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    Lamy Yukihana 
  • During Lamy's debut, while introducing her upcoming colleagues, she accidentally typed Nene's last name as "Suzumomo" ("Momosuzu" in reverse). The fans would follow suit after.
  • Upon getting monetized, Lamy's fans took the opportunity to bully her with Superchats. She was unable to stream Getting Over It for nearly four minutes due to being stunned at the amount of money was being thrown her way, with her stuttering, cute reactions and calls to calm down only prompting the chat to accelerate.
  • Lamy sneezes on stream. What follows is a long stream of Superchats.
  • During one of her morning talk streams she brings out a pair of fish sausages, and without any prompting, proceeds to smack them against each other. Cue comments of Lamy beating her meat.
  • Lamy decides to avoid the number 3 for the entirety of 2021, especially since she draws "Misfortune" not once but twice on both the Omikuji fortune draws in Botan's New Year's Outfit reveal stream and Miko's "Divine Elite Miko-sama" stream. In both instances, Lamy picked the 3rd option available, hence her wariness of the number 3. The chat procedes to point out the presence of the number 3 in various places on Lamy's stream and in general.
  • Lamy brings her fish sausages back for an ASMR stream, where she proceeds to bonk her ASMR head mic with it, giggling all the while. When she stops, someone in the chat says "I want you to keep beating me with your fish sausage", prompting her to say there's a yabai person present before she eats it.
  • Lamy dissolves into a laughing fit when watching Bayonetta in action, and can't help but Lampshade pretty much everything going on.
  • During her 700,000-subscriber call-in stream, Noel comes in with a present for the occasion: A bottle of her own milk. Lamy is super excited to receive it and plays around with the size. When Noel indicates that it's fresh, Lamy immediately puts the bottle on her head "to feel the warmth".
  • During a talk stream, while discussing YAGOO's interview with Coco, Lamy reveals that before their debut, Gen 5 had asked him for some material to make memes out of, and he not only supplied them with a photo of himself but also recorded an ASMR. Another staffer also took a video of him doing the recording.
  • Lamy recounts the time she met Yagoo while in a waiting room with Fubuki and Korone. Meeting him in person was apparently so rare that they went and fawned over him while Lamy immediately took pictures. He was also apparently unsurprised with having his picture taken so suddenly as he just smiled and posed for everything.
  • Lamy once showed Okayu her Korone impression of calling her name. While everyone else thought it was accurate, Okayu... did not.
  • When a viewer tells her that he left her stream early to go watch Marine and Noel's penalty bath stream, she gets noticeably jealous, positions herself low so that only her head is visible, turns on the reverb, and pretends that she's doing a bath stream right then and there.
  • Yukimins troll a drunk Lamy, who is playing Minecraft with a few superchats professing their love for her manager. She gets jealous and tells them that they should be careful at night.
    • She then asks her chat who they like between her, her manager and Yagoo, and she gets overwhelmed by the amount of Yagoo stans in her chat. The discussion then goes into her asking what kind of Yagoo merchandise they might like, which has her dying inside as the chat goes into overdrive talking Yagoo body pillows, mousepads, posters, voice packs and such.
  • Lamy tries to dissuade her chat from the idea of Yagoo's engagement ring as merchandise by putting forward a scenario of them wearing Yagoo's and her commemorative ring together and saying how weird that would be. Their response is to scold her for trying to NTR Yagoo.

    Nene Momosuzu 
  • During Botan's debut after-party, she requests Nene to improvise a song for her after hearing her do the same for Lamy. Nene comes up with something short and cute, if a bit rushed. Botan suggests Nene do one for Aloe, who's set to debut the next day, and Nene slips up mid-lyric.
    Nene: Ma! Ma-ma-Mano! Gan[baru]— Waitwaitwait! Gan—(breaks into laughter)
    Lamy: Did you crash into something?
    Botan: Did you collide with a truck? Are you okay?
  • Nene regularly improvises lyrics to her outro theme, usually based on the stream's content. One of her streams involved a translated conversation, so Gratuitous English ensued with the outro.
