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Tropers: Meikyu Butterfly
There was no point in drawing this Self Portrait, but I still did it.
Meikyu Butterfly, also known as Nenilein or just Neni elsewhere, has been a troper for more than one year, but never gotten around to type down an actual page of herself yet. This troper is a japanophile Otaku Surrogate and even proudly uses the word "Otaku", despite knowing about the bad, bad, bad publicity it got and still gets. She hopes to help diminishing the never-ending prejustice about Otaku by doing so. Note, however, that she's not a Fujoshi.

This austrian troper is fluent at English, but still makes grammar mistakes from time to time and tends to overlook half of her Spelling Mistakes, attracting the attention of the Grammar Nazi. Despite this, she does not loath the Grammar Nazi, but sees him as a helpful friend. Meikyu Butterfly is also a student of "Japan Studies" on Vienna University and learning Japanese.

Currently obsessed with Rozen Maiden and especially Ace Attorney. Long-Time obsessions include the Kingdom Hearts series, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Shakugan no Shana, The Legend of Zelda and Chobits. Fan of 8-Bit Theatre

Currently holding the title Austrian Otaku of the Year.

This troper provides examples of:

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