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  • Go up to Lelouch and talk about Fighting Spirit, a guild that is apparently more destructive than Fairy Tail. You're bound to get a barrel of laughs witnessing how miserable he gets over it.
  • Orochi, being a Captain Ersatz of Kamina, tends to be hilarious whenever he's able to get a chance to speak for a prolonged duration either because he's funny or he's just so stupid you can't help but laugh.
  • Cana and Gray dying of shock in the background of Lelouch and Erza's initial interaction because of the way Erza is acting.
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  • Only need three words to describe the first part of Chapter 32: "Where's my goldfish?"
  • This exchange:
    Lelouch: I got stuck at training camp and wrangling slavers. I'll take saving the world over that, thank you.
    Gray: Hey be thankful you guys have a training camp.
    Lelouch: Hey you spend a month in the training camp from hell and see how you turn out.
    Gray: You're talking to someone who trained as a child in a frozen mountain top.
    Lelouch: Touché.
  • Chapter 36 is just one big CMoF, but to wit:
    • Cornelia tries to cure Gray of his stripping habit. It goes about as well as you would expect
      • Her first attempt is classical conditioning by showing him a picture of Natsu in a speedo. This only makes Gray cringe every time he strips
      • Her second attempt involved extreme therapy via CC. Gray went on a hallucinogenic rampage that was later stopped by Erza.
      • Her last attempt was duct tape. That's right she directly taped Gray's clothes to his skin. And he still stripped his clothes off. And he was wearing a speedo
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    • Carine, Jet and Droy arguing over what the poster should look like for the play. When it looks like Tohdoh is going to be the voice of reason, his poster has Jeremiah front and center in a speedo.
    • At the end, some little brat picks on Gajeel for frowning too much and hits one too many of the dragon slayer's buttons. Gajeel goes on an Unstoppable Rage. Lelouch was not amused.
    • Just as it looks like we're about to get our only Heartwarming Moment in the chapter with no gimmick whatsoever, we are treated to Bisca chasing and shooting at Lloyd for calling her fat.
  • Chapter 37 gives us Makarov abruptly slinging a fire ball at a recording orb being used to record the play while giving a modified speech about no electronic devices and no cellphones.
  • In chapter 38, Guinevere and Erza are more upset that Miriam, the current arc's Big Bad, ruined the play than they are about her ultimate goal.
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  • Logically sound by being well founded in nature or not, Wendy trying to confuse a werewolf by asking if it's a big, fluffy boy in the babyish tone you might say to your dog is hilarious.
  • Kalina finds the demonic realm to her liking and would happily book her next vacation there. Loke would rather book a vacation to an active volcano, with Aquarius.
  • Chapter 53 may even top chapter 36 in being a CMoF chapter. It has:
    • Natsu cheering for being selected for the mission against Oracion Seis only to experience Color Failure when he realizes Erza's going.
    • Blue Pegasus failing miserably to mix a drink for Sherry, Lucy or Erza. Ichiya is described as defying the laws of physics while holding a pineapple with the blender going.
    • Sherry's over the top drama queen reactions are still as funny as ever
    • Juvia and Sherry arguing over who loves their Love Interest more.
    • When Gray and Lyon get yelled at the first time by Erza, Lyon is convinced that them pretending to be buddy buddy is so fake and forced Erza's never going to by it, but she does.
    • Erza putting Sherry, Juvia, Gray and Lyon on latrine duty because of their infighting.
      • Lelouch's Flat "What" when he finds out she made them do this is priceless.
    • Natsu being oh so relieved that he's not the one in trouble this time.
    • Lelouch saying he hit Ichiya with his bone dragon's hammer because there was a mosquito on his his shoulder
    • Ichiya's overdramatization about how he's not S-class and the Trimens joining in on it.
    • In-universe, Lelouch is trying not to laugh in hindsight that Wendy got on the wrong train when he and his guild broke for lunch.
  • Because of slight changes to his character due to PPRS, Jellal doesn't know what a prison bitch is. Cobra tells him he'll watch out for him and not to drop the soap.
    • Right before that, you have Midnight making fun of Cobra for having a soft spot for Kinana
  • Chapter 61 has Lelouch almost getting laid by Edolas Guinevere and freaking out from her getting touchy-feely. His reactions to pretty much everyone from Edolas Knightmare Frame are gold. Hell, Wendy's A-Cup Angst to herself provides a good laugh.
  • Chapter 64 has Erza rapping. It Makes Sense in Context, but doesn't make it any less weird. She also sings Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up and dances the Hamster Dance, but that's just Erza being, well Erza.
