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Innocent Beta Bitch

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The insufferable Alpha and the ever suffering Beta.

The Innocent Beta Bitch is a friend of the Alpha Bitch who isn't as mean as the alpha.

They are hinted as being much nicer than they seem, which becomes more apparent whenever they aren't with the alpha. Any meanness they do show is portrayed as them following the alpha's lead and not truly meaning it.

Alternatively, they are portrayed as being much dumber or not being able to think for themselves, so they just follow the Alpha Bitch's lead.

There's a good chance they will break the friendship after too much cruelty from the alpha. Also, expect them to end up being friends with the alpha bitch's enemies.

For the alpha version, see Lovable Alpha Bitch. See Beta Bitch for the mean version. Compare Peer-Pressured Bully, which occasionally overlaps. Compare also Minion with an F in Evil and Vile Villain, Laughable Lackey.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro: Yoshi when compared to Nagatoro's other friends Gamo and Sakura. She is more of an airhead who only teases Senpai when Nagatoro or the others are with her. When alone she is actually very shy. An official anthology book even described her as "pure and kind".

    Films — Animation 
  • Anastasia in the two Cinderella sequels. While the original has her mistreating Cinderella alongside her mother and sister, the sequels has her getting the blunt of their cruelty now that Cinderella is gone. Not only that but compare to Drizella, Anastasia genuinely wants to find someone to love her. Also, after making her Heel–Face Turn, she becomes much nicer towards Cinderella.

    Films — Live Action 
  • Bastard version with Ryan from High School Musical. He was his sister Sharpay's sidekick who went along with her schemes. Though, each of the sequels has him distancing himself from her and actually making friends with other Wildcats.
  • The House Bunny: Courtney, Ashley's seemingly loyal Beta Bitch sidekick has had enough with Phi Iota Mu (and Ashley, who had treated her horribly) that she describes it as "hell", and decides to pledge Zeta, making her the last pledge needed in order to save their house.
  • Bobby from The Karate Kid is a bastard version. While he did terrorize Daniel with the other Cobra Kai students, he did have his limits. He tried to dissuade Johnny from continuing his beating on Daniel at the Halloween party. He was also against attacking Daniel's leg and desperately apologizes immediately after doing it. By Cobra Kai, he's become a church pastor.
  • Mean Girls: The two sidekicks of Alpha Bitch Regina are not as mean as her. Gretchen is an insecure Extreme Doormat and Karen is a sweet-natured ditz, and both are "mean girls" mainly because they follow Regina's orders.
  • Princess Protection Program: Mean girl Chelsea is rarely seen without her sidekick Brooke, but is often just as cruel to her as she is to her other victims. Towards the climax of the film, she pushes Brooke too far during a conversation in the bathroom, and Brooke finally snaps and calls her out on her bullying ways, saying that she doesn't deserve to become Homecoming Queen because she has none of the virtues of a true queen.
  • Troop Beverly Hills has Annie who is the push around assistant to Wilderness Girls district leader Velda. She makes a face turn after going undercover in Phyllis' Beverly Hills group who actually treated her with respect.

  • Carrie: Sue is a friend of Chris, the cruel leader of the popular girls, but later feels guilty for joining Chris and her friends in the bullying of Carrie. To make up for it, she even asks her boyfriend Tommy to take Carrie to the Prom in her place.
  • A Little Princess: Lavinia is an Alpha Bitch who enjoys bullying Sara even after her father's death. Lavinia's best friend Jessie is less malicious, at one point she actually feels sorry for Sara, and reprimands Lavinia for tattling on her.
  • In Two Can Keep A Secret, Malcolm considers Brooke the most bearable of his stepsister Katrin's friends. That's not a high bar, but Brooke is a genuinely nice person. She gets murdered, and Malcolm is accused of the crime.
  • Totally High: Miriam Haynes (Sydney Sweeney) is one of the nicest girl in the popular girl clique and contrast to her friends, Libby and Ashley are the Alpha Bitch and Virginia and Chanel are the Beta Bitch.