  • During one stream, Nene told her viewers that she talked to Kiara about some of the western TV shows that she enjoyed. She thought they were great romances and expected Kiara to agree, but instead she laughed and told Nene that they were shows for kids. When the chat asks, she provides the names: iCarly, Victorious, and Hannah Montana. At that point, most of the chat's attitude shifted from "Kiara's being a bit mean" to "Never mind, she was right."
  • Nene decided to write "I'm Nene" on the wall of her floor of 5th Gen's Minecraft condo, carved in giant, shining glowstone letters. Thing is, she undertook that project from inside the building...
    Botan, staring at the huge ƎNƎNMI sign on their house: (laughs) It kinda looks like Eminem.
  • Nene tries her hand at Cooking Simulator. In response to an order for Tomato Soup, she proceedes to make it out of anything but tomatoes, at first trying to put salmon, chicken bouillon, and cayenne pepper powder into a broth to turn it red, which doesn't work. A second order of Tomato Soup leaves her speechless before she resorts to blending carrot, beet, and chicken bouillon into a red-looking mixture. The glitchy pouring mechanics in the game means none of the resulting liquid gets into the bowl.
  • Nene is asked about the size of her "boing boings". She chastises the chat for being perverted before commenting "Please decide with your own two eyes."
  • In a humorous rant sparked off by the chat being shocked that she blew her nose on stream, Nene drops some hard truths about idols and what they can or cannot do, even mentioning subversions of the tropes around Contractual Purity.
    Nene: Even Idols have to go to the toilet!
  • Nene playing Planet Coaster had her test out all the rides upon finishing their building. As opposed to just relaxing and commenting on how well the rides were constructed, she would superimpose a pair of hands and coaster restraints over her model and scream as if she were on the ride herself.
  • During one of her free talk streams, she says she's going to the bathroom, then puts up the words "RESTROOM TIME" as an overlay. Instead of actually going to the bathroom, though, she tries to fit the two Os over her eyes as if it were a pair of novelty glasses. Humorously, she spends the next several minutes attempting to get her model to stay in place while trying to get out of her seat. A month later, she tries to pull the same stunt again with a "RESTROOM TIME" image with bigger Os, only to find out it's still every bit as difficult to do as it was before, much to her frustration.
  • Nene hears Mario's famous Catchphrase and badly mishears the pronunciation. The enthusiasm in her voice as she thought she connected the dots is the cherry on top.
    Mario: Let's-a go!
    Nene: ...hexagon!
  • On Feburary 23, 2021, Nene started up a stream on Kiara's channel. The reaction of viewers ranged from being befuddled to thinking that this was the work of a new form of Nene, Super Hacker Nenechi. note 
  • Nene got hit with a red Superchat whose only message is "hey dude". She is so dumbfounded that someone would spend that much money to say just those words that she spends the next minute mulling over it and repeating "Hey dude!" back.
  • She is really receptive to being told by a viewer that her name in Chinese means "rubbing and sucking on boobs"Explanation . She says she's troubled, but her words, tone, and expression say otherwise and she even declares "Isn't my name the strongest?"
  • When someone Superchats that they want a divorce, Nene has a breakdown and makes every effort to keep the viewer as one of her thousands of husbands. It ends in her showing a picture of her posing with bear gloves, which actually works.
  • Not only does Nene join in on the trend of putting her feet on the table, but she also commissioned a seal tail in the same position!
  • Nene accidentally insults her senpai when reading out a Superchat: The total of Rushia plus Kanatan plus Sui-chan is 0. She responds to that by saying that all of them plus her is 100, thinking about bust size. The same commenter replies "0 is the number of dakutenExplanation  included in their name. You have a dirty mind. You need to apologize."
  • While reading off her superchats after a Rhythm Heaven playthrough, Nene mishears the text-to-speech translation of "far cuter" and mistakes it for "FAQ you", only realizing its true meaning after being told by her chat.
