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Tear Jerker / The Seven Deadly Sins

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  • In Chapter 8, Diane then told Elizabeth that she always wanted to be small, and can't even get close to someone she loves due to her height and always envy regular size girls.
  • In Chapter 11, Elizabeth end up blaming herself for all the trouble that has been happening to Meliodas and the doctor, but Meliodas then cheer her up by telling her that he will continued to try and stop the Holy Knights even if she were to die.
    • In the same chapter, it reveals in a flashback that Meliodas knew some unknown female named Liz who died unknowing which made even Meliodas shed tears, it was then reveal that woman is someone Meliodas consider the most important person in his life.
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  • In Chapter 23, King keep on questioning why he can't see his dead sister Eliane which then he found out that the reason is because she is still mad at him for leaving his kingdom and his sister behind which made King shed tears.
  • In Chapter 39, in the battle between Meliodas and Cain, while Cain was tossing fire balls at Meliodas he kept on asking him, in tears, why he betrayed everyone he loves in Danafor, which the latter kept on letting Cain attacking him, possibly still feeling guilty over the fate of Danafor for many years.
  • In the Side Story, everyone believed that Ban is the one who killed the guardian saint Elaine just to gain immortality, but then it was revealed that Ban became great friends with Elaine who the latter end up having feelings for him, Ban even goes so far to promise her to bring her brother back to set her free, but ends up going bad when a demon shows up and kills them both and Eliane ends up giving the Fountain of Youth to Ban in order for him to live.
    • The reason Ban even wanted the immortality was to see if anything good will happen to him in his life, because in his childhood, he was having a rough life.
    • Made even worse when you consider the only reason that Elaine was even in the position she was was because King, for some currently unknown reason, had abandoned his post as guardian. This combined with the revelation mentioned above leaves King understandably broken.
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  • After finding out who Armando (Gowther) really is, Pelio broken down in tears, thinking his friendship with him was a lie.
  • Seeing Diane defeated and treated badly by the town folks of Liones was heart breaking as she still continued to move just to save Elizabeth who is now her friend and kept on saying that she was always alone.
  • In a Side Story, we learn King's backstory, and it is as bad as Ban's. We learn King left his post to find Helbram who had been attacked. In the attack, a bunch of humans that attacked fairies for their wings. In the attack King lost his memory, and he found a young Diane. They spent years together, King eventually regained his memory. One day, King heard an attack and left Diane to check it out. He found out that Helbram survived and had been spending centuries murdering humans for the humans once attacking Fairies and brutally ripping off their wings. King was forced to kill him. He then erased Diane's memory, as he felt he had sinned too much. And he was taken to jail.
    • Even better, we learn about how King and Diane's relationship really started. She found him in the river and gave him a place to recuperate. In return, he was a constant companion to the loner and the source of the look she has now. They become so close that she sweetly asks King to always love her. She knows that King needs to go find Helbram so she tells him to leave. He promises to come back once he is done. However, everything goes wrong and he couldn't be there for his kingdom, his sister, his best friend or his love interest. Can you blame him for feeling a bit under the weather?
    Diane: 'Harlequin'. That name sounds really nostalgic, but...I can't remember who that is.
    King: (with the most heartbreaking smile ever) It was probably just a dream.
  • The normally cowardly comic relief Hawk sacrifices himself to save Elizabeth and Meliodas. Made worse with a Hope Spot after Elizabeth unleashes a wave of white magic that heals everyone on the battlefield...except Hawk and others who are already dead.
    • The totally white page except for a small black silhouette of Hawk getting hit by Hendricksen's attack, depicting his exact moment of death was terribly heartbreaking in its simplicity.
  • King is overjoyed to find that his old home has been restored and his fairy friends are still alive. Then he finds out that they despise him for abandoning them and blame him for the deaths of Elaine and their old home (not knowing that it was due to memory loss). They consider Ban to be their King since he planted the seed that restored their forest.
  • Chapter 108, a defeated Hendricksen actually starts crying after watching Dreyfus, seemingly recognizing at least how far the both of them have fell.
  • In Chapter 110, Diane reveals to Elizabeth that she is no longer infatuated with Meliodas, because the earlier battle caused her to regain her memories of her childhood with King. This is why she asked King to go out with her, but because she didn't properly express her feelings, King believed that his feelings still weren't reciprocated and left with Ban for the Fairy King's Forest instead without telling her where they were going.
  • In Chapter 114, Gowther apologizing for brainwashing Guila into thinking she was in love with him. He says he meant no harm, and really just wants to understand what love is and why it seems to be such a powerful motivating force for people. The fact that Gowther admits he has no heart nor understanding of human love or emotions in general on any level is... pretty sad.
  • In chapter 119, seeing Hendricksen of all people desperately trying to warn everyone about the Demons he was manipulated into releasing while vowing to free Dreyfus of demonic possession is pretty heart-wrenching.
  • In Chapter 124, we get to see the reason WHY Meliodas destroyed Danafor. It was because Fraudrin killed Liz, the one person Meliodas loved more than anything.
