Pantheon / Anger
aka: Anger Emotions

This subhouse is perfect for letting these gods vent out their anger on many issues. Obviously, it is never a good idea to infuriate these guys; The results won't be pretty for the offender. Be careful to visit this house at your leisure.

Of course, this house is not filled with just angry Gods. There are Gods here that will incite your anger instead... (ﺧ益ﺨ)

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Greater Gods

    Altair/Military Uniform Princess 
Altair, Goddess of Autodestructive Anger (Military Uniform Princess, Donut Steel)
  • Greater Goddess borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Holopsicon
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, now True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Antagonist Abilities, Attack Reflector, Big Bad, Combo Platter Powers, Cool Gun, Evil Albino, Evil Is Hammy, Exotic Eye Designs, From Nobody to Nightmare, Invincible Villain, Omnicidal Maniac, An Original Character created after another, Reality Warper, Villain Teleportation, Wanting to avenge her Creator
  • Domains: Fiction, Villains, Creations, Original Characters, Destruction
  • Herald: Setsuna Shirazaki (Her Creator)
  • Allies: Esdeath, Alcor
  • Rivals: Gilgamesh, Black★Rock Shooter
  • Enemies: Altria Pendragon, Madoka Kaname, Bob, Lord English
  • Evil Counterpart to: Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Opposes: People who had tried to sympathize with her
  • Opposed by: Most Magical Girls
  • Annoyed by: Deadpool
  • On good terms with: Other Original Characters
  • Complicated Relationships: Meteora Österreich
  • Banned from: The house of Narrative
  • What is known about this strange character is that she once manifested into the real world and decided to bring a handful of fictional character to life and join her. Altair intended to avenge her creator after the latter committed suicide and couldn't complete her story, which prompted to try and destroy the world. Several of the characters she brought ultimately fought her, but her inmense power proved to be a huge obstacle for her enemies and both the creators and their creations that opposed Altair had to create a crossover story featuring her as the main villain to try and contain her for doing further damage to the real world. It almost failed if not for a creation of Setsuna Shimazaki, her creator, didn't convince Altair to abandon her quest for revenge.
  • How she came to become a goddess in the pantheon is uncertain, she only recalls warping into this place after she was trying to create another world for Setsuna, which ultimately led her here. She was surprised for the huge number of fictional characters that reside in this place and having a few of them who looked familiar to her. The problem was that the Court of Gods denied her of taking control of the Pantheon since it wasn't a domain where she could change the rules at will even if she tried, which the only compensation that they allowed Setsuna to be her herald.
  • She was created as an Expy of a MMO character that her Author liked, but many have also noticed many other references to other characters in the pantheon. Her backstory of being a fanmade character who took the internet by storm is very reminiscent of Black★Rock Shooter, which Altair ended up confronting just to see if the rumors were true. She was not dissapointed.
    • Other people noted that she also resembles Esdeath in appearance and attire, even some of her mannerisms too. Surprisingly, Esdeath ended up befriending Altair on the principle that she admires how strong she is and how in the end she managed to end up with the one she loved, unlike Esdeath.
  • Unlike in the real world, in the Pantheon Altair is not as strong as she formerly was, mostly because of the Elimination Festival given her a proper canon and because of the fan reception that powered her being much more weaker. Not too mention that a sizable part of the real world consider her a rather divisive character to begin with.
  • Seems to look down on the Knight in Shining Armor type characters as boring and predictable. She especially does not get along with Altria Pendragon which reminds her of Aliceteria February and because Altair herself seems to have taken a few pages of Gilgamesh in a few of her moves.
  • Magical Girls are also another character that seems to get in her nerves, mostly because of how Mamika tried to talk her down and trying to convince her to abandon her mission, which prompted her to kill Mamika. The latter's resemblance to Madoka hasn't gone unnoticed by Altair, but she has no intention of talking with the magical girl.
  • Considering how much she loves her creator, the idea of killing your own creator seems alien to her. Yet, she found a few gods that did exactly that, who disgust her. Bob was one who was very close to killing his author and obviously does not get along with Altair. The same could be said for Lord English, who actually suceeded in doing so and is powerful enough to give Altair a run for her money.
  • Can't stand the likes of Deadpool for his constant breaking of the Fourth Wall and also because he made fun of her because of being an Original Character, constantly calling her names like Donut Steel. And given his Healing Factor, she can't even get rid of him.
  • Some may wonder if her feelings for her creator are either of a child loving their father or maybe something else. Altair has not made any clarifications on the matter.
  • She was named after the brightest of the Aquila costelation and that might probably mean why she has been confused for other people. That said, she does get along with Alcor given a few shared similarities plus his powers have peaked her interest.
  • Many good-aligned gods are absolutely disgusted by the fact that she got away with all the death and destruction she caused in her universe and have taken measures to fight her if she provokes them. Altair even had the gall of saying she doesn't really regret the she harm she has caused and she would do it all over again if it meant seeing Setsuna alive. Even the friendlier gods like Ash Ketchum, Twilight Sparkle and Steven Universe want nothing to do with her, especially after hearing about what she did to Mamika and Aliceteria. They haven't made a move against her because the Court of the Gods ensured she cannot do as much damage in the Pantheon as she did in her homeworld and because Setsuna vouched for her. Still, if she ever steps out of line, they'll know.
  • Also present in the House of Life and Death.

