Monster: Berserk

The archenemies of Guts in Berserk perform extremely depraved deeds for their own amusement. This is without mentioning the fact that every demon was once a human, who then sacrificed something or someone dear to them to the Godhand, the primary main villains of the series in general, to become that way. Due to the depressingly harsh nature of the setting, though, only a very few actually deserve to be on this list.
  • Wyald is one of the first Apostles encountered and one of the nastiest pieces of work that Guts and company meet before the Eclipse goes down. A depraved hedonist, he works for the King of Midland and leads a band of mercenaries made up of the worst murderers, rapists and all around scum that Midland has to offer. His motto is "Excitement and Enjoyment," which translates to raping and murdering dozens, including children. He demonstrates an utter disregard for his men's lives, frequently triggering traps and getting them killed, solely so that he can laugh at their deaths. After transforming into his true shape, of a fifty-foot tall gorilla with a three-foot thick spiky penis, he attempts to rape Casca with it, bragging that she'll "feel like a virgin again" as it rips her in two. Even his own men, the aforementioned worst scum of the kingdom, follow him mainly because they are utterly terrified of him.
  • Ganishka, the Emperor of Kushan, became insanely paranoid when his mother tried to poison him for his younger brother to become the heir, only for the brother not to survive. His paranoia got to the point where his own son tried to kill him out of fear he would see his son as a threat. After accepting the Godhand's offer he has become a near-perfect example of The Caligula, which shows in mass executions, ethnic cleansing, using conquered populations as human shields or cannon fodder for his armies, attempting to rape the captive princess Charlotte and suspending women over a pool filled with hungry crocodiles, dropping thousands of pregnant women into cauldrons with stitched-together Apostles to turn the unborn babies into half-human demons that rip apart their mothers upon birth. Grandiose, megalomaniacal, and obsessed with his position as The Emperor, Ganishka revels in being as evil as he possibly can be.
  • Griffith/Femto is the Fifth Member of the Godhand. When he was still human, he was a cold blooded narcissist who dreamed of ruling his own kingdom no matter what it took, was willing to use his friends to commit political assassinations for him, and displayed intensely jealous behaviour towards Casca and Guts. When he realizes that his True Companions no longer need him to lead them and care more about each other than they do about him, he crosses the Despair Event Horizon and the Moral Event Horizon in a single go, summoning the Godhand, sacrificing his friends in an incredibly gruesome manner, and damning their souls to an eternity in Hell so that he can become Femto. As Femto, his first act is to rape Casca while forcing Guts to watch, causing her intense agony through her Brand of Sacrifice (which bleeds whenever a demon, let alone a Godhand is close), driving her insane, and leaving her in a permanent Angst Coma. This act also corrupts her child, turning it into a warped Fetus Terrible, which Femto eventually bodyjacks so that he might be reincarnated into the world, setting himself up as a Dark Messiah. Femto later tops himself by fusing the mundane world and the supernatural worlds together, which, in a harsh world like that of Berserk, is a very horrible sign of things to come. Defined by his selfishness, and positive that Despotism Justifies the Means, he is a figure of utter hatred to those who know his true nature.