  • In chapter 125, Diane has forgotten who King is. King just cannot catch a break.
    • Worse, Gowther actively erased them to the point where just before she met the Sins, just because she called him out on what he did to Guila and he wanted to prove if she was right. He literally felt nothing when he did it.
  • Chapter 138-140 had Ban run into an old werefox thief, with grudging Fantastic Racism towards humans. We also get to see and compare Ban's past with the werefox's, cast out of society and having to eke out an existence by stealing. The werefox said that he had 2 sons, one of whom he chose abandon to the authorities in order to rescue his other one, but when he arrived it was too late, and he lost both. Or so he thought. The son he abandoned to the authorities was adopted, and turned out to be Ban.
  • And then later on, in Ban's fight against Galan and Merascylla, Zhivago, Ban's adoptive werefox father, sacrifices his soul so Ban can live. Dem feels.
  • A villainous example in chapter 189; as Meliodas uses full-counter to obliterate Monspiet and Derrierie, they hug for one last time.
    • Made even worse in recent chapters; They both survived the attack and decided to live together in peace with the human girl who saved them, without getting involved in the holy war. Unfortunately, Estarossa kills them.
      • Derrierie's reaction to Monspiet's death is heartwrenching; she wanders the battlefield with a lost expression, and begs Elizabeth to tell her what Monspiet wanted to tell her.
  • Despite being The Heavy that caused so much damage, Fraudrin's death is this, being unable to go through with self-destructing when Giamore begs him. He stops his attack and muses he understands why Melodias betrayed them now, and he is the one in a whimsical dream. He then asks Meliodas to kill him, which he goes with such sadism that everyone around them is horrified, and even Merlin admits he didn't deserve to go out like that.
  • Chapter 196: After the battle is over, we have a funeral for the Holy Knights that fell. Among them are the king and Jericho's brother, the latter of whom is heartbroken. And while they won because Meliodas came back to life, losing his emotions made him cruel to the point that even Ban couldn't smile upon having his best friend back. Meliodas himself is left crying after the funeral at the thought of turning back to being evil.
  • Chapter 204: Ludociel killing all the demon hostages just when the demon forces arrive. All the demons were truly disgusted at such act, but Derriere was clearly the most distraught since one of the said hostages was her own sister. This truly explains why nowadays all they want is to wipe out Britannia.
  • Chapter 220: Merlin confides to Meliodas while weakened and in bed that she sees King Arthur Pendragon as her hope. Escanor is quietly observing them through the creaked door outside. He interprets this as a love declaration for Arthur and looks absolutely crushed.
  • Chapters 223-224: An absolutely massive moment of sadness comes into light. The truth about Meliodas and Elizabeth is revealed. They were both cursed by their respective parents and rulers of their races for betraying each other's side and falling in love. Meliodas has the curse of Eternal Life, which halted his aging and makes him revive when he suffers fatal wounds, while Elizabeth has the curse of Perpetual Reincarnation, which causes her to die and reincarnate with no memories of her former self, but keep her original name and face. They will always met and Elizabeth will inevitably fall in love with Meliodas which will eventually lead to the Goddess symbol appearing in her right eye and her regaining some of her Goddess powers. If she is told about her and Meliodas' past, this causes the Goddess symbol to appear in her left eye as well making her regain her lost Past-Life Memories. Once this happens, she will die unquestionably after three days pass, because something will happen to take her life, if she doesn't lose it before then. And Meliodas and Elizabeth are doomed to repeat these events for eternity as long as they are under the effects of these two curses. So far, Meliodas has born witness to 106 dead Elizabeths, including the original (#1), a barbarian (#2), and Liz (#106) and the current one is #107. And she's just started to regain her lost memories...
    • Meliodas's and Elizabeth's goal is to break their curses, but once they do, their lives will come to a permanent end. This means that their ultimate goal is to die and stay dead. By the end of Meliodas's story, Diane is crying buckets and Hawk is gushing waterfalls of tears.
    • Fridge Horror sets in when you realize that Liz was the previous incarnation of Elizabeth, as least as far as Meliodas has cared to let on and the story has insinuated. After watching her die, too and being especially close to this version of her, Meliodas had seen his beloved die so many times that he finally snapped and wiped out Danafor.
      • Fridge Horror sets in once more if you divide 3000 by 107, they have an average lifespan of less than 30 years old.
  • the cover to 235: Zeldolis and Gelda embracing each other clearly in love. This may have been the last time they will ever do so.
  • Chapters 230 to 247: Elizabeth, with all her memories back, is constantly worrying about Meliodas. Even when he was becoming a danger to everyone around him, she picks him up in her arms and takes him outside, exclaiming that nothing is wrong with him. The saddest part is that she's putting his life before her own, despite knowing that when she dies he will go through the same suffering he has endured for three millennia. It's no wonder why Meliodas is currently obsessed with breaking the curse.