    Excalibur (Soul Eater
Excalibur, God of Annoyance and Irritation (Holy Sword, Seiken, Madness of Anger)
  • Greater God (Though some wishes he's just self-proclaiming and instead being a Quasideity or Demigod)
  • Symbol: (ﺧ益ﺨ) (The 'I-Have-Met-Excalibur' Face (Yes, even his symbol is annoyed))
  • Theme Song: Excalibuuuurrr... Excalibuuurrrrr... From the United K, I'm looking for heaven, I'm going to Californiaaaa...
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Absurdly Sharp Blade, Catchy Songs, Annoying The Hell Of Anyone Who Meets Him, Making Everyone Who Meets Him Make This Face: (ﺧ益ﺨ), Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Talkative Loon, Infinity +1 Sword As Long As One Can Stand His Intolerability, "FOOL!", Crazy Awesome, Eldritch Abominations
  • Domains: Irritation, Weapons, Emotion, Mentalism
  • Those who can tolerate him: Arturia Pendragon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bugs Bunny, Deadpool, Chuck Norris, Hades, Hakumen, Shu Shirakawa, Michael Carpenter, Tingle, Wander, Naughty Bear… and "You" can do it too!
  • High Priest: The Annoying Orange
  • Opposed by: Black Star ("SO ANNOYIIIINNNGGG!!!"), Death the Kid ("Disgusting…") and anyone that comes across him, especially those voiced by Takehito Koyasu and/or Troy Baker
  • This is a different form of the Holy Sword Excalibur found in the House of Weapons.
  • Doesn't matter who the person is, he has made everyone he comes across to make the face (ﺧ益ﺨ). Including even Melkor, of all people. Enter his temple at your own risk. Only those equally insane and nuts-driving go there. Those who do would be considered the great ones… though they still prefer their own methods of combat instead of becoming his Meister.
    • Hata no Kokoro, somehow is one of few gods which cannot make that face when Excalibur is around. However, she remade one of her masks to have that expression specifically for that kind of occasion.
    • Another exception is King Arthur, for obvious reasons.
  • Several people, especially those from the GUAG has been expressing interest in tossing Excalibur to Yuuki Terumi, if only to see the Trolling God get a taste of his own medicine and lose his temper with Excalibur's loonydom. Excalibur himself has no idea who the hell Terumi is, but he'd be more than delighted to tell his five-hour story. The GUAG's problem right now is to find a Meister who could STAND Excalibur to start an eventual fight.
    • Chuck Norris volunteered so he could add another feat to his scroll of divine fame. He tossed Excalibur next to Terumi and Excalibur started ranting and interrupting every of Terumi's bravados, enabling Hakumen to strike him with Time Killer, as he's also unaffected with Excalibur's rants.
  • Villains such as Frieza, The Joker, Cell, The Boss, Kefka, and Shinnok will skip to just blow up his house… only to find no scratch on it or him.
  • Excalibur cannot feel any anger. This is why he has no opinions on the struggle between Good and Evil, whether a man is an utter bastard or All-Loving Hero. However, he is seriously adamant in talking a lot about himself and his 'exploits' (and his 5 hour story time) to everyone he meets, in which the anger would get into those around him, irritating them regardless of their morality scale.
  • His legend begins in the 12th century…
  • He is SLIGHTLY more respectful to Arturia than to most other members of the Pantheon, as she is a Gender Flipped King Arthur. The "SLIGHTLY" means he doesn't interrupt her as frequently when she talks, doesn't call her a FOOL! as often, and is willingly to let her use him without fulfilling all 1000 provisions of his contract, only 500 of them. However, he still wants her to listen to his 5 hour story time and his 'exploits' in full detail. So, she still is annoyed with him.
    • On the topic of people who are like King Arthur that Excalibur is more respectful towards, he also is a bit respectful towards Wander upon learning how he managed to pull out a legendary sword that only a true hero can wield. Also helps that Wander is possibly the only person in the pantheon that not only enjoys Excaliber's visits, but looks forward to them as well. Add in the fact that Wander not only enjoys his 5 hour story and follows the 1000 provisions (not because he wants to use him, but just out of respect), and he is also one of the few here that Excaliber will let willingly use. The pantheon, mainly Wander's enemies, consider themselves lucky as Wander is a pacifist and thus doesn't want to use Excaliber.
    • Although Deadpool isn't remotely an Arthur-esque figure, the two buddy up when they feel like it — for fun, fighting and reasons nobody else wants to know about. Worryingly often, for anybody in the vicinity. The provisions, caveats and everything else don't come into it, just... kindred spirits of, well... being agro. And, some definitions of comedy. Maybe.
    • And then there's the actual King Arthur himself: after all, he is THE King Arthur, who was the only Meister he respected. And he's willing to not interrupt Arthur when he talks, and is actually willing to let Arthur use him in combat. As a matter of fact, he ceases to be annoying when in his presence.
  • When he stops being annoying and speaks seriously, it usually means he has something important to say to someone, and they'd better listen up. There is one problem, though: It's difficult to read whether he's in serious mode or not, difficult to read if serious mode stops, because once he stops, he'll continue being annoying.
  • He begins every afternoon with an afternoon tea, which makes him visit Iroh's house as it houses the best afternoon teas. The time of Excalibur's visit is dreaded by every of Iroh's customer AND Iroh himself.
  • Hades will often speak with him after-afternoon tea, and they get along surprisingly well. No one quite yet know how he does it, but it's been theorized that since Hades is essentially the Trolling God of his own universe, he's more capable of handling Excalibur's antics. That, and Hades' is apparently trying to learn new ways to annoy people. Other gods know to leave the room whenever they begin speaking to each other.
  • His status as Greater God can be confirmed as he is stated to be one of the Great Old Ones, on the same level as Shinigami, Asura and Eibon. He's stated to be the representation of Madness Through Rage and appears to do so via his annoying antics. Some have even hypothesized that his behavior is actually a clever way of dissuading whom he deems as "unworthy" from wielding him.
  • Does not give out autographs.

