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     Authors, and Websites 

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Fanfiction Archive by various authors
  • Part of most widely used fanfiction site in the world.
    • Many different genres available: Angst, romance, humour, drama... etc.
    • Crossovers also available... some of them might just surprise you.
    • All fanfics are age rated (K, K+, T, M) - M ratings are not displayed by default.
    • Can filter out specific fanfics by searching for a certain character's name, e.g. Phoenix W./Nick, Maya F. or Miles E.
    • Fanfics can be sorted by whether they are 'Completed' or 'In-Progress'.
    • Also, fanfics can be sorted by the language they are written in.
    • Is this Captain Obvious, Poe's Law or what?

Phoenixs SSBB Case Files by ShadowKnux372 (some AU, crossover)
  • Recommended by Da Patman
  • Synopsis: What if the Ace Attorney series was set in a world containing various locations from different Nintendo series, where Phoenix has to defend characters who appear in the Super Smash Bros. series? The answer is simple. You get different people being murdered, and the pop culture references are all related to the series the characters come from, but apart from that, there's no difference. The cases are written as if ShadowKnux372 is copying the text down while playing the cases, and most of them are set in different continuities from each other and the actual Ace Attorney games. It's not just Phoenix who does the defending, either. Apollo and Mia both get a chance to defend, as do two characters from the Ace Attorney side you would never expect to see as attorneys. It has its own page.
  • Comments: The only gripe I have with these cases is there aren't enough Psyche Locks in most of the cases with Phoenix. However, this is more than made up for by everything else. Apollo's "Perceive" ability in particular is as accurate as it's possible to be in pure text. As an added bonus, each of the cases debuts on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl board at GameFAQs, where anyone lucky enough to be online at the time they're being posted can play the case, and gets rewarded with a mention in the credits of that case.
  • My only problems are, first, that he can't present Fire Emblem characters for beans, and that way too many of the cases seem to be results of accidents and carrying the Idiot Ball. They're way too simple for a Phoenix Wright case.

Objection!: A Phoenix Wright Fanfic Archive
  • Recommended by Wolfman2000
  • Synopsis: A huge collection of stories for a variety of target audiences.
  • Comments: There is something for everyone here: crossovers, humor, drama, shipping, you name it! Some of the fics listed below are also available here.

Phoenix Wright Kink Meme by various anon authors.
  • Recommended by: Aruu
  • Synopsis: One of the biggest Kink Memes that's still going strong at a massive 25 parts.
  • Comments: You'll find everything here. There's tooth rotting fluff fics, and there's intense dark fics. Almost every kink has been catered for throughout the meme, with all manner of pairings from the bog standard Phoenix/Edgeworth and Phoenix/Maya, to Gant/Gourdy and Franziska/Her whip. There's some hidden treasures between the crack!fills.
    • One other thing to note is that the Meme is no longer unalloyed sexual material. Granted, it's still a rather impressive proportion, but do not be surprised to find works that only slightly (if at all) deal with the carnal.

  • The Let's Dub Project directed by Tyranee
  • Recommended by Leliel
  • Synopsis: A group of Fan Dubs for various games, the Phoenix Wright series not least among them.
  • Comments: All the voice actors are good in most of the games dubbed, and what's more, the dubbers of the Ace Attorney series have no problem with improvising if it leads to a funnier scene, particularly on the occasions when Tyranee is stumped by a puzzle and it is played off as an Idiot Hero moment from Phoenix. Please note, however, that the dubbers are somewhat crass if they feel it fits, as a general warning.

     General Fics 
Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Phoenix Wright: Adept Attorney, written by EuphrosyneUnlimited
  • Recommended by So It Begins
  • Synopsis: This is an Original Flavor fic that replays the events of the first gameó with characters switched around and situations turned upside down. Phoenix Wright is partnered with April May! Lotta Hart is Phoenix's childhood friend. Yanni Yogi died at Gourd Lake. And the true killer in the DL-6 incident will come as quite a surprise.
  • Comments: The author follows the game's format pretty closely, though the changes get larger as the story goes on. Phoenix and Edgeworth still retain their roles.

Road to Ruin by Pengy Chan
  • Recommended by Auztria
  • Synopsis: There are men who rise to glory and others who fall in disgrace. Quercus Alba - first a soldier, then a war hero, then a corrupted ambassador - was one of those who went through both.
  • Comments: An incredibly well-written story about Quercus Alba and how he came to be the twisted ambassador he is. The author shows a clear knowledge of what he's writing about, leaves few if any plotholes from the main games, and keeps it interesting the whole way through without succumbing to listless detail or slogging. Centers totally on Alba, so as not to dilute the story with other characters' thoughts: it's Alba's story after all, and it's told entirely through him.