    • She has a bit of difficulty in one section and decides to power herself up by wearing Lamy's panties on her head. It works, she wins and she's so thankful that she peppers it with kisses before putting it back on her head.

    Botan Shishiro 
  • During a Minecraft stream, after raiding the Nether, she decides to visit Lamy, who is busy constructing her house. She then notices and has a Double Take when she sees Lamy's skeletal horse in her house. After a second of stunned silence, Botan shrugs it off and continues her business.
  • Botan decides to set up a pitfall prank for Nene. She's not as malicious as the other pranksters, and sets up a small pitfall with a cushion of Soft Water to ensure that Nene won't die. Sure enough, Nene survives the fall... but dies from a point-blank TNT explosion.
  • Botan directly and indirectly causes problems for one of the allied NPCs in Far Cry 5. The first incident has her injure him via a delayed grenade blast, while the second involves a helicopter she is in landing on top of the same NPC. Somehow, the game still lists him as fit for duty despite this.
  • In Botan's House Flipper gameplay, she made fun of putting images of other hololive members as posters in weird places of her house like Nene above a kitchen sink; pictures of Pekora, Moona, and Kiara together in one room; and putting a chainsaw in front of a picture of Lamy doing a "gangimari" face.
  • Botan's Trials Rising stream has her at what may be her loudest yet, spending basically the entire playthrough in laughing fits. Things get ridiculous when she uses the shopping cart and she wheezes hard enough to rival Mio, to the amusement of her fans.
  • At the end of her New Year's outfit reveal stream, Botan offers the viewers a chance to pick an Omikujinote . She details the outcomes for each one that is chosen, most of them being fairly lighthearted. When it comes to the outcome for those who drew "Great Misfortune", the explanation is simply a very large picture of Botan tinted dark blue with a shocked expression on her face.
    Botan: I kind of...have no joke for this...sorry about this...
  • It appears that Botan has a specific weakness on extreme sport games with ragdoll physics like the aforementioned Trials Rising - on her STEEP stream, she once again loses herself laughing whenever her character crashes on something.
  • Botan's 3D debut featured a skit where she's enlisted to defend YAGOO (depicted as a 2D cutout) from some generic soldiers. What would come off as an Escort Mission gets derailed when YAGOO proves to be surprisingly capable for a civilian. The first time, she uses YAGOO himself as a Human Shield, and despite turning him invincible with a Super Star-like rainbow glow he takes a wound and she fails the mission. The next time, she sets a landmine to ambush the soldiers, only to blow herself and YAGOO up. The third attempt is a success after she enlarges the invincible YAGOO into an effective riot shield.
    • When she talks about the planning stages of her 3D debut, it turns out that a lot of what went into that skit came from upper management. She said that she just wanted to incorporate a FPS scenario into it, but the ideas to have YAGOO as a hostage, using him as a meat-shield, and having him light up came from up top. She got a bit worried about it until they told her that YAGOO already gave his blessing for everything.
  • While playing 44 Minutes in Nightmare, Botan comes across one of the enemies in the game. With total nonchalance, she shoots and downs the ghost in one shot, much to her amusement.
  • During a Q&A stream with Okayu, Botan revealed that she would preferer OkaShishi (Okayu as the seme, Botan as the uke) over ShishiOka (Botan as the seme, Okayu as the uke). When someone made an "Always has been"-type meme about the situation on Reddit ("Wait?! She's a bottom?!"), Botan herself commented on the post.
    u/shishirobotaaaaan: [three "sunglasses" emojis]
  • Unlike most of the other idols, Botan left the Monster Hunter: Rise character creator that looked nothing like herself. Instead, she made a weird old guy with a Ronald McDonald hairdo.
  • Watame pops up in the chat of Botan's Ghostrunner stream, but she doesn't notice this. When the chat is pointing out Watame, Botan first thinks they're talking about the Fat Rat BBQ signage or the sausage cart.
