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This is what they're designed for. Naturally, due to the sheer number of creators pitching in their Vocaloid music creations, the end products range from poorly tuned garbage... to songs listed below.

Vocaloids are software, not actual singers, so when listing an example, please provide producer names in addition to Vocaloid names so we know what excellent talent is behind all of these songs!

Due to size, this page has been split. The following Vocaloids have their own subpages:

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  • v3xman's cover of Daniel Bedingfield's "If You're Not the One", with Leon as the main vocalist and Prima backing up in the choruses. Leon's soft voice fits the track well.
  • AiLeonP's a cappella of "The Longest Time" using 5 Leons is just adorable, especially with the PV of them all lipsynching!
  • Muzehack's original song, "Right By Your Side", a trance-ish song which samples short phrases and sounds by Leon for a catchy effect.
  • Hiru's cover of "Sweet Devil", where they get Leon to sing in reasonably good Japanese and pull off the occasional English lyrics perfectly. (Note, the PV combines both a suggestive drawing of him and MMD dancing segments, both Shirtless Scenes, so it's mildly NSFW.)
  • v3xman's cover of "Take On Me" shows off Leon's falsetto vocal range very well in the chorus.
  • Daifuku-P's cover of "Video Killed the Radio Star" with Leon joined by Miriam and Lola is uncanny.

  • Igel Calraz's cover of "Biohazard" makes LOLA sound realistic, even when hitting the highest notes of the song.
  • "Existence", by Shu-tP. A intense techno piece with powerful vocals by LOLA and spoken word segments, possibly about mourning a loved one.
  • Shu-tP also wrote "Feel the Pain", a surprisingly catchy song for telling you to "Feel the Pain".
  • It's very unusual to hear Lola sing a higher range, but Denshanai SeisakuP's cover of "Fly Me to the Moon" does it well.
  • Anarobik's "My Time" pushes Lola close to, if not right up to, her full capabilities. The vocals are even better than they are on "Existence", and that's saying something.
  • WinterdrivE's cover of "Party Junkie" with Lola is mind-blowingly realistic for such an old Vocaloid.
  • Her cover of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" is surprisingly clear and understandable, courtesy of Puffihn.
  • Another interesting song using Lola by muzehack again, "Take My Hand".
  • sango312's cover of "Want You Gone" shows that LOLA can still shine with the right song.

  • "Curse" by Zhi is a fantasy-themed song about the loneliness of immortality that manages to artfully fuse retro eurodance with Arabic folk music, giving the song a very unique and catchy flavor.
  • EmpathP's "Eulogy for Abel" is a beautiful, melancholy song about The End of the World as We Know It. (Empath herself provides the backup vocals.)
  • Denshanai SeisakuP's other rendition of "Fly Me to the Moon" using Miriam. The tuning has many similarities to the LOLA example, but MIRIAM's version has a slightly cuter sound overall.
  • Shu-tP strikes again with the catchy club song "Ice Field".
  • "Interval of clouds", also by Shu-tP, has a calm yet refreshing and dance-like tune. The song isn't heavy on sophisticated lyrics, just repeating "interval of clouds", but this helps add to the overall relaxing mood of the song.
  • The remastered version of "Last Stop" by DoNotCross-P is a very beautiful and sentimental song about a bus ride.
  • Ant Taffy's "Scrap Metal" is, despite the really fast club-like rhythm, a rather sad song about a computer being aware it is past its expiration date but still working diligently for its owner.
  • Most of Puffihn's works are amazing. "Secret Space", a fast-paced yet oddly calm piece about wanting to travel into space, deserves a special mention though.
  • Another Miriam song by Puffihn, "Sunset", tells the story of someone's last day in life yet manages to sound uplifting (both due to the composition and the lyrics implying the singer will live on in people's memories).
  • Klyde Korangar's cover of "When the First Love Ends" using Miriam is very soothing and really fits the mood of the song.

     Sweet Ann 
  • Sweet Ann's cover of "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, courtesy of Miguel Colinet. He deserves credit not only for Sweet Ann's tuning but for recreating the instrumentals so well, too.
  • llliiillliiilll's "Earthtopia" lets Sweet Ann try her hand at (very chaotic) rock, and it's nothing short of incredible, with soaring notes that show off just how powerful she can be.
  • "Everlasting Love" is short but sweet. While the lyrics are in slightly mangled English, e-Capsule's tuning is realistic enough for the listener to forgive that.
  • Sweet Ann is regarded as the best of V2 Engloids, and one of the best uses of her voice is seen in Giuseppe's use of her in "Let It Be".
  • AnnMeltP's version of "Love is War" is more upbeat than the original and shows Sweet Ann's pronunciation skills well.
  • Her cover of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". Very nicely made despite Guiseppe intending it to be sort of a joke.
  • Gumbi500's "Night Illusion" is a stylish track reminiscent of early 2010s electropop, and tells the story of a nightclubbing woman meeting someone who falls in love with her, but she has no desire for a romantic relationship.
  • Once again Vocaloid Master shows off the true abilities of an English Vocaloid with Sweet Ann's cover of "The Power of One". If you were a fan of Pokémon from the start, or even just a fan of the old school Pokémon, you have to watch this.
  • Shopanya's English cover of "Rolling Girl". Not only does it push Ann to her limits, she manages to sound almost exactly like the original while doing so! The MMD video does a good job replicating the actual Project PV, too.
  • Many people often criticize Sweet Ann's English pronunciation, but Giuseppe's cover of "Still Alive" shows that she can sing in English just as well, if not better then any other Engloid when used right. Lola humming along at the end is also adorable.
  • Sweet Ann's original intention, according to PowerFX, was to sound "sassy". However, Kodakami's "Succubus" goes a little over that and straight to "sexy".
  • "Sweeter Than Sunshine" by Gumbi500 has Ann sing a ballad about how dear her loved one is to her, complete with a refreshing chill-out instrumental.
  • Her cover of ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All" is amazingly realistic, again thanks to Giuseppe.
  • Ariotsu's cover of "Wrecking Ball" sounds really good, and her pronunciation is almost perfect with well timed vibratos. Bonus points for Avanna's backing vocals.

  • "Entrust" by eCapsule shows that even Vocaloids designed for opera can still sound good when singing other genres (namely rave/techno).
  • ShingoTsukino's cover of "Lillium". Although Shingo claims that "Her pronunciation is weird" in the description, Prima sings in surprisingly good Latin, and with the careful pitch modulations she manages to sound like an actual opera singer.
  • Ariotsu is a talented Prima user, putting out fabulous covers such as "Once Upon A December" and "Summertime Sadness" that use her voice very well.
  • Ariotsu's cover of "Slenderman" has backing vocals by Oliver, Tonio and Ann which come in during the Madness Mantra "you most certainly will die", increasing the creepiness.