Slow Dance, written by Ellcrys
  • Recommended by Jarell88, moooomoooo
  • Synopsis: After Vera's trial comes an even more difficult struggle: trying to figure out what a normal life is and how to live it.
  • Comments: The process of recovery and adaptation from a life of complete seclusion is not an easy one. Ellcrys wonderfully takes one of the minor characters from the Ace Attorney universe, and spins a tale so real, you'll be crying for the poor girl before the fic is halfway through.
  • Seconded. An incredible tying together of the events of Apollo Justice. Capcom themselves couldn't have written a better epilogue.
  • Thirded so, so hard. Everyone is in character, and the romance is slight but sweet. The fic definitely qualifies as one enormous Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.

The Golden Gavel, written by DSL-69
  • Recommended by Miranda Shadowind
  • Synopsis: The Golden Gavel is a tavern, hidden deep in the basement of the District Prosecutors' Office. Within lies the characters and backstory of the first Phoenix Wright game, as seen through the eyes of its workaday bartender.
  • Comments: A unique "Meanwhile, in the background" retelling of the first game whose chapters fit rather nicely into canon. But instead of Phoenix, it primarily features other canon characters such as the prosecutors he faces and Detective Gumshoe with a handful of well-written OCs thrown into the mix. Sadly, thus far it only goes up through most of Case 3 and hasn't been updated in almost two years.

On Broken Wings by icer01
  • Recommended by Suspicious Cookie
  • Synopsis: This is an AU that follows the 'bad ending' to Case 4 of JFA. After 2-4's Bad End scenario, Morgan's plot still stands, like a ticking time bomb. Will Phoenix's destiny again collide with the Fey Clan?
  • Comments: This is a 2-4 Bad End AU, which is a great premise. The alternate take on how 3-5 would have happened on this timeline is fascinating, the writing is great and there's a nice amount of angst - enough but not too much.

A Complete Turnabout by Nenilein
  • Recommended by True Zero, Motmot
  • Synopsis: Waking up in an unfamiliar room one morning, Phoenix Wright suddenly finds a Prosecutor's Badge in his possession. With most of his allies suddenly acting hostile towards him, will he figure out what truly caused the world he knew to suddenly change?
  • Comments: This story is cleverly written, and deals with a world where DL-6 never existed, and where the Phoenix from the games wakes up to find himself in the life of a Phoenix Wright who is not only a Prosecutor, but is such a Jerkass that almost everyone who was close friends with in his life now deeply hate him. Currently dealing with the first murder case, the victim and defendant being Ema Skye and Lana Skye respectively, with Edgeworth as the Attorney, and Phoenix as the Prosecutor. Also has a case in a similar vein to DL-6, and the incident with the Forged Evidence from Apollo Justice, this case not being know to the reader or to Phoenix at this point, but resulting in the imprisonment of Mia and a non-psychopathic Dahlia. The Author also keeps a Court Record on her Profile page with sketched images for certain aspects. Contains an OC Attorney who isn't gifted at the trade, but instead is known as the 'Evidence Spammer' for presenting Evidence purely to buy time to come up with a theory, and hasn't got a perfect record either.
    • Motmot, seconding the recommendation: this is an excellent story with excellent characterization of the AA characters, and an interesting, well-thought-out premise to boot. The Original Flavor is strong and the character interactions are entertaining. It's flawed, particularly where grammar is involved, but seeing as English is the author's second language (her first is, conveniently, German) it only ups the awesome in a way. Not to mention, it's just so satisfying to encounter certain relationships between certain characters and realize, "Wow, that would be so different if not for DL-6..."

Hello Kitty! by aXL99
  • Recommended by Katzenstreu, purplehandprint, technicolortardis
  • Synopsis: This is the life story of a certain kitten by the name of Shoe, told partly from its perspective, during and after the events of JFA. Comedic/dramatic fluff, and a dash of some dark humor.
  • Comments: A unfortunately underrated fanfic taking place, as previously mentioned, during the events of 2-4 and a bit after. Bordering on the most adorable thing you've ever read when told from Shoe's point of view, to very dark in later chapters, but still ending on a... well, you'll have to read for yourself. It also provides an interesting view into de Killer's world and that of assassins. Not to mention what Adrian went through, too.
    • Seconded! This is seriously underrated. I feel like people don't read this because there isn't a pairing. Honestly, this deserves way more than 6 reviews. I've seen plenty of badly-written fics that have more reviews, and that just sucks. Just give it a shot. You'll like it. -purplehandprint
    • There's a phrase to describe this story, and it's on the tip of my tongue. A diamond in the rough? Truly a rare find as far as fanfictions go. The author penned the kind of story that ought to go down in history and told again and again, like the Little Matchstick Girl. It's almost like a fairytale, but it has so much more to tell than the likes of Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.

