn't explain some of his more Jerkass actions, especially in the first few episodes of the anime. He destroyed a village's livelihood, almost destroyed the village itself when he threw a spear at it, almost killed Meliodas, and got thrown into a church filled with people and walked out without helping any of them. And that was just the first 4 episodes! Was all that disregard for human life just him keeping up appearances?
    • I have two theories: 1) Nakaba wanted Gilthunder to be a real antagonist (he thought the Sins actually killed his father and became bitter and cruel) but he decided otherwise halfway the story or 2) he wanted to ensure Gilthunder's real loyalties were a real secret and surprise the readers but he went too far.
    • The viewer isn't shown Gilthunder all the time. So it is plausible that Gilthunder had orders to cause plausible distress to towns to set the mood for a holy war among the people. As for going all out against Meliodas, it was explained he had to to keep up appearances when being watched. The spear seemed to be a way to contact Meliodas while appearing to try and kill him. In the aftermath of the spear coming back to him, the bird watching him appears distracted and during that time Gilthunder acts happy that Meliodas has appeared.
    • Why should he help people who were hoping that he die, which we are literally shown them praying for?

     Gray Lord Forgotten? 

Did Nakaba just forget that Gray Lord was present in the battle with the Ten Commandments versus Meliodas? Even if it only counts true death and thus Meliodas shouldn't have qualified, Ban still killed Merascylla. We never see Gray Lord's Commandment of "Thou Shalt Not Kill" take effect, whatever it may be.

  • It has yet to be revealed what exactly Gray Lord's commandment entails other than it involves "Pacifism". Denzel speculated that it might involve killing in some form or manner hence why he let Fraudrin and Gray Lord go. Whether it means that or something else completely different is not clear yet like the rest of the remaining Commandments. At the very least, it apparently didn't activate during the Ban killing Merascylla incident nor was Fraudrin concerned about getting affected by it when he attempted to murder Denzel and his crew.
  • Chapter 190 gives us a possible answer as well as some Fridge Brilliance Gray Lord's Pacifism makes anyone who kills in her presence age until all of their life taken away, but since Ban is immortal and thus cannot age or die, the commandment is useless against him

     Corruption of the Holy Knights 

The Holy Knights were supposed to be heroes of the land. But by the time of the Holy war, they suddenly went from care-giving peacekeepers to arrogant oppressors which led them to betraying there own king. So what made them all turn to the dark side in the first place?

  • It likely started with the new Holy Knight Commanders permitting them to go a little bit further over the line without issue or punishment until people were crossing the line and didn't think anything of it anymore. It took 10 years of slow corruption to reach what we were seeing at the start of the series.

     Diane's Trial 
During her trail of being Dolor in the past, in chapter 215 while Diane managed to pass the trial, by running away was Played for Laughs, there is a problem; Zeldris weld's the Commandment of Piety which is activated by a foe turning their back or running away from him.
  • Except during that era Zeldris wasn't the bearer of Piety. The first Commandment she faced during that major battle carried it, as stated by Meliodas. So running wasn't very Giant-like culturally, but it doesn't have any negative consequences for Diane.

     Melascula Death 
Ban was stated to have killed Melascula yet he only ripped out five hearts when it was confirmed superior demons like her have seven. While she may have lost two and I missed that would that mean she should still be alive?
  • Early on during his fight with Galand and Meslacula, Ban ripped off a heart from each of them. So Melascula only has 1 heart now.

