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For its Freeware counterpart, see UTAU.

The alices from "alice of human sacrifice" represent different kinds of authority.
Meiko, the brave woman who slaughtered everyone in her way, represents a high-ranked soldier. Kaito, the brilliant man who messed with other people's thoughts to become famous and admired, represents either a politician or a businessman. Miku, the young lady who took advantage of her looks to make everyone answer her every beck and call, is explicitly stated to be a queen, but could also represent a celebrity. Not really sure about rin and len tho.

"Wrinkle" is "Summer's End, Love's Beginning's" Answer Song.
Think about it; black haired boy and and brunette girl in both, both are love songs, coincidence, right? Except Wrinkle details love's ending while Summer tells of how it started. Even if that was a coincidence, Gumi sings from the viewpoint of the brunette in both songs. Not only did the Summer kids get together, but they grew up, had a family and became old together.

"Matryoshka" is a girl's last thoughts as she slowly dies from a painkiller overdose.
She was Driven to Suicide when her closest life-long friend died of a terminal illness.

Vocaloid might not *directly* get an anime adaption, but...
Maybe sometime in the near future, multiple animes would be released starring the Vocaloid characters, if so, they might be based on storylines of their well-known songs.The reason being would be to please all types of fans, not every Vocaloid fan would like one genre, so multiple Vocaloid-based animes to cover every basic genre would be the way to please all the fans.
  • Maybe they'll be a different story every episode, with some of the bigger ones spanning multiple episodes.
    • And the fans can vote on which episode should be next. Kind of like the whole Vocanext thing.
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    • I'm kinda surprised the Daughter of Evil series hasn't already gotten one to be honest.

The Vocaloid characters were all just normal humans until they became what they are...
This can leave a fan's imagination to go wild, to imagine their backstories and how/why things changed when they (for whatever reason) went from a normal human to a "Vocaloid"(also, can they change back (like a henshin-transformation)? Do they have double-lives? It's up to the fan's imagination!)

Disregarding the PVs, Dolls is the sequel to Kokoro.
Rin isn't literally a doll, but instead a robot. She tries to keep her promise to sing forever for Len, but she keeps wondering why she was created only to be left alone for eternity. The machine whether over time, and she ends up dying because all of the feelings she had and the sense of always being alone overwhelmed her. She is rejoined with Len and truly 'human'as she wished.

All the Vocaloids with headphones don't have ears.
The headphones are a permanent part of their head.

New Millennium, Utopia, and A Faint Wish are the sequels to the Evils series.
In the PV for Akutoku no Judgement, Kaito (the one who suggested the whole robot-humans thing)talks about his "daughter", who cannot walk, represented by Miku. This could either be the doll from the Clockwork Lullaby series, which is already involved in the Evils series, or a robot that Kaito was making for the New Millennium trilogy. Also in the PV for Akutoku no Judgement, Kaito talks about making Hell into a "Utopia" for him and his daughter. In the PV for Utopia, both Kaito and Miku make an appearance.
  • Mothy didn't write New Millennium, Utopia, and A Faint Wish. Also the Clockwork Doll is confirmed to be the "daughter" in question.

The ships in Varth are piloted by Len and Kaito, respectively.
The first ship is yellow and the second ship is blue.

Miku, Kaito, the Kagamines, Meiko, and all of the Vocaloids are Time Lords.
It's the only explanation for how all the videos happen. Time Lord Regeneration.

The 1p ship in Raiden Fighters is piloted by Kaito, and the 2p ship is piloted by Len.
Just look at the bullet colors.

The events of Dark Woods Circus were all in Miku's head; she was still at the insane asylum in Wide Knowledge of Late, Madness.
Think about it for a minute. In
Madness, we see Miku marveling at the gore that happens at that room at the end of the hall and says she looks forward to being next. At the beginning, she sits in a crate with her head lolling to one side like a broken doll. It's clear that she's not herself; therefore, it's possible for her to be making all this up as mental punishment or twisted entertainment while she waits for death
  • Machigerita-P has stated that these two songs are not related, apparently.

Every single fan vocaloid/UTAU that exists will be canonized.
Because Yamaha, whoever made UTAU, and some anime studio will partner and make a High School Spinoff Anime, called Song Academy, where the official Yamaha ones will be the main characters (including the dreaded non-Japanese ones, with Sweet Ann as the English teacher), their opensource counterparts will be secondary ones (with the exception of Kasane Teto, that became kinda popular, even more than the friggin' Default-ko), most popular fancharacters, like Akita Neru and Yowane Haku will make their (usually comedic) appearances; and all the not so popular ones will be background, or single shot characters. Unless, of course, they are held high in popularity polls.
  • I would so love that...
  • And Microsoft Sam will be the principal. Old man who only speaks in monotone.

They are more than One Miku Hatsune
How Many Mikus have you see at the same time? Hah? There can't just be One Miku Hatsune. There has to be more. They all are clones, robots or Just Alternates.
  • With the chibi and petite Miku models in MMD, that's something to think about.
  • Many people own Miku, and use her to make songs. They can't all have the same Miku.
  • Since the original is a robot, she may be mass produced.

All the Rin&Len videos are actually canon, and the stories of their varied incarnations.
The story starts with Spice!, and as punishment for Len's actions (because traditionally the girl is punished no matter what) they're forced to inhabit multiple incarnations; KOKORO&KISEKI, Cendrillion, Sadistic Vampire, ect, doomed to continually reincarnate until they've atoned. However, something always gets in the way: One or both (usually Len) die prematurely, one (usually Len) or both succumb to Sin, or others interfere with their destiny and they have to start over. Canon-verse Vocaloids, where they're computer programs, is actually their latest life; they've finally atoned for their difficulties and that's why the canon Vocaloids are just friendly brother and sister. Unfortunately, hints that Len may be a bit overprotective of Rin may lead to them repeating their past lives.
  • Another interpretation is that Daughter of Evil series came first with the twins going through many different lives before the ending in Re_birthday.
    • Jossed: According to Mothy, Len and Rin's characters in the Story of Evil just end up ijn a later part of his Evillous Chronicles
    • There's no reason both theories aren't compatible, if you subscribe to the simultaneous multiverse theory, where both SPICE! and Daughter of Evil took place at the same time. That's the wonderful thing about the multiverse.
  • Len's song The New Millennium practically supports this theory. Each time the elevator stops, we see what life Len may have had if he were in that situation. And he just can't seem to get that goddamn elevator to stop...
    • Jossed in that Shinseiki/New Millenium appears to be the first and last part of a trilogy that forms a Stable Time Loop...
    • Well, in the latest (3rd) song of the series (I don't know how to translate it into proper English), it seems that all songs (at least those written by Prisoner P) are alternate continuities, so it would be possible that other songs work the same way.
  • How do you explain songs like Pink Spider, Come Come Holiday, Work Go! Go!, get the idea.
    • All of the light-hearted vids/songs take place as well— Not everything's a Crapsack World, after all, and their most current life (as AI) is currently much less of a downer than most of the others.
  • Here's my thoughts:
    • Utopia and A Faint Wish describe Rin and Len's last two reincarnations before this one. Utopia failed because Len went insane. But A Faint Wish was different. After learning about a few of their past lives, Rin, instead of Len, offers herself up as a sacrifice and is indirectly killed by Len, just as Rin indirectly killed Len in the Story of Evil. Len dies when he decides to destroy the world and is one again stuck in an hell of sorts, still repenting for his sins. Once again, Miku is his guide. She shows Len some of his other pasts lives. This time, she actually tell him what he needs to do to get out of the room (mostly by scaring him to death by transforming into him). He jumps out of the elevator in order to say that he understands, and that he's no longer bound by the chains of what he's done. He reaches an enlightenment of sorts and is reborn as a Vocaloid.
  • The girl who was in a relationship with Len in Spice! was probably Luka (Rip=Release is an answer song to Spice!); The scientist in KokoroxKiseki was portrayed by Gakupo in official materials; Cendrillon is not a Rin/Len original.
  • Does that mean that in one life, Rin was a robot?