    Kamui Gakupo 
  • "Alias", an awesome yet somehow beautiful metal song by Yoshihi.
  • You know how "Bacterial Contamination" is a scary song? Sarah Lynn's cover using Gakupo puts the vocals one octave lower than the lower throughout, while still sounding very crisp. The results are a must-listen.
  • Memzir's Japanese cover of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" using both Gakupo's Whisper and Power voicebanks makes it seem as if it was meant to be a J-Pop hit.
  • "Breathe" by Team Aburitorodon exudes sexiness and charm, having a jazzy rhythm while telling the listener about letting their true emotions out.
  • SuzukiP's "Dance of the Brocade"; very interesting story and well animated PV, combined with an impressive use of both Gakupo's voice and his genderbend.
  • Kanimiso-P's "Dancing Samurai", a song catchy (and funny) enough to have received at least four fanmade videosnote .
  • "Dr. Realist" by cosMo is a philosophy sandwich with epic instrumentals and a church choir. Especially impressive is the spoken intro which is so well tuned it manages to sound emotional (even if that emotion is mocking the audience).
  • "Duke Venomania's Madness" by Akuno-P as part of the Seven Deadly Sins series has a great beat to it and, like the others in the series, is disturbingly awesome.
  • MpHp's "Embrace the Rose." The guitar solos are freaking awesome, and the visual style of the video is nice, too. Plus, the last few frames are sure to conjure up a Squee or ten (warning for NSFW content, though).
  • Futomomo-P's "Joker": Two parts creepy, especially with the minimalistic PV, Four parts insanely catchy.
  • NatsuzoraP's "Marriage Fraud" is just lovely; smooth voice, lovely music and beautiful PV all in one.
  • Kiyozumi's "Specimen Girl" presents a VERY disturbingly yandere Gakupo, but his voice is used so well and the instrumentals are so catchy (and chaotic) that it borders on Creepy Awesome.
  • The cover of "This Messed Up, Wonderful World Exists for Me" as tuned by Aoi Haruki made Gakupo sound surprisingly realistic. Really shows you how advanced the V4 engines are.
  • Uzuki's "The Tragedy of Chateau Cepage" includes a yandere Gakupo which proceeds to kidnap Rin to keep her for himself and murder Kaito, Rin's lover. The tuning is very soft, combined with the low notes in the verses giving the impression that Gakupo is whispering the lyrics to his captive; like "Specimen Girl", it falls into Creepy Awesome due to the tuning (and heavy, slow instrumentals).
  • MilkmanConspiracy's cover of "Want You Gone" from Portal 2, with a heavily retuned voice that sounds absolutely creepy, especially with Gakupo's accent.

  • Producer Ady S made an all-Sonika album called The Beautiful Stories. Best of all, it's free. Prepare some tissues.
  • CircusP's cover of "Biohazard" arguably outdoes the original, and shows that Sonika's voice can be beautiful if used correctly.
  • Sonika's cover of "BPM" is very sweet and plays on her strengths.
  • Pipichan's cover of Donna Summer's "Carry On" is one of the most "real" sounding Sonika songs.
  • People complain that Sonika sounds bad and glitchy but there are just gems like this original song "Fade Away". AdyS even showed how to make her sound decent.
  • HYPAA's "Press That Accelerator" is very upbeat despite being on the short side.
  • "Repeat" by CircusP is so catchy and danceable that you'll want to repeat over and over again.
  • Shu-tP's "Scenery", like "Press That Accelerator", is upbeat despite its shortness.
  • Sonika's cover of Carpenters' "Top of the World" is rather nicely made, and the mood is enhanced by a very cute drawing of Sonika.

    SF-A2 miki 
  • ROY's "Daybreak". This under-appreciated rock ballad where miki can send shivers to your spine. The second and forth verses are especially guaranteed to this very purpose.
  • "Dragons Ascend into the Sky" by Bumby Urushi, a great song with a hauntingly beautiful chant to it.
  • Ariotsu's cover of "Killer Lady" makes miki sound powerful and sexy.
  • "Lience" may not be a word, but this song by seleP has the potential to blow your mind. A slow, moderately-paced build up to running for your life from a crazed yandere miki is enough to give any listener goosebumps!
  • "Metronome" by CircusP is an absolutely gorgeous track; combined with a stylish, upbeat instrumental, it has deeply heartfelt lyrics about carrying cherished memories and love within one's heart when one chapter of their life ends. Furthermore, it's a must-watch for the absolutely awesome art direction the video takes in the second chorus.
  • GobouP's "Miki's Feelings". Prepare for some cuteness overload, especially when she says her name.
  • "Satellite" by Peperon-P is an awesome song that captures her alienness.
  • "Zero Gravity". A sad yet beautiful song by Peperon-P.

    Kaai Yuki 
  • "Atomic Eyes" by peakedyellow gives us teenage badass Yuki.
  • "Calalini" by Crusher-P is about Jani Schofield, the "Born Schizophrenic" girl.note  Sadly, the original song was deleted, leaving only reposted versions on Youtube. Crusher-P remade the song and has posted it online. Although the original lyrics and story have been changed, it is still hauntingly amazing.
  • KonkiP's cover of "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Misérables may be one of the best, most natural-sounding English pieces ever produced by a Japanese Vocaloid.
  • Crusher, Tora, and CircusP's cover of The Living Tombstone's song "Five Nights At Freddys" contains Surprisingly Good English and sounds possibly creepier than the original.
  • "forbidden fruit" by Tripshots is very somber.
  • DatsuryokuP's "Good Night to Your Older Brother" is a very sweet song about a little girl's love for her caring older brother (as in a genuine brother-and-sister love, with none of the incest issues). One of the most beautiful performances by Yuki.
  • Kyaami's cover of Weiße Schokolade's "Impatiens Balsamina" is just hauntingly sad and soft.
  • No-H and Mitsubachi's "Kyouka*99" is an adorable, catchy song...about the world ending and the boxes they were assigned to put their belongings in, with Yuki wondering what to put inside hers.
  • Rafanimechan's cover of "Love is War". Her very cute voice can sound really strange here to those who are familiar with the song's theme.
  • Lamaze-P's "meteor36.0" is one of the best made Yuki songs, and it's quite upbeat.
  • "Rugrats Theory", an original song by Crusher and Zecex based on the creepypasta of the same name. Kaai's sweet, childish voice... is singing a song about insanity and suffering.
  • Her cover of "Still Alive" from the game Portal. Amazingly good English too. Bonus points for a modified Portal logo that looks like it was modelled after Yuki.
  • Her cover of "Wash My Blood" is equal parts scary and awesome.
  • "The World Will Change in a Mere Moment" is a beautiful somber song by AshitanoP with relaxing guitar tunes. The mood is enhanced by an artwork of a very somber looking Yuki playing the guitar.
  • Kyoufuu All Back is a silly song about strong winds blowing Yuki's hair back on her way to school, fitting for her cute nature. Its sequel, Neoki Yashi no Ki, is just as silly, depicting Yuki being late for school with her having to tie her hair like a palm tree.

    Hiyama Kiyoteru 
  • "As The Vampire" by medicP is a groovy rock song that switches between Kiyo's high and low octaves. That scream at the end...
  • LeoTamachi's cover of Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". It's almost as if the song was made for him, despite his thick accent.
  • "Chain" by Ayuciki, which begins with a nice saxophone intro, then simply showcases Kiyoteru's vocalizations done well. It also has a nice PV.
  • "Delete", a funny song by HikarimonoP where Kiyoteru is portrayed as a creepy and jealous Stalker with a Crush (though it is not clear between Kaito and Meiko as to who his target of affection is), and at some points in the PV, gets redrawn into The Big Guy with Scary Shiny Glasses.
  • Azuralunar's cover of "-Error". Great vocalization by Kiyoteru combined with some intense rock music.
  • "GTK!? (Great Teacher Kiyoteru!?)" by takamatt, a catchy song with some rather good Engrish and possibly loaded with quite a lot of Shout Outs (one of which should be obvious enough in the title).
  • "Guilty Verse" by Peperon-P, apparently the more popular songs don't even have him doing his teacher gig. This song is especially notable for his realistically creepy scream at the end, something very hard to achieve with any Vocaloid.
  • Despite the fact that his voice is a bit too high in this song, Re:nG's "Jewelfish" has a nice and catchy rhythm. And here's another version of "Jewelfish" whose PV is a live action video performed by vocaloid cosplayers. Included there are Megurine Luka, Lily, and SF-A2 Miki, all being charmed by Kiyoteru.