     King and the Fairy Forest? 
Why is King blamed for the Fairy Forest's demise to the point that his former friends all proclaim Ban to be the new Fairy King? King neglected his duties and abandoned the forest, yes, but Elaine is the one who was protecting the forest at the time of its destruction, and she's the one who gave the Elixir of Life to Ban, causing the forest to die! Had she not saved Ban, the forest would have been just fine. Furthermore, Ban replanted and fed the forest, but only because he drank the Elixir; did no one realize that he must have done so in order to even be able to feed the new Fairy Forest? It isn't that Elaine or Ban should be blamed, but how is it all King's fault?
  • It is a bad case of fridge logic for why aren't Ban and Elaine blamed. But King is hated because as king it is his duty to protect the forest above all else. Despite not knowing was happening and being incarcerated as to avoid war between the fairies and humans. It was still Kings duty to protect the fairies since thanks to peace, fairies don;t know how to fight. If it make's the fairies sound selfish and unreasonable, that the point. The Fairy King had seen to the clan needs for so long that they considered the king as all powerful servant instead of their great leader and strongest protector. Gearheade stated as such.
    • Elaine also isn't as strong as her brother and doesn't have a holy weapon, the other fairies probably are more lenient towards her failure to protect the forest (which should have been temporary) than her brother's for that reason.
    • To answer why Elaine and Ban aren't blamed it probably has to do with the fact that Elaine gave her life so ban could live and then went on to slay the red demon. (even if the fountain was intact a red demon rampaging through the demilitarized fairy realm would only cause countless death if not the end of the Fairy clan as whole thanks to King's absence.) He then planted a new forest for the fairies which is probably why they are so forgiving of Elaine and ecstatic about ban..

     Retrieval of eaten emotions? 
  • How come everyone is sure that Meliodas stolen emotions can be retaken even if they were eaten by the demon king? He did it literally for power so wouldn't those emotions be gone? It sound's like Nakaba needed Ban out of the story for a bit and a way to deal with AM Meliodas.

     Zeldris killed Gelda? 
  • Okay so Meliodas recounts the fact that Zeldris under orders from their father executed the vampires. Interesting, except that in a side story before hand we've seen Meliodas and the sin's fight and slay the vampires, meaning Meliodas should know Zeldris didn't actually kill them. What up with this?
    • Meliodas doesn't actually say that Zeldoris killed the vampires, only that he was ordered to do. Sealing your beloved away for what could be centuries, or eternity, is still pretty painful.

     The curses on Meliodas and Elizabeth. 
  • The curses seem the pretty weak when it comes to punishing your children for falling in love with someone from the wrong family. First off, why not just create the situation ban and Elaine were in? Yes, Meliodas doesn't get to die and has to see his beloved die a hundred times, plus he has to wait for years for her to become an adolescent/adult again, but he is also guaranteed to meet her every time she reincarnates, plus she always falls in love with him and by now the time they spend together is much longer than they would have if they lived out their normal life (given that demons don't live for a 1000 years and Meliodas was already in his mid-300s).
  • Even worse for Elizabeth: yes, she dies three days after awakening and has a shorter-than-average lifespan than most humans, a lot of deaths were probably violent and she has to die knowing how much it hurts her lover, but as far as we know most of her lives were relatively peaceful and happy, the guy she falls in love with is guaranteed to meet her and love her back and protect her, sparing her the aches of unrequited love and again, by now their relationship has continued for much longer than it would be if they had lived out their normal lives. Unless they get to live much longer than the average of their races because being super-powered makes you sort of immortal in their world and even then they couldn't be sure that their relationship would last that long naturally. (It's not unusual to fall out of love even if your relationship went well for years in real life, after all.)
    • An argument can be made that their parent went for a ironic punishment. You want to be together so bad? Well you'll always end up together only to lose each other again without hope of ending it all.
    • Bear in mind all the mortals Meliodas killed before he met Elizabeth. By being with him and forgiving him, she was...kind of ignoring the suffering they went through, something she could only do because she wasn't as vulnerable as them. The SD's sadistic motivations aside, the curse could be seen as a sort of twisted justice/test: does she love him because she's ignorant of how much pain his sins caused, because it's convenient for her, or because her feelings are true and she genuinely wants everyone to be redeemed? Obviously it's the latter, based on how Elizabeth goes the Jesus route of forgiving every even-vaguely-sympathetic person she meets, but the SD is too unjust to acknowledge that. So the cycle continues. And on the other side, Meliodas endures the suffering his victims' families felt.

     Waitress outfit 
How could Meliodas predict that Elizabeth would work at his bar eventually? (There's no mention of him buying the outfit after she arrived, and its measurements seem pretty tailored to her.)
  • Due to the curse. Meliodas knows that what ever happens, Elizabeth will always end up with him. So he likely had the outfit made for the time when she finally showed up.

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