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  • Lelouch’s No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Magmus in chapter 7 for damaging the jacket that Erza gave him for his 15th birthday.
  • Marianne curbstomping Iron Star in 40 seconds, including the guildmaster. Yeah it’s offscreen, but that doesn’t detract from how it makes your jaw drop.
  • Marianne Vs Duke is the first awesome fight in the story.
  • Chapter 26. One word KAMEHAMEHAAAAAA!
    • The inclusion of Spinzaku both in the previous chapter and this one.
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  • Chapter 42: Jeremiah winds up finally not being subject to The Worf Effect and throws a giant werewolf the size of Eren Jaeger's Titan form.
  • Chapter 46 and 47 are some of the best fights in the series up to that point in the story.
  • Kasumi's one-sided beatdown against Racer because he was about to kill her daughter. Mama Bear indeed.
  • Chapter 60 pulls out the stocks by making one lengthy epic fight against Brain and Zero, the leaders of Oracion Seis. Between Kallen finally taking control of her takeover and Marianne and Makarov's Unison Raid there is not anything to dislike here. It's probably the best chapter of the whole series thus far in.
  • Natsu Vs Edolas Igneel and Erza Scarlet Vs Erza Knightwalker are definitely the highlights of the Edolas arc
  • Euphie's What the Hell, Hero? speech to Suzaku is most certainly this if you think he deserves it. Not only does she take off her engagement ring and whip it out his forehead, but she turns it black with her color magic and tells him that it's the color of his heart. Harsh! Well-deserved, but harsh!
    • Earlier that same chapter is Lelouch's attack and subsequent murder of Crawford Seam. You know, that one jackass from Fairy Tail that drugged Erza and Mirajane in the Tartarus arc. This one is two-fold. For starters, it was a great scene to show how prepared Lelouch can be, as Zero, to take down his targets. Second, it means we don't have to deal with this guy when it comes time for the Tartarus proper. Also the confrontation was built up over the course of three chapters and the execution was very effective.
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  • Almost all fans agree that Nessa going Dragon Force and catapulting all of Crow's Nest off of Serpent's Heart's grounds. fits this to a T.
  • Many regard Mirajane and Freed Vs Azuma during the events of the Sindel arc to be pretty well-written. Freed being the one to beat him despite his disadvantage is incredible, but, of course, Azuma had a terrain disadvantage.
  • Erza's utter fury when she fights Morianna Feathermane the woman that killed her parents. Her Midsummer Night's Star armor is also pretty badass. Erza going on an Unstoppable Rage is also pretty cool in and of itself, but then there's her taking the moral high ground at the end of the fight. Considering how much she hates Morianna and slates that she's going to kill her during the fight—and let's be honest Morianna deserves it—when the appropriate time comes, Erza doesn't commit, saying that she has avenged her parents by beating Morianna into the dirt and that if Morianna wants to try again she's welcome to, but Erza will beat her every single time. Fortunately, for all involved that wanted to see Morianna dead, she pulls a Taking You with Me on Erza, forcing Erza to kill her in self-defense.
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  • The entire final battle against Sindel is pretty incredible. The fight has multiple phases and goes on for well over nine thousand words.
  • With Lelouch gone, Kallen takes over the Black Knights. What's the first thing she does on their first official mission? Restore the Heartfilia Kozern and repair relations between Lucy and her father.
  • Laxus Vs Azuma has approval from the fan base as being better than the canon Erza Vs Azuma.
  • The last phase of the battle against Rustyrose during the Tenrou Island arc deserves a mention. Sindel gets half of her power back after Rustyrose seemingly wins with his Tower of Dingir. Not only is she furious at Rustyrose for hurting her friends, but she has Fairy Glitter now, a magic previously unobtainable by her.
  • While she had help, Ultear gets a clear moment of awesome when she overpowers and reverses Margaret's corruption of the Tenrou Tree.
  • The two fights in chapter 102, Erza Vs Sabine and Natsu Vs Emma, are regarded as some of the best in the fic up to that point.
  • Chapter 103 is pretty awesome as it serves as the whole battle against Hades. It's contested whether it or 102 is more awesome, but 103 certainly has its merits.
    • For starters, there's Natsu who manages to punch through Hades' guard while the Devil's Heart is still active and is the one who does the most damage in the fight overall.
    • Highlights in the battle include Laxus' Thunder Palace, Gray and Ultear's Ice-make: Diamond Dust, Natsu and Mirajane pulling off a unison raid.
    • The pivotal point of the whole battle comes down to Lucy. She is the one who ultimately destroys the devil heart and goes through absolute hell to make it happen.
