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Given that the characters from Code Geass have been translated into a different universe, obviously the changes to these characters need to be taken into account. There are also several Original Characters that pop in every now and again that play minor, but significant, roles. Even the Fairy Tail cast has some tropes applying to them here that don't apply in canon.

Due to length the page has been split according to affiliation by guild:


  • Main Characters: The most plot important Code Geass characters.
  • Knightmare Frame: Lelouch's guild and the guild of his comrades.
  • Fairy Tail: The cast of Fairy Tail and tropes pertaining to them in the story that don't pertain to them in canon. Also, original characters that are part of Fairy Tail.
  • Blue Pegasus: A guild full of flamboyant men and pretty ladies. They are known as a prestigious entertainer guild and are run by a former member of Fairy Tail: Master Bob.
  • Lamia Scale: One of the most powerful guilds in Fiore next to Fairy Tail.
  • Mermaid Heel: A guild on the western coast of Fiore that only takes female members.
  • Sabertooth: Characters belonging to the canon guild Sabertooth, the guild that becomes the most powerful guild in Fiore after Fairy Tail's best disappear from Tenrou Island.
  • Fighting Spirit: The guild members of Fighting Spirit, formerly known as Angel's Feather.
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  • Philosopher's Stone: The archenemy guild of Knightmare Frame led by VV.
  • Kraken's Eye: An OC guild that was one of the guilds Kallen used to belong to before joining Knightmare Frame.
  • Oracion Seis: The members of the dark guild Oracion Seis.
  • Edolas: The inhabitants of the Edolas version of Fiore.
  • Serpent's Heart: An OC guild whose guild master is a former member of Fairy Tail from Gildarts' generation as well as Laxus' mother. It is also the guild Jellal, Ultear and Meredy currently belong to.
  • Grimoire Heart/Goddess Wing: The members of the dark guild Grimoire Heart, be they original characters or canon characters. Morrigan ley Fair takes over the guild in chapter 103 and renames it Goddess Wing.
  • Phoenix Grave: A canon guild that had creative liberties taken in order to expand the guild because it's the author's head canon—with good reason—that the guild is home to Minerva Orlando's brother Mace.
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  • Howling Wolf: A small guild led by Sayoko Shinozaki and is inhabited by the former members of Meteor Wing, Nonette's old guild. It has been presently acquired by Phoenix Grave and is now Team Howling Wolf.
  • Cracked Gemstone: The OC dark guild that is the focus of the Cracked Gemstone arc.
  • Tartaros: The members of the Dark Guild Tartaros be they original characters or canon characters.
  • Ishgar Magic Council: Members, leaders and employees of the ruling body and police force of the Magic World, be it Fiore, Seven, or somewhere else in Ishgar.
  • Misc.: Other characters important to the series.


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