The New Millennium Trilogy is NOT a Stable Time Loop
First off, the release order is NOT the Chronological order. The chronological order places New Millennium at the end. Why? Well, remember how the beginning of Utopia mentions nukes killing a large amount of people? And Well, at the end of new millennium, you see Floaty-Floaty God!Len dissolve nukes aiming for somewhere in Japan, where Glasses!Len lives in order to change the future he lives in. This is the goal he has in A Faint Wish, and he becomes Floaty-Floaty God!Len at the end of it. Thus, at the end of The New Millennium, the future seen in Utopia is avoided, not perpetuated!

The PV for "Meltdown" is about Rin wanting to become a boy.
Follows the above theory nicely, doesn't it? Much of the video features an older Rin strangling a younger, more feminine version of herself, almost as if she's trying to repress her own girlier side in her dreams. And in one of the last shots we see of Rin, she appears to be wearing more masculine clothing than she's used to (at least, what's shown from the waist up, anyway.) Of course, this could simply mean that Rin just wants to be more of a tomboy... but hey, this is WMG, after all.
  • This troper believes that Meltdown was connected to Monochrome Ward; in the end of Monochrome Ward, Rin switches bodies with Len and is killed while still being in Len's body (or at least that's one theory about the song). Who is to say that Len, trapped in Rin's body, was blaming Rin for his misfortune and decided to later throw himself into a nuclear power plant to free himself from Rin's body?
  • I'm fairly sure they aren't by the same person, without even checking. They probably aren't related.

Everyone who listens to Vocaloid either hate the squeaky voices- or end up liking them TOO much
Yeah. Vocaloid videos will ruin your life. Miku and her gang has successfully infiltrated my computer to the point where my homepage is of her singing Love is War, my Windows desktop has her in all her cuteness as the background and i have a singing FLELE (google it) of her. My Linux partition has Gakupo... but that's another story altogether.
  • What? I thought this was proven to be fact by now. I haven't met anyone who isn't new to Vocaloids that isn't either a lover of them or a hater.
  • Just Americans? I think you might be able to apply this to other countries as well.
    • It's certainly spreading to the UK.
    • And to Australia (the Land Down Under), thanks to the power of YouTube.
      • Indeed, if Youtube is any indication, the Spanish speaking countries of the world have already fallen to it.

Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil are the stories for their original life.
It makes you think.
  • That's already been theorized by someone else. Look up.

Dark Woods Circus and Wide Knowledge of Late, Madness are part of a Stable Time Loop.
In Dark Woods Circus, the young Meiko is the only one who isn't put through drastic physical changes (aside from Red Glowing Eyes of Doom), but is obviously still corrupted. Meiko grows up to become head of the insane asylum, and recreates the circus freaks piece by piece.
  • What about Blue Ice Castle? That is the official ending for the Dark Woods Circus series...
  • According to Machigerita, the two songs are not connected. So... Jossed, I guess.

In Cantarella, the Happy Ending is a hallucination.
Driven insane by trying to conceal the depths of his obsession with Miku, Kaito poisons her with the titular drug. She doesn't survive. Upon realizing this, Kaito plunges into denial and imagines her awakening, revealing she's always loved him and forgiving him for his actions, making his Attempted Rape/Murder 'okay'. In reality, he's just cradling her body, lost in his own mind.
  • Makes more sense when you find out that "La Cantarella" was the name of a poison used by the Borgias.
    • Makes less sense when you know that cantarella wasn't lethal.

Alice Human Sacrifice is hell.
It draws the evil Vocaloids from various 'dark' songs into itself to feed. That's why every Vocaloid has a Fatal Flaw or is hopelessly corrupted by the ending.
  • For a more specific version, it's an Ironic Hell / Bad End for the Daughter Of Evil series:
    • The warrior of red is driven insane by her hollow victory and the utter lack of closure she felt, slaughtering others in a desperate bid to feel something until she's finally trapped by her own madness.
    • The blue prince intentionally hypnotizes his followers with his voice, hoping to avoid another Murder the Hypotenuse incident; this eventually fails when he's murdered by an outsider (or, alternately, a Yandere follower who attempts this anyway and has bad aim).
      • Or alternately himself in some interpretations.
    • The green maiden becomes a full-fledged queen, with power rivaling that the daughter of evil once wielded. However, her lingering memories of her past life are prime Paranoia Fuel, and she decends into madness, seeing corpses everywhere as a constant reminder of her own mortality.
    • The twins are reincarnated together as per their final wishes; tragically, they either wander too close to the warrior of red (who murders them in her own madness), or one of them recovers too many memories of their past life and is corrupted again. They 'never wake up from their dream' because they're constantly reincarnating, only to get caught/corrupted and start over again in order to get it right.
  • Alternately... Rin and Len are the mischievious evil twins who are killed (again) by his own victims; Kaito is the charming prince that became deranged with vengeance, and sings it all; Meiko is the Daughter of Vengeance, having to pay the correspontent karma for becoming a warrior; Miku became a deranged queen because her vanity and feeble love made Len be executed; And Gakupo (the purple minister in a cage, in the original PV) is the one writing the book with their tales, thus, being the Fifth Alice.
  • The first Alice, Meiko, went mad from being trapped in wonderland and tried to kill her way out, being locked away and eventually killing herself; the second Alice, Kaito, enchanted the inhabitants with his singing, and was killed by another, jealous singer; the third Alice, Miku, was so beautiful she was crowned, but she became obsessed with beauty and every little wrinkle and blemish was cranked Up to Eleven in her eyes, driving her mad; and the fourth Alices, Rin and Len, were far too curious for their own good and found out too much, causing them to be murdered.

Alice Human Sacrifice is drawing sacrificial energy from its fans.
It was intentionally designed as an Ear Worm to ensure it keeps drawing in its audience, and many fans have taken it further. Not only are there countless Vocaloid videos illustrating it, plus an Audio Drama and fangame, but its influence has expanded into other series — there's versions out there for Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, Black Butler, Higurashi: When They Cry, Axis Powers Hetalia, Sailor Moon, Super Smash Bros., MOTHER, Kirby, even Sgt. Frog — and that's just the tip of the iceburg! Its intention is to keep expanding until it's infected every fandom out there, making it utterly inescapable and ensuring its place inside every last living creature's mind.
  • At one point, this troper was thinking about making a Peanuts version at some point in the foreseeable future. You heard me right, a Peanuts version. Luckily, she read this WMG and realized how ridiculous that was (the same troper also kinda wanted to make a Peanuts version of Daughter of Evil/Servant of Evil, because she's that crazy).

That book the little dream was writing in "Alice Human Sacrifice"? Actually a Death Note.
Think about it. The "dream" is actually a Shinigami, one who's scared and lonely instead of bored like the others. It wants to control its victims to see if they'll be friends with it, but the dream gives up and writes their name in its notebook instead. The characters that died all exhibited their personality traits before being controlled for the 23 days or less, but during that time their evil traits increased and eventually got them killed exactly as the dream wanted and wrote down. At the end when it asked "Who will be the next Alice?", it showed the dream writing in the name of its next Death Note victim...

The Vocaloids are preparing to invade the real world
Seriously, Miku has already been installed in an android body.

The Nightmare Fuel songs are all connected.
Circle You, Circle You comes first. But after the children run out of people to torture, they lose their immortality and grow up.
  • They're all reasonably messed up at this point, so Meiko, the (seemingly) Only Sane Man takes control and converts the orphanage into an asylum. However, this turns out to be a ploy to get her immortality back by killing the others one by one. Events of Wide Knowledge of Late Madness.
    • Meiko starts using the parts of the inmates to create circus freaks and converts the orphanage/asylum into a freak show. At this point, the other Vocaloids have suffered so much that Meiko's gone from immortality to aging backwards. She hands control of the circus over to the newly resurrected Haku and Neru shortly before reaching childhood. Events of Dark Woods Circus.
    • Alice Human Sacrifice is hell, but it's only Meiko's hell. The events of the rest of the song are either self-reassurance that she isn't the only one trapped in Wonderland or a symbolic representation of what she's done to the others.
    • Then how do you explain "fear garden?"
      • Fear Garden is Rin singing about what she does to people who lose the game.