  • At the end of chapter 65, Erza insists on sleeping where she can see Lelouch. Since they're outside, this means against the tree next to his hammock. Lelouch refuses and gives Erza the hammock. Unfortunately Erza wouldn't feel right taking his hammock. Solution? Erza throws Lelouch onto the hammock before he can blink and then uses him as a body pillow for the night. Lelouch becomes a deer in headlights.
  • In Chapter 70, apparently Lelouch didn't just send back everyone in Magnolia, he also accidentally took the Exceeds with them. What sells it is Lelouch's sheepish response, complete with blush. Natsu and Erza find it funny.
  • There's Nippy trying to eat Happy in chapter 78.
  • Sindel's reaction to Mirajane's Takeover: Imp Soul is pretty humorous.
    • Later at the end of the chapter you have Airy talking about the idea of getting Fairy Tail's crest tattooed on her cute widdle butt and Mirajane apparently told her to have "more self-worth" or something like that. So, Airy puts it on her cheek.
  • Natsu and the gang's attempts to defeat Fenrir suddenly becomes reminiscent of Monty Python's Killer Rabbit. In keeping in line with the reference, when Fenrir proves too much for the group, Gildarts beats it up in record time, leaving the group absolutely stunned.
  • Chapter 95 probably puts most of the examples already listed to shame. During the chapter, you have resident bisexual Freed find a trail of clothes that leads to a bush. Given last chapter, the reader might already figure where this is going—and even if they don't any reader worth their salt knows where this is going—and then Freed finds Airy and Loke having sex. Airy promptly covers herself and screams, clearly embarrassed by Freed's intrusion. Loke tells Freed to get lost, only for Mirajane to show up. Loke tries to avoid the inevitable destruction of his ability to have children by inviting Mirajane to join in. This being Mirajane she actually seems like she might join in as she begins taking off her shirt, only to quickly switch to her Satan Soul form and begins attacking everyone, Freed included, as he tries to follow Loke and Airy to get them to put their clothes on. More hilarious is Loke lampshading Mirajane's sudden switch to joining in to attacking and Mirajane says she is joining, prompting Loke to respond that he's pretty sure she's not on the same page as him. The scene ends on both a serious and humorous note with Airy deciding to stop running and turns to fight Mirajane...except she's still stark naked. Freed lampshades this.
  • In chapter 110, Kagura returns to Mermaid Heel from a mission in a sequence that plays out hilariously similar to Erza's very first appearance.
  • Lelouch gets hamminess lessons from God Serena. To say nothing of Serena's congratulatory speech to Kallen for her christening as a member of the Ten Wizard Saints.
  • During chapter 117, Miala is having an internal monologue about how she and Nippy are partners only for Nippy to kill the mood and sneeze hot plasma in poor Meredy's face. Miala promptly tells Nippy to sit and he climbs off her back and whines like a little puppy.
  • Chapter 123 has a dance battle that has the cast dancing to American music. The author admits that this was a dumb idea, but the fans seemed to have found it to their liking. However, the real cake topper is that Ichiya wins the competition dancing to Copacabana.
  • Chapter 131 has Jellal and Ultear performing the fusion dance to become Ullal. However, since their consciousnesses don't merge and Ullal's body is female, the first thing Jellal takes an interest in is the new set of equipment upstairs. Ultear than takes command of the arms and slaps Jellal and calls him an asshole, telling him to focus on the task at hand beating Sting, Minerva and Rogue in order to win the Grand Magic Games. What makes it hilarious is picturing someone groping and then slapping themself since that's how it would appear to those watching.
  • The Yawgmoth Island arc has its moments when it's not being grim and serious. Special mention goes to Gino for sticking out like a sore thumb as comic relief, but Lyon and Sherry have some fine moments of Deadpan Snarker. And then there's Lloyd.
  • Chapter 137 might have one of the funniest gags in the whole fic. So, Kallen is going to Blue Pegasus to recruit members of them for a bodyguard mission. It Makes Sense in Context. Upon saying that the princess is in danger, Blue Pegasus' male populace start scrambling over each other to go on the mission. Master Bob phases through the crowd and politely tells Kallen to wait outside. Then, while Kallen calmly files her nails, Bob yells at his guild and presumably beats the tar out of them, but when Kallen comes back in the guild hall, everyone is how she first found them, except on their best behavior. Kallen even notes that she probably doesn't want to know how things got this serene.
  • Hibiki taking manliness lessons from Orochi.
  • Gino suffers the wrath of Lieutenant General Phelia Blendy.
  • When an issue of Sorcerer Weekly reveals Fairy Tail's return, there's already the first scene of the chapter involving it where Kagura does a Spit Take, but then we have a later scene with Sting. Lector brings him the magazine and shows him an article. This leads to a hilarious bait and switch where it seems Sting is reacting to Natsu coming back, only to find out that Lector was on the wrong page and Sting was reading an advertisement for sneakers.