Intermediate Gods

    Carrie White 
Carietta "Carrie" N. White, Goddess of Rage Fueled by Arrogance of Others and Signature Scenes (Scary Carrie, Goddamn Total Spastic, Weirdo, Dumb Bitch, Destroyer of Chamberlin, Angel of Havoc, Darth Lord Carrie)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her bloodstained prom dress
  • Theme Song: Carrie when she's sane, The Destruction and Kill 'Em All when she's at her breaking point
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, boarding on True Neutral; Chaotic Psychotic when pushed to the breaking point
  • Portfolio: Tragic Villain, Broken Cutie, Shrinking Violet, Outcast, I Just Want to Be Normal, From Nobody to Nightmare, Dumped With Pig's Blood, Ultimate Cautionary Anti-Bullying Tale, Truly Very Pretty, Dangerous People You Feel Sorry For
  • Domains: Espers, Bullying Victims, Humiliation, Vengeance
  • Superior: Stephen King
  • Allies: Jimmy Hopkins, Touma Kamijou, Mikoto Misaka, Matoko Itou (Yes, seriously), Jin Kazama, N, Pacifica Elise Northwest, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Nana, Meg Griffin, Haruka Kotoura, Kick-Ass, Fubuki, Cinderella
  • Enemies: Bullies and abusive parents of any kind, (especially Ragyo Kiryuin, Biff Tannen), Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, Annie Wilkes
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lucy
  • Carrie White is a shy, awkward and quiet teenager who regularly deals with bullying and abuse from both her classmates at her high school and her mother, a raving Christian fanatic. She tries to take all the suffering with grace as best as she can, but it clearly hurts her. When she gets victimized by a mean-spirited prank on her prom night, the happiest moment of her life... it goes as well as you expect.
  • The disastrous event known as the "Black Prom" was so infamous that it's something everyone thinks about when they hear her name. Despite the incident being a climatic event, every trailer showing her story will always show the aftermath of the destruction she caused. It is that well known.
  • It should be noted that Carrie's story is often referred to as the greatest anti-bullying message ever told, better than any PSA in existence. Her tale is also what put Stephen King on the map. It's clear that both have mutual respect for each other.
  • Before she cast her mortal shell, she did research on other's who had powers just like she did to learn how to control her abilities better. She was pleasantly surprised to see that the Patheon was loaded with a lot of espers, giving her the feeling that she wasn't as alone as she used to be.
  • Was mistaken by Kick-Ass for his friend and partner Hit-Girl, and was pretty shocked to hear about all the shitty things that happened to her. He at least consoled her by telling her that her look-alike went through nearly the same problems she did and enforced her own brand of karma. It was... humorous.
  • Considering her backstory she absolutely dispises bullies. She hates people who abuse and oppress others simply because they had the power to do so. Abusive parents are also on her blacklist. This is why she was able to easily befriend Haruka who went through the same suffering she did. Carrie does wish that she had the same group of friends because then her life would have turned out differently.
    • It is also for the same reason that she was able to befriend a few bully hunters like Jimmy Hopkins, and Mikoto Misaka who is also an esper. And yes, she is also on friendly terms with Matoko Itou. Make of it what you will.
  • Despite being one of Stephen King's creations, she does not get along with Pennywise or Annie Wilkes at all. Obviously because Pennywise is a demon who eats children while Annie reminds her of her Control Freak of a mother. If given the chance, she'd personally tear them apart.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Theatric Production.