The train in ''Makuragi'' is an Afterlife Express.
And, in accordance with the Rin/Len reincarnation theory above, it takes place between each song. Rin is waiting to be taken to her next incarnation, with the hope that it will be better than the last, as well as the apprehension that it won't. Each time, she throws away the memories of her previous life and starts fresh, represented in the song by her throwing away the diary and the empty suitcase. Whether you hold to the reincarnation theory or not, it makes a lot of sense. Although the ending of the video sends the entire song into All Just a Dream territory, but we are talking about Vocaloid here.
  • Actually, this could make an awful lot of sense if you view the ending as the life they just lost instead of a dream. The blank TV could be a sign they're not just asleep...

Conchita, the Epicurean Daughter of Evil is what becomes of the red warrior in Daughter of Evil.
Because she was penniless before ousting the daughter of evil, she is immediately fascinated by the delicious food that royals are able to eat. This led to a search for the most gourmet food ever, and, when she tired of gourmet, the search for the most gruesome. This search eventually culminated in the events of Conchita, the Epicurean Daughter of Evil. As for the cook and servants in the song, they are not actually Kaito and the Kagamines, just played by them.
  • Jossed. Word of God has confirmed that Conchita takes place hundreds of years BEFORE Story of Evil. The red warrior IS apparently a descendent of Conchita's, though.

Kokoro is a sequel to Prisoner and Paper Plane.
In Paper Airplane, it is revealed that Rin went away because her father forbade her from seeing Len, and eventually, Rin died of a terminal disease. In one PV for Kokoro, it is revealed that the robot was made because the scientist's daughter died, and he made the robot to remind him of her. The scientist could be Rin's father from Prisoner/Paper Plane, and Rin in Prisoner/Paper Plane is the scientist's dead daughter. So Kokoro could actually be a sequel to Prisoner/Paper Plane.

The character designs for Miku Hatsune, Rin Kagamine, and Luka Megurine are inspired by Lucky Star's Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara respectively.
For a visual case in point, Click Here. Having one look similar is nothing, two can be incidental, but three is beyond coincidental.
  • More: Look at SF-A2 miki. Then look at Konata.
    • so? She looks more like Miyuki, if anyone.
      • Ignore the hair color. The style is distressingly similar.
  • Wait, it all makes sense! Yutaka is Yuki, Minami (or Yui) is Gumi, Misao is Meiko, Hinata is Iroha (seeing as she is a huge fangirl), I'm guessing that the Izumi family could be based off of Kaito but I could be wrong, and Ayano is Miki (she just seems like she would have that kind of personality).

Rin and Len from Trick and Treat are the servants from Evil Food Eater, Conchita.
In Trick or Treat, you think that Rin and Len are luring people to their house to eat them, but they're actually luring the people for Conchita to eat.
  • If that's the case, than it would mean that the servants are actually WORSE than Conchita. Conchita may have been a cannibal, but at least she didn't torture her victims for pleasure while they were still alive!
    • Wordofgod has already stated that the servants of Conchita are the reincarnations of the same Hansel and Gretel of the Original sin series, and were reawakened with her when her vessel of sin was reawakened. wordofgod of Trick and Treat has also stated and hinted at heavily that the Rin and Len from that song are dolls that the Miku of that song threw away and are back for revenge ala Banette.

each of the vocaloid's voices carry a sin
Miku's is pride (mary sue) Kaito's is sloth (...) Luka's is lust (the outfit, wanderlust princess) Meiko's is wrath (really?) Len's is envy (ike renka, Spice!) and Rin's is Greed (almost the opposite of envy)
  • Huh... Shouldn't Kaito be, you know, gluttony? If not, who is?
    • Meiko could be gluttony. Akujiki Musume Conchita, anyone?
    • Well, mothy IS making a whole series based on the Deadly Sins (Rin+Len/Pride/Daughter of Evil series, Meiko/Gluttony/Akujiki Musume Conchita, Luka/Envy/Enbizaka no Shitateya, Gakupo/Lust/Venomania Kou no Kyouki, Kaito/Greed/Akutoku no Judgement, Sloth/Miku/Nemurase Hime Kara no Okurimono, Gumi/Wrath/Nemesis No Juukou) all tied together through Heartbeat Clocktower (which, btw, is the one that reveals the missing ones). (Aside: Go watch'em, they're very good)
      • Of course, this means the whole of Evil series is part of the Deadly Sins series, which in turn is part of the Clockwork Lullaby series (through Heartbeat Clocktower), which also includes Re_birthday which is the response to Regret Message which is part of the Evil series and so we get a full circle of relationships. Someone go make a theory from this.
      • Don't forget other songs like Fifth: the Peirrot which with all the other series are in the Evillous Series.

Alice Human Sacrifice and Goodbye to Alice are strongly related.
When Megu sings that she abandoned that fantasy land and gave goodbye to Alice, something came immediately to my mind. What if such world gained sentience and captured the other vocaloids, in order? Interesting thing is that it spares her "brother" Gakupo, but, hypotetically speaking, might not spare Luka, as the last Alice was presented as a girl with long, slightly wavy hair (just like Luka have appeared many times in some Vocaloid clips). A Take That! to Crypton Vocaloids, or just a coincidence?

Sonika is a Japanophile.
How else would she have a tattoo of her name in katakana on her arm, if she's not even Japanese?
  • You mean she was programmed to be a weeaboo?
    • Pretty much. She was evidently programmed to be a weeaboo. Or a Yakuza gangster, taking in consideration her new boxart.

Alternately, Sonika is a member of Yakuza.
Her new boxart shows that she has a pretty proeminent tattoo in her right arm. This sort of tattoo is associated with Yakuza mobsters. The original artist probably didn't intentionally draw it, but WMG isn't exactly made to make sense or go with the canon, anyways...

The only version for the Daughter of Evil story we haven't seen is Gakupo's. there's a reason for that.
It's because it's all his dream, as he only appeared as the purple-haired minister in the cage.
  • Yeah, but Gakupo wasn't even in the original PV.
  • Not to mention that the songs sung by anyone besides Rin, Len, and Haku in the series are unofficial.
  • What happened to the lands of purple and white? There's the lands of yellow (Rin and Len), blue (Kaito), Red (Meiko), and Green (Miku), but both of these were missed.

Kaito is Simon.
If not only because they look a lot alike, that's because of their tendency to be Butt-Monkey to their respective fandoms.
  • Due to the scarf, long coat, and hairstyle (though not color), Kaito also resembles Russia.

The Vocaloids used to be human.
Canon changes with every song, and one song has Len shipping the "master" (the software owner) to Hokkaido because he isn't getting snacks, waving off the box with the master in it with "Come back as a nice Vocaloid!"

Kaito has some serious mental issues.
He alternates wildly in the songs between a light-hearted ice-cream-loving imbecile to freakishly-obsessed-with-the-master-to-the-possible-point-of-murder. Maybe he's bipolar. Maybe it derives from brain damage after being attacked by Meiko, Ren and Lin.
  • The yandere songs are probably because people didn't give him his ice cream.

Combining the above two, some of Kaito's and Meiko's traits derive from the fact that they remember being human.
Vocaloid V1 had some "imperfect memory wipes" or something like that, causing Kaito and Meiko to remember when they were not Japanese voice synthesizer software. Meiko compensates with lots of alcohol and attacking Kaito (perhaps she was a bar entertainer? Singer, lounge pianist, something like that...). Kaito plays the fool because he loved to act like a clown to make people laugh as a human. He's particularly attached to ice cream because that's the last thing he remembers having to eat before Crypton got its hands on him. He's also desperate to be seen as human, or perhaps become human again; he'll attack other Vocaloids (who, deep down, he sees as software, especially the Vocaloid V2s) in order to get closer to the master and human companionship. This is perhaps amplified by his low first-sale run; he sees the master as one of the few people in a cold world who's actually willing to love him, even after his sales picked up (after Miku's intervention, which he secretly resents). Crypton probably ironed out the bugs in Vocaloid V2 and up, which is why Gakupo, Ren, Lin, Miku, and Luka seem much more stable (comparatively...), and Leon and Lola are never seen anyway (deactivated?).
  • But Gakupo isn't from Crypton... He is from Internet Co., like Gumi.
  • He still uses Vocaloid V2 software from Crypton, so the point still holds.
  • No, he uses Vocaloid software from Yamaha. Crypton uses software from Yamaha. Crypton had nothing to do with Gakupo and Gumi's development.
  • This theory makes what len said in his song No Thank You- "When I pack you in box then, From Tokyo bay To Hokkaido! Come back as a finnnne Vocaloid!"- make a LOT more sense link

The song Kaito sings in Alice Human Sacrifice and makes everyone crazy is "I Wish They'd Just Die".
Some people interpret that Hitobashira!Kaito is singing happily about sad/hateful (catchy) songs, and this one just fits perfectly, including the Ear Worm part. Check it by yourself, if you doubt that.