Phoenix's Inferno by prospectkiss
  • Recommended by Shadow Mayflower
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: With Mia as his spiritual guide, Phoenix must journey through the seven circles of sin to rescue his beloved. Written in verse, and modeled after the classic "Dante's Inferno."
  • Comments: Quite possibly one of the best kink meme fills ever. There's Phoenix/Edgeworth near the end, though it's ignorable if you don't like the pairing. As said, it's modeled after "Dante's Inferno", but nonetheless enjoyable without knowing anything about said poem. Everyone's in character, despite this being a poem. A great fic.

No Place For A Hero by MexMarco
  • Recommended by Yarrik, moooomoooo
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: One year after People v. Misham, Phoenix has reopened his law offices and recovered his attorney badge. Now both he and Apollo must prepare to do battle with the future, two murders and a court system that still refuses to change. Major spoilers for all five games!
  • Comments: An introspective look at the lives of Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice, yet it maintains the humor and characterization that we've come to know and love.

Trucy's Daddy by Ellcrys
  • Recommended by Meikyu Butterfly
  • Synopsis: Alternate timeline to 4-4, while Vera Misham survives her atroquinine poisoning, Trucy, who had borrowed her nail polish before, ends up biting her nails in the Defense's bench as well and dies. Phoenix is left behind as a broken man, while Apollo and his other friends do all in their power to help him recover. (Kink Meme Fanfic)
  • Comments: Perfect characterization, heart wrenching storyline and little to no appearance of the dreaded Idiot Ball, except for the possibility of channeling Trucy only coming up in the last 10 chapters of the story, maybe, make this Fic one of the true gems of the Kink Meme and definitely worth a read. While it features Phoenix and Edgeworth as a pairing, it is too downplayed to count as a Shipping Fic and can be ignored if you are not particularly averted to the pairing. The focus is clearly on Phoenix' relationship with his adoptive daughter. A Hurt-Comfort Fic with a lot of Drama but also Fluff.

Dementia by SoWrightSoWrong
  • Recommended by: Aruu, Meikyu Butterfly, No Place Like London 64, holderoftheheart
  • Synopsis: It starts with Edgeworth forgetting little things here and there, like misplacing his glasses and falling behind with his notes. He and Phoenix joke about getting older, until they realise that Edgeworth has Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Pairing(s): Some Edgeworth/Phoenix, but it's hardly the focus.
  • Comments: Utterly heartbreaking. The author is not only a talented writer, but they have clearly done their research into Alzheimer's. You will cry after reading this.
    • Meikyu Butterfly seconding this recommendation, albeit with a huge warning as, unlike what the previous recommendator said, the pairing in this fanfic is very pronounced and will immensely minder your enjoyment of the Fanfic if your tolerance is not very, very high. To give an example, Phoenix and Edgeworth regularly kiss, starting with the very first scene of the fanfic and the overuse of the words "I love you" might be one of the weakest, most distracting points of the story. Nevertheless, it is still an amazingly well-written, heartbreakingly sad fanfic. If you are either a fan of the pairing or ready to ignore or tolerate it, read it.
      • NoPlaceLikeLondon64 here thirds this fanfic - This troper doesn't cry at anything - and by the end of this she was sobbing uncontrollably. The Phoenix/Miles pairing and the suffering they and their family feels is written in a heart-wrenching manner that will have you crying right there with them. Phoenix/Miles is my absolute OTP of the series, but even if you aren't a fan of the pairing, I still recommend this to you.

For The Record by S.R.H. Fade
  • Recommended by ryuclockwork
  • Synopsis: In the court that is the world, there are only three types of people: Those who stand and fight, those who run, and those who witness.
  • Comments: A beautiful oneshot that can serve as a nice epilogue to Apollo Justice. Features, believe it or not, Spark Brushel (of all people) as a sort of First-Person Peripheral Narrator. One of my favourite Ace Attorney fan fictions of all time, despite its few typographical errors. The author makes fantastic use of repetition and Spark's unique narration style.

Ms. Maya by Turquise Stormcloud
  • Recommended by Trialman
  • Synopsis: Maya decided to take up teaching as a part-time job. Let the polluting the minds of children with nonsense begin!
  • Comments: A hilarious crackfic that features Maya as a part-time teacher having wacky lessons that are completely chaotic and a real laugh with the nonsense she teaches the children, such as pregnancy being a doctor's way of taking credit for the work a stork does. It really gets funny as she continues on with the lessons becoming adventures, including Mike Meekins dragging a set of carts that Maya and her pupils ride around Edgeworth's office.

Little Lion Man by cyberwulf
  • Recommended by holderoftheheart
  • Synopsis: Serving a life sentence for murder, Diego thought he had nothing left to lose - until a stroke robbed him of the ability to speak and write. Now the prison whipping boy, he grows more isolated and alone...until the boy comes. Rated T for bad language, violence and explicit themes.
  • Comments: A really great fic that has had me laughing, crying and wanting to punch several characters in the face, then cheering when someone finally does. It shows a great relationship develop between Diego and Machi and really immerses you in their prison life. It's very well wrote and, even after a break of months from reading, I was able to get straight back into it. There are hints of a pairing - if you really squint - but mostly it shows a really great friendship between the two main characters, as they deal with whatever hell a jail sentence can throw at them.