    Karin Yuuki 
Karin Yuuki, The Goddess who Subconsciously Breaks Thing In Anger (The Saint Of Steel, Isht Karin Orte, Judas Iscariot)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her tattoo
  • Alignment: Lawful Good dips into Chaotic Neutral when jealous
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Immortality, Nigh-Invulnerability Because Destiny Says So, Psycho Lesbian Yandere, Drop the Hammer, Gender Flip
  • Domains: Love, Immortality
  • Superior: Yui Ogura
  • Allies: Evangeline/Yukihime, C.C, Jeanne D'Arc, Kirie Sakurame, Kuromaru Tokisaki
  • Enemies: Anyone who would try to take Yukihime from her
  • Opposes/Opposed by/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Touta Konoe, Alexander Anderson
  • She ascended after hearing how Yukihime and Touta had both ascended without her knowledge. The first thing did was attack Touta, because she was jealous.
  • She has a habit of breaking things unconsciously in anger. For this reason, she has been banned from the House of Craft.
  • It turns out that she possesses a special kind of immortality: she can't be harmed Because Destiny Says So.
  • Is extremely obsessed with Yukihime; it's speculated that this is because of the kindness the latter showed her when she invited her to UQ Holder.
    • She was invited to join the Yandere Quartet, but she declined. Though she didn't give a reason, it's been theorized that she simply doesn't like anyone in the group.
  • The combination of her impervious body and mastery of the Hammer and Katana make her a formidable opponent.
  • Some of the more sadistic members of the pantheon look forward to capturing her; despite her immortality, she can still feel pain. Unfortunately for them, she is well-versed in combat and can beat back any attacker
  • It turns out she is over 2000 years old; she can sympathize with C.C and Jeanne D'Arc for being a victim of horrific torture.
  • She currently is trying to get Kirie or Kuromaru into a relationship with Touta so she can have Yukihime all to herself.
  • She apparently doesn't mind having her clothes destroyed; it won't hinder her ability to fight, unlike other goddesses.
  • She does occasionally work as a maid. However, she tends to break any tableware before serving whenever she gets angry.
  • She has started to gain ire from gods who originally from Christianity when it was revealed that she is the same Biblical traitor who sold Jesus Christ to the Romans. Alexander had even tried to kill her, to no avail.

    King Triton 
King Triton, God of Concerned Anger (Red, Sea King, His Majesty)

    Natsu Dragneel 
Natsu Dragneel, God of Anger Fueled Flames (Salamander, The Great Demon-Lord Dragneel, The Third God of Fire, E.N.D.)