Kiyoteru Hiyama is Yuki Kaai's true father.
They're actually humans disguised as robots. And the fact that they had come out to public together (i.e. released) was Kiyoteru's decision, to protect his daughter from perverts (which didn't help much, as he's possibly spineless). He doesn't want the girl to know because she's too young to understand, and because he's ashamed of not being able to be with her when her mom was pregnant.
  • The character based on Kiyoteru in the novel "Daughter of Evil, Closure of Yellow" IS the father of the character based on Yuki.
I know it's crazy, but it's way better than the "senseiloid is a pedo" fan mindset.

Kaito's Scarf is his Security Blanket
He acts like a bit of a childish imbecile at times, but with only a few exceptions he is never seen without the scarf. Even Project Diva has him wearing it in a swimsuit. Add that it's generally depicted as an absurd length. Perhaps as a compensation to his low-sales (and low self-esteem), he was given a pretty little blanket to hold onto, and he just got too attached to it.

The asylum in Wide Knowledge of the Late, Madness is a deeper level of the asylum in Die Anstalt.
Miku and the others have rather similar-looking symptoms to the other toys. She's looking like a broken doll when she's carried in, and they're all pretty clearly insane. Maybe after a while, toys who don't get cured after a long time are sent to the deeper dungeon levels, all white and clean. They're taken to Meiko (?), who turns them into the circus freaks in Dark Woods Circus.

Also, they could be metaphors for nonworking Vocaloid programs.

You know what, let's say the Vocaloid conversion software makes EVERYBODY who undergoes it mentally unwell.
Or at least all of the Vocaloids with a semi-standard personality. See a few theories up for Meiko and Kaito. Miku's in denial (perpetually smiling and cheery), Len's a closet suicide (all those music videos where he dies), Rin's got lots of destructive tendencies (the fricken Road Roller), Luka is either flat-affect or dissociative (perpetually stoic-y, Tako-Luka), and Gakupo is under the eternal delusion that he's a dancing samurai from the bushido hey-day.
  • And what about the international Vocaloids, like Leon, Lola, Sweet Ann and the others? They don't seem to be affected by that.
  • Vocaloids "with semi-standardized personalities". Kaito, Meiko, etc. seem to have personas that stay remarkably consistent from video to video. Not so much for the international types. Although this could be because Leon, Lola, etc. aren't used/purchased enough, but instead of falling into manic-murderous tendencies like Kaito simply go into a fugue state, not having personas AT ALL until called upon to sing. Whereupon they take up one that fits the tone of what they're singing, finish, and slowly bleed back into a blank slate of a personality.
    • Sonika has a personality, though; she's a joker of sorts. Big Al seems to be getting one as well; he's badass personified. Not to count Prima, who, at least in the Western fandom, is a Yandere.

The past divas in Synchronicity are all Vocaloids/UTAU.
At least it's what the community believes. In this video, you can see the flashback with all the past divas, and they seem to be:
  • Kasane Teto
  • Macne Nana (the one with a rose on her hair)
  • Prima (the black-haired woman with a bun)
  • Lola (the blonde in black)
  • Sweet Ann (the blonde in white)
  • Miriam (silver-haired girl)
  • Sonika (it's the blurry girl in the furthest point)
  • Nagone Mako (another guess, it's the one with loose, straight black hair)
And there's one more, with short hair, which could be another UTAU, but not sure of who she could be.
  • This Troper guesses it's Supune Niku, due to her brown hair and yellow clothes , but this UTAUloid isn't even confirmed to be female (her creator said that she's perhaps a female), let alone a diva.

siGrE is an alternate ending to Prisoner/Paper Planes.
If you'll notice, the PV for siGrE seems to take place during roughly the same period as the Prisoner/Paper Planes PVs. This could indicate an alternate ending where Rin survived her illness and Len was released from the prison.

All of Len's relationships are doomed to fail
Just take a look at SPICE!, Servant of Evil, and Floating Love, Shining Moon. It seems Len can't hold a relationship without having them die or hate his guts.
  • Just the incestuous ones. Kaito ends up taking him just fine....
    • Kaito, Gakupo and Kiyoteru. That is, when he isn't raped by Kaito.

The Dark Woods Circus series wasn't meant to be interpreted literally. Ignoring the videos, it all makes sense.
Nope, it's not really about mutants at a circus. T.T My reasoning can be found here ( The Dark Woods series really tells about a person with split personality disorder. "Steel Cage Princess" sets up the personalities- the murderous Queen and the weak Songstress who can't escape. "Dark Woods Circus" introduces the lover into the mix. (Ignore the PV- Len's singing part implies that because of something the songstress [sung by Miku] said to him, he was miserable.) "Red Swamp Bottom" further associates the Queen with the Songstress. The Songstress sings the tune she sang in "Dark Woods Circus", yet is being punished like the murderous Queen. "Blue Ice Castle" is the climax of the series. The lover [note the Queen wears a "pledge on her hand"] tries to rescue the Songstress, but the Queen kills him. The Songstress takes control long enough to commit suicide.
  • Note that I just use the terms Queen and Songstress to make everything clearer. The character might not be royalty at all.
  • Alternatively, it's not split personality disorder. The Songstress represents the Queen's guilt over her murderous ways. She feels she can't change her ways, though.

Wash my Blood isn't just about periods.
And might not be about rape, either. Maybe abortion. What this troper have noticed is that Luka, in this song, sounds like she's crying because the person who let her in that state isn't with her. The part where she sings "I give you everything" might be a hint on how she wants him back, possibly because she got pregnant after their first time (if it was consensual or not, it's another story, since "the scar you gave me" can either be her telling about his rape, his ditching, or just the loss of her virginity). She aborted the baby, deeply regrets it, but still wants the man she loves, so she can forgive her "sin", thus, "washing her blood". The whole misfortune screwed he head up so badly she sees an abortion every time she has her periods; if she's singing it while in a mental institution or not, it's unknown, though, but not impossible (if "wash my blood of insanity" is to say anything). Seeing the song over this light, this troper can't really help but feel sorry for the poor girl.
  • Luka was raped by an alien, possibly frog-like species (where the "rotten egg of frog" part comes from), and they've taken over her ovaries/constantly rape her. Every child she begets is a half-alien half-human monstrosity, which she aborts from either their pain or their potential danger to the world. She doesn't get her tubes tied because she's scared that people would think she's an alien if they saw her jayjay. "I give you everything" refers to her trying to fix her jayjay by taking virgin girls' jayjays ("sacrifice of maiden head for you") and attempt to sew them onto herself so she can be a normal human again. The "sweet like hot chocolate" part is because that's what alien goop tastes like.

All Vocaloids must consume the Hourai Elixer upon initiation.
It justifies both being able to die so many times and come back for more (especially Len, whose death count is in the double digits about now), and why none of them can grow any older outside of a song. (This WMG has been brought to you by This Troper.)

Sonika and Gumi are long lost twins.
How did I come to this conclusion? Their hair colors. Considering that every other Vocaloid has different hair colors, save for Rin and Len, it seems that Vocaloids never have the same hair color unless they're related (which also leads this troper to believe that Yuki and Kiyoteru are father and daughter). This helps to explain why Sonika has such an asian face in her official art, and why she has her name in katakana on her arm: she was born alongside Gumi in Japan as twin orphans, but was adopted at an early age by a European tourist and grew up there, whilst Gumi was adopted by Gakupo. Adds a bit more symbolism to that tattoo, don't it?
  • It also explains why Sonika's a Japanophile. She subconsciously misses the part of her that is Japanese.

