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  • Loyalty features Ninja!Spies. Everyone knows Sakura is a spy. She wonders why they don't kill her.
  • Avatar: Legend of the Guardian: Min hides her identity as Princess Xia and a Firebender to the rest of Team Avatar, fearing they may end up rejecting her afterwards. When her identity is outed by Azula and Zuko in "The Chase", they reject her and leave her behind with Zuko and an injured Iroh just as she feared, with Katara outright assaulting her. In the next chapter, Toph is the one who gets through to them, pointing out that Xia never did anything that would hint at her being evil, and their reactions to the reveal did nothing but justify all of her fears.
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  • The Odyssey: Played with. To avoid possible sabotage by Jael, he not only sleeps in his friend Saery's closet, he also hires a sorcerer to impersonate him for the day prior to the duel.
  • Embers: Zuko is commonly regarded as paranoid by the Gaang and other people he comes across, until they see more of what's going on and start hoping he's paranoid enough.
  • In Fever Dreams, when L notices Light acting just a little bit oddly, he has special security cameras installed everywhere at taskforce HQ (passing off the mass installations as him just being his regular paranoid self and installing more normal security cameras for the hell of it). These special cameras are tracking eye movements in the off chance that Light is interacting with a presence that only he can see, such as a Shinigami. The cameras show that Light keeps focusing on what appears to be empty space on a regular basis and with this evidence L is able to prove that Light is either mentally ill or Kira.
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  • In Harry Potter Junior Inquisitor, when Harry notices that someone tried to break into his quarters, he thoroughly searches said quarters before attempting to contact Amelia Bones to let her know. Unfortunately for him, after failing to break in Moody waited outside and grabbed Harry when he left. Moody does note that Harry was much smarter than Albus gave him credit however.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: Harry had always prepared for unexpected contingencies. When it becomes clear that there actually is something going on, he goes into full blown conspiracy theorist mode. It eventually reaches a point where he spends almost all of his time hidden under his invisibility cloak, even when talking to his friends. Of course Harry's paranoia is dwarfed by Alastor Moody's, who, like all characters in the story, has been upgraded drastically from canon. Even those precautions don't seem to be enough to protect them from the dark wizards.
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  • The only quality Rei has, and keeps from the original Sailor Moon series, when she enters the Code Geass universe in the Code Mars Trilogy. Whenever she has suspicions about Zero being behind something she's often right, such driving the leader of the hotel jacking to suicide and blowing up the JLF boat to cripple Cornelia's forces.
  • The Twilight Child: Rainbow Dash remains convinced for months that there is something up with "Midday Eclipse", a supposed disgraced accountant from Canterlot, and tries to prove it long after everypony else has stopped caring. When the truth finally comes out, Rainbow's only comment is to call herself an idiot, which might have something to do with the fact that Midday told her exactly who she was some weeks prior.
  • Code Geass Cornelia of the Defection has Cornelia quickly figuring out Lelouch has some sort of hypnosis or mind control after noticing how many times someone doesn't remember doing something after interacting with Lelouch or Zero. Particularly damning is that she had recorded her first conversation with Lelouch and notices a section that she can't remember. Furthermore, upon realizing that Lelouch can only use Geass once per person, she orders him to Geass Euphemia to do something trivial so he doesn't accidentally Geass her later.
  • Shakedown Shenanigans: Downplayed. Taurik thinks Eleya's being paranoid by insisting that the Bajor be 100% operational before leaving dock, calling the fiasco at the start of Star Trek: Generations a very-large-number-to-one occurrence. Eleya's sort of right, but the Bajor technically didn't need to be the ship that responded to the distress call from the SS Azura. Eleya was just stressed and wanted to shoot something.
  • In the Robotech/Babylon 5 crossover A Different Kind of Contact series, the Centauri hold a number of strange beliefs, such as the Vorlon being behind the creation of telepaths, the mysterious alien Haydon possibly being their main god the Great Maker, and an unknown race being out there to try and destroy the Younger Races through proxies. They're right about telepaths and the unknown race attacking the Younger Races through proxies, and given his history of messing up with alien races Haydon may well be the Great Maker.
  • Sudden Contact: Mengsk has justification after surviving four separate assassination attempts in a single day.
  • The Witch of the Everfree:
    • When Sunset feels like she's being followed, she assumes she's just being baselessly paranoid, but casts a scanning spell anyway. Turns out she was completely right, leading her to turn around and decide she actually wasn't being paranoid enough.
