Administrivia: Locked Pages

Is an article being desecrated repeatedly at an alarming rate? Is it the subject of heavy debate and constant changes? In either case, if these become too much of a problem, then you've probably got a page that needs to be locked by an administrator or moderator until such unproductive tendencies are resolved (which, sadly, almost never happens). This can be a depressing sight on any wiki when a page is in need of Wiki Magic (or attention from grammaticians) — the best option is to try keeping things productive so administrators have to do this as little as possible.

Moderators (listed here) have locking authority on this wiki, and can also edit them to fix problems. To get their attention, post your request on the forum, in the sticky topic about edits and unlocking to locked pages.

There used to be an autolocking system which locked all cut pages to prevent people recreating them. Certain pages that the community has decided upon as not coming back in a million years are put in the Permanent Red Link Club.

Note: If you were directed here when you clicked the "edit" button on an article (even though it had a lock icon instead, you crazy dedicated troper, you), it means the article is locked. Look below for the reason. If you don't see the article in question here, or on Permanent Red Link Club for blank locked articles, don't panic — maybe we haven't gotten around to listing it yet. Post in Ask The Tropers or the TV Tropes Fora.

At the moment, the following pages are locked:

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  • Sinkhole: To keep the page tidy.
  • Snuff Film: Examples lockout.
  • Squick: Examples brought constant natter and This Troper, plus we really don't need a page of gross stuff. Also, having examples here is somewhat pointless, considering we have Disgust Tropes, and a character's reaction will often be similar to the audience's reaction.
  • “Stop Having Fun” Guys: Examples lockout due to arguments over content and trope definition. Considering that the trope is more based around personal experiences, the discussion tab is more fitting for examples.
  • Tech Fu: Formerly described Gadgeteer Genius and Mad Scientist. The page is still there to define it as fan speak.
  • True Art: The Self Demonstrating joke got way too out of hand and was burying the index. It has since been moved to its own page.




    Deliberate Red Links 
The following tropes are infamous for existing both on this page and in the Permanent Red Link Club. While these pages still exist for definition purposes, their actual use on this wiki is highly discouraged.

  • No Just No: Originally created for a character's reaction to a Squicky moment, it got misused as a pothole for editors inserting their own reaction to what was in the example. In-Universe examples were moved to "No. Just... No" Reaction. While redlinked, this is still used as a redirect to the new article to keep appropriate links and remove unnecessary wicks.
  • Sliding Scale Of Anti Heroes: The scale was broken down into discrete tropes and the link was made a redirect to Analysis.Anti Hero.
  • This Troper: Attempts to make it self-demonstrating that undermine the point behind the article, as well as attempts to rewrite the definition out of a misguided belief that saying it's okay on that page will suddenly change the prevailing attitude. Its use in the first-person is not wanted outside of designated areas.
  • X Just X: Verbal Tic. Originally existed as a page to discourage examples that gave no context as to how they fit a trope, but the page's title inspired people to make potholes to the page. Now known as Zero-Context Example.