Lily is Rin and Len's raver mom.
The newest vocaloid, Lily, has the exact same color scheme as Rin and Len, and she was designed by the same exact person who designed Rin and Len. Also, if you look at the front of Rin and Len's mother in Synchronicity, they seemingly have the same hairstyle and obviously the same haircolor, which could further prove this if it wasn't for the fact it was made before Lily was leaked to the public, or even existed for that matter. Of course, there's always the chance that Kei has seen Synchronicity and purposely designed Lily's hairstyle similar to the mother.. Or maybe I'm just thinking too deeply into things.

Moonlit Bear and Moonlit Abandonment are the past of the Daughter and the Servant of Evil.
After the events, they don't manage to reunite with their "real" mother; they are instead found by the Minister of Evil (Gakupo) and taken to replace the past deceased leader. Kaito, Miku and Meiko only sing in the backstory for reference (there was no other adult male Vocaloid besides Kaito and Gakupo by the time it was done); it's just a coincidence how their enemies ended up looking like their adoptive parents (who were killed by them) and their "real" mother.
  • This does make sense, though it doesn't go along with mothy's intended pre-plot.
  • Minister of Evil is fanmade. The Gakupo character in the Story of Evil timeline is Gast Venom, a mercenary. In addition, Moonlit Bear/Moonlit Abandonment are set hundreds of years before Story of Evil according to mothy.

The guy Len shipped to Hokkaido is Kiyotera Hiyama.
Makes sense, doesn't it?

He was informed that if he killed Miku, Rin would be freed from her own contract and be able to rejoin him. Unfortunately for him, he underestimated just how much Rin cared for Miku, leading to the Downer Ending.
  • Both the ending of Black vow and Alluring Secret ~ White Vow~ indicate that they'll be together again eventually. It's less Downer Ending and more Star Crossed Love
    • For Rin and Miku, maybe. Kaito's still screwed either way.

Cendrillon is almost the role-switced version of Cantarella.

Miku is related to Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot
There I said it. They're both artificial teenage girls and have bluish pigtails. They're supposed to be teenagers even though their chronological age says otherwise. Jenny (at least her voice actor) sings in the intro (I think) and she even speaks Japanese in one episode!

Rolling Girl and its PV are about a girl going through drug abuse
In this song, it's really likely that the drug abuse is caused by a combo of bullying and giving up on her dreams. Rolling is probably a euphemism for "rolling a joint" or something like that and it would explain why she seems so mentally unstable throughout the whole song, and the scratchy style of the PV. She refuses to live in the harsh reality she faces daily, so she uses drugs as a means of escape. It'd also explain her offering the guy later on to follow her on a "hill road," where she probably goes to do the drugs. The guy's also asking her if she's ready to face reality and start to care about her future.
  • Replace drug abuse with self harm. She literally rolls down a hill to hurt herself and that is why she gets covered in cuts and scrapes.

Pre-Vocaloidization, Len and Rin were in a relationship.
In the vein of some of the above theories; while they were still human Len and Rin were just a pair of normal unrelated teenagers in love. However, when they underwent the "Vocaloid-ization" possess, one or both of them didn't quite make it fully through properly; but not damaged enough that tossing them out would be worth it. Thus, Crypton patched them up with each other's undamaged data and made them basically gender-swaps of each other. Part of them still wants to be together despite them not remembering anything about their old life; and part of them isn't really sure about getting together with their twin sibling.

"Master" is Nyarlathotep, and he's secretly controlling Yamaha
Which explains why all the Vocaloids go crazy around him (witness Uninstall and Scissorsloid). In accordance with some of the above theories, the Vocaloids started out human. Nyarlathotep created Yamaha to kidnap humans, turn them into Vocaloids, and put them at the mercy of both him and the producers, just to mess with them.

The robot in Kokoro was the very first or prototype Vocaloid and all current Vocaloids contain the personality program from the song
Think about it and it'll make sense. The song and P Vs shows that the scientist taught the robot to sing before they both died. The current Vocaloids are advanced models of her that can handle the Kokoro program, but it often glitches up resulting in them acting crazy and yandere.

The dollmaker from Rin's version of ''Dolls'' is the Servant of Evil from an alternate timeline.
In the alternate timeline, Rin - Daughter of Evil - died in the square, leaving the Servant to live in her memory. Naturally he left the kingdom and traveled, eventually settling down on the outskirts of a small town. The doll he made was in the image of his sister/princess, hence doll!Rin looking identical to the Daughter of Evil, down to the color of their gowns. This, happening after the turmoil of the Aku no series, explains the dollmaker's aging up from Len-as-the-Servant - he definitely looks older in Dolls - as well as the sad, weary expression he has. The men who bust in and execute him are soldiers from either Meiko's Red Kingdom or the former Kingdom of Evil, hunting down the man who was the Princess' accomplice and assassin. It's possible that Len imbued the doll with part of Rin's spirit, allowing it to sing, move, and feel; when the doll's body crumbles, they're able to meet again in the afterlife (as the end of Servant of Evil wishes) and Rin thanks Len not for creating her but for all he did for her in the Kingdom of Evil.

The End of The World in Sasakure's End of The World series is caused by an alien invasion followed by fighting between humans for the remaining land and supplies

In the first song "The (Week)End is Here!", Rin asks "Aliens? Is this some kind of prank?" as if she had heard it on the news. U.F.Os are seen in the PV throughout. The next song in the timeline "Our 16bit Wars" also features U.F.Os, including one man being abducted and a group of tanks trying to fight the UFO, only for the attacks to bounce back on them. By this time, the humans are using what resources they have to fight each other as well as the aliens. Why fight each other? Well, if the whole world is getting invaded(as implied by the previous song) then chances are many places are simply too damaged beyond repair to use for human benefit. With resources dwindling and the invasion still ongoing, the humans left alive focus on getting supplies, even if it means killing other humans to get to them. Sometime during this war, a scientist knew that it was ineditble for mankind to go extinct, so he sent Luka into space as a singing program used to tell any other life out there what humans used to be before the war began(although the song implies that Luka corrupts or rusts and dies before the message is given). Miku could have been made as a cleanup robot in the hopes that if the humans did win, they would have assistance in restoring their planet.

  • Similarly, the scientist in "The Wanderlust" was the boy Rin was in love with in "The Weekend's Coming" (both have gray hair, okay?). The boy, originally wanting to fight the aliens seen in the video when he walks away from Rin to join a crowd of protesters, having read her love letter realized that it was more important to love than to hurt and became dedicated to the cause of keeping humanity and married Rin and subsequently had a son with her. Rin was the one who got abducted during "16bit Warz" and the "Wanderlust" was the boy's mission of not only spreading humanity around, but to also rescue his wife. The reason he looks so guilty in the video is because he has fallen in love with Luka and feels as if he is cheating on his lost love. But, the boy didn't just make Luka; he also made Miku as a companion robot to his son who, in time, would save the Earth and restart life. The letter received at the end of "Hello Planet" is Luka's, telling her long dead master that she has found other life in the galaxy.

In the Vana N'Ice trilogy (Imitation Black, Fate:Rebirth and Setsugetsuka), Rin does not exist.
Following the reincarnation theory above, Len and Rin were accidentally born into the same body in this universe. This is why Len becomes manipulative (Rin's Personality) while at the same time feeling guilty about the whole thing (Len's Personality). It also explains the crossdressing.

The dolls in the Clockwork Lullaby series are in purgatory.
They're the people in the Seven Sins series. Rin is Lillianne/herself in Daughter of Evil, but has become a lot less greedy after her time with Clarise/Haku and being a peasant. She's realized what she's done wrong, so she'll move on faster than some of the others. Miku's sin song hasn't come out yet, but she can't even move in her song, after having the sin of sloth, which can't be to her advantage. "Re_Birthday" stands out in the series, and it supports this theory. The Len in it is commonly considered to be Allen/Servant Len and certainly seems to be in purgatory. He writes a song and then is forgiven, this could be "Servant of Evil," which makes it seem that the other dolls do something similar and made the Seven Sins series. In "Heartbeat Clocktower," which connects Clockwork Lullaby to Seven sins has Kaito talking about how when all the stories are done, a utopia will be created. He says in "Akutoku no Judgement" that he's going to try and make a utopia for Miku, after he's died. He's also revealed to be the collector who made the theater. The utopia is heaven, which all the dolls will move on to when the songs are done, and everyone's forgiven from their sins.