    • Twilight manages to correctly predict both Discord and Nightmare Moon's returns, even if nopony believes her about them.
  • After capturing two of Harry Potter's crew in The Havoc Side of the Force, the bounty hunters hired by Gardulla the Hutt change vehicles several times and eventually take shelter in a fortified bunker lined with traps and a door that'd take a week to hack through or a lightsaber to cut through. The bunker also has numerous well trained guards and a panic room for Gardulla. But as Harry put it, none of that matters if he's already in there with them.
  • Advice and Trust: Ritsuko thought that Unit-00 went berserker because it hated her and tried to kill her. Later on, Rei confirmed that the Humongous Mecha wanted to kill Ritsuko.
  • Once More with Feeling:
    • In chapter 17 Shinji was forced to talk to SEELE. Before that meeting his mind came up with all kind of bad scenarios and disastrous outcomes (including SEELE saying they knew everything before putting a bullet in his head). His paranoia was, of course, justified: Khiel figured out that he was up to something.
    • When she was bathing in the hot springs, Asuka was almost sure that the penguin was eyeing her. Since the aforementioned bird was Pen Pen, she was pretty right.
  • In Mass Effect: End of Days, someone calls Batarians paranoid after learning they keep their classified documents on a completely separate network. Another person notes that the Alliance did try to access the documents after all...
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse:
    • One of the minor plot threads in the first season is Applejack's paranoid insistence that she and her family have a sacred duty to single-handedly ensure that Ponyville never goes hungry, and that therefore anyone trying to compete against her wants Ponyville to starve. This is always presented as just plain ridiculous until Zecora unleashes a curse that ruins most of Ponyville's farms and only the massive Apple family food stockpiles can keep the town fed until the next crops come in. The mayor even tells Applejack that she should feel free to say "I told you so".
    • During "The Return of Tambelon", shortly after things go wrong, the Element Bearers run into a local of the Ghost City. Trixie is reluctant to trust him, on account of their previous encounter with Zecora in the Everfree Forest. In very short order, he turns out to be working with Grogar. Of course, the readers know this from the off.
  • In the beginning of The Death of Princess Luna, Luna is very frustrated by Celestia's refusal to allow her to leave the palace unescorted because of the possibility that some extremist who hasn't forgotten Luna's past as Nightmare Moon would try to hurt her. When the Princess of the Moon sneaks out alone, she's lured into a trap by some extremely well-prepared ponies who not only manage to keep the magically powerful Alicorn contained for a whole month and fool nearly everypony — even Celestia herself — into thinking that she was killed by a beast, but would have for all purposes managed to sacrifice her to permanently destroy "Nightmare Moon" if not for the Mane Six and Spike.
  • Harry Potter in Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches has a habit of checking if anyone is listening in to his conversations with Hermione and Daphne by having one of them speak a secret covered by the Fidelius Charm that he's the Secret Keeper of. If anyone is around who doesn't know the secret, they'll choke when they try to talk. So far the group has found a spying house elf and Daphne realized Hermione was an imposter with this method.
  • In Raptor, Harry Potter makes quite clear that John Hammond needs to beef up the security on the carnivore pens, especially the velociraptors. While herbivores will likely avoid fences upon realizing they're electrified, carnivores might test them again if there's prey on the other side (especially during a power outage). And velociraptors are not only vicious and intelligent, but man-sized so unlike most carnivores they can enter buildings.
  • A fair number of Buffy the Vampire Slayer stories have even citizens unaware of vampires and demons instinctively take precautions including never going out at night alone, closing their business before sunset, and not having a welcome mat. While not being foolproof, each significantly decreases their odds of being eaten by a vampire.
  • Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in Marry the Knight makes a point of staying on the top floor of her hotel and replaces every plant within ten floors of her with plastic replicas. This helps save her life when Poison Ivy comes to kill her.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supergirl crossover The Vampire of Steel, Supergirl looks around using both X-Ray and telescopic vision before opening a suitcase containing anti-Kryptonian weapons. As she says, "I can’t afford to open this without making a check first."
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Giovanni suspects that Proton might be growing too ambitious for his own good. A sidestory reveals that Proton is running projects behind Giovanni's back, so he might be onto something.
    • When Ash's group arrives to the Fuchsia Gym, Iris is the only one who picks up that Janine is carrying weapons on her. As a result, she decides to train Ash and the other girls so they become stronger and sharper, much to Misty's annoyance. However, Iris' concerns are proven true when Sabrina kidnaps Ash and their training actually comes in handy.