  • During a Minecraft stream, she notices that her pants are nearly destroyed and remarks that she'd like Lamy to be there when it does. Then she goes to Lamy, who is also doing a Minecraft solo stream, and presents herself sans trousers while making sure to remove them only when Lamy's not looking. Later, when her pants finally do get destroyed by fall damage, she goes into third-person mode, jokes that she shouldn't show herself in such a state of undress, and covers herself using a torch.
  • Being a big FPS player, Botan is very familiar with the Serious Sam series. As a way of demonstrating this, all her streams of the series include "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa" and she has a tendency of harmonizing with the Kamikaze enemies whenever they appear.
  • Upon encountering Heisenberg's propeller minion in Resident Evil Village, the chat dubs him "Airman", whereupon Botan asks the chat not to because she won't be able to stop laughing otherwise. Not that it stops them or her because she moves on to positing that they all just saw Airman's sad past.
  • Botan is normally fearless and unshakeable, fitting of a lion, but she has shared that she is afraid of something: Her RGB YAGOO stamps.
  • Botan decides to flex the power of her RTX 3090 in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator by pitting an enormous army of cheap units against a small force that includes Tree Giants and gatling guns. The framerate tanks completely, but the game manages to keep going. The troubles don't stop when the match is over, either - when she returns to the prep stage, the units start loading back in sequentially at about a dozen per second, and hitting the clear key only gets rid of the units currently loaded. She has to exit to the main menu to clean up her mess.
  • During her third Payday 2 stream, she gets confused with a SWAT NPC that turned to her side and spent a good deal of time shooting and bonking him until she learned that it was actually an ally.
  • Botan does a superchat and talking stream where she gets inundated with requests from SSRB to hit them. This ramps up towards the end where they keep asking for it one after another, then a first-time viewer pops up in the middle of it, who's largely clueless but decides to just go with the flow.
  • Botan finds it absolutely hilarious that Menya Botan's opening date is on her official profile page.
  • On 2nd September 2021 Botan revealed her new outfits. When she declared that it also has a set of glasses to go with it, viewers were excited... and then she reveals that it's a set of night vision goggles, which can flick on and off as she blinks.
  • To commemorate the opening of her ramen shop, Botan treats her gen-mates to ramen dishes styled after themselves.
    • Lamy's is a cold ramen, which causes the girls to immediately interject when they find out that the dish starts with a chilled soy sauce base.
    • Polka's ramen ingredients list starts pretty normally until it gets topped with cherry tomatoes, grapefruits, and a couple of firework sticks to resemble her ears. Surprisingly, it tastes good, fireworks aside.
    • Nene's ramen is quite mundane if you excuse the mountain of shredded cabbage and beansprouts floating atop the noodles. Then, it is topped with a sliced peach "as dessert". Turns out the peach flavour overpowers all the other ingredients.
  • During a post-game superchat session on the 14th of September 2021, Botan receives a superchat from a viewer who tells her about his plans to deliver a realistic (presumably airsoft) model AK-47 rifle as a birthday present to her. This coming from a Russian fan; Botan naturally assumes that he somehow intended to send her a real Kalashnikov rifle and replies with Cover's latest policy restricting fan-mailed gifts and also cites Japan's firearms laws before realizing that the request was referring to a model gun. She laughs it off and thanks the viewer anyway for the kind thoughts.

    Polka Omaru 
  • Polka's debut stream stood out from the rest of the 5th Gen's by radiating chaotic energy throughout, demonstrating her multitude of instruments and noisemakers, and zipping across the screen during the screenshot segment.
  • Polka hosted a "3D" debut shortly after her proper debut, but it turns out that it's a joke "3 Days" celebratory stream, with a fake congratulatory message from YAGOO. The viewers show their support in kind with fake Superchats. To wrap things up, Polka prepares to sing, only to end the stream right there.
  • Polka's 4Days stream has her play a voice-controlled platformer game. This resulted in many gems such as her screaming her head off and vocalizing various sounds just to jump over a pit.
    • Any time she jumped short and the most she could do was cling to the wall, usually with screams, noises that may or may not befit Polka, and Contagious Laughter.