    Live-Action TV 
  • A.N.T. Farm: Paisley is Lexi's best friend and main accomplice, despite this she is one of the sweetest and most innocent people in the entire show.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210: While Donna is part of The Beautiful Elite along with her more famous friend Kelly, she's not stuck-up like her. She even starts dating an unpopular student who was considered a loser by Kelly. Kelly herself later evolves into a Lovable Alpha Bitch, but Donna is always nicer.
  • The Sleepover Club: Both seasons of the TV series feature an Alpha Bitch (Sara in season 1, Krystal in season 2) with an innocent and submissive lackey. Season 1 has Alana, who's mostly a passive Satellite Character to Sara. In season 2, her Suspiciously Similar Substitute Caitlin gets more characterization and is shown to be a very sweet girl who would actually be friends with the main characters, if it wasn't for her Undying Loyalty to Alpha Bitch Krystal, who hates them.
  • Moon from Cobra Kai. While she did participate in the cyberbullying of both Aisha and Sam alongside Yasmine, she does make a turnaround and apologizes for her actions. Later on, she actually breaks up with Hawk because of his new bullying attitude. Not only that, but she attempted to mend the friendship amongst the students of Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do Karate.
  • Control Z: Maria is the nicest of her clique especially in comparison with her sister Natalia and her Alpha Bitch friend Isabella (pre-secret revealed). Also she's very popular and liked by other students as Rosita said.
  • Friends: Monica was this to Rachel when they were in high school. As seen in the flashbacks, Rachel was a spoiled cheerleader (and confirmed to be an Alpha Bitch by some old classmates), while Monica was her insecure and naive Fat Best Friend. However, in the present day, Monica has the more dominant personality of the two.
  • Gilmore Girls: Madeline is a cheerful airhead who is a friend of Academic Alpha Bitch Paris. She's genuinely friendly and keeps forgetting that she's supposed to hate Rory when Paris is mad at her.
  • Glee: Cheerleader Brittany was part of Quinn's Girl Posse in season 1, along with fellow cheerleader Santana. From season 2 onwards, Brittany is portrayed as a ditzy but sweet and friendly girl, but she still hangs out with Santana, who turns out to be an even bigger Alpha Bitch than Quinn (though sometimes with a soft side).
  • How To Rock: Molly is the school's cruel queen bee. Her best friend, Grace, is The Ditz and, though complicit in Molly's actions, is also incredibly friendly and willing to be kind to Kacey and her friends, even having a crush on the dorky Nelson.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze: When Miu was still the Alpha Bitch of the cheerleading club, she was accompanied by Tamae and Jun. Jun was shown to be a ditsy Big Eater. She also gets insulted by Tamae about her eating habits.
  • Buttercup from Knight Squad may be friends with resident Alpha Bitch Sage, but due to being a Brainless Beauty, Buttercup isn't as mean as Sage and is quite sweet.
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine has the "meanie moms" of Marly and Lindsay who make fun of old Christine. However, Lindsay is not that mean towards Christine and Marly largely forces Lindsay to do things she not comfortable with. Like telling her to get pregnant alongside her.

  • Be More Chill: While Chloe is a possessive Alpha Bitch with a Hair-Trigger Temper, her best friend Brooke is a good-hearted girl who wants to have an identity outside of being Chloe's best friend. In the Broadway version of the script, Chloe cries about how everybody likes Brooke more because Brooke is so nice.

    Video Games 
  • Life Is Strange: Taylor and Courtney, the two sidekicks of Alpha Bitch Victoria Chase. While they do take part in bullying Max Caulfield and Kate Marsh, when encountered one-on-one they are significantly more friendly; Taylor opens up to Max about her mother's health and even offers to do her makeup before the big college party. Meanwhile, Courtney will happily plus-one Max into Victoria's private VIP lounge if asked nicely.

    Western Animation 
  • Alyson from Braceface. She was never truly mean to Sharon and the others and only did bad stuff because of her friendship with Nina. She even manages to find some common ground with Sharon, when they discover that they are both proponent of animal rights. Later on, she actually ends her friendship with Nina after she forces her to choose between her or Connor who she started to date.
  • Bob's Burgers has Jocelyn, who is friends with Tammy. She's nothing but an airhead who just follows whatever Tammy does.
  • Stacy from Daria. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body and is also very insecure and emotional. Not only that, but Sandi constantly belittles her for every little thing which brings Stacy to tears.
  • Even though Brandy from Detentionaire can be bitchy, she's still considerate and thoughtful once you get to know her. She undergoes Character Development and gets kicked out of the Glamazons.
  • In Grojband, Trina's Beleaguered Assistant Mina isn't malicious whatsoever, and is only friends with Trina because she forced her to be.
  • Hey Arnold!: Nadine, who is friends with Rich Bitch Rhonda, isn't as stuck-up to the other kids as Rhonda is, and has eccentricities of her own.
  • Jem has Stormer of The Misfits. She is the Token Good Teammate of the group who constantly gets belittled by Pizzazz and Roxy. While she does participates in the rivalry against Jem and The Holograms, she has shown sympathy and empathy towards them and their orphan girls.
  • Miraculous Ladybug has Sabrina, who is Chloe's BFF. Which just amounts to Chloe just bossing her around and treating her with disrespect. Earlier episodes also had her being more of a nice person and who only did bad stuff because Chloe ordered it.
  • The Owl House: Once Boscha took over as Alpha Bitch from Amity, she gained her own Beta in Skara who is significantly friendlier and more easy going than either of them, and at worst is occasionally Innocently Insensitive.
  • Steven Universe: Future: "Why So Blue?" introduces a pair of Lapis Lazulis the credits call "Mean Lapis" and "Nice Lapis" respectively — both are antagonistic to Steven and the main Lapis, but "Mean" is more consistently rude and judgmental towards to the two, while "Nice" is more willing to hear them out and join in on their antics, only stopping when "Mean" gives her a look. At the end of the episode, "Nice" arrives at Little Homeworld without "Mean", genuinely apologetic and wanting to enroll at Little Homeschool.
  • Lindsay from the Total Drama series was Heather's assistant in Island, and although she helped Heather carry out her misdeeds, she only joined Heather because she wanted to be popular, and is actually quite nice. When Lindsay finally realizes Heather was using her (after Heather throws her under the bus in "That's Off The Chain"), she gets mad enough to call Heather out.


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