     Big Al 
  • "Beat Beat Tick Tick" by ResoNation is one of the first original Engloid songs out there and Big Al's voice really fits the mood of the song.
  • "Big Al Pie" by Kodakami-P (and even featured on an all Big Album!) is a fun listen with a jazzy feel to it.
  • In contrast to Big Al's reputation of being a Manchild and thus being commonly associated with upbeat, fun, or just plain funny songs, Koya Matsuo's cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is quite beautiful.
  • Sailor Enlil's cover of David Slater's "Exchange of Heart". Rather mournful and emotional, and another refreshing departure from Big Al's usual Manchild or his secondary manly portrayals.
  • Azuralunar's cover of Rebecca Black's "Friday". A definitive and hilarious case of So Bad, It's Good, its YouTube video actually got tons of likes over dislikes, as opposed to the Rebecca Black original.
  • As expected, Crusher-P provides us with another example of how childhood can be so easily ruined. "HIM" ensures that you'll never see The Powerpuff Girls the same way again. That creepy melody, coupled with Al's sudden change to demonic tone, make this song pure Nightmare Fuel.
  • If Udongerge's cover of Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" doesn't demonstrate just how manly Big Al's voice can be, nothing would.
  • Another move away from his Manchild persona, "Little Toy Robot" by Sasana-P is a very sweet, very cute song about a toy robot watching over, caring for, and generally loving their owner. The PV also has a number of Shout-Out to various famous robots.
  • GiuseppeP's cover of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" could potentially give Sinatra himself a run for his money.
  • "Pitch Black Refrain" by Ms.Constantine is a creepily dark song that uses his voice very well.
  • The light hearted mood of B.J. Thomas' "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" seems to make for a very good Big Al cover.
  • Hatomatsuri's cover of "Scarborough Fair Canticle". Very beautiful and melancholy, as well as another departure from Big Al's usual Manchild image.

  • Here's a video of a Japanese guy making a cute Tonio stamp. Listen as Tonio sings "Funiculì, Funiculà" in the background.

  • Sailor Enlil's cover of Vonda Shepard's "Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow". Lily singing a ballad for a change, and she sounds quite sweet in it too.
  • "Chloe". From the same producer, seleP, there is also "Marie-Luise", which completes the story of "Chloe". It's similarly addictive, but it's also a Tear Jerker.
  • Ciel's cover of "Dead End" from Future Diary. Her vocal performance is just as good as the original.
  • "-Error" by niki, an awesome and emotional power ballad. Now with a newer version using her V3 voicebank.
  • "GLIDE" by niki has an awesome beat, and Lily sounds great singing it.
  • Animus's "HELL†SING" is one of the best metal songs sung by Vocaloid.
  • Her cover of "Katayoku no Tori" has beautifully expressive vocals.
  • "Plane Theory" is another of niki's awesome rock ballads.
  • "Tender Moon" by rerulili, pretty good for a slower, easier going song.
  • Sarah Lynn's cover of "Tori no Uta" has amazingly realistic vocalization.

    VY1 / Mizki 
  • "boundary" by heart★breaker is a wonderful original song using VY1V4, and it's VERY expressive, especially how her tone suddenly shifts from soft to emotional and loud when the first chorus pops up.
  • EZFG's "Cyber Thunder Cider" is simply AMAZING and very energetic. There's a reason it was #1 on the rankings, the 2nd VY1 song after HAKUMEI to reach such a position.
  • Kyaami's cover of "Donor Song". Once again, her V4 voicebank makes her sound beautifully human, and the song will most likely make you cry.
  • Natsuhiro Takaaki's "Endroll" displays some great tuning for VY1, and makes her sound as close to natural as possible.
  • "Fairytale", if only for showing the sheer power of the Vocaloid4 engine. Seriously, she sounds like a human, the most like a human any Vocaloid has to date. It was tuned by Kyaami, who most people know as Cillia.
  • "Mist and Almond". EZFG is back again with a wonderful usage of her soft voicebank.
  • "The Portrait Glassred Drew" is a wonderful, emotional and realistic cover done by phantoist on YouTube.
  • Her cover of "Unhappy Refrain" is a wonderful, powerful version of it, and she manages to sound wonderful through all the screaming. It was tuned by Alekz on YouTube.

    Gachapoid / Ryuto 
  • n4d1494's cover of "Koi Wo Shiteimasu"; perhaps Gachapoid's best performance to date.
  • Kabe Ryuto's cover of "Too Cute". The song's tone and overall pace are perfect for Ryuto's distinct voice and the PV is adorable.
  • His cover of "U~Nya~Pu~". Prepare for cuteness overload!

    Nekomura Iroha 
  • Her cover of "Answer" is very sweet sounding.
  • "Anti These" by Acerola is an awesome song, despite Iroha's somewhat higher pitching it manages to come out on top.
  • "Baton Summer Sky" by Acerola. Iroha sings rather high notes that you may not even recognize her. Add the very liveliness of the song...
  • Her cover of "Blindness" sounds almost human in quality.
  • Apple Kadenz Factory's cover of Yuki Kajiura's "Canta Per Me" (soundtrack from Noir). Amazing Italian, not to mention a rather good Opera voice.
  • "Destruction" by Yonakiyasya is a unexpected banger - bet you've never heard Iroha doing screamo before! It's an angry thrash metal anthem, and it's the last kind of song you'd expect from Iroha, but it works surprisingly well.
  • Her cover of "-Error". Say what you will about her voice design, but she sounds great singing this.
  • "I Hate Sailor Uniforms" by Jinsei-P features a cool, slick-sounding application of Iroha's vocals, complete with a stylish drum 'n' bass beat. The atmosphere complements the lyrics about being forced to fit in societal ideals, but rebelling against those ideals to be true to oneself.
  • Ariotsu perfectly uses her deep voice perfectly to cover "Lost One's Weeping".
  • Samedea's cover of "Mosaic kakera" fits her voice well.
  • Fruutella's cover of "Panda Hero" is one of the most realistic by a Vocaloid.
  • Takosan's cover of "Pantsu Nugeru Mon" is one of a few instances where she's actually being very feminine.
  • ChocolatteP's cover of "Risky Game". Possibly better than the original.
  • In her cover of "Viva La Vida", her deep voice has a great resonance with the melancholic lyrics.
  • "ZOMBIE★HOSPITAL" by Jinsei-P is an eerie hidden gem with an infectiously catchy beat. The story of the song is one that's surprisingly profound, with a message of being forced into societal (or, rather, medical) ideals - not unlike Jinsei-P's other track, "I Hate Sailor Uniforms".

    Utatane Piko 
  • ONKAI's cover of "1/6 Out of the Gravity" with Maika singing back-up is very well tuned and his Engrish is not bad.
  • LuYurippe's cover of "Checkmate" is VERY catchy.
  • Ricardo P's cover of 40mP's "Karakuri Pierrot" makes very good use of vibrato.
  • Roseus 1215's cover of "Lemon" is very soothing.
  • LuYurippe's cover of "Love Is War" fits his voice so perfectly, you'd swear the song was made for him.
  • "Play of Color" by SOLA makes very good use of his voice, almost sounding like the real Piko at some points.
  • "Remember" by Kannakuzu is a very nice song making good use of his unique voice.