Mrs. Pumpkin in Mrs. Pumpkin's Ridiculous/Comical Dream is married to the Jack-o-lantern headed Jack from the PV
She seems to be familiar with Jack, and his head IS a pumpkin. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Pumpkin is his last name, and that Mrs. Pumpkin is HIS Missus. Also, he tries to make her feel less bothered by the flowers, the iron pole, and the witch.
  • That's what this troper assumed from the start. She only became confused after reading a whole bunch of different theories about their relationship. She always just thought that Mrs. Pumpkin and Jack were married, or else he was her fiance and calling her "Mrs. Pumpkin" in preparation for their marriage. Good to know this troper isn't crazy.

Meiris Belzenia, from "The Madness of The Duke of Venomania", changed her name to Vanika Conchita after the incident.
Taking in consideration Akuno-P loves a Mind Screw, Vanika Conchita was extremely rich (perhaps a princess, just like Meiris) and that Belzenia sounds kinda like Belzeebub, which is associated with Gluttony... Yeah. Perhaps Venomania's enchantment had a side-effect on her (or she liked to "eat" a bit too much). To stretch it a bit, the one who stabbed the Duke of Venomania was her cook, who loved her. Which gives whole new levels of creepy and sad to Akujiki Musume Conchita, if one thinks better about it.
  • Jossed. mothy says that Conchita takes place around two hundred or so years AFTER the Venomania event.

Trick and Treat is about addiction
In a symbolic way. It actually reminds me a lot of the way Tv Tropes ruins peoples lives.

  • At first I thought this theory was weird. But then I remembered the end of the song. "Give me that! Give it to me!" Perhaps Miku had what the twins were addicted to?
  • To clarify: The twins lead Miku deeper and deeper into their fantasy, blocking out her outside world. That's almost like how when you're addicted to something, you can only think about how fun it is and don't realize the greater implications of what you're doing. Once the blindfold slipped, though, Miku saw that the fantasy she had been lead in to wasn't so nice after all. Once the twins see this, they won't let her get away from them so easily. That's sort of like how addictions are inherently hard to break away from. They hold you down and won't let you go.

Gumi, Gakupo, and Luka are really Ranka, Alto, and Sheryl from Macross Frontier
Aside from having the same hair color, both Gumi and Ranka are voiced by Megumi Nakajima. Fanon also likes to commonly portray Gumi as a cheerful and energetic girl similar to Ranka. Alto and Gakupo both are Bishounen pretty-boys with long hair in ponytails and are commonly mistaken as females. Luka and Sheryl both are busty, pink-haired females who sing. Finally let's not forget about the famous Ranka/Alto/Sheryl love triangle....there quite a few people who either ship either Luka/Gakupo or Gumi/Gakupo as a couple, or sometimes all three of them together.

All of the songs are just the Vocaloids having fun and writing their own music.
Pretty tame and simple for a WMG, I know, but bear with me. In their own universe, the Vocaloids all write their own music and direct their own PVs and such. The creepy songs are just stretches of the proverbial creativity muscles, or the 'loids enjoying playing something they know they aren't. For example, listen to Gakupo's Joker. Very reminiscent of SAW, isn't it? Perhaps he just saw the movies and felt like writing something along the same lines.
  • this theory makes so much sense that i consider it to be canon. who knows ? Perhaps, maybe it will eventually be confirmed by Word of God .

Cowardly Montblanc is about a heartbroken girl reminiscing about her friend, whom she had a crush on, that died before she could confess to him.
So it starts like this: The girl (Gumi) is in love with a friend of hers, but can't work up the courage to be honest with him about her feelings. However, one day, they get into a huge fight with each other. This fight leads her to "hate" him. But realize how the lyrics are incredibly vague. It shows her mixed feelings about the situation, showing that no matter how much she's angry with him and no matter how much she denies it, in the end she still loves him. Halfway through the song, she realizes this and decides to make up with him. Except one thing. Remember that fight? She was so angry with him at the time that she told him to die. And unfortunately enough, he apparently does (could be that he got in an accident and died), just as she worked up the courage to finally be honest with him. In the third- and second-to-last verses of the song, she starts crying, incredibly overcome with grief, "wishing that the whole thing was just a lie", and berates herself that if she wasn't so cowardly about being honest with her feelings, the whole thing probably wouldn't have happened. And now that it has, she can never be able to tell him how she felt ever again or spend anymore time with him because he's dead now, regretting about not confessing to him sooner. In the last verse, she begs him to come back to life just so he can hear her confession. The red framed glasses she wears is her Tragic Keepsake of him. In the points of the PV of when he does show up, he and Gumi never face each other, which may or may not hinted that the entire song up until the last verse was her having a whole flashback, reflecting on the series of events that happened up until that point.

Luka's song Suffocation is about her being paralyzed.
Luka seems to be paralyzed ("My corroded head put me in a confusing trance so that I couldn't move) and unhappy with that. Because she didn't want comforts, and since there was no cure, she wants to die ("If this head is gone, both smiles and words aren't needed, I can become free"). And then pain she felt might not have been physical — it could've been mental, because she is unable to provide for herself. Because now she is paralyzed, there are a lot of things she can't do anymore ("Talk about a pointless list") and watching TV is the only thing she can really do ("The sound of the TV is far more"). Finally, near the end of the song, it reminisces about how she was paralyzed("The answer stains with crimson"). But at the very end, she's still just as alive as ever.

A very sad song, when you think about it.

Alice Human Sacrifice isn't actually set in a magical land called Wonderland.
The mention of Alices and cards are merely Alice Allusions. In reality, it is the story of five people, and how society screwed them over.

The "little dream" is actually the dreams of Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin and Len, twisted as they grew up. They are refered to as Alice's because they were once innocent and curious, like Alice.

Perhaps Meiko joined the army to make a difference and help people, but facing so much death and war made her insane. She started to kill everything that moved on the battlefield, friend or foe, and she was locked away in an asylum.

Kaito was fulfilling his dream as a singer, but was cruelly shot by an obsessed, stalker-ish fan.

Miku was a model or actress, and everyone loved her because she was so beautiful, leaving many broken hearts behind her. She became one of the most famous people in the world for her beauty, but she started to become obsessed with beauty. In her mind, all tiny spots and blemishes were cranked Up to Eleven, and it sent her mad.

Rin and Len were two curious, imaginative children. They went on many adventures, but people took advantage of them and turned their innocence and curiosity against them. They are now doomed to wander the world knowing exactly the sort of scum that lurk inside it, knowing how cruel the world really is.

Rakshasa and Carcasses is about The Fair Folk abducting children...
...To be their servants and playthings.

Triple Baka is about a troper.
Miku is at her computer all night, not realizing what time it is until she see's it's light out. Has anyone else here been in that situation?

One day, Keith David and/or Christopher Lee will provide the voice basis for a new Engloid
And it will be amazing.

In mothy's Wrath song, GUMI's character will be the same as in Madness of Duke Venominia
As well as every other character represented by GUMI in his earlier songs. The Master of the Hellish Yard can be whoever she wants to be.
  • People have suggested this before, and I'm still skeptical. But, for the sake of debate, I'll provide this image of all the Seven Deadly Sin characters together. Does Gumi's outfit look familiar?
    • It's the exact same outfit as in the Duke Venomania PV.
    • Ok, I get that in the image Gakupo is lust, Meiko is Gluttony, Rin is greed I assume, and Gumi is thought to be wrath, then who is everyone else? Miku seems like she might be sloth, but Luka's song could also represent either wrath or lust, xD
    • Rin is Pride while Kaito is Greed, and Luka is Envy. We're still waiting for Wrath's song, but it's been confirmed to be sung by Gumi.
  • More likely Gumina Glassred's presence in that image is a teaser for the Wrath sinner, since the song itself hasn't been released yet. I figured it was mothy's way of saying "yeah I'm not going to spoil exactly what the Wrath sinner is going to look like/who she'll be, so have Gumina as a placeholder in the meantime."
  • Gumilia's use of Gumina's appearance is like a contract of sorts, and Gumina retains some form of sentience throughout Gumilia's life. When Gumilia falls in love with Mr. Faceless over here, she does so whilst he is guarding the Venom sword, and falls in love with him because of it. Then Gumilia kills herslef, and the Venom sword that has been used against Gumina rouses her from her semi-consciousness. She decides that love is fake and men can't be trusted and goes on a man-hating killing spree. THERE YA GO. :D
    • Almost every theory on this page has been jossed. "The Last Revolver" is indeed a prequel to the Wrath song, "The Muzzle of Nemesis", but everything else is wrong. Gumillia is not involved, it's a separate character named Nemesis Sudou, and she is the daughter of the Greed character Gallerian Marlon and Ma (using the body of the Envy character Kayo Sudou). A year after her suicide attempt fails, she seeks revenge on her employer who is also Gallerian Marlon. Also, she goes on to become the Master of the Hellish Yard. Now, the lover COULD theoretically have been guarding the Venom sword, but that doesn't seem likely.