Terra, God of Vengence Against Their Mentor (Lingering Will, Terranort, Seeker of Darkness)
  • Intermediate God If the Lingering Will is any indication of what he's truly capable of, Greater God, possibly bordering on Overdeity
  • Symbol: His keyblade, Earthshaker Chaos Ripper as Terranort
  • Theme Song: "Terra", "Destiny's Union" when with Ventus and Aqua, Rage Awakened as Lingering Will, "Dismiss" (as Terranort)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, though gullible enough that his actions appear Lawful Evil at times Chaotic Evil as Terranort
  • Portfolio: Rage Against the Mentor, Incapability Of Twigging That Someone Is Evil (exxagerated trait), Dark Is Not Evil, Dishing Out Dirt, Unwitting Pawn, Victim Of Grand Theft Me, Waging A Battle in the Center of the Mind, being one of the Kingdom Hearts series' most difficult Secret Bosses, Human of a different world, Team Fathers, That One Boss
  • Domains: Earth, Darkness, Good
  • Allies: Aqua, Ventus, Sora, Rikunote  (extra points for getting tricked by two of the same villains as Terra himself), Mickey Mouse, Darth Vadernote , Luke Skywalker, Jaden Yuki, Gardevoir (Team Charm), Sailor Mercury, Absol, Jak, Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Sakura Matou, Liezerota, Luke Fon Fabre, Fighter McWarrior
  • Enemies: Xehanort, Vanitas, Count Veger, Number 96: Black Mist, Bernkastel, the Incubators, YVHV, Orochimaru, Satan, Count Olaf
  • Rivals: Naoki
  • Followers: Orvus
  • Feared by: Konata Izumi
  • Recently, there has been talk among the Court of the Gods about Terra's title of Horrible Judge of Character in consideration that he isn't anywhere near as gullible as everyone thinks he is (it's actually due to severe exaggeration by the fan base). The list with the villains he interacted with are as follows.
    • Maleficent: She actually did help him, by giving him information about Xehanort and pointing him towards somewhere. Sure, it wasn't the most accurate information, but how was Terra supposed to know that? Besides, the moment she mentioned the Keyblade and said anything suspicious he got on guard almost immediately. Taking Aurora's heart was out of his control.
    • The Evil Queen: Terra didn't even trust her, he never had any intention of giving her Snow White's heart, because based on her words it was clear she wasn't.... Nice.
    • Lady Tremaine: Did not trust her at all. Sensed that she was evil from the start.
    • Hades: Terra was mistrustful of Hades the moment he laid eyes on him. Maybe it was the blue fire, blue skin, and black clothes, or his nonchalant talk of darkness, but Terra wasn't actually fooled by Hades at all. Terra was just fighting, nothing bad happened until Zack got involved, and that didn't have anything to do with Terra.
    • Doctor Jumba: In Terra's defense, Jumba is a really petty "villain", Terra himself was also unjustly incarcerated, and Stitch was a swell experiment so there was nothing to worry about at all.
    • Captain Hook: We know how Terra is with figures of authority, Hook was disrespectful but he wasn't suspicious. Not to mention that he really wasn't doing anything suspicious; he found that box of treasure fair and square! Peter Pan was also attenpting to steel the box from him without any explanation as to why.
    • Master Xehanort: We already talked about him, but he's the easiest to explain honestly. Eraqus trusted him, he told Terra everything he wanted to say, Figure of authority, Eraqus trusted him, really placed himself in positions that were really convenient, and Eraqus, mister light is absolute, didn't think there was anything wrong with him. In different circumstances, Ventus and Aqua would have trusted Xehanort too, if he actually, you know, tried to talk to either of them at all. Which he didn't.
  • The Court eventually settled on Rage Against the Mentor due to such things occuring twice. Once against Eraqus via serious Poor Communication Kills and again against Xehanort
  • He's been recently spending more time with Riku, however, as well as Jaden Yuki, Sailor Mercury, and Absol the first due to being rather fascinated by Jaden's powers as The Supreme King, the second at Usagi Tsukino's request, and the last because she's partnered with Riku.
    • Since then, he's become rather fond of Mercury, as she reminds him a bit of Aqua. Upon learning that she had one time fallen to darkness due to being brainwashed by Nephrite, he confronted Nephrite, blasting him with Ultima Cannon. Considering Nephrite also got a taste of Riku's Dark Aura, it's safe to say Nephrite won't be bothering her for at least a while. Jak has even stated that he'd help take care of Nephrite with his Dark Eco Bomb should the latter attack again.
  • For a period of time before his deification, he was a follower of Master Xehanort, but their relationship didn't turn out well for him. He's claimed to have wizened up, but Xehanort still manages to get Terra to do favors for him, though nothing too bad has come of it so far. If Terra's actually that Genre Blind, or if Xehanort's just that good of a Manipulative Bastard is hard to tell.
    • For whatever reason, he was extremely wary upon learning of Vanitas's ascension, and it's rumored he's trying to get Ventus ascended.
  • Terra is banned from Haven City by Count Veger because of his bad judgment and his use of Darkness. However, Ashelin considers the ban to be pointless, considering others with similar backgrounds, Riku included, are also banned by Veger following Jak's exile.
  • Terra is considered a suspect in the theft of Princess Aurora's heart when she picked her finger and fell into a coma, since he was seen near the castle by the guards before they succumbed to a sleep spell. However, more evidence shows that the real culprit was Master Xehanort, who only made Terra think he stole Aurora's heart to further manipulate him.
  • Has an awkward friendship with Luke Skywalker, who Terra met through the latter's father, Darth Vader. The reason Terra is a little uneasy around Luke is because his voice reminds him of Master Eraqus, whose death he still feels guilty about indirectly causing. Luke has tried to reassure Terra that it's not a problem. After all, Vader did much worse in his time and was still redeemed in the end. The fact that Terra didn't jump off the slippery slope under almost the same situation where Anakin did is something to his credit.
  • Terra was banned by Cosmos and the rest of the G.U.A.G. from participating during the Friendship Asylum incident. It was bad enough that Riku got corrupted during this time, and Terra would have been even more vulnerable. Terra wasn't happy about sitting out, but he still helped Aqua from the sidelines, and he's glad that his successor is now recovering.
  • Was almost speechless hearing that Ventus finally ascended, in the same house as him, no less! Though he's confused on why a Gardevoir is sometimes hanging out with him. Absol had to explain through Telepathy to Terra about the Pokémon Partnerships to settle his confusion.
  • Many gamers in the pantheon are flat out scared of Terra. This is for two reasons: His reputation for being the most difficult main story boss in the entire Kingdom Hearts series, requiring a very specific form of attack to beat him, and most of all, being one of the most difficult Bonus Boss battles in gaming history. This includes people like Konata Izumi.
    • This reputation however has drawn the attention of the Demi Fiend, who wants to clash with Lingering Will.
  • Beware when Terra's hair is white, for that is a sign of him becoming Terranort.
  • The House of Prophecy has a dread prophecy about him. One regarding Terra being one of the 13 Seekers of Darkness in the Second Keyblade War.