    VY2 / Yūma 
  • Sailor Enlil's cover of Fra Lippo Lippi's "Beauty and Madness". Slow, smooth, and mellow, and perhaps a great song to fall asleep to.
  • Tomo Kaneko's cover of "Circus Monster" showcases how completely and utterly amazing he sounds with some fine tuning.
  • Sailor Enlil's cover of David Slater's "Exchange of Heart". A nice change of genre in singing a ballad, and one of the few songs utilizing his "falsetto" voicebank.
  • Momocashew's cover of "Hirari, Hirari" is extremely realistic and filled with emotion not heard in even some professional singers. It's like he's about to burst into tears at any time.
  • Sailor Enlil's cover of Kalapana's "The Hurt", exhibiting a full ensemble of vocalists with just him alone.
  • "Last Night, Good Night". For such a low pitched vocaloid, he does an amazing job at singing in Miku's range.
  • Lamunan's cover of "Look This Way Baby" is rather provocative.
  • "Ponponpon" covered by Lamunan impossibly makes the song more catchy and adorable.
  • Jei Muffin's cover of "Rotten Heresy and Chocolate" sounds as haunting and as awesome as the original.

  • Her cover of "Answer" by Dixie Flatline, using KAITO Soft as backing vocals, is amazing and makes you want to cry just as much. The use of her vocals are wonderful, and credit to pythya for somehow getting her to hum at the end.
  • Her cover of "Bullet for Prisoner" is just as heartwrenching as the original.
  • Her cover of "Candy Candy". A rather unexpected cute side of Mew.
  • Her cover of "Dear You". An excellent use of Mew's voice, resulting in her sounding very realistically human.
  • Michael Elizarraraz's cover of "-Error". Great vocalization effects.
  • "Girl with the Dark Rimmed Glasses" by Chariken-P. Another excellent use of Mew's voice, this time in a catchy rock song.
  • RyukaMoon's cover of "Last Night, Good Night", also with amazingly realistic vocalization.
  • "Song of the Nightingale" by EmpathP, a beautiful song inspired by traditional Japanese music.
  • What makes iraunl's "Trial" amazing is that it's ENTIRELY in a fictional language.
  • "Tsun Tsun Goko" by EZFG. Amazingly realistic vocalization by Mew.
  • Her cover of "Uninstall", another great example of realistic vocalization.
  • Her cover of "White Knight". Perhaps her most emotional rendering thus far.
  • Her cover of "Why Don't You Do Right?", the song of Jessica Rabbit from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Amazing and rather sexy vocalization, especially how well it was made for a jazz song, and some good Engrish to boot.

  • "Alone" by Team. Hurihuri sounds deceptively upbeat and jazzy for a text that is about a lonely girl without anyone who notices her loneliness and pain.
  • Laura Megurine's cover of "Diva's Song" from Blood+. The singing style used here is rather unusual for her, but it works.
  • Her cover of "Still Alive", with Surprisingly Good English.
  • "You" by mitssi and THAT-IP, a somewhat dark song with beautifully complex piano instrumentals.

    Tone Rion 

  • kubasmoras's English cover of FurukawaP "Alice" has the perks of a good fit for Oliver's voice, and having the translated lyrics be absolutely perfect.
  • Oliver's cover of WoodenToaster's song "Awoken" is a Moment of Awesome for both Oliver and sango312: getting Oliver's lower octaves to sound that fluid and powerful is extremely difficult, and given how great Oliver sounds here, the effort was well worth it!
  • One of his originals, "desync" by Corasundae and Eenkin, a Break Up Song from the perspective from the dumped party. Don't let the poppy music fool you, though.
  • His cover of "Fighting For You", a fan-made vocal version of the theme of the character Garry from the video game Ib, is extremely well made.
  • His cover of "Finale" is very smooth and and flows really well.
  • "I Won't Let You Cry". AdyS manages to make Oliver's soft voice sound powerful.
  • "The Medical Anomaly", produced by R.I.P. A wonderfully chilling song about Body Horror, with almost deranged instrumentation and exceptional singing.
  • Carlos G.'s cover of "Pieces of a Broken Heart", the theme of Ni no Kuni, is beautiful because Oliver's voice not only resembles the original, but also because he shares a name with the protagonist.
  • His cover of "Song of Healing" is a very excellent use of his voice by sango312.
  • "The Undertaker's Daughter" by steampianist has a beautiful story with a beautiful melody accompanying it.
  • yu's cover of "You Were There" is another exceptional use of Oliver's voice. (Warning: the video contains ICO spoilers.)


    Yuzuki Yukari 
  • Kurosawa Madoka's cover of "Basalm", where her voice suits the subject matter so well you can almost forget just how depressing it actually is.
  • "Check Check One Two!" by Kurage P is a really fun song about a girl who really, really wants a Teacher/Student Romance.
  • "Chururira Chururira Daddadda!" by Kurage P is a very upbeat and catchy song about a girl who tries getting rid of her classmates by telling on them to the teacher whenever they do something wrong.
  • "Erased Girl" by Kyohei is tragic, disturbing and beautiful at the same time.
  • Sailor Enlil's cover of David Slater's "Exchange of Heart". Amazingly she still sounds great even when singing very low notes meant for male singers.
  • Cooroosii's "the girl locked below" is both beautiful and disturbing.
  • v3xman's emotional rendition of Martin Nievera's "Kahit Isang Saglit."
  • "Luna Virus+" with music by Nia, lyrics by Giz, and mastering by Kagome-P is exceptionally catchy.
  • Kyaami's "Mahou/Magic" features tuning that is by far some of her best.
  • darkninjavn2011's cover of "Mozaik Role", in which she sounds almost humanlike.
  • Her cover of "Naraku no Hana". Her voice suits this song very well.
  • Producer Aura Qualic has said that Yukari is perfect for Synth Wave, and their song "Nostalgic Memory" makes a good case for that, with her singing giving the 80s synth beats a good note of wistfulness.
  • Yukari's mellow voice rings like wind chimes in many a song. "Realize" by Swift, for example.
  • BumpyUrushi's "Setsugetsuka", not to be confused with a song of the same title from VanaN'Ice. A stunning evaluation of Yukari's vocal qualities, not just in song but in speech. That's right—Yuzuki Yukari is talking on VOICEROID in the beginning.
  • "SWALLOWTAIL ON THE SPIDER'z NET" by LIQ. Yukari's mellow, smooth voice is accompanied by a BLASTING metal song, and her voice is so well done that it sounds indistinguishable from a real person's.
  • SignalP's "This is Elimination", because of course Yukari had to go full yandere at some point. Not many others do it to such an upbeat, cheerful tune, however!
  • "Tiny Paradise" is an original song for her by Kagome-P, featuring a lovely, somewhat laid-back instrumental and smooth vocals.
  • arashifanboy112's cover of Kitchie Nadal's OPM "Wag na Wag mong Sasabihin (Never Ever Tell)". Probably the best OPM cover by any vocaloid.
  • "within the ice" by cooroosii, a very beautiful song, as well as something of a Tear Jerker.
  • "You wanna feel me?" shows an oddly... seductive side of her, also courtesy of Kagome-P.

  • "Veronica" is an original song made by AlexTrip Sands for Bruno. He works well with the rhythm of the song, to the point where you could easily mistake him for human upon first listening.

  • "Alambre de púas", a beautiful and melancholic original song by Nishin.
  • "Dango Daikazoku" by Rose Bleue in Spanish. Clara's softer voice is more suited for gentler, quieter songs.
  • "Lilium", the theme song to the anime Elfen Lied, was already high quality, but MagnAgunimon's cover is as good if not better than the original. Her high notes and realism need to be heard to be believed.
  • CYO Style's "Más que Nada", an original song for Clara. It's a rather cute love song.