  • While the Great Pentathlon Marathon is mostly awesome moments, it has some amusing ones, such as in the final part of the race where the competitors have to drive go-karts and Gray ends up in between the cat fight of Tamara and Legretta, having to drive for his life when they ask him who would he prefer as girlfriend(He's already dating Juvia.)
  • Alice's first ever interaction with Kagura is priceless.
    Alice: Would you be a dear and go let [Undine] know I'm waiting for her out here, Kagura-chan?
    Kagura: I will if you never call me Kagura-chan, ever again.
    Alice: Oh, but why? You're so adorable looking so pent up and angry like that. Why I could just pinch your adorable little cheek. *does so*
    Kagura: *swats her hand away* Don't...touch me.
    Alice: I'm sorry, but you really do look so adorable with that deep scowl, especially with that ribbon. *laughs* You look like a bunny rabbit.
    Kagura: I do not.
    Alice: Bunny rabbit.
    Kagura: Stop it.
    Alice: Rabbit-chan.
    Kagura: Stop. It.
  • Lyon and Sherry walk in on Rakshata and Lloyd, with both characters quickly deciding to go grab the Brain Bleach. In Rakshata and Lloyd's defense, they did bother to lock the door. Sherry opened it forcefully with magic—adding another layer of hilarity to the scene—and only interrupted them because they were being loud. What then sells the scene is that even after the door is closed and Lyon and Sherry leave, Rakshata and Lloyd keep going.
  • In Chapter 147: Gildarts tries to hightail it out of the Fairy Tail guild hall to avoid being the master. Makarov stops him with a giant hand.
    • Later, when Makarov, Gildarts, and Bisca are about to announce Erza to be Makarov's and Gildarts's successor, both Natsu and Gray become downright terrified before they even say Erza's name.
  • There's also the Brick Joke spread out between 114 chapters. In chapter 48, the author tosses a brick into orbit. In chapter 162, it hits him on the head. Why? In both chapters, Lelouch and Erza go to a restaurant—albeit a different one—but they get thrown out for the exact same reason helping the exact same waitress.
  • Airy Kitsune just in general. If you don't find her to be profoundly annoying, she's a laugh riot.
  • Until the end of the chapter, Lyon continues to be oblivious to Sherry's affections in chapter 163. This leads to a hilarious moment where he has a case of Did I Just Say That Out Loud? and she jams her ice cream in his eye, culminating in Gino interrupting him and Sherry having a very heartwarming moment after Lyon gets his head out of his ass and Sherry violently attacking Gino for ruining everything.
  • Chapter 171 has its moments. For starters, Mirajane heard Erza and Lelouch going at it the night before and brings it to the attention of both. As the conversation at breakfast gets more and more awkward, by the end of it, Elfman, Mira and Erza are all crying for various reasons, which is only circumvented by the arrival of breakfast. Lelouch then promises to tip the waiter handsomely for his timely arrival.
  • Lector shows he's Not So Different from Happy as he uses the latter's trademark "You like her" with regards to Sting's relationship with Yukino.
  • During the dragon attack of the Envoy of the Future arc, Gino, Danielle and Tamara are teamed up. Gino, never one to take anything seriously asks if he can grope Tamara because since Anya is flat as cardboard, he'll never know what boobs actually feel like. Tamara, understandably, tells him to fuck off and then she and Danielle get into a whole argument. What really sells it is that they're still under the attack of a golden dragon and the two women become oblivious to it, focusing more on fighting each other and Gino doesn't even try and break them up. He just casually teleports the three of them around the dragon attacking them.
    • Also part of the dragon attack, After Future Nippy gets his past self under control, he tells Miala that he's sorry about the rug. Miala frantically hopes he doesn't meant the Casmire, but present Nippy's whining indicates otherwise. Miala's reaction sells it.
    Miala: Nippy, sit!
  • CC provides us one of the funniest gags in the entire fanfic as part of the last chapter to go out before he hiatus. With the introduction of the new character Leaf, the bunny-eared Fish out of Temporal Water hits on Suzaku, much to his mom's approval. Selina decides to set the two of them up. CC intervenes. How? Well, because Natsu is convinced that his future wife's name is Luh, she manages to get Suzaku away from Leaf and instead almost gets her laid with Natsu. This in turn causes Alice to demand what Leaf did to her baby brother, and subsequently gets EVERY SINGLE GUILD IN THE BALLROOM into one huge fight. Erza drags Lelouch into it, claiming they're going to "avenge the desserts" and Makarov apologizes to the king for the chaos. And what does CC do in all of this? Laugh her ASS off in a way Lelouch has never seen before.
    • In that same chapter, there's also Serena performing Cha-La-Head-Cha-La in English no less and Ichiya weeping Manly Tears at the performance.