  • All Guardsmen Party: The guardsmen's paranoia has saved them a great many times. It's shown to great effect in The Xenotech Heresy: the Guardsmen's paranoia allows them to counter the machinations of the Eldar and Mechanicus.
    • After the events of Discount Spaceship, the party has a unanimous paranoid hatred of servitors, declaring them daemon-possessed spies at the drop of a bolter shell and commissioning Twitch to make overkill anti-servitor traps for their barracks. It turns out that the Mechanicus was indeed attempting to spy on the group with cleaning servitors during The Xenotech Heresy, only failing because the party killed them all with extreme prejudice.
    • Twitch, the explosives expert, is a full-on paranoid, especially when Orks are involved (as they triggered his paranoia in the first place). This gets to the point of having short-fuse grenades taped to the inside of a top-of-the-line security door, setting up redundant detonators, keeping shaped charges on his back-plate to keep people from sneaking up on him, and booby-trapping his own weapons (when Twitch says not to touch his stuff, it's for your safety). This would normally make him a bit too paranoid, but each time this comes up it saves the rest of the team.
      • According to Shoggy, the DM allows Twitch's player to roll for paranoia and leaks him spoilers based on how well he does, which the other players are only privy to through Twitch's in-character interpretation. Consequently, the revelations that the mystery box was "full of Orks" and the Tyrannid "ghosts" were caused by the comatose Zoanthrope becoming possessed by a Daemon resulted in "I told you so" moments.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): After Jaune is spotted streaking in his Grimm form by several students, Remmy the parasite inside him insists Jaune get rid of anything that tie him to his Grimm form, including the boxers he was still wearing. Not long after, Cardin tries to prove Jaune is the human-Grimm by pulling his pants down to show they wear the same boxers. Thanks to Remmy's advice, Jaune's secret is kept safe and Cardin gets detention for sexual harassment.
  • In the Kingdom's Service:
    • Both Jaune and Blake are suspicious of each other due to parts of their introductions not making any sense. Jaune claims he plays videogames on his laptop but Blake notices he doesn't press nearly enough keys for that to be true. Meanwhile Blake says her father works in construction, which has Jaune wondering how her father afforded such an expensive weapon as Gambol Shroud for her and where she learned to use it. Given that Jaune is a spy and Blake is a former terrorist, both are correct to suspect each other, though neither is actually a threat to the other.
    • After Jaune refuses a suicidal order and leaves the VSS, he and Blake are certain they will come for him with Blake telling Ruby "Don't let them take him" before she passes out from her injuries. VSS agents disguised as medics try to kidnap Jaune mere minutes later.
  • Weight of the World: Canada is suspicious of the Atlesian Knights and soldiers of Atlas, though he does not know why. He insists on not trusting them, avoids them whenever possible, and carries a weapon on him whenever there's a chance he may run into them. Atlas is responsible for America and Canada's abduction and the Atlesian Knights massacred the people of Westwind during an attempt to retrieve the twins after they escaped. The Knights also turn on the citizens of Vale during the attack on Beacon.
  • Infinity Crisis: Lampshaded in Gamma Relations. While fighting a mind-controlled Captain Marvel, Jane notes Tony's idea to have the Avengers train to go against each other was right after all.
  • Bequeathed from Pale Estates: Ned Stark was so paranoid about someone finding out Lyarra's true parentage that he discouraged and then ended all her music lessons and never confirmed or denied the rumors that her mother was Ashara Dayne. Despite all his precautions, however, people found out anyway by Spotting the Thread.
  • Wander over Foster's AU One-Shot revolves around Bloo believing that the newest imaginary friend at Foster's, Wander, is an alien. As it turns out, Wander is an actual alien. However, he's not a dangerous alien invader sent to spy on Earth. Wander is just accidentally stuck on the planet.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: Dipper, while spying on Wendy's date with Danny, suspects Danny's nature, and is even able to catch a glimpse of his ghost form.
  • Loved and Lost:
    • In the beginning of this extended retelling of "A Canterlot Wedding", there's the canon example of Twilight Sparkle (see the Western Animation section). Later the banished heroes — the princesses as well as Twilight's brother and friends — hear rumours that there's in Canterlot escaped Changelings who're planning revenge against Twilight. Princess Luna has a lingering feeling something doesn't match and voices a belief there might be a trap set for them in Canterlot. The others desire to earn Twilight's forgiveness and their lives back so much that they don't give Luna's suspicious more than polite acknowledgement and decide to return to Canterlot. As a precaution, Luna separates herself from the others and sticks to the shadows. As it turns out, King Jewelius has set a trap for the heroes, and the false rumours were just a bait. If Luna hadn't hidden herself, nopony could have saved Celestia from hanging.