Turnabout Lockdown by cyberwulf
  • Recommended by Bottled Fire
  • Synopsis: Post Apollo Justice, spoilers for everything. Apollo is roped into defending Kristoph Gavin on a charge of murdering his cellmate...Diego Armando. Rated T for murder, violence and some strong language.
  • Comments: An amazing Original Flavour fic which reads like an actual case taking place after the events of Apollo Justice. It ties together characters from the Phoenix Wright generation as well as Apollo's cast of characters, showing a realistic take on the often hilarious interactions between them. The case is very well-written and logical, yet keeps readers guessing until The Reveal.

Lawyer Camp by anonymous
  • Recommended by Zelda Queen
  • Synopsis: Phoenix remembers his rather traumatizing time in Lawyer Boot Camp with the other defense attorneys and prosecutors. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Comments: This is a hilariously and cracky fill written to explain a Noodle Incident brought up by Maya in Justice For All. There's also no smut, despite the implications of Maya's canon comment.

Worth Fighting For by anonymous
  • Recommended by Cravat Lady
  • Synopsis: Things go south for Phoenix, Pearl and Maya in a 2-4 AU after Matt Engarde gets acquitted...
  • Comment: A heart-breaking AU, when after Engarde's trial, he decides that Phoenix hasn't been punished enough. It stars an emsemble of characters, and magnificently written. Still WIP, but according to the author, the draft is finished. Some Franziska/Adrian, and supposedly Phoenix/Edgeworth, but they don't take over the storyline at all.

     Shipping Fics 
Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

A Turnabout Toast by ideny
  • Recommended by gatekeeper827
  • Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth, Apollo/Klavier later on, slight Franziska/Adrian
  • Synopsis: Phoenix and Edgeworth, awkwardly and with a lot of help, realize that missed opportunities don't have to stay that way. Post GS 4, with spoilers.
  • Comments: This is one of the best AA fanfictions I have ever read. The characterization is spot on, the relationships move at a believable pace, and the story can flip-flop from hilarious to heartwarming to dead serious with ease. As mentioned, this fic is post GS 4, though some does take place in flashback, mostly showing what the heck Edgeworth was up to during that 7-year time skip. There are some O Cs, but they are all fun to read and have smaller roles anyway. Best of all, it's complete! Seriously, go read it. Now.
    • Seconded. The emotional power of this fic is amazing. It explores how Phoenix feels about Miles leaving all the time, gives closure to fans of Vera, and even pulls off a major moment of awesome for Gumshoe, Franziska, and Kay Faraday in how they handle something they know is a major possible problem without Edgeworth even knowing it's being taken care of. A must-read.

Phantasm by Elly Van Houten
  • Recommended by purplehandprint, holderoftheheart
  • Pairing: Miles Edgeworth/Adrian Andrews
  • Synopsis: Everyone has ghosts from their pasts. The hardest part is facing them... Set nine months after T&T, spoilers for PW 1-3 and AJ 1.
  • Comments: DON'T LET THE PAIRING TURN YOU OFF. This story is truly amazing. The author somehow made the unusual pairing work. This is honestly one of the best fanfics I've ever read. The pacing of the romance is realistic, and the plot will keep you on the edge of your seat. It really sucks that it didn't get many reviews because had this pairing been more popular, this would've been one of the highest reviewed fics. I don't even like the pairing, and I still think it is one of the best fanfics in Ace Attorney. Like I said, they just made it work. Sadly, the story has been abandoned, but it's a great fic, nonetheless. You should definitely give it a chance, even if you don't care for the pairing. Also, consider PM-ing the author to continue. It's unlikely, but she might decide to continue the story if she gets enough e-mails asking her to continue (assuming she still uses the same e-mail). EDIT: She's updated it!!! READ THE STORY. It is friggin' amazing. Words cannot describe its awesomeness.

Follow the Fool by CantFakeTheFunk (Slash Fic.)
  • Recommended by The Turtle Guy
  • Pairing: Franziska von Karma/Adrian Andrews.
  • Synopsis: Four months after the final case in PW 2, Franziska von Karma is forced to reexamine her life yet again when a certain woman comes to Germany to see her. Implied Franziska x Adrian, Shoujo Ai...
  • Comments: The definitive Fran/Adrian fic. Great insight into the minds of both women. The OC is fantastic as well, fitting the quirky nature of the series while staying fresh and funny.

