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Funny / Faith and Doubt

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  • After Trixie and Faith meet for the first time in the Canterlot dungeon, Faith asks Trixie what she did to have been put in prison.
    Trixie: Twilight.
    • Faith's look of utter shock and reaction of "YOU DID TWILIGHT?!" is nearly priceless.
  • When everyone is in an uproar over the revelation that Honesty is on their ship and Scootaloo is the new abstract of Loyalty, Faith tries to calm everyone down so he can explain.
    Faith: Fine will all shut up because I AM MONOLOGUING!
  • Since Faith ascended when he was only a baby he has no understanding of sex and goes only by what he's pieced together. As such he gets very confused when ponies make comments about him and Trixie/Twilight.

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