    • In the fifteenth chapter, this trope is discussed as wisdom in hindsight. Luna reveals that when she was first introduced to Cadance and Jewelius, she sensed a darkness stirring in the young prince's heart, but she believed it to be just an aftersensation from her recently ended time as Nightmare Moon and dismissed it. With everything bad that has happened over the course of the story in mind, Luna considers that she could have prevented it all if she had back then taken the Properly Paranoid stance and done some digging.
  • In the Three Houses fanfic You'll Get No Answers from the Blue Sea Star:
    • Jeralt leaves the monastery because he's sure Rhea has done something to Kid. As the years go on, he starts to wonder if he'd overreacted out of grief over losing his wife. Turns out his first guess was right.
    • Seteth keeps lying about his relationship to Flayn because he's not sure if all their enemies are dead, even after almost a thousand years. They're not.
  • In this Star Wars one-shot, the problems the Jedi have with Contingency Order 66, demanding their complete extermination in case of treason, isn't that it exists, but that it's inadequate. As Mace Windu points out, a war is going on and some Jedi go to the Dark Side during wars, so it's only logical to provide the troops with instructions and a legal framework on what to do when (not if) it'll happen. Thus Mace Windu suggests that it's reworded so that it applies to individual Jedi, it asks to capture them if the troops can do it without unduly endangering themselves or bystanders, and can be issued by Clone officers and other legal superiors.
    • After Pong Krell's treason leads Rex to issue Order 66 on him and accidentally reveals the existence of the biochips enforcing it, the Kaminoans are induced to deactivate the chips so that they cannot be subverted by the Separatists or malfunction due the heavy use of EMP weapons the Clones make. In canon a chip did malfunction (and the author states that this time it didn't), and Palpatine, who had legal authority to issue it but was also behind the Separatists, issued it to exterminate the Jedi and the Clones didn't object at the idea of murdering children (and here instead they do just that, causing Anakin's Heel Realization).
  • From "Alien Freak," an Invader Zim Filk Song from Dib's perspective:
    So what if I'm paranoid?/I don't wanna see this place destroyed!
  • Legend Of The Monkey God: After Yamcha gives Bulma and Goku a new car as an apology for seeing Bulma nude the previous night, Bulma inspects it and finds a hidden tracking device.
  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread: In chapter 17, Gwen is wary of and ultimately refuses to use the shower in Cody and Heather's dorm. The fact that one has a reputation as a pervert while the other is blackmailing her, her concerns are warranted, especially since Cody is a known tech geek. Ultimately subverted however as there are no hidden cameras in the dorm.
  • The Loud House fanfiction The Nightmare House has Lana being Afraid of Doctors in her nightmare. As it turns out, the doctor is evil and brainwashes her into acting like a "good girl".
  • Hearts of Ice: When Ranma notices neither Shampoo nor Cologne have been seen in weeks, he right away assumes that they are up to something especially nefarious. And he is absolutely right.
  • In crossover Friendly Foreign Exchange Student Spider-Man, Aizawa sees all the oddness in Peter's powers, skills, and background, and is very quick to be suspicious of him. Given that My Hero Academy has a traitor storyline in canon, he's right to be suspicious, even if he is looking into the wrong person.
  • Some of the people Harry meets in Metagaming? think he's paranoid for refusing to go into battle (or allow his wife to) unless clad in the strongest armor he can create. Given that Luna's artificial body, which had been indestructible in a previous world, was heavily damaged by sheer brute force, Harry's clearly not wrong. As such, Harry, Luna, and anyone they party with wears full arcanite plate armor along with arcanite chainmail and a mooncloth gambeson underneath. Since all the armor Harry's forged has been spellforged to be extra light, even casters aren't hampered by their armor.
  • In The Rigel Black Chronicles, Harry's friends are a bit disturbed by her habit of collecting and cataloguing shed hairs from whomever she can. She, in turn, keeps warning them not to just leave their essence lying around. When her long-term Polyjuice wears off unexpectedly and she needs to brew another batch, her collection proves to be invaluable.


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