A Funny Thing Called Fate by strawberryfzz
  • Recommended by Fortunately Rabid
  • Pairing: Ema Skye/Klavier Gavin.
  • Synopsis: A story that starts with Ema's first kiss, and follows her relationship with Klavier throughout the span of the series. Contains spoilers from the first and fourth Ace Attorney games.
  • Comments: A lovely fic that manages to keep both leads in character while also fleshing them out and providing an interesting reason for Ema's dislike of Klavier. The relationship of the pair also develops from dislike/indifference to friendship to romance rather than starting out with Ema harboring a secret crush for Klavier(as many fics of this couple do). Furthermore the fic is also intertwined brilliantly with both the timeline and plot of the Apollo Justice game, so much so that any fan will be able to appreciate the thought, creativity and writing skills of the author. A definite recommendation for any fan of this pairing.

Rock Steady by JazzBox
  • Recommended by Jarell88
  • Pairing: Ema Skye x Klavier Gavin.
  • Synopsis: How do you love everything about someone yet hate them at the exact same time? That was one question Ema could never answer.
  • Comments: While most fics that attempt to pair these two tend to throw at least one of these people out of character, this fic in particular is very well done. Every character featured in here remains wonderfully in character, so much so that everything here could be lifted out of the game itself. Also, for fans of the series in general, practically every important makes an appearance, and there are more continuity nods than you can shake a stick at, such as the remains of Ema's schoolgirl crush of Edgeworth, Kurain village, and so much more. Definetly a good read.

Piano Man by Trench Kamen. (Explicit sexual content, language, detailed descriptions of injury later on. Yaoi. Het. Suggested yuri.)
  • Recommended by fatalfeline
  • Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth-centric, though it deals with many other pairings as well (most notably Maggey/Gumshoe).
  • Synopsis: Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth have finally been able to settle down together. Phoenix's musical sense never left, even after re-gaining his bar: he still associates songs with memories, good and bad, hilarious and heartbreaking.
  • Comments: An extraordinarily excellent, complex, and for some reason much overlooked fanfiction, using usually looked-down-upon concepts like songfic and original characters and making them work. Chapters are in Anachronic Order since they are "memories", each one titled with a song to go along with it and lyrics inserted in the text only where they are appropriate. Places the Ace Attorney world in a very real-world perspective and talks about things like the unfair court system and hangings for execution in detail. But besides the considerable work and research that went into it, this fanfic is deeply emotional and laugh-out-loud hilarious moments are just as numerous as the adorably heartwarming and the unbearably tragic. Although the chapters are quite lengthy, the writing is intriguing enough that it's never a problem. This story follows the Ace Attorney storyline up until the end of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and mostly delves into the private lives of the characters and events behind closed doors in the storyline. Though it is quite long, Piano Man is an excellent investment even for those who usually would not read fanfiction and must be experienced to fully grasp. May or may not be complete. Also has some fun Shout Outs.
    • Seconded. This story is absolutely sublime - going from a unique and interesting future!fic, to believably filling in what happened with the all characters missing from Apollo Justice. The pairings are all written wonderfully, and it's all highly believable. This troper laughed, cried and cheered through the whole thing and would definitely read it over and over again.

Shadows Passing by SoWrightSoWrong
  • Recommended by Love Is Weird
  • Pairing: Edgeworth/Phoenix
  • Synopsis: Three years after their parting, Phoenix and Edgeworth don't recognize each other when they meet again. Px E, written for the kink meme.
  • Comments: Where to start, where to start...oh, yeah. To get this out of the way, this has Easy Amnesia as one of its plot points. But, oh my giddy aunt, it is crukking GOOD. The segments set in the present are just so beautifully written, and those in the past do their job of explaining exactly what Edgeworth is doing teaching at a high school under the name of Evan Morgan and why Phoenix doesn't remember a thing about his life. Wonderful writing right there, with the Tear Jerker factor turned Up to Eleven. Whoever writes this must be an accomplished professional!

Of Fake Fairytales and Faux Amour by Lyrical Rawr
  • Recommended by Love Is Weird, rrm, ilsemmr
  • Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth, fake at first
  • Synopsis: Miles desperately needs a way of removing an unwanted admirer, and what better way is there than to pretend to date his very male, straight best friend and rival? Sigh, it sounded so foolproof in his head at least...
  • Comments: This is a stark contrast to my previous recommendation above. Where Shadows is tear-jerky and sniffle-inducing, OFFAFA is hilarious! The OC, Kath Everett, is written so well, and Edgeworth and Phoenix seem so in character! My only gripe is, hey, the plot is a little overused, but Rawr more than makes up for it by her superb writing and laugh-a-minute jokes. Be warned, though, it gets a bit long at times.
    • This fic is simply awesome. By chapter 5 I can almost guarantee that you will be laughing the whole time. Sadly, it is a Dead Fic.
      • And lo and behold, it has UPDATED! Anyway, the fic is phenomenal! All characters are hilarious and the rival is awesome. Plus, you get to see everyone's favorite emotional robot suffer through a fake romance. What's not to love?
      • Not a dead fic. The author wrote in email replies that the updates are very slow but certainly not dead.