  • Her cover of "Alluring Secret ~White Vow~", in which her voice sounds very emotional.
  • "Children Record" by Jin, part of the Kagerou Project, the song makes you feel like the characters about to fight against destiny. The amazing PV further emphasizes this.
  • "Clear Weather" by Orangestar is a peppy song that manages to sound sunny.
  • IA's English voicebank is put to good use in "Conqueror" with music by Sendra and lyrics by Clementine Jane. The live version is also worth checking out.
  • Her cover of "Diva's Song" from Blood+ is really beautiful.
  • "Dive" by Flanger Moose is a wonderfully romantic song and an excellent demonstration of IA's English voice.
  • millstones's "The Embedded Blue" has got IA on nice dubstep.
  • "Ene's Cyber Journey", despite being criminally overshadowed by other songs from Kagerou Project, has a wonderfully fast-paced melody that matches its name and showcases IA's range well.
  • Her cover of "-Error", with great vocalization.
  • "Fantasy Forest", by Jin, the same producer of "Headphone Actor", is a lighter song but still has a heartfelt story.
  • "Freesia", an extremely calming song by Kenichi Chiba featuring IA.
  • "Garden of Rain" by kaoling, a very beautiful and emotional song.
  • Keeno's "Grief", a very emotional song and, as the title suggests, quite a Tear Jerker.
  • Her cover of "Hello / How Are You". Her voice suits the song very well.
  • Yowane-P's "Insania Argenti". She sounds really good at opera!
  • Laura Megurine's cover of "Leia (Cinematic Remix)" is breathtakingly emotional, and the orchestra-style instrumentals of this version are also really beautiful.
  • "Light of Tomorrow" by Nhato is another fine example of the realism that this Vocaloid3 has.
  • "masquerade" by cooroosii, a song with very well-done tuning and beautiful classical/baroque-style instrumentals.
  • "My Soul, Your Beats!" by ANANT-GARDE EYES, KannazukiP, and Maeda Jun. She manages to make it sound just as good as her voice provider's original version of the song.
  • "Nihonbashi Koukashita R Plan" by Jin, a short, but catchy song with a nice PV full of fluid animation and surreal imagery. (The creator says it was based off of scrolling through Tumblr.)
  • Ishifuro's "The Psycho Me" uses her soft banks to a good degree, and perfectly captures the mundane but fantastic feel of the song.
  • "Ref-Rain", a thrilling and somewhat disturbing song starring IA in the role of a Yandere character. Composed by seleP, like "Re;BIRTH".
  • From Mafumafu, we have Revenge Syndrome, wonderful music, IA sounds great, and a very beautifully drawn PV too.
  • "Star-Chasing Frontier" by ShintouP. IA's voice is tuned well, and the instrumentals give the song a smooth, mysterious quality. The lyrics, meanwhile, are somewhere between sweet and tearjerking.
  • COZMIC AGE's "Stay Gold", one of the first songs done with IA English, is upbeat, catchy, and cute.
  • "A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night" by kemu. A terribly sad song. It gets even sadder with the piano version.
  • "Travelers" by Kita-kei, an electronic song with an exciting beat and cadence.
  • "Unreachable" by Kita-kei is a melancholic but hopeful Uplifting Trance song with a wonderful beat.
  • "Until the Day We Can Meet Again", a melancholy, gentle song about an absent (possibly deceased) loved one.
  • Jin's "World Calling". Beautiful animation, beautiful accompaniment, beautiful voice.
  • "World Line Terminal 2" by Qeiru uses IA's voice to create its gentle, soothing sound.
  • "憧憬〜DOUKEI〜" is an awesome piece of music, composed by BACK ON and featuring two rap parts. If you didn't like IA, you will after hearing this. Bonus points for IA's rather unique voice tuning, which can be very distinctly different for those who have heard a lot of IA's songs.

    Aoki Lapis 
  • MiuMiu's "Daydream Flight" is a very calm song, especially at high volumes.
  • "EXEC_LINCA/.#ilutiern extracting", composed by Trass and written by ilutiern, a pair of Ar tonelico fans. She may not be the best at English and Hymmnos pronunciation, but her voice fits excellently with the song's sound.
  • "Miss You" by Nhato, an energetic electro-trance song with stunningly realistic and clear vocals.
  • Her cover of "Platinum Disco" (from Nisemonogatari) has her sounding so realistically human she could almost be mistaken for the song's original artist Yuka Iguchi.
  • Rogneda Rogvolodovna's cover of "Rolling Girl" You can really hear the emotion of Lapis's voice here.
  • Her cover of "SPiCA" with realistic breath effects.
  • Her cover of "Thousand Sakura". Some comment that she could give Miku Hatsune a run for her money with this performance.

    Luo Tianyi 
  • "Lush" by Balor81 shows she can be just as good at traditional Chinese ballads as she is at modern music.
  • Wing Yi's "March Rain" is an incredibly beautiful song. It is worth checking out the uploader's description on the meaning of the lyrics.
  • "The Past is Like a Dream" by FromInt and Hēi shì. Tianyi's voice is very smooth, and the chorus is gorgeous.
  • Wugui and āi pī xióng's "Sun Quan the Emperor" is a hot-blooded tribute to Sun Quan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms fame with an amazing hand-illustrated MV. It's the first Luo Tianyi solo song to have gotten more than a million views on Bilibili, and it completely deserves it.

  • "Brain" by Teddyloid is one of those tracks that takes advantage of Vocaloid's naturally robotic sound.
  • "Endless Dream" by Metragoon is delightfully minimalist with just three instruments: a piano, a cello, and Galaco's voice. There's something about it that just sticks with you after listening to it.
  • "Happy Girl" by kagomeP, prepare yourself for some sugary sweet Galaco goodness.
  • Northernusako's "Kanto de la Cielarko", a soothing, ethereal song.
  • Metragoon's cover of "Once Upon A December" will give you chills.