  • Chapter 200 provides a good laugh in the form of dark mage Vanilla S. Chocolate. Her guild master, Ember, states that Vanilla's magic is useful for escort services. Cue Vanilla transforming into the primary example of a call girl, complete with Sex O Phone and Wolf Whistle provided by her magic accessory the Thought Paddle. Ember quickly corrects Vanilla's misinterpretation.
  • Whatever Erza did to Sindel to "educate her in romance" likely involved Erza's eroge collection, and "hands on instruction" and it's left mental scars on poor Sindel.
  • Lisanna finds Natsu and Enna Elsa in a compromising position. Not only Elsa's nonchalance is hilarious, but Natsu's total obliviousness to how bad the situation looks is funny as well. Lisanna's responses simply add to the humor value.
  • There's something about Gino's line in chapter 213 about the idea of Zeref giving cakes and pastries to all the good little boys and girls of Fiore. Mostly because trying to picture that is hilarious.
  • In chapter 214 a company of 300 Rune Knights is sent to arrest Fairy Tail and Knightmare Frame. Is funny and awesome how one-sided the battle goes in favor of the guild mages. Lelouch doesn't even bother to send any S-class mages into the fray.
    • At the end of the fight, the only remaining conscious Rune Knight runs away screaming and crying like a wuss. Gajeel calls it the most pathetic thing he has seen.
  • The entire fight between Airy and Milliana vs. Danielle and Tamara in chapter 218. Airy's comments anger Danielle so much that she spouts something that Airy has to wash her ears. Her logic for having her re-quip dimension between her breasts drives Danielle so angry Tamara has to create a Lightning Make: Coccoon to protect herself from the subsequent explosion! Enraged by Idiocy at its finest.
    • On the same chapter Gildarts ruins Lelouch dramatic introduction to Phelia Blendy by not paying attention to his cue.
    • And before they start to fight Gildarts tells Phelia he's not a lunkhead.
  • Chapter 220 has many of these:
  • At the end of chapter 222 Sherry bluntly tells Lyon to take her virginity, and everything she says about it is CENSORED. Lyon complies.
  • In chapter 223 Gildarts proposes a threesome to Nonette and Chandra. No guessing what happens next. The commotion then attracts Cornelia, Guilford, Darlton, Miala, Ultear and Meredy, and as Cornelia has her foot on Gildarts' face, he tells Cornelia that if she was wearing a skirt, he would have a nice view. Cornelia shoots him in the leg. And 'Dartzy' keeps making the situation better by proposing all the female present to share his bed. No one is amused. Next scene Gildarts has injuries all over his body, including on his prosthetics, and Miala's halberd is halfway up his ass. Nonette says he'll be fine by morning.
  • Some of the dialogues of chapter 227 involving CC are quite amusing, such as mentioning in her head that Division Commander Sheena Nalmoa has cow udders.
    • Or saying "Cuteness isn't the greatest weapon in the world".
    • And this brief exchange:
    Division Commander James Princewinter: *about to be blasted by Clovis' cannon* Well...that's not fair at all.
    CC: Oh, I'm sorry we don't give a...
  • The Thunder Tribe encounters Team Flamewing, only for the latter to start arguing over which cue was the correct. The Thunder Tribe then tries to pass by them unnoticed.
  • There's something funny about Archenemy Flipping the Bird to Peacemaker considering both are Foils of each other and of Kagura and look the same since they are Literal Split Personality of Kagura. Meaning she basically gave herself the middle finger.
  • A very brief but funny moment in an otherwise serious chapter between Alice and Ushiora:
    Alice: Huh, never heard you shout before. Well, at least I know you don't suffer from CEC.
    Ushiora: CEC?
    Ushiora: *eye twitching* Im immediately sorry I asked.
    • And in the same chapter, when Enna Elsa recovers Ushiora Cipher's book form, she decides that, while she watches the battle, she's gonna read Cipher's book and find out her dirty secrets.
  • In chapter 237 happens a hilarious Call-Back: Erza gives some of her cake to Nunnally, much to the shock of Natsu, Gray and Cana.
  • In chapter 241 the Thunder Tribe meets Airy's cousin and uncle. You can hear Evergreen's sanity breaking.
  • At the end of 247, there is a hilarious Breaking the Fourth Wall moment where Franmalth invades the author's private quarters in order to start a segment after the story called "Franmalth's Guide to the Gates of Hell". It needs to be seen to be believed.
  • During chapter 249, Silver remarks that he's sure that END is doing something so horrible and horrific it can't be repeated in mixed company. Cut over to END instead, reading a children's book to his kids.
  • In chapter 253, Nunnally accidentally stumbles on a naked Erza and Lelouch at the infirmary, even though they claim its Not What It Looks Like.

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