The Man Who Looked at the Sky by Carlis Black
  • Recommended by Gintax Alvissforever
  • Pairing: Klavier/Apollo, as the story goes on
  • Synopsis: When Daryan and Kristoph breaks out of prison, Klavier is desperate to hunt them down. Then Kristoph disappears, and Apollo is suspected to be the reason. But when Klavier confronts his Herr Forehead, Apollo simply refuses to cooperate...
  • Comments: This is the aftermath of AJ case 4. It's very detailed in the lives of the characters after Kristoph's second conviction. This story goes in the mind of the two criminals that have been accused of murder in cases 3 and 4 and what their motive is for getting out. The story mainly focuses on Klavier and slowly starts focusing on Apollo once he gets closer to opening the other's heart (who closed it off after Kristoph's trial.) The story will shift to Phoenix every now and then and his life after he regains his attorney badge and his relationship with Trucy. The OC characters are very realistic, fitting to the point where they can survive in the Ace Attorney world where they won't be accused of being a Gary sue. Also, I like how the character development is flushed out and how those close to Kristoph are deeply affected particularly Apollo who is a completely different person for justified reasons. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to bang your head against the wall for the characters stupid decisions, and you'll be cheering for your favorite characters doing the unthinkable...especially Apollo. This tale is about love and betrayal and what lengths you'll go to save the person you love...as well as the external lengths one would go to keep the thing they love the most whether it's family, fame or fortune. It starts out slow, but picks up very fast. You'll be surprised at the ending.

The Last Job by bethfrish
  • Recommended by chameleonbreath
  • Pairing: Tyrell Badd/Calisto Yew/Byrne Faraday
  • Synopsis: Just a cute little piece about the Yatagarasu Gang. WARNING: NC-17
  • Comments: Great characterisation! I personally am in love with Byrne Faraday, and this fic definitely does all three of the Yatagarasu justice. And there's smut, which is great.

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows by Orange Lights
  • Recommended by Pencilsoot, kt-low
  • Pairing: Franziska von Karma/Adrian Andrews
  • Synopsis: When Franziska comes back from Germany for a case, she finds herself staying much longer than she intended thanks to a certain woman.
  • Comments: A wonderful fic with everyone surprisingly in character. The author really takes Franziska and Adrian's relationship realistically; starting out at a slow believable pace and showing views from both women on the current situation at hand. Overall, a very enjoyable fanfiction.
    • Seconded: I don't like secondary characters pairings but i know that Adrian goes to live with Franziska in Germany after the second game and,for some reason, Fran teaches Adrian how to use a whip, so i gave this a chance. Just some chapters and i couldn't stop reading! Gumshoe and the others are, indeed, amusingly in character while the O Cs are great and fit well. I think this is an unique relationship since, because of Adrian's sickness and Franziska's guilt, both don't know if it's love or not. I suggest to give it a try even if you don't like the pairing, it takes some time but the fluff is more than worth. It's finally finished too!

Life Doesn't Work That Way by Daphne22
  • Recommended by kirana44
  • Pairing: Edgeworth/Phoenix
  • Synopsis: Phoenix and Edgeworth deal with the repercussions of Lana Skye's trial while trying to trying to figure out what they really mean to each other. Set between 1-5 and JFA, spoilers for both, slash.
  • Comments: I genuinely can't praise this fic enough. Everyone is brilliantly in character, and the portrayal of Edgeworth's gradual breakdown is simply brilliant. It fits almost perfectly in the canon, and the writing itself is top-notch. Really delves into the bizarre friendship between Nick and Edgey, and builds up the tension nicely. The kind of story you have to devour, it's so good.

The Rest Of The Pieces by purplepjs
  • Recommended by Star Meilene 01
  • Pairing: Maya/Phoenix
  • Synopsis: It was all supposed to be over at the end of the Hazakurain Trial, but what secrets still remain unspoken about the Fey family past? Is Maya's life in danger yet again?
  • Comments: An absolutely lovely fic, my favorite Maya/Phoenix fic. It really digs deep into their relationship and the Fey family past. You see Edgeworth and Kay, Iris and Pearl, and even a few original characters. Not only Maya, but it also tunnels into the relationship between Mia and Diego, starting with how they first met, and why Diego calls her "kitten". The romance is really sweet and contains lots of fluff, and the suspense and mystery tie in with it together perfectly. But the amazing part is that it's all possible, tying in with the Apollo Justice world as well. I highly recommend this fic for anyone looking for some Maya/Phoenix in their day.