  • "Akkanbeda" by PinocchioP is about a girl who can't confess to her crush. While it initially seems to just be a typical, soft J-pop song, the chorus hits you like a hammer and the song takes such a seemingly simple theme into a heartwrenching turn.
  • "Bad-Mouthing" by SEDO Sounder is an upbeat, yet melancholic track that makes good use of a retro, jazz-like sound and accordions. Despite being such a bouncy track, the atmosphere manages to fit perfectly with the sad lyrics.
  • "Blue" by 164 treats her Yandere theme in a more subtle way, making it more emotional, and uses good instrumentation.
  • "Chimidoro Switch" (which can mean either "Blood-Stained Switch" or "Desperate Struggle Switch") by mothy, a catchy song with a rather disturbing, but fascinating storyline about a girl's internal struggle against her murderous alternate self.
  • Her cover of "Chloe". The song fits her very well... not surprisingly, considering the song's subject.
  • "Cradle×Infection by Yairi is a djent-styled track with lots of stylish, bright imagery, and of course, cats! Beware the Epileptic Flashing Lights, however.
  • "Cross Scissors" by P-Chick is a (misleadingly) cute-sounding track inspired by French pop music. Despite its... grotesque themes, it's still worth a listen, especially if you're into horror.
  • Maxi's cover of "Double Lariat" is really cute, too.
  • ryu☆'s "Dreamin'", one of her demo songs, is an upbeat, catchy EDM track that manages to make her sing in English! Making it even better are the lyrics themed around space.
  • "Dream Tale" by Maatarou is a soft and melancholic J-pop track about not being able to meet a loved one, except for through dreams. While the lyrics are sad, they also manage to be heartwarming, and the song itself is absolutely wonderful and charming.
  • "Escape from Dystopia" by cosMo is a very emotional and moving song.
  • Hororong's "Failover", once again proving MAYU works incredibly with EDM and trance, is a deep track about someone who wants to escape from a possibly abusive situation, with despondent lyrics.
  • Deadball-P's "Formalin Sea" is very beautiful, but also really creepy.
  • "Galileo" by Aonoumi is one of her early songs, and has a very creepy atmosphere that goes well with the Yandere-themed lyrics.
  • "Go Ahead(๑'ᴗ'๑)" is yet another catchy, jazz fusion-styled track from SEDO Sounder. Adding even more to this song are the lyrics, which are from the perspective of a Deadpan Snarker giving a pompous jerk a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • "I Can Only Hear the Sound of Tears" by SEDO Sounder is a Genre-Busting song that combines an electronic glitch sound, RnB, and synthpop elements. The song even has a small Shout-Out to Powapowa-P's Strobe Series, as he passed away about a year before this song's release.
  • SEDO Sounder's "I Don't Wanna Know" is an awesome deep house-esque track - let's just say this isn't SEDO's Breakthrough Hit for nothing!
  • "I wish" by DJ UTO is a fun happy hardcore song with a fast tempo, contrasted with lyrics that are like something out of a sentimental ballad - but it still manages to be a great song, nonetheless.
  • From ryu☆ comes "Only for you", one of MAYU's demo songs, a catchy happy hardcore track that's sure to be a hit at a rave.
  • Hayato's "Phantom of Nightmare" is a magnificent symphonic rock song, complete with creepy Halloween-themed lyrics, a Nightmare Fuel-filled PV, and excellent use and tuning of MAYU's vocals.
  • "SW" (also known as "One More Time") by Starving Trancer, is a forlorn love song, yet manages to be have a badass trance beat.
  • Dixie Flatline's "Uso to Nuigurumi" is adorable. VERY adorable.
  • MikitoP's "Yuudachi no Ribbon" is a very underrated song both of her and of her producer. Her voice matches well with the rock music as she tells a story of love on a rainy day.

  • "5AM" by Pumpkin Head is a very chilling song with beautiful visuals that match the mysterious, somber mood and very lovely sounding vocals from Avanna.
  • Sailor Enlil's cover of Vonda Shepard's "Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow" - she sounds rather mournful, as if actually expressing the broken hearted nature of the song.
  • "Come (This is The Way)" by Robot Dolls is a 90s-esque dance-pop song about alien robots abducting a human that they love, despite the human voicing her lack of desire to leave Earth. It's a wild song, to say the least!
  • "Emotionless" by Circus-P is an EDM song that makes interesting use of her vocals, as the producer did not do any extensive tuning, which ends up working for the brokenhearted mood of the song.
  • Her cover of Enya's "Exile" actually fits her singing style quite well. Then again, this is an Enya song, and Avanna is Celtic, so...
  • "Ganelon" by RorunaK is a synthpop song with light chiptune influences, inspired by the character from The Song of Roland. The synthesizers fit surprisingly well with the dark themes and the more traditional instrumentation.
  • RorunaK's "Good Night and Sweet Dreams" is a sweet, simple ballad about seeing a loved one off for the night, but despite its simplicity, don't be surprised if it makes you shed a few tears.
  • Her cover of "Hold Me" is quite well done, showing her lovely vocalizations.
  • "I'll Be Here" by nostraightanswer was written with the theme "coping with feelings of inadequacy", and the lyrics illustrate this in a bittersweet yet beautiful way. Completing it is the jazzy tune that combines the feelings of hope within recovering from insecurity, and Avanna's heartwrenching delivery.
  • v3xman's cover of the Les Misérables song "I Dreamed a Dream" shows how emotional her voice can be.
  • Max5141's cover of Lily Allen's "Not Fair" is surprisingly well done despite how soft Avanna's voice tends to be for this type of song.
  • Ariotsu's cover of Paramore's "The Only Exception" has amazingly realistic vocalization.
  • Her cover of Donna Summer's "Power of One" from Pokemon 2000. Some of the best vocalizations by Avanna.
  • "Roamer with the Bell" by Kinra is hauntingly beautiful, and has some of the most realistic talking to come out of Vocaloid.
  • Porter Robinson's "Sad Machine", which features Avanna on vocals, is nothing short of beautiful.
  • "Silence" shows that niki can work wonders with other Vocaloids besides Lily.
  • v3xman's cover of Carole King's "You've Got A Friend" is simply beautiful.

    ZOLA Project 
  • If you want something a little goofier (or are just really into acapella or Undertale) then "Bonetrousle" by miodiodavinci might be up your alley.
  • "Crossbill" by solcluster is a Tear Jerker with a interesting PV created in RPG Maker.
  • midiodavinci's cover of "Donut Hole" with Kyo is definitely one worth checking out even if you're not a fan of Kyo or ZOLA Project. The lip synching in the PV is especially well done.
  • "Theatre 8" by Yukitsuki, a fun and upbeat song that really shows off how well the ZOLA boys harmonize.

    Yan He 
  • "The Age of Swords and Blades" by litterzy and Jimmy has a really amazing PV that makes Yan He sound like an Action Girl.
  • "Assassins", by the same artists as "The Age of Swords and Blades", litterzy and Jimmy, is just as spectacular as its predecessor, featuring an amazing track that combines the growl of electric guitar with the traditional Chinese guzheng and dizi, and that's on top of Yanhe's beautiful, emotional-sounding voice!
  • Dr. Yun and GhostFinal's "Rain of Dreams" is a catchy song with an amazing MMD animation.

  • Gran678's cover of "Circus Monster" is often cited to be just as good as Cul's and VY2's.
  • "The Distortionist" by GHOST really makes Yohioloid sound like a human, and brings more life into the song! Not only that, but its instrumental is one of the best in any of their songs - it captures the chaotic and unpredictable personality of "The Distortionist" very well!
  • "I Only Wait For You" by the hoshizora project is one of the best existing uses of his Japanese voicebank.
  • Apakilypse presented us with "NeapolitaN", in which his bilingual capability worked really well.
  • His "Yume to Hazakura" cover probably has some of his smoothest, most emotional tuning yet.

  • Maika is a Spanish Vocaloid, but to hear her sing Edith Piaf in surprisingly good French is powerful stuff.
  • Maika covering "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" composed by Pringer X BM in Spanish is also great due to her clear-sounding voice.
  • "Define Me" by nostraightanswer has a catchy tune and uses Maika's voice very well.
  • "The Dream Granter by Vane has Maika sing in very good English to a wonderfully orchestrated instrumental.
  • "Happy Days" by GHOST is a very relatable song. It's about a girl who believes her lover hates her, and would do anything just to get him to like her again. This song really captures Maika's vocals in a way that makes her sound artificial, yet human. It provides a perfect contrast to "The Distortionist".
  • From DoNotCross-P is "The Judge", which is absolutely stunning.
  • "Lunar", a song in Spanish by lNahual that mixes a Techno beat and Maika's voice.
  • This cover of Maldita's "Porque" by v3xman2 shows that Maika can do the Tagalog and Chavacano languages well, seeing as the former is derived from the Spanish language while the latter sounds like it.
  • Pringer X BM's cover of "Simple and Clean" in Spanish is amazing. It's one of the cleanest covers of this song.
  • DoNotCross-P cover of "Still Alive", the theme of Mirror's Edge, in Ukrainian is beautiful.
  • "Tiempos" by YZYX is a great song using different ranges for her voice.
  • Her V3 Demo "Waves of Change" by EmpathP is actually really good, and makes great use of her English capabilities.