      • On top of that, the fact that it's Gray that delivers the final blow deserves a mention, but for different reasons. In canon, Natsu or Erza always defeat the major villains with Gray only playing a support role. In fact, he winds up getting an S-class license as well as Natsu for his troubles.
    • While it's after the fight Natsu becoming S-class is both this and a heartwarming moment at the same time. Too bad it's cut short by Acnologia's arrival.
    • Morrigan ley Fair shows up at the end of the chapter and proceeds to bitch whip pretty much all of the major members of Grimoire Heart and throws Zeref across the room. Clearly this woman is not to be messed with.
  • Chapter 105 gives one to Meredy when she rescues Ultear from Bosco Kulan by channeling Ghost Rider.
    Bosco: No...more...
    Meredy: No! More!
  • Chapter 107 brings Bisca Connell Fourth Guild Master of Fairy Tail. How? She stops Twilight Ogre from overtaking Fairy Tail by being a hardcore badass inspired by her hero, Erza.
  • Chapter 111 LELOUCH IS BACK!!!.
  • Chapter 112 Suzaku beats the tar out of Jiemma in record time and becomes Sabertooth's guild master.
  • Hilarious over the top speech by God Serena aside, in chapter 114, Kallen is admitted into the Wizard Saints.
  • This one has a side order of Heartwarming. In chapter 121, Yukino starts suffering a Heroic BSoD because Hibiki takes her keys and boxes her into a barrier during their fight in the Grand Magic Games. Just as it looks like Yukino might give up, Sorano appears in the stands and starts cheering her on, giving Yukino the self-esteem she needs to bust out a Hadoken and kick Hibiki's ass. She is then reunited with her sister.
  • The X788 Grand Magic Games in general have showcased some pretty awesome fights for its competition. To wit:
    • Guinevere Vs Jenny: a battle that expands upon the latter's abilities, making her a pretty even match for an otherwise well known ass kicker in the series though she still loses in the end.
    • Zangetsu Vs Jura: Since the former is actually Jellal in disguise under an alias, it's pretty much a repeat from canon, except Jellal uses his actual magic rather than pretending to be Mystogan. Not only does he not resort to using Sema—he was specifically told not to—but he also legitimately pulls out a victory. This is especially noteworthy given the author doesn't like Jellal all that much.
    • Millianna Vs Meredy: While not quite to the same stature as the above, it's a pretty impressive fight, especially given Millianna's abilities are added to given Guinevere's addition to Mermaid Heel.
    • Jiang Lihua aka Tianzi Vs Anya Alstriem: No one would ever guess that a character who previously didn't have any magic abilities could have any chance at taking on a true and tried dragon slayer she does and it's a double K.O.
    • Kagura Mikazuchi Vs Kyle Regent: A good old fashioned sword fight that pits Kagura against an expert of the sword well over a decade older than her.
    • Miala & Nippy Vs Kalina: Dragon Vs Eldritch Abominations. What more need be said?
    • The event Sky High, which is not only all of chapter 126, but basically a Battle Royale where the combatants can't touch the ground. There's lots of good action, especially the three way power struggle that determines the first, second and third place winners between Tianzi, Nivea and Kalina. Tianzi proves yet again just how strong she's gotten and Hypnox continues to be outright terrifying.
    • Sting and Rogue Vs Gino and Anya. Words cannot describe.
    • Asura and Rena Vs Guinevere and Kagura. Kagura's battle with Asura was somewhat foreshadowed and it's an epic clash between the two sword mages. While it's somewhat disappointing that both mages weren't fighting side by side, the epic sword duel of Kagura and Asura more than makes up for it, right down to the Single-Stroke Battle at the end.
    • On the final day we have plenty of good triple battles: Orga, Yukino and Rufus Vs Liz, Lucas and Zhou which Sabertooth wins by Yukino finishing her remaining two adversaries with Ophiuchus, Asura, Rena and Kalina Vs Jura, Gino and Anya which Jura is just barely able to pull off a win against Kalina whose demon form is introduced and nearly defeats a weakened Jura, Nivea, Rorix and Chandra Vs Kagura, Guinevere and Millianna which Kagura wins by outfighting Nivea and, of course, the final battle between Zangetsu, Zelda, Miala and Nippy and Minerva, Sting and Rogue because who would've guessed the pinnacle of the battle would come down to a clash between Minerva and Nippy?
  • The final battle with Nirix just in general is amazing since it's the first fight to span across multiple chapters as a final boss battle. There are very few cutaways unlike some other fights (Natsu Vs Emma on Tenrou Island comes to mind) and it's just genuinely good.
