Monster / Ace Attorney

"I killed a man named 'Smith' with a bottle because I am an evil human being. ...Isn't that enough?"
The real killer, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Episode 4: "Turnabout Succession"

The Ace Attorney franchise has produced its fair share of monstrous villains.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  • Redd White from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the amoral CEO of Bluecorp, a business that profits off of obtaining incriminating information and blackmail. In the past, Redd White leaked information about Misty Fey's involvement with the police investigation of Gregory Edgeworth's murder, which resulted in the Fey clan of spirit medium's name being soiled. In the present day he has kept numerous influential people under his thumb such as Marvin Grossberg, forcing them to cater to his whims on threat of leaking their deepest secrets to the public, which would ruin their lives. He has driven numerous people to suicide as a result, and doesn't care in the slightest while fully intending to continue his blackmailing operations. When Mia Fey was preparing to bring evidence of his culpability in the suicides to the public, he stole the information she had and beat her to death before trying to pin the blame on her younger sister Maya. When Phoenix Wright uncovers the truth, Redd throws him under the bus instead, fully intent on using his connections in the legal world to crush him in court.
  • Manfred von Karma is the Big Bad of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. A prosecutor obsessed with perfectionism, he had a flawless, decades-long win streak fueled by extremely dirty tactics, until defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth managed to have him penalized for illegal workings in the courtroom, causing him to be enraged by the stain on his perfect records. Right after the end of the case, an earthquake struck the courthouse, and Manfred came upon Gregory, his nine-year-old son Miles, and a bailiff trapped inside an elevator. Sensing a chance for revenge, he picked up the bailiff's gun and shot the unconscious Gregory in the heart. Afterwards, he took Miles under his wing and raised Miles to be the antithesis of everything that Gregory was, twisting the boy into a ruthless, cold-hearted prosecutor who cared for nothing but getting a guilty verdict every time. Finally, a few days before the Gregory Edgeworth murder case was closed forever, Manfred set up a murder and framed it on Miles, intending to have his own foster son executed to complete his revenge on Gregory, planning it so that Miles would be convinced that he himself had killed his father and would confess to and be charged with that murder as well. When the case became troublesome, he personally went to the police records to destroy crucial evidence, and used a stun gun to assault Miles's lawyer who discovered his actions.
  • Matt Engarde from the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All case "Farewell, My Turnabout" threw away his loving and devoted manager Celeste Inpax once he was done using her to further his career. When Celeste was engaged to his rival, Engarde told him Celeste was "used goods" to trick him into calling off the wedding. Celeste killed herself, to Engarde's delight. Engarde later hired professional assassin Shelley de Killer to murder his rival, but kept blackmail material to betray de Killer as well. To force Phoenix Wright to acquit him for murder, Engarde had de Killer kidnap the innocent Maya Fey and attempted to pin his crimes on the innocent, miserable and insecure Adrian Andrews partly for the thrill of hurting her.
  • Dahlia Hawthorne, the Big Bad of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, previously manipulated her boyfriend into assisting her in a crime, before framing him for murder and ensuring his suicide to cover her tracks. She later poisoned the lover of the prosecutor Mia Fey when he got too close to her crimes, before she seduced Phoenix Wright as well. When her twin sister Iris fell for Phoenix, she accelerated her plans to poison him. When an ex-lover of tried to warn Phoenix, she murdered him and tried to frame Phoenix. Despite being executed, she returned as a vengeful ghost, aiding her mother to kill Dahlia's cousin Maya Fey solely to spite her elder sister Mia's spirit. Taking steps to manipulate her twin again to help with the murder, she came back from the dead to possess Misty Fey—albeit due to Misty's desire to protect her niece Pearl—and attempted to murder Maya, being stopped only by the intervention of Godot who killed her host. But despite this she became convinced that she had forced Maya to murder her own mother and caused her to commit suicide, which she gloated over to their faces. She's also a giant hypocrite, as she shows nothing but disgust towards Morgan Fey because of the "petty revenge" that she was after, but at the same time was going along with Morgan's plan specifically in order to get her own revenge on Mia.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
  • Kristoph Gavin is introduced as a supposedly helpful mentor. He is also one of the two people responsible for ushering in “The Dark Age Of The Law” by getting Phoenix Wright disbarred. After he ended up taking a massive blow to his ego when a magician and prospective client, Zak, rejected him as his lawyer. When Zak hired Phoenix instead of him due to a poker game, he became furious and decided to get revenge. He had gotten a shy artist named Vera to unknowingly create fake evidence for the trial, but after Phoenix was hired, he used the evidence to get him disbarred. He also manipulated his own brother, prosecutor Klavier, by using him to disbar Phoenix and cheating the honorable Klavier out of a fair trial. Klavier, who knew something wasn't right, was haunted for years. When Zak resurfaced under a new identity years later, he took the chance to murder him and frame Phoenix. After this, it was revealed he had poisoned Vera and her father Drew, intending both to die. Vera survived, barely. To pour salt on the wound, he then gloated about how Apollo and Phoenix had triggered his plan-their questioning caused Vera to bite her nails- when he had planted the poison as nail polish, knowing her nervous habit. He had even started poisoning her when she was only twelve. After her survival, he simply enjoyed seeing Vera face conviction for her own father's murder. In the end, he was little but a cruel, petty, selfish man obsessed with glory and destroying those who stood in his way