    Macne Nana 
  • The user arashifanboy111 has made some great covers with Macne Nana, like "Eye of the Tiger" and "It's Been So Long", that make her sound realistic and endearing with her accent.
  • "Heal Me" by Luna is sugary sweet without being overbearing thanks to Nana's soft and light vocals.
  • "Star of the Show" by GHOST has a chaotic, wild feeling to it that’s perfectly fitting for a circus, while the lyrics describe the frustrating pedestal that music creators are put upon in a very real way.

  • Her demo song "Beats of Silence" by seleP shows that her voice can be used in fast-paced songs as well.
  • "Vise de îndrăgostit" by neutrinoP demonstrates the versatility of her voicebank by having her sing in Romanian. It's remarkably well-pronounced, too!

    Anon & Kanon 
  • HattyP's "dependence", a good song that uses their voicebanks very well.
  • One of their demo songs, "Heart Chrome" by HachiojiP, shows how good their voices can sound with each other. "Magical Symmetry" by tilt-six is another fantastic demo.
  • Ayalis's "Love is Full Throttle!!" is a great Eurobeat song that, in addition to being catchy, shows off Kanon's ability to rap.
  • Kanon's strong vocal is used very effectively in her covers of "Outer Science" and "Neapolitan", both by Hyurno.
  • "Wavering Midnight" by udonzky is unusual and contrasts their voices well.

    V Flower 
  • "Abnormality Dancin' Girl" is perhaps one of Guchiry's most iconic tracks, being a crazy, fast-paced and chaotic song that will easily worm itself into your brain. Making it hit even harder is its forlorn lyrics about a girl losing sight of herself due to pressures at school and being outcast by her peers, thus turning herself into something she never wished to be to cope with the trauma of it all.
  • "Absolute Music Dance by Utsu-P is so catchy and demonstrates her growl very well.
  • "Appetite of a People Pleaser by GHOST features Surprisingly Good English from flower, and has a chaotic, experimental rock atmosphere with an Uncommon Time that fits the psychological conflict depicted in the lyrics perfectly.
  • Circus-P's "Better Off Worse" is not only an amazing example of how flexible Flower is for English tuning, but overall an absolute gem of a song, being a showcase of Circus-P's style at its finest. What makes it even more impactful is that it very obviously draws from the producer's own experience with being an online content creator, and what the dark side of internet fame can do to one's mental health.
  • Tou's "Break-Up Talk", a Break Up Song, makes good use of her higher tones and is very catchy in its own right.
  • One of her big hits, "Charles" by balloon, is another break up story told with an interesting mix of vocals and digital sound.
  • Kyaami's cover of "Close To You is so realistic and heart-breaking, you can actually feel the emotion in her voice. The English lyrics are found here.
  • Hiiragi Kirai outdoes themself once again with "Eva" in perhaps one of the best showcases of their chaotic, insane swing-style. The lyrics presumably draw from the Eve and tree of knowledge mythos, creating a narrative about someone who has lost their hope in humanity and cannot stand to see the evils humans throw at each other.
  • nulut's "Fixer" is a kicking jam, with a catchy electro swing beat and surprisingly depressing lyrics. Don't let the song's theme get you down, however - "Fixer" is a wonderful song and all of its aspects, both musical and lyrical, are conveyed eloquently.
  • Hanyuu Maigo's "Hare Hare Ya" fuses a calm trip hop sound with elements of Japanese folk music. It's a beautiful song, through and through, and definitely a great listen on a quiet evening.
  • St. Derp's cover of "Karma" is absolutely beautiful. Flower's powerful voice really brings out the emotion that the song carries.
  • "Living ghost is alive" by Utsu-P is a hard-hitting thrash metal song with forlorn lyrics about suddenly passing away. The PV is wild, to say the least, and has all these cute characters, throwaway jokes and... lots of dark imagery, like nooses, ghosts and coffins, making it look almost like a Sugar Apocalypse.
  • Hiiragi Kirai's "Love ka?" takes an unusual turn on Flower's rock-oriented voice, and turns it into a raspy vocal styling coupled with an awesome swing beat. The end result is a curiously stylish song, complete with shark-themed puns!
  • "Lower one's eyes" is another bop from nulut in his signature swing style, complete with an emotional and intense chorus. Even more iconic than the song itself is its music video and story - which depicts a gender-flipped Judas and Jesus, complete with lesbian Homoerotic Subtext and all.
  • Polygon-P's cover of "Meltdown," bringing a very powerful edge to the song.
  • Kyaami did a cover of "No Logic" using her. Flower's vocals are absolutely powerful in this version of the song.
  • YUXSE's "Originality Chainsaw" is one hidden gem of a banger. YUXSE artfully combines funk rock with an electro-metal style you wouldn't find from many other producers, the psychedelic music video only adds to the awe of it all, and one can't forget Flower's absolutely badass delivery in the whole song.
  • "People Allergy" by Kairiki Bear makes good use of her V4 banks.
  • Tezuka's "Rainbow Cider" is an energetic but sentimental pop rock ballad about moving forward after the loss of a loved one. It can easily hit home for quite a few people, but ends on a heartwarming note.
  • Polygon-P's "Rolling Girl (Rock Version)" cover. Her voice is powerful, and will probably give you goosebumps.
  • "A Teacher, Detained" by HoneyWorks, her demo, has a great story line, and it just shows how great V Flower's voice is.
  • RO-Z's cover of "Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho." Her voice sounds so real here.
  • "Traffic Jam" is just one of NILFRUITS' many hits with Flower, and it can't be denied that its fame is well-deserved. NILFRUITS' signature funk style, dark lyrics and weird visuals shine beautifully in this masterpiece.
  • Kairiki Bear's "Venom" is a bouncy, rocking tune that makes great use of harmonies. There's a reason it's their most-viewed song.
  • "Villain" by Teniwoha has got an addictive, low-key rhythm-n-blues melody with a hard-hitting chorus. Not only is it a fun tune to jam out to, it's also received much-deserved acclaim for being a rebellion anthem of Japan's queer subcultures - being written from the perspective of a gay, nonbinary person falling in love in an unaccepting society, but choosing to pursue their love anyways.

    Tohoku Zunko 
  • CircusP gives us her cover of "Creative", based on Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Her sweet voice singing creepy lyrics is a good reproduction of the original video.

  • YinRuna's cover of "Anti-Beat", which shows that her voice can be powerful as well.
  • "Full Steam", by Nejishiki. An upbeat song that can act as a good motivational music.
  • "Heart Break" by KASANE. Rana usually sings upbeat songs but this shows that she can also sing deeper, more dramatic songs just as good.
  • Her tuning in "Jealousy" by *Luna is splendid, and she sounds lovely here.
  • "The Multiplication Table Song" by Yaduki is a fun little ditty, with Rana happily teaching the listener how to study multiplication. Who ever thought learning math could be so catchy?!
  • "Peanut Butter Roll For Lunch" by Croissant Chicago is a dreamy, lighthearted song about having sweets for lunch while floating in the sky. Rana's voice is an endearing addition, giving the song a feeling of childlike wonder.
  • From her demos, we have "Rainbow Colored Monster" by monaca:factory, a cheery song that's Sweet Dreams Fuel.
  • The mixing in kyaami's cover of "Uraomote Fortune" sounds really smooth and shows how cute Rana's voice can be.
  • A cool-sounding application can be seen in PlantyP's cover of "Yellow".

