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The Sanza Salazar Saga is a series of Teen Titans fanfics, originated by Ry Senkari but later continued by a friend of the creator of the original trilogy nicknamed oneortheother, is a series of Teen Titans Alternate Universe fics in which the identity of the thief who stole Robin's Red X suit prior to the events of the third season "X" turns out to be a Jump City teenager named Sanza Salazar. Because the original fanfic of the saga was written prior to the airing of season five, it basically ignores that entire season and branches off from the end of season four, though events from season five are explored and retold in some chapters.


The saga explores the duality of Sanza's ordinary high-school life with his criminal escapades as Red X as he comes into contact and conflict with numerous heroes and villains throughout the saga.

The Life And Times Of Red X is the first story. It features the reveal (to the reader, at least) of Sanza's identity in the first few chapters and the reveal to the Titans later on. It introduces the reader's to Sanza's mother and sister, who provided his initial reason for stealing the suit, and allow the villain Slade to get his foot in the door to persuade Red X/Sanza to become his apprentice. Thus, this story revolves around Red X's struggles to avoid Slade's advances, protect his family, and remain true to himself as his loyalties wax and wane between Slade, the Titans, and himself.

Maiden Of Stone is essentially a Fix Fic which revisits the circumstances behind Terra's revival. Terra is freed from her petrified condition by the scientific machinations of a group of scheming corporate executives who seek to cause natural disasters in order to make billions of dollars on the subsequent destruction of Jump City. Red X is pulled into the conflict after attempting to steal from these gentlemen but eventually becomes personally involved after the villains threaten his loved ones and after he begins to see the freed Terra as a kindred spirit.


A Tale Of Two Apprentices concludes the trilogy. Slade makes another appearance, and Red X and Terra are both in his sights, hence the "two apprentices" part of the title. In addition, the Brotherhood of Evil makes an appearance and threatens Jump City. The first half of the fanfic is basically a retelling of the fifth season of the series, with the action revolving around Jump City instead of taking the Titans around the world. The second half of the fic gets much more personal and closes nearly all of the loose ends and story threads established throughout the trilogy.

The original trilogy inspired a fan to write a story which takes place several months afterward, Shades of Gray, in which Red X is framed for murder and a mysterious stranger makes an appearance in the city. It is still ongoing.


One of the main characters, Sanza Salazar, had cameoed in two seasons of Survivor: Fan Characters as a contestant.

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