    • A particular moment where she couldn't jump properly resulted in her entering Motor Mouth phase trying to let the Player Character cling to the wall while begging him to fly up and get out of the pit, stressing her voice to the point of becoming more hoarse until she ended up with a coughing fit.
    • Later on she got the suggestion to use her bell to control the Player Character. After a fluke the first time trying this, she managed to get results from this, later including her voice alongside the bell for the remainder of the stream.
    • Upon unintentionally jumping short of the height required Polka was sent into a panic, with her voice going an incredibly high pitch combined with her suddenly playing the bell rapidly, resulting in the Player Character suddenly scaling the wall quickly and flying. This sudden moment left Polka in utterly breathless laughter.
    • The final moments of the stream have her a few feet away from the goal, but due to her voice not registering a vital jump, she was literally left hanging on the wall panicking, hoping to recreate what she did a moment ago - but ultimately couldn't.
  • Polka was holding an interview stream with the other 5th Gen members, but Lamy wasn't present yet. In the meantime, so as to not have dead air, Polka instead used a "Lamy soundboard" that consisted of soundbites of Lamy doting on Polka and telling her how great she is. In the middle of using this soundboard, the real Lamy showed up and Polka started panicking, telling Lamy that she was getting high off the sound of her voice and then told her to not watch the archive.
  • Her first Fall Guys stream went about as well as you'd expect for someone who admits to not being very good at video games despite enjoying them. Aside from having to deal with cheaters and stream snipers, she would often get upset to the point of backing out of a round she had not been eliminated in. Very early on in the stream, she pulled out a toy rotary phone just to call YouTube and tell them how bad she was.
    Polka: Hold on, let me call someone... (Fisher-Price rotary phone is pulled out and jingles) Hello, YouTube?...I suck at this game. (hangs up)
  • Polka streamed Among Us with her audience, striving to do her best despite the language barrier. During her final game, Polka was seen by Yellow and Lime walking out of a room where Green was killed, so she's put under heavy suspicion. The exchange goes as follows:
    Polka: Where?
    Lime: Weapons (where Polka was last seen)
    Polka: [I was at] cafe. Lime?
    Lime: Yellow and I were together.
    Polka: Sure. [I was at] cafe teri-a. Ya.
    Yellow: Polka, you were alone with Green.
    Polka: No... I'm 300k subs Vtuber.
    Yellow: Congratulations. Still Impostor. (votes for Polka)
    Polka: No! I'm 300k subs Vtuberrrrrreeeee! [sic] Nooooooo!
    (Polka gets ejected)
    Polka (vocally): NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS! AAARGH! I'M A VTUBER WITH 300,000 SUBSCRIBERS! (whimper) This game is fun! It's really fun!
  • Polka's addiction to Among Us got to the point where she changed her intro to an Among Us-themed one. Said intro is a loop of a Polka-cosplaying yellow Crewmate getting ejected into space, as if to self-deprecate about how bad she is at the game.
    • Her second Among Us intro is a loop of the same Polka-cosplaying Crewmate, now getting endlessly dumped into the lava at Polus (or, in Polka's terminology, POLus). While it's still meant to self-deprecate how bad she is at the game, this intro is accompanied by the game's sinister theme tune.
    • In one Among Us game, Polka accidently ejects a lime Crewmate that turned out to be innocent. She feels so bad that when she gets stabbed, she gives a faux marriage proposal.
    • In another Among Us game, she was accidentally seen venting by a dark green Crewmate, and she tries making up bad excuses like "Vent is bed." and "Vent is Polka home". Somehow she doesn't get voted out, so she suspects the playgroup of favoritism ("princess play", in her words). She checks it by blatantly venting in everyone else's presence, and eventually the rest of the group agrees to play fairly and give her the boot.
      Polka: Polka is VTuber. Princess VTuber!
      Polka: Polka safe~
      Blue: Fair play means we vote red (Polka), otherwise we go full simp. What do?
      Lime: I choose fair play. Our wife wishes it.
