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Funny Moments pages are Spoilers Off. As such, all spoilers are unmarked. Read at your own risk.

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     Talkaloid Videos 
  • MIKU'S NEW V3 VOICEBANK aka "Miku Hot Sauce".
  • Let's Speak In English With Luka Megurine, an audio drama in which Len and Rin attempt to talk to Tako Luka in Gratuitous English.
    Takoluka: "Anata wa, English shaberemasu ka?" (Can you speak English?)
    Len: "Yes, yes! Bacchiri aru yo!" (I'm good at it!) "Ba, bana-na!"
    Takoluka: "Oh, banana!"
    Len: "O-renji!"
    Takoluka: "Orange!"
    Len: (with the most adorable Cat Smile on his face) "Um...roudo rora?"
    Takoluka: "Roadroller?"
    Len: "Sou sou, roudo rora!"
    Takoluka: "Oh, roadroller!"
    Len: "ROUDO RORA!!"
  • This dialogue between Kaito, Gakupo, and Kiyoteru in a karaoke bar, where the fun loving Kaito and Gakupo try to get a very straight-laced Kiyoteru to loosen up. At one point Kiyoteru is made to sing the Cutey Honey theme (with the expected reaction of embarrassment from him) by the other two (though Gakupo joins in singing after a moment). Kaito and Gakupo also try to make Kiyoteru sing Koi no Kayoubi (a song which features Kiyoteru crossdressing, hence he quickly refuses). Kaito then tries to sing Boo*s are Man's Romance with the hopes of getting Kiyoteru to shout Oppai!, an effort also shot down by Kiyoteru. Finally Kaito sings Ne~e? and gets the other two laughing at him.
  • This "Talkaloid" (original upload taken down by owner due to personal reasons) where Aoki Lapis is introduced into the producer's Vocaloid family, handled, rather reluctantly, by Oliver and Big Al. Includes some embarrassing moments especially with Big Al. And get a load of Aoki Lapis' giggle when Big Al is reminded of his stint at singing Japanese and is embarrassed by it.
    • And from the same producer, a somewhat related video features the introductions of Yohioloid and Miku English, where Yohioloid takes exception at Avanna mispronouncing his name, then he makes fun of Miku's accent, the Kagamines freak out at Miku English's new design, and Luka gets frustrated that Miku can now pronounce "Road Roller" better than her.
    • Yohioloid continues his sassiness in the sequel.
  • This talkaloid featuring a depressed Luka, a racist Sweet Ann, and Big Al (who's just trying to keep them together).
  • Tonio rants about the way people use him.
  • "So Tonio, do you like it deeper?" Innocent Innuendo and Ho Yay abound.
  • If Lily Was Like This... An entertaining character piece, spotlighting the (at the time) new character of Lily. One of the funniest things about it is how good the acting is — it's hard to imagine how much fine-tuning it took to get the character's voices to sound natural.
  • What happens when Len learns Spanish from his master:
    Luka: "Len! What are you doing? That is no way to talk to your sister. What would Master say?"
    Len: "IDK. Heehee!"
    • The same person made...uh...whatever this is...
  • "WELCOME!! Oliver and YOHIOloid!" by Mahiruno, well, welcomes Oliver and Yohio to the lineup (at the time it was made). Only this time, Yohio is portrayed as a bit of an airhead and a samurai fanboy, and proceeds to lose his mind when he sees Gakupo. Cue Gakupo's internal screaming.
    • The side notes for the video say that if Oliver's bandages are ever taken off, he'll go into rage mode.
  • This talkloid about Fukase not believing that IA's name is pronounced "ee-yah" and not "I-A" (like the letters), and Oliver seeking to prove it to him.

     MMD Videos 
  • This MikuMikuDance video of "Ievan Polkka". Featuring Takoluka getting beaten with a leek (and Hachune Miku getting scolded for it).
  • Miku and Haku do a Boke and Tsukkomi Routine (with Miku as the Boke and Haku as the Tsukkomi, includes some Breaking the Fourth Wall, and complete with a Laugh Track.
  • Rin and Gakupo play a practical joke on Miku on her birthday with a present whose lid was sealed so tight it would snap open. Rin's giggle and Gakupo's laughter after Miku got smacked in the face are a riot.
  • This MMD video of Big Al, Kiyoteru, Leon, Kaito, Tonio, and Gakupo singing and dancing to the famous internet sensation Yatta! by the Fake Band Green Leaves. Perhaps the only thing that can top this would be an actual vocaloid cover of the song.
  • The bridge of the music video of the cover of [1] (The vocaloids sing in nearly fluent Spanish, too!), where Kaito and Len appear in swimsuits and dance like the girls, and when four hands try to grope Miku's butt.
  • Miku's Golden Juice ranges in its humor from gut busting to... rather disturbing, but if you can get past the adult content, it's actually somewhat worth watching, especially Big Al's cameo.
  • Haku's Drunken Afternoon - a silly skit (with an equally silly soundtrack) about Haku Yowane just being completely wasted from all her drinking on a fine sunny afternoon, during which she starts seeing Rin and Len somehow flying in the sky above, much to her disbelief. Meiko arrives wondering what the fuss is all about, and makes the obvious conclusion that Haku in her drunken stupor was just seeing things.
  • "Vocaloid Killed the Radio Star", as sung by Tonio (who is wearing Miku Append's outfit for some reason). Mayu and Oliver decides to kill Justin Bieber after listening to his music. Oliver, who was playing the piano, even stops to do it.
  • This cover of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" by nearly all the male vocaloids - the MMD rendered PV shows all kinds of hilarious antics, including a scene where the male vocaloids are lying on the stomachs singing, right behind the female vocaloids so that the former are looking up the latter's skirts (and the latter are not amused).
  • Kaito takes Len to a gay bar. And gives him a crash course in cliff diving.
  • Miku kindly teaches you how to flip the bird.
  • A classic: Ryuto (Gachapoid) covering the Jurassic Park theme song parody "Holy Fucking Shit It's a Dinosaur". The best part? He's singing it while looking at himself in mascot form.


  • This fancomic, although it doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. It starts with Rin and Len giving Meiko flowers for Mother's Day and Meiko saying thank you...only for a small crowd to form around them marveling at the fact that Meiko can look so young for a mother of teenage twins. Meiko immediately tries to correct their misunderstanding...


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