Break the Sky (continued here: http://bludhavens.livejournal.com/40135.html?thread=13407431#t13407431)
  • recommended by oceanlover4evr, Vithian
  • A kink-meme fill, this is absolutely amazing, and is one of the longest ones yet, still ongoing at 264 chapters.
  • Synopsis: The Ace Attorney characters in a dystopian AU.
  • Comments: It's absolutely heart-breaking. The main pairings are Miles/Phoenix and Apollo/ Klavier, and it is BEAUTIFUL.
    • Whilst this story is amazing in every way possible, it now appears to be a dead fic, last updated Nov 13th, 2011. Be warned.

One of Every Color by Croik
  • Recommended by Gatekeeper827
  • Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth
  • Synopsis: After GS 3 Phoenix appeals an old case, which forces him to choose between a woman's life and an old friend.
  • Comments: An excellent fic. It manages to balance the focus between a well thought out murder storyline (and the hoops Phoenix is forced to jump through to make his case) with the ever-increasing strain it puts on Phoenix and Edgeworth's growing relationship. Be warned that it ends on a somewhat bittersweet note.

Souvenir by Studio Kawaii
  • Recommended by KISSlover888
  • Pairing: Lang X Franziska, plus hints at Phoenix X Edgeworth
  • Synopsis: Shi-Long Lang and Franziska von Karma have been working together for Interpol... but once the case is over, what will happen? You must have played "Ace Attorney Investigations" to fully understand this (silly) story.
  • Comments: Don't let the pairing discourage you! This comic is very good and worth a read. A fancomic with artwork that looks like it was taken from the games, "Souvenir" is short but absolutely adorable.

I Had Not Intended To Love Him by Beautiful-blue
  • Recommended by NoPlaceLikeLondon64
  • Pairing: Godot/Franziska. A bit of Godot/Mia in the beginning as well
  • Synopsis: Franziska and Godot are forced to work together on a case. Although they initially hate one another, things soon begin to change between them. Very very loosely based on Jane Eyre...
  • Comments: Don't let the pairing turn you away - it is pulled off very well and believably. This fanfic is well-written and is definitely worth a read!

Worth the Fight by Midnight Whisper 7
  • Recommended by: KISSlover888
  • Pairing: Lang X Franziska
  • Synopsis: Franziska von Karma and Shi-Long Lang reach an understanding. Subtext, one-shot.
  • Comments: A well-written fanfic. It's quite interesting, and the interaction between Lang and Franziska is well-done.

Dirty Sympathy by ideny
  • Recommended by: Koneko Otome
  • Pairing: Apollo/Klavier
  • Synopsis: The plot of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is a "Strangers on a Train"-Plot Murder. Klavier and Apollo, stuck in abusive relationships, meet accidentally and decide to lend each other a hand. WARNING: domestic abuse and offscreen rape.
  • Comments: A very intense fic, I have so much sympathy for Klavier and Apollo's plight and feel their desperation to somehow survive and help one another by committing very dubious acts. A clean-up version is in progress here

"Like Sisters", written by indirectkissesiniceland
  • Recommended by: Madam Reg
  • "Pairing": Apollo/Juniper
  • "Synopsis": Trucy has a list of New Year's Resolutions to finish off before the year is through, and the last item on her list ("Get Polly a girlfriend") remains unchecked. When Athena tells her about a friend of hers who thinks Apollo's a great guy but is too shy to say anything, Trucy figures the key to getting stuffy old Polly on a date may lie in the decorations for the first annual Wright Anything Agency Christmas Party.
  • "Comments": Apollo/Juniper is an underrated pairing, it needs more love. Luckily we have this fic to read. It's cute, well-written, and the moments between Apollo and Juniper, as seen through Trucy's POV, are very fluffy.

"Breaking Waves" by Mabis
  • Recommended by: Troper/Brighty124
  • Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth and Franziska/Adrian
  • Synopsis: Phoenix, Miles, and Franziska are each struggling for what they want, and soon discover sometimes the best relationships are formed when we fight the hardest for them.
  • Comments: A super sweet story about two very different developing relationships. It's truly remarkable, and is complete with a happy ending. There's a few smutty parts, but you can skip them, and not miss anything important to the storyline. A must-read.

A Match Made in Neo-Olde Tokyo by Feriku
  • Recommended by: Mandichaos
  • Pairing: Maya Fey/Simon Blackquill
  • Synopsis: "There was nothing wrong with being a fan of the Steel Samurai, but as a grown man, an ex-convict, and a prosecutor with a knack for being the scariest guy in the room in any given situation, Simon Blackquill had no plans to admit his love of the show to anyone... until a certain spirit medium entered his life. As for Maya Fey, what were the chances she'd meet a REAL samurai, and one willing to watch the Steel Samurai with her, at that? Talk about a reason to celebrate—burgers, anyone?" (Post-Dual Destinies, so there may be mild spoilers.)
  • Comments: A sweet and silly story that takes a pairing I had never even considered and makes it truly work. Maya and Simon are both perfectly in character - Maya is as cheerfully absurd as ever and Simon's black humor is put to good use. (As is Pearl and her determination to stalk any and all candidates for Maya's "special someone." Even if the candidate is a scary samurai prosecutor...)