      Polka: sry
      Polka (vocally): LOGIC PUNCH! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Her 3D debut stream has its moments:
    • Polka tries to juggle two juggling pins, thinking that any normal person could do it, but she fails miserably on both occasions. The third time around, she has a third pin on the floor, and she affectionately asks "Stick-kun" to juggle itself, which makes it levitate off the floor, while Polka herself does weird wavy arm motions in an attempt to make it appear like she's juggling.
    • She also tries to balance on an inflatable ball the size of her head like in one of her intro animations. Every time she gets on, she accidentally gives the camera a Panty Shot regardless of where it is, and she humorously tries to put her skirt down, only to find her hands clipping through it. At some point, the behind-the-scenes team gave up trying to hide the panty shot and transitioned to a low-angle shot, all with Polka screaming and saying "BAN!" repeatedly.
  • Apparently, when Polka first started streaming, she did so using a phone line rather than a LAN cable, possibly resulting in some of the Poltato antics of her earlier streams.
    Botan: Maybe [the phone line] was going PEEP GA GA GA GA. note 
  • Her "ENDLESS BLUE CLAPPER" stream is Exactly What It Says on the Tin as Polka keeps singing "BLUE CLAPPER" for two hours straight and a total of 30 times.
  • Polka tells her chat about her manager, how she first thought that her manager was a total workaholic but turned out to be rather cute and ditzy. Her manager wanted to share a bit of her happiness and tells Polka that udon is great with ginger, prompting Polka to laugh and wonder if her manager has never put the two together before. Then, she relates another experience where her manager called her multiple times and couldn't concentrate on a meeting she was in because she was worried about Polka. Then, when the manager said she'd be stricter with Polka, she told Polka to get more rest.
  • Polka's manager gets another shout out after her birthday stream, where a fan apparently sent a present to her through Polka.
  • Polka's Duolingo stream is full of silly non-sequiturs.
    • When translating "my bed and your bed" she goes on to brag about the size of her bed and bedroom, and belittle the viewers'.
      Polka: (in English) I'm bed [sic] is queen size o-kee-yay! And your! Bed! Single! Ohoh! Yeah-heah! My room is big! Your room small small! Small hah hah!
      YouTube Commenter: Clown girl berates your financial standing and inability to afford a better life style.
    • Polka gets stumped by "Toronto", and after several loops of repeating the sentence, she uses the slow-pronunciation function to figure it out, making the app sound like it's sassing her.
      Duolingo: (as Polka is giggling with excitement from getting the previous question right) Toronto is in Canada.
      Polka: HAH?!
      Duolingo: (talking slowly) To-ron-to... is... in... Ca-na-da.
      Polka: (*Beat*, in English) Yeah...
    • Throughout several questions, "Hinata" is planted among the word choices, regardless of its relevance. Polka starts fixating on the recurring name, and after one too many Hinatas she starts cracking up.
      (the old woman character says "My name is Hinata"; tue task is for Polka to translate it to Japanese)
      Polka: Hinata?! You?! You're Hinata?! (in English) You're Hinata?! Wooooooooow! (in Japanese) I thought you would be more like a cute girl... So you're Hinata, huh... Hinata! Hinata! That's you! You're Hinata!
      (some time later, the bear character appears and says "Hi. I'm Hinata"; cue Polka corpsing)
      Polka: Are you Hinata too?! Are you Hinata too?!
    • For one reason or another, Polka gets sent into a cough-filled laughing fit at the sentence "your pen" delivered by the Emo Teen.
  • When she plays Uma Musume, Polka has a tendancy to get really hype during races and lives, especially whenever she reaches the final Umapyoi Densetsu concert and proceeds to go completely ballistic cheering for the girls she helped raise to their full potential and who now get to take center stage. That's already pretty funny to watch in the actual game. During a Hololive performance of the song, though? Hilarious.
  • In Polka's Live2D animation update reveal, she finds out that her model now has a feature to make her pink double Idiot Hair spin like a helicopter, which amuses her to no end.


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