Lesser Gods

Painwheel, Goddess of Retaliation (Carol, Subject 0-84, Strashun)

Primeape, God of Cross-Popping Veins (The Pig Monkey Pokemon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The veins on its forehead
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Ability: Anger Point
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Swagger, Outrage, Close Combat, Stomping Tantrum
    • Z-Move: All-Out Pummeling
  • Portfolio: Hair-Trigger Temper, Violent Pig Monkeys, Fast But Can't Take A Hit, Cross-Popping Veins, Unstoppable Rage, Fighting-Type Primates, Glass Cannon, Will Not Stop Until Its Rage Is Abated, Varied Type Moveset, Ax-Crazy
  • Domains: Aggression, Fighting, Violence, Primates
  • Followers: Mashiro Blanc de Windloom, Trestkon, Rei Kiriyama
  • Those it's at least passive towards: Ash Ketchum, The Red Gyarados, King Kong, Beedrill, Tauros, its sub-house, Eren Yeager, Grouchy Smurf, Arya Stark, Charizard
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The House of Sports
  • Enemies: Anyone who looks at it funny
  • Those it loathes entirely: Psychics, Fairies and Birds sub-Houses, Team Rocket, Freeza, Wyald, Yuuki Terumi, Bandit Keith and oddly enough Atrocitus
  • The Pig Monkey Pokemon, Primeape is the evolution to Mankey and quite possibly the angriest Pokemon around. Its Hair-Trigger Temper causes it lose it if it's so much as looked at funny, and when given chase it will never stop. It's this anger that, upon someone in the pantheon pissing it off, led it here in a rage. Dominated by its anger and always showcasing a cross-popping vein, it managed to become a god here.
  • Quickly got along and became the partner to the Incredible Hulk. It was a pretty obvious partnership; both are associated with incredible rage, becoming more powerful the madder they get. While this partnership gave the GUAE more to fear, the GUAG has become slightly more cautious as it has a tendency to go ballistic at them out of slights.
  • When it comes to other Pokemon, it'll team up with those who share its temperamental personality. As such, it gets along with the Red Gyarados, Beedrill and Tauros, along with its sub-house. Interestingly it also teams up with Charizard, despite normally getting mad at flying types due to its weakness. This comes from the fact that trainers in Kanto who pick Charmander will usually have to pick up a Mankey to help with the first, Rock type gym leader. There's somewhat of a bond between the two evolutionary lines.
  • On account of it being a primate, it associates with other primates in the House of Beast. Because of his own anger issues, he can understand where King Kong is coming from. However he hates Wyald despite the primate motive, because he gives a horrible name to primates everywhere. Freeza considers Primeape to epitomize the true brutality he sees with all filthy monkeys.
  • Ash successfully managed to catch an enraged Primeape, who as a Mankey stole his super-valuable hat. The Primeape would later participate in a wrestling tournament, proving itself viable and went into training to better itself. No-one's seen it since then, though the Primeape in the pantheon was impressed by Ash's showings. It has decided to enter the House of Sports, trying to be on its best behavior-a behavior that was tested upon meeting the cheating Bandit Keith
  • Spends time in the House of Hatred due to its own loathing, though it doesn't seem to like the evil members as they tend to inspire hatred rather more than be full of it. Yuuki Terumi was able to easily exploit Primeape's temper to troll it mercilessly, with the Pig Monkey Pokemon being too predictable in its rage to counter him. It'd rather be around Eren Yeager, Grouchy Smurf and Arya Stark.
  • Atrocitus felt that Primeape would be a perfect choice for the Red Lantern ring. It latched on to Primeape and gave him a power-up, but the Pokemon was already so pissed off it barely affected his mind. He later went on a rampage against the Red Lanterns for daring to control him in any way. Atrocitus removed the ring, however thanks to The Power of Hate Primeape was able to restart its own heart from sheer fury at being used by the Red Lantern Corps.
  • Went upon a rampage in the House of Fairies out of anger from being weak to them. While he wasn't too much of a hassle, he kept fighting until he had to respawn. Immediately went after them again, leading them to ban him. He also is aggressive to psychics and birds for similar reasons. Most Pokemon don't get angry at others just because they have their weakness, but most Pokemon aren't Primeape.
  • Despite being defined by its rage, calm-nautred Primeape do exist. However they're the exception rather than the norm, and the Primeape in the pantheon is certainly not calm-natured in any way whatsoever. It can also learn Iron Tail without a tail. Do you know what that means?
  • Being incredibly temperamental makes it hard for Primeape to make any friends, however people have come to pity it due to information revealed from the Rotomdex. It has been known to become so angry it dies as a result. Its face looks peaceful in death, however.