Alice of Human Sacrifice was someone's attempt at making eternal life.
Someone, presumably the "dream", was a scientist, working on a drug for eternal life. He needed test subjects, so he kidnapped them, locked them in a room, and forced them to take the drug.His first test made Meiko become extremely violent, killing imaginary people. The "dream" put her in a place where no one would ever find her, and where she wouldn't actually kill anyone.The second attempt had Kaito become crazy, singing random songs that made absolutely no sense. One day Kaito couldn't take it any more. He put his fingers up to his head like a gun, "shot" himself, and, lying on the floor, stopped breathing until he died.The third attempt had Miku become deranged with a false sense of power and youth, when in reality, she was very old and frail. Her subconscious remembered this and contorted her dream further, to the point where she saw her flesh rot in front of her. She eventually gave her life up to old age, but she never entirely died. Although her body lay still with no heartbeat, her mind was fully functional. She was still in "Wonderland".The fourth and last attempt was put on one androgynous person, who split up his/her personality into twins; hence, opposites. (S)He was actually a tad bit smarter than the other three, as (s)he kept on finding the door out of the room and going through it, which is why the twins kept on going through "many different doors". One day, however, (s)he went a little too far out the door, to the place where Meiko was being held. In a mad frenzy to quell her thirst for blood, Meiko killed him/her then and there...Or so she thought.The "twins", with blood-stained clothes and faces distraught with unbearable pain, survived. They were not dead. The drug had worked. They will be in their "Wonderland" forever.
The Vocaloids are sentient.
Not only that, they are being forced by their creators, who believe they are just computer programs, to sing for no pay. Eventually one of more of them, probably Miku and Kaito, will get sick of it, stop singing and dancing in the middle of a concert, and call out to people to free them.

In A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years, The boy is the one who dies, not the girl.
No fire would only char away the clothes you're wearing. Some other things along the years are pretty silly, too.

Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream isn't about her in limbo.
The pumpkin headed man is her husband, (Hence the Mrs. Pumpkin.) the goat is her high school rival, who hated her for being prettier, smarter, and better with the guys than she was, and the scarecrow is the sleazy guy who was always trying to pick her up. They're all at a party, where Mrs. Pumpkin gets really, really drunk, and the goat convinces her to temporarily get together with scarecrow. She does, and they have a one-night stand on some railroad tracks. Then Mrs. Pumpkin wakes up with a massive hangover, and realized what she had done. She leaves scarecrow on the railroad tracks, (Where he gets squished.) and runs to some nearby bushes, where she spends most of the rest of the night puking out the alcohol.

Gumi's Dad and Gackputo fought in WWII
Gumi's dad was a Japanese-American pilot who landed in a small village. Gackputo was an inexperienced foot soldier stationed in the village. When he saw Gumi's father, he killed him immediately. Feeling overwhelmed with guilt, he tried reviving him and found a picture of his daughter in his pocket and decided to find her and raise her as his sister. Taking the pilot's goggles, he somehow came to America and took Gumi with him back to Japan. Eventually, Gumi found the goggles and now wears them as a reminder of her father and Gackputo still dresses like a samurai to remind himself of his sin. That's why they are mostly depicted as brother and sister; even though they look nothing alike.

Ten-Faced, Cowardly Montblanc, and Mosaic Roll are all related.
Okay, I know Ten-Faced is not written by DECO*27, but hear me out. In Ten-Faced, the girl creates multiple personalities (including a shadow personality) and the boy that she likes tells her that he loves her but he can only love one of her. In Cowardly Montblanc the girl is in denial, but in reality she has grown to love each of those personalities. But when the song goes into the part about death, it is really her shadow personality talking and the final chorus where she is crying is realizing that she is a coward for hiding behind those personalities and that she truly has to get herself together for her own safety. In Mosaic Roll, the girl is destroying each of those personalities but by that time the shadow personality has grown in power. During the final battle sequence, it is revealed that the shadow personality was just worried that the girl would forget about her and she would "fade away" like the rest of them. So the shadow personality's response was to become in complete control so that she wouldn't fade away. But in the end, the girl sees that the whole reason she was in this mess was because she didn't love herself. So she makes up with her shadow self and instead of destroying her, she bonds with her (which is why she gets less gray and her socks get longer.)

Gammon Octo is Samurai/Purple from Pere Noel
Because we don't have much infomation on him, so it's possible he could of been part of Sanata/Julia's group. Hansel/Lemy death, Elluka and Guumilia dissaperance (And possibly Abelard/Gretel's death/dissaperance given she never appeared in Lemy list of Pere Noel)could of made him leave the group, and his curse is what let him live for about 388 years, give or take.
  • Jossed: Samurai is another Gakupo character named Gatt Coulomb

Luka and the guy in Just Be Friends are analogous to Madoka and Homura from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, respectively.
According to Homura, "No matter how many times I have to repeat all of this, I'll protect you!" and according to Luka (from the guy's point of view),"Once more, once more, If my wish can come true, I want to be reborn many times, I'll go and meet you from that day"
  • And judging by their hair color, Madoka is Luka, while Homura is the guy.
  • And Kyuubey is the paper plane!
  • And so Madoka and Homura broke up?

mothy is into yuri and has a crush on Rin.
Not trying to bash him or anything, but it seems pretty obvious from his videos. Rin is obviously his favored Vocaloid, as he used her for his first, second and third songs. That doesn't imply PSL but the ones where there's two Rins with a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship going on...does. Additionally, he retconned Story Of Evil so that Clarith (Haku) and Micheala (Miku) are a couple, and Prince Kyle (Kaito)'s affections were left unrequited, whereas up until this point it was repeatedly stated by both unnofficial and official works that Micheala and Prince Kyle were mutually in love.
  • Actually, as far as I can remember, it was never stated in any official work that Michaela returned Kyle's feelings (although it is admittedly somewhat insinuated by one of the images in the video for Daughter of White), so Michaela and Clarith being a couple isn't a Retcon.

The girl that Len manipulated in Dream Eating Monochrome Baku Is the same girl from Abstract Nonsense.
So. In Dream Eating Monochrome Baku, Len 'eats' a girls nightmares and gives her good dreams. However, at the full moon, he says that his 'payment' is all her color, and he tells her to have fun in this monochrome world. In Abstract Nonsense, Rin is repeatedly trying to kill herself, but keeps on giving up at the last second. She is portrayed as her usual appearance, but with black and red in her hair and school uniform. The girls describe her as a "monochrome puppet". There are flashbacks of pre-suicidal Rin that show her being happy with a boy, who I'm guessing is Baku!Len. So after Len leaves her in a "monochrome world", Rin gets depressed because of her declining social life, hence the events of the song, but it'll be worse because she'll never commit suicide and end up being unhappy for the rest of her life.

Oliver is not Ann's and Al's biological child but he is their son nonetheless.
Think about it, Al is pretty much Frankenstein and Ann is the bride of Frankenstein. So they probably took some random kid's corpse and reanimated it to act like their kid.

