Awesome Music: Berserk

Susumu Hirasawa's work for the Berserk series deserves a serious mention.
  • "Forces" is probably the best place to start. It plays during Guts's first raid with the Band of the Hawks.
    • Pretty much any variation of Forces.
    • Fun fact: "Forces" is actually a reworking of another song by Hirasawa called "Kajiwotore" (Take the Wheel).
    • If you thought Forces and Kajiwotore were badass enough, you should hear it when they're smashed together.
  • Guts's theme from the series is nothing short of beautiful.
  • "Behelit" is an eerie track that captures Griffith's road to darkness.
  • "Earth" is another beautiful theme. It sounds like a perfect theme for the witches and their nature powers, but they are introduced in the manga long after the anime's ending point so it's a very nice coincidence.
  • Berserk is not without its creepy moments as well, as "Monster" and "Fear" show.
  • And then there's "Murder", which plays as it's all going to hell for the Hawks. Made even more eerie with that Ominous Latin Chanting going on.
  • "Sign" is the opening theme of the PS2 game, and is appropriately awesome. A slower, more melancholy and heroic version plays near the end and is just as awesome;
  • Hirasawa's done it again with "Aria", the opening for the first of the new Berserk Golden Age Arc film series.
  • Need we be reminded of the non-Susumu awesomeness that is "Tell Me Why" by Penpals and "Waiting So Long" by Silver Fins?
  • Shiro Sagisu's score for the new film series is nothing short of breath-taking, and fits the dark fantasy setting of Berserk.
    • "Blood and Guts" is a beautiful piece that perfectly captures the tragic essence of Guts' character (amusingly, the chorus sounds like "GOD HAND GUTS", though that was probably not intentional).
    • Also from the first movie is "Utsukushiki Mono" by Ai. It's the ending theme and is breathtaking. It sings like an inspirational gospel song, but it sounds so uplifting that it'll just raise your spirits. The title translates to "something beautiful" and the song truly is.
    • From the second film, the thunderous "My Brother", a truly awesome example of Ominous English Chanting.
    • From the third film, "Trio F-Dur II", the music played during Guts and Casca's love scene, is by far the most beautiful music in the whole movie trilogy, matching the atmosphere of this interpretation of their scene perfectly. It's actually quite tear jerk worthy.