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Music / Nandemo Iukoto Wo Kiite Kureru Akane-Chan

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Seyana... Soyana... Sorena... Arena... Wakaru!
Yukari: Listen up, Akane-chan!
Akane: Hm?
Yukari: I just had a good idea.
Akane: What's up?
Yukari: I'll become a famous streamer!
Akane: Seyanaaaaaa...TL 

"Nandemo Iukoto Wo Kiite Kureru Akane-Chan." (何でも言うことを聞いてくれるアカネチャン, lit. "Akane-chan who will listen to whatever you say"note ), also known as "Seyana", is a Vocaloid / Voiceroidnote  song and music video produced by Gyari-P. It was posted to Nico Nico Douga (here) and YouTube (here) on December 27, 2017.

Yukari Yuzuki gets the idea to become a famous video game streamer, and details her plans to stream a particular gamenote , with her friend Akane Kotonoha simply saying "yes" to every step and appearing to support her. Unfortuantely, things don't go exactly as planned...


Kotonoha Trope Time:

  • An Aesop: Being a game streamer is no easy task, and if you think you'll be a famous and well-respected streamer right out of the gate, especially if you play what's popular rather than what you enjoy or specialize in and if you Can't Take Criticism, you are going to be very disappointed.
  • Brutal Honesty: After Yukari receives some pretty scathing comments from Trolls, she launches into a vengeance-filled rant. Akane just calls it stupid, finally breaking her Yes-Man facade.
    Akane: Why don't you quit this game?
  • Can't Take Criticism: When Yukari gets told "If you think you're so good, try winning with only the worst equipment!", she goes into a Motor Mouth rant. When Akane says her rant and declaration of revenge is stupid, Yukari simply screams and breaks down.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Akane.
    Yukari: So, what do you think, Akane-chan?!
    Akane: (with her usual smile) SOUNDS STUPID.untranslated 
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  • Kansai Regional Accent: Akane speaks in one, as shown by multiple lines ending in "-na" or "-kusa".
  • Not His Sled: The maimai cut of the song has a much different tone. Instead of Akane saying "Sounds stupid" after Yukari's "Come and get me, you bastards!" speech, she says it right after Yukari outlines her streaming scheme (rather than saying "I understand!"), giving the impression that she's not going to let her friend stream to begin with.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Akane's lips never deviate from a simple open smile, even when she criticizes Yukari and tells her to quit her game.
  • Reality Ensues: While the first verse is about Yukari fantasizing about being a hotshot popular streamer, the second verse has her dealing with the harsh reality of streaming: she realizes that the game she played — which she only picked because it looks popular and not because of her skill at it — is very difficult, she gets trolled by a viewer who basically chews her out for her lack of skill, she lashes out at said viewer, and Akane, seeing that her friend lacks the temper and patience to be a big-name streamer of the game she's playing, advises her to give up.
  • Take That!: The entire video can be seen as a mockery of wannabe streamers who think streaming is an easy road to fame and glory.
  • Troll: Yukari is the victim of at least one, which certainly doesn't help her attitude when coupled with her playing pretty poorly at the unspecified game that she was streaming.
  • Yes-Man: As the title indicates, Akane simply listens to and says yes to every part of Yukari's plans, despite not actually understanding them.

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