  • Chapter 241: Dolor and Gloxinia, kings of old, hold the line against the immensely monstrous and powerful Chandler, Meliodas's old master. Knowing it'll be their deaths, they selflessly force the Sins to retreat and engage Chandler in a last battle, passing true rulership of the giants and fairies to Diane and King. The two are seen torn apart, but smiling in death after, remembering their time with Meliodas and Elizabeth and happy they could do one last thing right after losing their way so long ago.
  • Chapter 243: the Seven Deadly Sins are disbanded per Meliodas' orders.
  • Chapter 252 has Elizabeth telling her father about her curse. The old king is moved to tears, unable to accept it. Elizabeth's next words while embracing him just makes it hurt all the more.
    • "I'm sorry I was never much model daughter... But please... for just two more days... let me be your daughter a little longer."
  • chapter 271 Meliodas recounting his biggest failure as an elder brother. His younger brother who looked up to him the same way that Estarossa looked up to meliodas. Was ordered by his father to execute the vampire clan for the act of rebellion, his lover: Gelda, included. Seeing what had been presented as naught but powerful merciless villain break down in tear, reminiscent to the first time Meliodas lost Elizabeth is truly heartbreaking. Though there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
    • Made worse for the very reasoning of why Zeldris fought so hard and became as cold as he is. He did so in order to protect Gelda in the first place. Only to then in a cruel twist of fate have to kill her. No wonder Zeldris is so unpleasant.
  • Chapter 295: Having Purged Ludociel out of Margaret's body as he planned all along, Hendrickson offers up his body as the archangel's vessel in her steed. His final thoughts?
    • "Farewell, Dreyfus."
      • Made even worse when one considers that the last time Hendrickson and Dreyfus saw each other, the latter was working under the assumption that Hendrickson was ignoring Margaret and Gil's suffering and refused to acknowledge him. Hendrickson would have died thinking his best friend despised him.


  • The first episode has a knight marching into the armor, in clunky heavy armor. The knight then collapses. Meliodas removes the knight's helmet to reveal an unconscious woman. This is Princess Elizabeth, who fled her kingdom to seek help in saving her father from the Holy Knights. The armor made her pass out because of the heat outside. This is Elizabeth's Establishing Character Moment as a Plucky Girl who is forced to grow up quickly and is out of her league.
  • Elizabeth's last meeting with her bedridden father. He can't leave, due to being ill, but he tells her to run for the Secret Passage and get help. She barely makes it out with her life.
  • Elizabeth finds out that her childhood friend and sister's bodyguard is working with the Holy Knights and tries to take down the Seven Deadly Sins. Et Tu, Brute? doesn't begin to cover her reaction.
    • Later on we learn that Gilthunder was put under a Geas to serve the Holy Knights and Hendrickson; his love Princess Margaret was also put under the same Geas because she knew that his uncle murdered Gilthunder's father. His saying "I am stronger than the Seven Deadly Sins" was a Trust Password that Meliodas taught him to say as a distress signal. Meliodas didn't tell Elizabeth because there was no way to warn her without compromising Gil's position.
  • Princess Veronica's Disney Death because of how senseless it was and how it could have been avoided. It gets alleviated when we learn that Elizabeth unknowingly healed her, and Veronica is alive if still needing crutches.
    • She starts by giving a naked Elizabeth her coat, believes her to be brainwashed by Meliodas, and tries to drag her by the hand back to the kingdom. When Elizabeth naturally protests, Veronica's bodyguard puts her in a magical orb to levitate her back. Veronica doesn't even stop to listen to Elizabeth, who refuses to believe that Meliodas is evil.
    • Meliodas even gets up after he got knocked unconscious, proclaiming that he must protect Elizabeth. Veronica in response traps him in Amber that Hendrickson gave him. After this, Elizabeth runs away with the Amber and proclaims that she hates her sister.
    • Veronica then imprisons Guila and Jericho who try to attack her sister. They then reveal they've set landmines near where Elizabeth is running, which triggers Veronica's Big Sister Instinct. Veronica ends up taking the blast, and it appears that she dies in Elizabeth's lap after the latter apologizes for saying she hates her. Elizabeth doesn't even bother to move when Guila and Jericho approach and demand that she come quietly, sobbing over Veronica and Meliodas.
  • Princess Margaret's situation: locked in a dungeon, used to force Gilthunder to work for Hendrickson, and only getting information on Elizabeth and the Seven Deadly Sins from her bodyguard lover. She keeps telling Gilthunder she hates him for feeding her Blatant Lies and has probably killed her sisters, but still loves him. The Reveal that they are both under a curse to obey Hendrickson and his apprentice is more sobering.
  • To break the Geas on Margaret and Gilthunder, Meliodas has to see Margaret take what would have been a fatal plummet. He manages to break the spell, but it was a close call.
  • Guila seeing her younger brother nearly killed, after having learned that her father was turned into a monster by the Holy Knights, hence why he never returned. When an injured Diane saves the boy, Guila refuses to attack Diane, and joins Howser in defending her.
  • Once the battle is over, Gilthunder decides that after the celebratory festival he will ride out to make amends for all the harm he did under the Geas. He's not wrong to say that even if it wasn't willingly, he hurt so many innocent people.

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