Ace Attorney Investigations
  • While initially seeming like a frail and kind individual, Big Bad Quercus Alba turns out to be the hardened, cold-hearted boss of a large and powerful smuggling ring. Thanks to him putting many highly-convincing counterfeit bills into circulation, the country of Zheng Fa has been thrown into economic chaos due to his machinations. He also ordered the deaths of Cece Yew, Deid Mann, and Byrne Faraday due to their efforts in trying to expose his role in the smuggling ring, and personally murdered Mask*DeMasque II and his subordinate Manny Coachen: DeMasque II for stealing the fake statue that contained the plates used for creating counterfeit bills, and Coachen due to him seeking to steal power of the smuggling ring from under Alba's nose. Ruthless and rotten to the core, Alba will kill anyone without so much as a second thought for the sake of keeping his criminal empire running.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies
  • The internationally-hired mercenary spy known only as the phantom is a nasty piece of work, and is the second figure, after Kristoph Gavin, who ushered in "The Dark Age Of The Law." His plan begins when he murders the cheerful Bobby Fulbright to assume his identity and become Simon Blackquill's handler. Before that, he killed Athena Cykes's mother and pretended to be her, and using a Noh mask hanging from her wall, as well as her jacket, he fooled the helper robots into thinking Athena—then an 11-year-old child—had killed and disassembled her mother. By doing so, he gets the noble Prosecutor Blackquill convicted and proceeds to sabotage the HAT-1 rocket, causing the astronaut to barely escape with his life. After that was all done, some 7 years later, he sent a warning to the director Yuri Cosmos, and when that was ignored, bombed the space station. Afterwards he killed Apollo's best friend, Clay Terran, who tried to fight back, and threatened to expose his identity, framed the other astronaut and big brother figure to Apollo and Clay for the crime, and when that failed, bombed the courtroom to destroy a piece of evidence, nearly causing the deaths of hundreds, then framing Athena for this. He was also able to frame Athena's best friend, Juniper Woods, for the courtroom bombing. Had it not been for Athena's moon rock earring being able to be compared with the destroyed moon rock, he would have gotten away with everything. Be that as it may, he also doesn't feel emotions the way a normal person does, and as such, is a chillingly realistic example of a sociopath in a video game.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice
  • The heartless and egomaniacal Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in is the figure responsible for ushering in the kingdom of Khura'in's equivalent to the Dark Age of the Law. A woman born to the royal family yet possessing no spiritual power, Ga'ran was passed over for the throne in favor of her kind and gentle sister Amara. Jealousy and hatred towards Amara led to Ga'ran making an attempt on her life by setting her residence on fire. In the chaos, Ga'ran murdered the musician Jove Justice and left his infant son to die, then went on to frame the lawyer Dhurke Sahdmadhi for Amara's death. In the wake of the queen's assassination, Ga'ran's actions led to the passing of the Defense Culpability Act, which would force defense attorneys and anyone associated with them to suffer the same fate as the accused, which led to the deaths of thousands of innocent defendants and lawyers alike, and in the present day lawyers are all but extinct and the accused are helpless against the prosecution. In the meantime, Ga'ran is keeping Amara hidden away and forces her and her son Nahyuta to cater to her every whim on threat of ruining her daughter Rayfa's life. Ga'ran, finding out that her husband Inga is planning to overthrow her, without hesitation kills him and frames Dhurke for it. During Dhurke's trial, Ga'ran takes up the role as the trial's prosecutor and wastes no time in doing the damnedest to win the trial and get anyone who showed support for Dhurke executed under the DC Act. When it becomes apparent that Dhurke isn't the murderer thanks to Apollo's efforts, Ga'ran tries to throw Amara under the bus and has her shot when Apollo proves otherwise. When the court reconvenes, Ga'ran forces Nahyuta to take the fall instead, and, once backed up against the wall by Apollo, she passes a law that makes standing up to her punishable by death and tries to have him, Phoenix, and Nahyuta all executed on the spot for defying her.