Halfway To Sunlight by mllelaurel
  • Recommended by: Brighty124
  • Pairing: Klavier Gavin/Apollo Justice and Wocky Kitaki/Vera Misham
  • Synopsis: As if trying to emotionally disentangle himself from his former mentor after the Misham trial wasnít enough, Apollo winds up with a copycat case falling into his lap, and said mentorís younger brother a growing presence in his life. But neither of the tasks facing him will be easy, and everyone's got secrets they may or may not want to reveal.
  • Comments: An emotional story about the relationship between Klavier and Apollo. Stunning, and made this troper cry several times. Don't let the Wocky/Vera turn you off, it's very well written, and doesn't take up a huge part of the story line.

    Crossover Fics 

Order in the Court, written by Incandescens

To Each a Tempo, written by Pyrasaur
  • Recommended by Beckstar
  • Synopsis: A Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney / Elite Beat Agents crossover. An Elite Beat Agent is accused of murdering the person he just finished saving, putting the top-secret Agency at risk of a damning first impression to the world. Phoenix and Maya must cover up their defendant's identity while uncovering the rest of the truth: who really killed the old woman in the secluded park, and why?
  • Comments: Only requires a basic knowledge of the EBA characters and mechanics to understand. Takes place soon after PW: Justice For All. Explicit spoiler for JFA case 4, numerous vaguely alluded spoilers for the first two PW games. The author perfectly weaves the Elite Beat Agents into the world of Phoenix Wright.
    • Roses Spindle: The original characters in this fic are just fantastic. They're all quirky enough to fit right into the Ace Attorney universe, and I can easily imagine their little tics and habits as if I were cross-examining them on my DS.
    • That Other You: And for the icing on the cake, it was also the inspiration for this Osu! level. The fact that people cared enough about this fic to create such an amazing level based off of it should speak volumes about its own quality.

Turnabout Storm by Neo Artimus
  • Recommended by Kytseo, Redhead64, El bruno, Akamia, Madd The Sane, Sus
  • Synopsis: The story goes that Rainbow Dash, the best flier in Equestra, was accused of murdering one of her competition in an upcoming race called the Equestria 500 (with the punishment being that she's banished to either the moon or the sun if found guilty). Her friend (and protagonist of FiM) Twilight Sparkle summons the best defense attorney in the universe (accidentally, initially wanting to summon the best in Equestria), said attorney happens to be Phoenix Wright. All that said, Nick attempts to adjust to temporarily living in Equestria while searching for the truth behind that murder (with Twilight as his resident Maya stand-in).
  • Comments:
    • Judging from the first of the four (now 6) episodes, it looks to be shaping up to be a pretty good crossover. From first impressions, I highly recommend it to Ace Attorney fans, bronies/pegasisters, and everyone in between.
    • Sus concurs. Despite not being all that familiar with the Ace Attonery series myself, the mix of murder mystery, well-written characters and deadpan snarkery / shout out humor is really entertaining. Plus the Ace Attorney style animation is top-notch for a fan work.
    • El bruno agrees. This fan work gets points for managing to merge both of those different universes without sacrificing their basic integrity, doing its best to stick to the original tone of both series. Plus, previous knowledge of both series is almost unnecesary to understant the story.

Phoenix Wright Devils Attorney, created by LordIban
  • Recommended by Kytseo
  • Synopsis: A crossover between Ace Attorney and Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, the story starts with Etna kidnapping Wright and dragging him to the Netherworld. Basically, Celestia has sent an ambassador to strike up peaceful negotiation with Overlord Laharl, but was (of course) murdered before the deed could be done. Laharl, having found the body, is accused of the murder, and, with the fate of both worlds riding on his shoulders, Nick has to prove Laharl innocent and disclose the identity of the true Big Bad of the story (which happens to be Vulcanus, the Big Bad of the first Disgaea game).
  • Comments: It's, overall, a pretty good crossover between the two franchises. All the characters from each are relatively faithful to their canon portrayals (though Laharl's portrayal seems to verge slightly more towards post character development in the game than post Flanderization after it), and the twists are pretty good. Overall, i would definitely recommend it (though the fifth and final part is about an hour long, just something to consider when planning to watch it).

When Worlds Collide, written by Irene Doyle
  • Recommended by Zelda Queen
  • Synopsis: Because of an accident in Eureka, Washington, people from alternate universes find themselves being teleported into other dimensions. Link and Phoenix Wright find themselves swapped into each other's worlds. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Comments: While the main fandoms are The Legend of Zelda and Ace Attorney, Eureka plays a more minor part and there are quite a few cameos from other fandoms, near the end. All of the characters are in-character and the whole thing is hilarious. Note that it's a one-shot, meaning that things keep moving.