    Shizuo Heiwajima 
Shizuo Heiwajima, God of the Hair-Trigger Temper (Shizu-chan, The GARtender, Toughest Man in Ikebukuro)
  • Lesser God by the paperwork, but nearer to Greater God in terms of physical power
  • Symbol: His trademark bartender suit; alternately, a thrown vending machine
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hair Trigger Tempers, Unstoppable Rage, Berserkers, One-Men Armies, Strongest Men of Their Worlds, Those Who Come Back Stronger Every Time, Super Strength, Implacable Men, Memetic Badasses, Low-key Reactions to Extensive Injuries
  • Domains: Rage, Violence, Revenge, Self-Hatred
  • Allies: Kratos, Bruce Banner, Asura, Celty Sturlston, Ragna The Bloodedge, Kazuma Kiryu, Ashi
  • Enemies: Pretty much all villainous Manipulative and Magnificent Bastards, but especially Izaya Orihara.
  • Rival: Claire Stanfield
  • Upon finding out that Izaya was in the Panthon, Shizuo went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and Ascended to hunt him down. How did he ascend? "I just did."
  • Gets on rather well with deities who are straightforward with him. He'll still beat the crap out of anybody who comes looking for a fight, but if they're blunt and honest about it, he won't be angry.
    • For this reason, when dealing with him, Batman and Lelouch drop the crap and are frank with him, since they're know that screwing with his head is a pretty big Berserk Button.
      • In the case of Lelouch, however, Shizuo has remarked that he pisses him off for some reason, but hasn't quite been able to figure it out. Lelouch, in turn, simply does what he can at every opportunity to not piss off Shizuo, and frequently provides information leading to the whereabouts of Izaya Orihara. As a result, the two have a something of a platonic love-hate relationship.
  • Many Gods are betting a match between him and Claire Stanfield. Behind the scenes, Izaya Orihara rigs the bets in Claire's favor to spite and provoke Shizuo.
  • Frequently heads over to the Food Pantheon for milk.
  • It should be noted that Shizuo is not known for starting fights. Finishing them, on the other hand....
  • All attempts to actually kill him thus far have failed, and the only lasting result has been becoming even more powerful than before. When various deities have asked about that, Shizuo simply replies, "Well, Shinra says - actually, who gives a damn what he says?! I COME BACK STRONGER EVERY TIME!!!!"
  • Due to the fact that both of their enemies are Trolls, he strikes up an alliance with Ragna the Bloodedge for this very reason.
  • Despite possessing a Hair-Trigger Temper, Shizuo ultimately strives to be a peaceful man, and that quality helped him get along with Kazuma Kiryu. In fact, Kiryu was impressed by the young man's brute strength, but noted his lack of finesse that often leaves him open, so he offered to formally train Shizuo in the art of combat. In return, he has to give Haruka soft drinks for free.
  • Shizuo doesn't fear anything... except for Albedo due to the fact that Albedo is more insane than he is and the fact that they sound so similar.
  • Was approached by Ashi asking to form an alliance with him against Izaya. He wasn't interested, not wanting anyone to get hurt in their personal battles. She then told him that Iyaza had been tormenting those with suicidal thoughts. Since he was speaking with the Goddess of Talking Down the Suicidal he really couldn't say no anymore. He has told her to just keep tabs on him, not to get near without calling him first. She also has laser eyes. Who wouldn't want someone like that on their side?
  • Other gods note his similarities to both Iori Yagami and K', who also have similar brooding personalities to him while the former also dislikes violence. Shizuo relates to their inner struggles, despite how nasty they are on the outside much more than Shizuo himself.
    • Others also wonder why Izaya even bothers to antagonize Shizuo, since they point out that it makes much more sense for Shizuo to hate him. Shizuo himself wonders what Izaya views him as from time to time.
  • Seems to find some kinship with Jet the Hawk, Sima Zhao, Edge Maverick, Rokurou Rangetsu, Taigong Wang and a few others; perhaps they seem to all sound the same as his brother, Kazuka.


Benson Dunwood, God of Visible Anger (Death Dragon, the Fifth Disc Master)

    Bill "D-FENS" Foster 
William "Bill" Foster, God of Snapping Out (D-FENS)

    Cranky Kong 
zzzzzzzzz-SNORT Huh?! Whazzat? Aw, dagnabbit!

Cranky Kong, the Grumpy Old God (The original Donkey Kong)

Huh? You still here? Beat it! And let this old ape get some sleep!

    Squidward Tentacles 
Squidward Quincy Tentacles, God of Cranky Neighbors (Big Nose, Squidzzy, Squidward Tennisballs, Squidward Tentpoles, Squidward Tortellini, Captain Magma, Sour Note)

    Uncle Ruckus 
Uncle Ruckus, God of Self-Hate
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Anything with Ronald Reagan's face on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil depending on episode
  • Portfolio: Black People Who Hate Other Black People, Mighty Whitey Worshippers, Uncomfortable Racial Humor, Category Traitors
  • Domains: Anger, Hypocrisy
  • Opposed by: Samuel L. Jackson
  • Opposes: Sam Jackson and all other non-Caucasian deities
  • Is grateful to have been cast out of his mortal shell to appear as he always wanted... as a handsome Caucasian dude. Only it to be revealed that he was trolled by the LOL Rangers.
  • Does not recognize Samuel L. Jackson as a True God. Or any non-white god for that matter.
  • Even as a White God, Uncle Ruckus has maintained his N-Word Privileges, which has made several other gods rather uncomfortable. Of course that was for a week after the LOL Rangers turned him back to normal
  • One of the few gods he will do everything in his power to avoid is Vulkan. Though the Primarch doesn't care the slightest about millenia-old insults based on skin-color, he does take offence to his scathing comments about the God Emperor. Thankfully for Ruckus, Vulkan is busy aiding civilians or kicking the crap out of Dark Eldar in order to waste time hunting him.