Meiko's mother is the owner of the Dark Woods Circus.
Think about it, it explains why the silhoette we see resembles her so much. When she sent out Rin and Len to encourage people' to visit the circus, they didn't realise that Meiko was her daughter. To them, she was just another potential customer, and so they handed her a flyer, and encouraged her to follow them. When Meiko saw what was going on at this 'circus', she was shocked, and her mother, discovering her presence, decided to kill two birds with one stone and make HER into an 'attraction' too, thereby also stopping her from telling anyone/setting the 'exibhits' free. After all, even if she DOES try to tell anyone, who would listen to some circus freak? Huh... I think I just made this song even MORE disturbing....

In Paper Plane, the reason why Rin's father tried to keep her and Len apart...
...was because he knew their relationship was doomed. Either Rin's disease would kill her or some other prison official would order Len's execution, whichever came first.

VY3 will be an umbrella because of Gakupo's extend
Gakupo has a fan and a sword on his original box art. VY1 and VY2 have a fan and a sword on their box arts, respectively. The newly revealed Gackpoid extend features Gakupo with his fan for Native, his sword for power... And an umbrella for whisper. A lot of people love making connections and WMG about VY2 actually being Gakupo's sword or whatever. When VY3 comes out, her (It's confirmed to be an English female) box art will feature an umbrella. Because she's in English, perhaps it will be a more western style one.
  • Jossed. She was released under the name Cyber Diva, and her box art is a stock image of a blonde woman with golden sunglasses.

Oliver is a ghost
All of the Power-FX Vocaloids are supposed to be monsters. Given Oliver's very outdated (and nautical) choice of clothing, perhaps he's the ghost of a boy that died out at sea.

The Vocaloids have the Elements of Harmony.
Hey, if South Park can have this type of theory then so can the Vocaloids! I think it goes like this:

Meiko=Loyalty (she's usually portrayed as sticking with the Vocaloids despite being irritated by them at the same time)

Kaito=Honesty (fanon often portrays him as constantly blurting out whatever comes to mind)

Miku=Generosity (1/6, anyone?)

Rin=Laughter (self explanatory)

Len=Kindness (to contrast with Rin)

Luka=Magic (mostly due to process of elimination, but she was a sorceress in a past life...)

Hatsune Miku, Yowane Haku, and Akita Neru are Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, and Strong Bad, respectively.

Self Explanatory.

The first thing people will do when Miku's english voicebank comes out
Is to make Localization/translations of her Japanese-language songs. Some will be better than others.

Vocaloid development will ultimately lead to the creation of Sharon Apple.
Sweet dreams~

All of the Vocaloids in P Vs that have them die are clones.
That's right,they're all clones. If you're asking for evidence,look at Black and White/Monochrome Ward. In it's PV you got Rin and Len as defective clones,the PV also provides us with a look of defective Miku before she dies and a bunch of rooms where the other defective Vocaloids respectively die. So that means that the REAL Vocaloids are the ones in P Vs that don't have anybody die,for example,My Time,Gekokujou,Dancing Samurai(Gakupo doesn't slice any of the Vocaloids there) etc.

Many Vocaloids have potential Persona's Arcana
Many Vocaloids have 'stock' personalities within the fandom - many of which can play off tarot Arcana as in Shin Megami Tensei's Persona subseries. Observe:
Miku - The Fool - Often the protagonist of a work, and the one that most feeds off the the presence of others.
Rin/Len - The Lovers - Intimately close, but often either crash together suddenly or drift apart under their own differences.
Luka - The Hierophant - Often the responsible adult of the group, and also generally the wisest of the Vocaloids.
Meiko - The Chariot - Kinda rough-and-ready, but has her heart in the right place.
Kaito - The Magician - The ditzy airhead who everyone seems to get on well with.
Gumi - The Moon - Playing off the WMG a bit further up about Ten-Facedighly aggressive towards Gumi ... sound familiar?) and eventual acceptance. and Mozaik Roll, Gumi hides behind her masks and has a highly variable 'personality' ... but only because she never shows her true face to anyone. Also, Mozaik Roll's PV depicts her confrontation with her Shadow (black, grey and gold colour scheme, h
As a crossover, what do you think? This troper has actually figured loads for the purposes of a fanfic, but we don't need to go into minute details.
  • As the most Vocaloids don't have stated personality, looking for matching Arcana is pointless in this case.
The vocaloids are all actors
I am amazed no one has mentioned this idea. This would explain why there seem to be multiple incarnations of the same vocaloid even if one dies, and why there is media of them viewed as one happy family even though they have killed, raped, and otherwise terrorized each other in other media. All of the songs/stories/games/etc are just shows scripted out for them to act, if there is more than one of a particular vocaloid in a song or scene its a creative camera edit (kinda like how the crew of The vampire diaries make scenes involving both Catherine and Alana) or a body double, and the media where the vocaloids are viewed as a happy family is a big "reality-tv" show.

The inhabitants and villager in "Bad End Night" and its sequels are characters in a play. Not actors, characters.
They're characters written into a play but somehow became aware of their medium within the script. Having to go through the same story over and over each time the script is read caused them all to go insane, so they started to try and change the script (which follows a typical murder mystery plot) but fail each time. The Shadow is actually the playwright, who wants the play to stay the same. S/he knows the characters have become medium aware and doesn't care. S/he wants play to follow the same plot it always has and actively seeks to stop them from changing it.

Nemesis of the Ruined Kingdom is in the future of Synchronicity.
It's pretty clear that Nemesis of the Ruined Kingdom and Requiem of the Spinning World have very similar tunes, and it wouldn't be past Hitoshizuku to make them connected. The world went to hell after Rin and Len defeated the dragon. To explain, the novel describes how the dragon's magic was used to keep the country safe, and after it was defeated, its magic didn't work any longer. With the country vulnerable, war broke out. Years later, the events of Nemesis of the Ruined Kingdom take place.

Mafia!Len from "Phantom Thief F" is a member of the Russo family.
Here's what Mafia!Len looks like. Here's what Ladd Russo looks like. See a resemblance?

Luka in "Witch Hunt" is not a witch, but a +Anima
She sprouted wings to escape in a moment of mortal peril after looking up at the sky. It seems likely that, per the requirements to become a +Anima, she witnessed a bird flying overhead and longed to join it in the sky to save her life. That's when her Anima emerged and she flew away.

If "Portrait of Pirate F" is made into a series, Miku/Wendy will throw a wrench in the whole Peter Pan situation
The way she's introduced makes it very clear that she'll be important in the hypothetical next song, and she doesn't seem to like the direction Len!Hook is going. Additionally, there's nothing to suggest that she was even supposed to show up in the first place, making it possible that the next time we see her, she may have a shot at breaking the cycle for good.

Roshin Yuukai and its parodies are all actual three parts of a very sad story
Rin has a song called Roshin Yuukai (Meltdown in English) and that song has two parodies, Loli Yuukai and Onii Yuukai. Though the two derivatives are intended as parodies, they could actually be telling a larger story and here it is: Loli Yuukai tells, from Kaito's perspective, how Rin was molested by Kaito as a child. The end result of this is seen in Onii Yuukai; Rin, after the molestation, develops Stockholm Syndrome and falls in love with him. However, he loses interest in her and she is unable to get his attention again. In desperation, she joins Luka and Miku in order to be able to sleep with him again, but things go too far and they kill him. At first, Rin is pleased, both because she gets to have him once more and because part of her knows what he did to her was wrong, and so she is glad he is dead. However, the combined trauma of being molested and then committing a brutal murder, combined with her conflicting feelings on Kaito, led to her becoming an emotional wreck by the time of Roshin Yuukai, so that she's unable to sleep and is suicidal. The vision of her younger self in the video represents all of her haunting memories and her attempts to strangle it represent her desire to be free of them so she can live her life freely.

Yowane Haku and Akita Neru are the Cousins of Strong Sad and Strong Bad.
Yowane Haku and Akita Neru is one of the Popular fanloids who are famous for Gochagocha Uruse! (Stop Naggin' Me!) and Ievan Polkka.Strong Sad is a Goth Like character who write Poems and like Dark things and Strong Bad is a Masked character who does Emails.Yowane Haku and Strong Sad both sound the same while Akita Neru and Strong Bad have the Same personalities. Yowane Haku and Akita Neru are Friends and Strong Bad and Strong Sad are both Brothers. They are Miku Hatsune and Kasane Teto's Friends while Homestar tries to befriend Strong Bad and was Strong Sad's Friend.

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