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402 is a formerly-weekly episode-based Mage: The Awakening game that ended its first "Season" arc after a two-year span, in December 2009, and plans to continue with the second "season" in September 2011.

The game focuses on a group of five young magi whose lives are all intertwined with the University of Portland. They attend 'Magic Class' in an abandoned old building, taught by a mysterious but trustworthy teacher, Holmes. In the first season, the player characters training started to take a backseat to their duties of saving the world as we know it. The player characters are:


The group have played through 12 episodic chronicles, each with their own distinct stories, that figure into the overall story.

  • 1: "Rebirth". The cabal is formed, sans Mingan, and begins to recieve tutelage under Holmes. After he is put into a magical sleep-state by an unknown party, the cabal sets out to find the culprits, but find much more sinister plots at work.
  • 2: "Encounter". 402 are attacked by a group of hunters but manage to escape. They track down the hunters and discover that they may not be what they appear to be..
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  • 3: "Discovery". When Smokey finds a cave that contains the mythical Codex of St. Cyprian, the cabal becomes a target for multiple psychopaths who want to claim the book's devastating power for themselves.
  • 4: "Control". When Hyde and The Swarm destroy a convoy being protected by 402, he springs Faust, an infamous mage who caused a catastrophic incident in the past.
  • 5: "Midnight". The vampire population in Portland explodes as a huge gang of Brujah descend upon the town.
  • 6: "Compulsion". Smokey murders his girlfriend in his sleep, prompting him to join Hyde, as promises of salvation are whispered in his ear. Did Smokey really kill Milly?
  • 7: "Origin". Wiki learns that she was adopted, and brings the group to France for an investigation. They discover a conspiracy that threatens mage society everywhere.
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  • 8: "Resistance". Mingan meets a group of werewolves with which he becomes close. When one of their number is found dead along with an influential mage, tensions fly between the two factions. Who is really pulling the strings?
  • 9: "Retribution". Justicar's pursuit of a serial killer brings him back to Portland. However, the killer is soon found dead, killed by his own mind. And something escaped.
  • 10: "Epicenter". Quantum starts to blink in and out of another world, one shrouded in red mist. She meets its inhabitants and discovers its properties, while the rest of the cabal struggle to keep her from blinking away forever.
  • 11: "Echoes". A surprise attack by Hyde has left 402 in a very tough spot. However, they are suddenly shunted back in time to the year 1207, and meet a very familiar looking knight..
  • 12: "Absolution". The final battle between 402 and the Traveler Cult.

There's also going to be a 402 one-shot sidestory that figures into the main plot of the series. It's gonna happen sometime in August, 2011.

Character page is here.

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