    Nicky Cavella 
Nicholas Cavella, God of Literally Pissing People Off (Nicky)
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Hate Sink, Snivelling Coward Behind A Tough Guy Facade, Excrement Statement, Eviler Than Thou Deconstructed, Suicidally Stupid Sadism, I Am A Humanitarian, Smug Snake (Was Initially A No-Nonsense Nemesis), Faux Affably Evil, Bad Boss, Killed His Parents And Sister As A Child, Utterly Evil Even By Punisher Villain Standards
  • Domains: Depravity, Organized Crime, Aggression, Cowardice, Intimidation
  • Allies: Ethan Roark Junior, Wyald, Gregor Clegane, Wild Hunt, Prime Minister Honest, the 456 Ambassador, Cioccolata, Kevin, Junko Enoshima
  • On speaking terms with: Black Manta, Diavolo
  • Enemies: FRANK CASTLE, Night Raid, Jason Todd, Leonard Snart, Ren Amamiya and the Phantom Thieves of Heart, Giorno Giovanna, Vito Corleone, Al Capone, Juzo Sakakura, Bruce Wayne/Batman, John Hartigan, Marv, Matt Murdock
  • Opposes: Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Opposed by: The whole House of Family (except Scar), most of the Houses of Justice, Crime and most figures in organized crimes like Wilson Fisk, Walder Frey
  • Nicholas Cavella, preferring to go by Nicky, was the son of a respected mafia leader. Usurping his family, he built a reputation by being the most vicious, ruthless mafioso possible. One of his worst crimes being feeding an obstinate Chinese gangster his own son. In order to destabilize the Punisher, he filmed himself urinating on the corpses of his loved ones to piss him off beyond belief. It worked, just not in how he wanted.
  • His act of desecrating the remains of Castle's family backfired tremendously since the Punisher was in a state of pure Tranquil Fury, targeting everyone besides the mobsters. Before shooting him in the gut he made it clear that even though It's Personal, he has not shaken him at all. Upon his ascension Nicky was utterly terrified that the Punisher was also there. And that it wasn't just the Punisher, but the Punisher from the Earth-616 universe, where superpowered beings exist. He really doesn't want to tackle the mainstream Marvel universe yet.
  • He tries to come off as an affable gang member to his cohorts, but it's a barely maintained veneer. The real Nicky is a depraved psychopath who thinks that he's The Dreaded, when in reality other gang members steer clear of him because he's repulsive. And beneath his Ax-Crazy personality, he's an utter coward who dies an Undignified Death. Most of the House of Crime has contempt for his depraved, sniveling ways. He's only really useful for the dirtiest of dirty work.
  • Giorno Giovanna despises Nicky for representing the worst of organized crime. Despite their villainous ways, Vito Corleone and Al Capone think he gives crime a really bad name. Due to his similar appearance to Andy Garcia, Vito was ashamed to see such a scumbag look like his illegitimate grandson Vincent Macini. Capone noticed he looked like George Stone, and didn't like it.
  • Has been a psycho since a young age, killing his immediate family as a kid and acting innocent afterwards while blaming it on his uncle. For this he has been permanently banned from the House of Family, leading him to curse his relatives, the world and God Himself. The only person in that House he comes close to getting along with is Scar, since he murdered his brother and tried to kill his nephew in order to get the throne.
  • Despite being about as depraved as her, he can't stand Ragyo Kiryuin, mainly due to how she molested her daughters. This has nothing to do with his non-existent standards, but his own background. He conspired with his aunt for the family massacre and takeover, and she would routinely force herself on him.
  • Secretly bisexual. He really doesn't like it and will kill anyone who says a word of it. Whether this has something to do with his aunt molesting him is unknown.
  • While Walder Frey may be as much of a scumbag as Nicky, he doesn't like how he cooked his enemies their kid since it happened to him. Kevin however was interested in this, given his cannibalistic tendencies. Kevin reminded him of his silent but deadly minion Ink, and can count on his help so long as he supplies enough prostitutes and others to eat and supposedly take their souls.
  • Has found it hard to find people to serve him. His needlessly sadistic acts and seeing his men as expendable has alienated potential allies in and out of the pantheon. Most of the time he has to rely on those as or more psychotic than himself. As such Wyald and Wild Hunt help with his dirty work, with Prime Minister Honest approving of his depravity.
  • Though hated by much of organized crime, there are those as inhumanly despicable as him who are perfectly fine with his practices and see him as useful. Both Black Manta and Diavolo sometimes make deals and drug shipments, and he was more than willing to find kids to give to the 456 Ambassador. Cioccolata in particular loved temporarily working with him since he could be as sadistic as he wanted.
  • The Sniper thinks his use of piss is sloppy and petty. Nicky doesn't bother responding to him, since it was done in a completely different context.
  • Upon his ascension, Junko Enoshima showed interest and had her cohorts, the Wild Hunt, capture him at once for 'recalibration'. But after hearing him boast about his depraved actions, the Despairs offered him a spot in their organization, rendering him in charge of handling prisoners and captives. Nicky's favored tactic, of course, is literally defecating and urinating at his tied-up victims.

Alternative Title(s): Anger Emotions