    • The part where Wendy goes Dragon Force at what's essentially full power for her at the time is especially good even if Nirix does come back strong since after Nirix dominating battle the whole time, seeing even one person take the advantage ball away from him that we actually care about. Rufus' Dying Moment of Awesome is a minor example. It's still awesome,'s Rufus.
  • Suzaku going what is essentially Super Saiyan, dropping his ideological tone and about to open a whole lot of hurt on Nirix.
  • The Great Pentathlon Marathon event itself is one long race that, even though you know that the 12 most important teams are going to make it and that it won't matter in the long run who gets what place, but that doesn't stop it from being any less awesome. The ending stretch where CC uses Geass: Focus deserves special notoriety for being the most awesome part of this awesome moment.
  • Despite what he may say, Draconic Hero's awesome fight choreography is at it again and Juvia Vs Meredy and Lloyd Vs Rakshata as the opening battles of the Grand Magic Games are simply amazing.
  • Many people also find Natsu Vs Rena to be particularly entertaining.
  • Chapter 164 is fantastic for its re-portrayal of Erza Vs 100 Monsters and topped off with a case of Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! since VV deliberately made Erza participate, go first, and increased the challenge of the event so that it should have been impossible for Erza to win, but she DID and we all get to see him squirm!
  • Natsu and Lucy Vs Sting and Yukino during the Grand Magic Games. The literary choreography to this fight is just amazing with all four combatants giving it their all Until we find out Natsu was deliberately holding back to avoid giving Sting an advantage. And there's the fact that it's an tag-team between the iconic members of both guilds, Rogue and Gray aside.
  • Bismarck and Ushiora Vs Lelouch and Wendy, if only because what it means to the series. After his piss poor involvement in the eyes of the fans in the Nirix arc and losing to Sting on day 2, Lelouch comes back with a vengeance and Xanatos Speed Chess' his way through both combatants, with Wendy's help, for such a spectacular victory it has to be seen to be believed.
  • Kallen Vs Mirajane is regarded by the fanbase as one of the best fights in the story. While its successor, Kagura Vs Erza, isn't bad, it's actually Overshadowed by Awesome when compared to this fight.
  • Say it with us now. Erza Scarlet Sixth Guild Master of Fairy Tail.
  • Legretta gets a moment of this during the Guild War arc where she simply refuses to back down against the clearly superior Gajeel to the point that she pushes him into his Heavy Metal Mode and even then powers through his Heavy Metal Roar only to stop dead in her tracks and lose consciousness while standing. Even Gajeel was decisively impressed by how ridiculous and terrifying this was.
  • CC gets off her ass and shows us just how powerful she really is. She wastes an opponent that curb stomped a fatigued Erza.
  • After being without a meaningful fight since the Oracion Seis arc, Cornelia reminds us why she's the guild master of Knightmare Frame: by laying waste to Colonel Amber Celadon, who previously had Alsack and Bisca against the ropes. As Lelouch quotes at the end of the chapter, she handed his ass when he became s-class.
  • Minerva regaining her will to fight when facing her (escaped from prison) father. Despite doubting herself at first, when she finally enters the fray, she kicks Jiemma's ass.
  • Chapter 234 has many of this beginning with Mirajane making Bismarck Her bitch, VV's surprise is pretty satisfying.
    • Wendy showing that age and experience have turned her into one of the strongest Dragon Slayers.
    • Minerva kills one of her War Death Gods and becomes a Reaper, defeating Mirajane.
    • Lelouch and Suzaku finally snap out of Mass Hysteria and work together against VV. Not even VV's gloating of power makes them stand down and are completely convinced TOGETHER Nothing can stop them.
  • 236: VV is finally dead
    • Oh and we also get the first appearance of Irene Belserion, where she provides an utterly epic Big Damn Heroes moment and leads to the statement above.
  • Meta Example in chapter 259: The author somehow made Jackal sympathetic without changing any part of his perosnalty. JACKAL!!!
    • Crossed over with the Heartwarming Moment mentioned for this chapter on its own page. When Erza puts a flag in the guild hall and tells everyone who wishes to join her in battle to grab hold of the flag, the first person to do so is...shocking to say the least. Natsu, Gray and Juvia are absent since they're busy taking a level in badass. So who is it? Laxus? Mirajane maybe? No, it's Lucy. After everything she's been through and put up with Fairy Tail, the fact that she's the first to fall in with the guild is a sign of her own character growth from fledgling mage to one of Fairy Tail's most loyal and it deserves emphasis here.
  • In chapter 266, Sindel finally gets back to full power and unloads it on Tempester, making all the fans remember just how powerful she really is at full strength.

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