  • Marz Mitzi's "Chaos Theory" has an unconventional sound, but Chika's robotic vocals work well with the chaotic melody accompanying it.
  • Her V3 Demo "ET CETERA" by Peperon-P is very bouncy and upbeat. Her voice also sounds surprisingly realistic here.
  • Eyeris's "Love" is a chilling tune about false love and pity.
  • "Raining Without Snow" by Yuki is a beautiful piano accompaniment with Chika, who sounds very much like her voice provider here.

    Xin Hua 

    Yuezheng Ling 
  • "Nine-Nine-Eighty-One" by Wugui, Xie Jiao Jiaozhu, Nalan Xunfeng, and xinkun is a Hot-Blooded and energetic track that sums up the Journey to the West and all of the people and places Sun Wukong encounters in less than five minutes!
  • "Scarlet Drop" by Rosary is one of Ling's official demo songs, and damn is it good. Her cute and sweet voice contrasts nicely against the roaring metal track.
  • Ddickky's "Seattle Story II", a sequel to Tianyi's "Seattle Story", is a lovely duet ballad between Ling and Tianyi that's dominated by Ling, with an absolutely adorable PV featuring Tianyi as a foodie and Ling as her slightly exasperated but loving girlfriend.

     Anri Rune 

  • Creep-P's "Exorcism" is as catchy as it is eerie.
  • "Kaleidoscope Haze" is the first song by Project Overdoze using Cyber Diva, and damn is it catchy as hell.
  • "Nebulaholic" by Circus-P is a trance song with a smooth yet upbeat, catchy beat - and it has a (fairly dark) story about a space goddess creating the perfect life! Everything is better in space!
  • GaugeN's "The Subject of The Witch Hunt" is an epic electro track inspired by Town of Salem.
  • "Sympathy" by PIO shows that she can work very well with ballads.

  • Kyaami's Japanese cover of Disney's "Reflection" shows off her voice very well.
  • Although she's suited for slower songs, NatsumiP's fast-paced "Saki Hana" shows that Sachiko's fully capable of rocking out.
  • Her voice fits surprisingly well with "The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka" covered by Zefurr.

  • HeartBreaker and Ruby pull of a spectacular duet in "THE HEIGHTS" by Heart★Breaker & Nachokuma. Ruby's robotic tuning harmonizes really well with Heart★Breaker's voice, and the instrumental fuses EDM and classical violin gloriously.
  • HeartBreaker gives us "Selfish", an EDM pop song that's as fun and glitzy as a mainstream track you'd hear on the radio.
  • YusukeKira's "Unbreakable" is one of the best uses of Ruby.

  • GHOST's "Black and White" is an excellent showcase of DEX's abilities.
  • WinterdrivE manages to get almost human sounding results with DEX in her cover of "Honey I'm Good".
  • GHOST uses DEX again in the Creepy Awesome "Honey I'm Home". Note how well he hits that F2 around 2:10. The fact that there were 41 covers of this song in a week (and one of them was by Dex’s voice provider, nostraightanswer) says volumes about how talented GHOST is.
  • GiantOrigami's cover of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz is quite emotional and sweet.
  • MakkuSan's "Situation of Mine" knocks it out of the park with some seriously handsome tuning.

  • "Dreamer" by Soup is a Celtic folk-inspired ballad, starting out soft to gradually become a slightly busier, yet beautiful production. Word of God confirms this song is dedicated to Soup's friend, making such a sweet song even more heartwarming. DAINA's vocals are gorgeous here, too, perfectly complementing this song.
  • "Left Behind" by EmpathP is heartwrenching.
  • As usual, MakkuSan gives us some seriously gorgeous tuning in his "Karma" cover that makes Daina sound genuinely heartbroken and agonized, which is no small feat considering how difficult she can be to tune at all.
  • "Spectacle" by nostraightanswer, featuring wonderfully tuned vocals from Circus-P. It's a stylish, upbeat garage house song, providing a unique and refreshing addition to Vocaloid's EDM scene. The lyrics are about a personal experience of the producer, conveyed by deep, thought-provoking, yet straightforward lyrics. And not only does it have a lovely instrumental, vocals, and lyrics, even the illustration is as gorgeous as the rest of the song!

  • rerulili's "The Day I Became a Monster", one of Fukase's three demos. His voice works with the fast tempo of the song, and it doesn't sound too out of place with standard anime theme songs.
  • Hyurno's cover of "GHOST RULE" is right up there with the original.
  • 40mP's A Happy Ending that Nobody Knows About is a very sweet, yet grandiose song about a perfectly ordinary old couple. (No properly subbed versions of the video exists, so here is the wikia translation.) He strikes again with his self-cover of "The Boy and the Magic Robot", a sweet song about a young composer and the robot girl who helps sing his songs.
  • "Nayameru Shônen Nuge Shôjo", by Owata-P (who also composed the well-known Benzene song series). Part raunchy comedy and part genuinely heartfelt reflections on romance, sexuality and the different ways people approach these issues, all set to a very catchy tune.
  • Kobayashi Onyx's "Präparat Days" is beautifully poignant.
  • "Samara 1921" by Ferry is a somber song with excellent tuning and a well-made PV.
  • Bibi's cover of "Solitary Hide-and-Seek Envy" gives him a deeper voice than what we're normally accustomed to, but it's still smooth and pleasant to listen to even if the lyrics are depressing.

     Otomachi Una 
  • "Beast Dance by KurageP uses her voice to capture the song's bitterness perfectly, and serves as a good demo for her talking voice.
  • "Booo!" by TOKOTOKO, despite being a song from a woman who's frustrated with her boyfriend, is a light and upbeat rock song.
  • "DANCE! VR DANCE!" is another delicious banger from KurageP, combining the sensibilities of chiptune elements and upbeat J-rock. The lyrics are a surprisingly cynical but fun anthem for virtual reality-obsessed youth, while also practically screaming "OK, boomer"!
  • Kinoshita's "Hayaku Sore ni Naritai!" is a nice, fast tempo song with her at the higher end of the spectrum.
  • "I Hate It! I Hate It! Huge Ego!" by KurageP, her demo, displays her best qualities very well.
  • Una's vocals fit right in with "Q" by agohiza, and sound powerful at the appropriate moments.
  • "Schadenfreude" is a lowkey electro-rock track by Guchiry, complete with a stylish but foreboding atmosphere. It features the producer's unique style of social commentary, with lyrics about an emotional manipulator who preys on a vulnerable girl.
  • "Someday in that Summer" by *Luna is a musical exhortation to make the most out of life, and the song's sheer, infectious energy will make you want to get out and find something big to do.

     Cyber Songman 

     Haruno Sora 
  • "Donna Kotoba nara Todokimasu ka?" by AHS Co., a duet between her Natural and Cool vocals. If you didn't believe a voice bank could pull off soft, '60s style musical numbers, this will prove you wrong.
  • GYARI's "The Endlessly Praising Haruno Sora-sensei" makes good use of all three vocals, and its optimistic outlook and theme are more than enough to make a down-on-their-luck listener smile.

     Kizuna Akari 
  • "Akari Has Arrived" by GYARI makes use of Akari's VOICEROID bank to create a stupidly catchy song whose lyrics are almost entirely onomatopoeia.
  • "Reunion" by *Luna is an upbeat, optimistic tropical house song.
  • "Uchû Shôjo no UFO" ("The Space Girl's UFO") by Yaduki, a very pretty rock-ballad-style song.

  • "The Fifteen Year Old's Argument" by Kasamura Tota is a gorgeous piano ballad about learning to stand up for yourself. Anyone who grew up with overbearing or controlling parents will be able to relate.