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04:42:10 AM Apr 10th 2014
I thought that the number of fics was getting high enough to require sorting into folders, so I went ahead and added folders.
11:45:38 PM May 16th 2012
edited by DonaldthePotholer
At what point should we consider a separate Crossover Fic heading? We currently have 4 cases that qualify (enough for its own game!) plus Phoenix's SSBB Case Files.

And, as a side mission, how about a Fake Box Cover for the 4 (EDIT: Non-SSB) Crossovers at present. Probably using the advocates (as opposed to the defendants, the "advocates" would be those who actually hired Phoenix.)

Title: Crossabout Turnover (A wordswap of Turnabout and Crossover)
12:33:18 AM May 17th 2012
It can be added whenever you like, and sooner is better than later.
06:36:41 AM Oct 21st 2013
It's fixed!
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