Funny: Berserk

Berserk, being a cesspool of gloom, doom, and utter suckiness, is probably the last place you were expecting to find humor, much less hilarity. However, this otherwise grim epic is sprinkled with moments of Black Comedy, Gallows Humor, snark, and sometimes even outright silliness. If you're gonna be reading one of the darkest seinen manga currently being published, you'll be grateful that there's some laughs to take the edge off and help you keep your sanity.

Manga examples:

The Black Swordsman Arc

  • When Guts walks into the inn at the start of the "Baron of Koka Castle" story, he plops a coin on the table and states to the innkeeper, "I'm gonna mess up your shop a bit." He then proceeds to shoot the Baron's men full of bolts with his repeating crossbow and torture one of the survivors in front of the customers, and ends by chopping the last mook in half with his BFS with a swing that breaks the floorboards to splinters.
  • Asked by Collette's father whether the huge object behind him is some kind of sword, Guts sarcastically answers, "Nah. I use it for my cooking.''
  • When the Count bring Puck to Theresia's room in a cage, and she greets him as "father", Puck is flabbergasted by their lack of resemblance.

The Golden Age Arc

  • There was quite a bit of humor in the Band Of Hawks arc before it goes wrong. Like Judeau throwing a knife nonchalantly and breaking a bathing merc's bucket and getting that knife thrown right back at him.
    • You know, When he did that, Judeau was actually venting some steam out of jealousy because Casca had been cuddling with Guts for a few nights. Details.
  • When Guts asked Griffith why he didn't just kill him:
    Guts: Are you a homo?
  • Pippin, The Big Guy of the Hawks, gets one after Guts is instrumental in the Hawks' victory in an early battle. The rest of the Hawks are celebrating, but Guts is in his usual spot between one of Wyndham's battlements. Pippin wants Guts to join the others in the festivities, but Guts says that he's happy right where he is, thank you very much. So Pippin picks Guts right up and hauls him over his shoulder before carrying him kicking and screaming back to the rest of the crew in perhaps the only time Guts's aversion to being touched is Played for Laughs.
  • The next day, Guts gets thrown into the moat by Rickert who opened the door right behind him. Rickert tried to help him up, and enter Pippin through that very same door...
  • He also gets into a very childish water-fight with Griffith earlier for no reason.
  • Casca and Guts fell down a cliff, into a river. Casca is having her period and has a fever. Cut to Guts looking absolutely pissed while holding a naked Casca.
    YouTube commenter: Never has a man looked so unhappy holding a naked woman
  • While staying at Wyndham Castle, Griffith invites Guts to his study, and talks about all of the lengthy books that he engaged himself in, to which Guts finds absolutely no interest in. Then Griffith pulls out a book depicting pornographic images - to which Guts does find interest in - and asks if Guts wants to borrow it. And that's how Guts became a dedicated bookworm.
    • Moments later, Griffith nonchalantly tells Guts to assassinate the king's brother. Griffith sure does have his ways of convincing his teammates to do his dirty work.
  • After Guts and Casca return safe to Griffith from the Hundred Man Fight, Casca says it was her fault and that he can punish her however he likes. Guts makes a funny expression of exasperation and suddenly spanks her on the behind, causing her to leap into Griffith's arms and shout indignantly. Welcome back indeed!
  • Adon Corbowitz deserves a mention for being spectacularly useless and hammy about it in every appearance he got.
    Casca: Not so loud, you idiot!
    Mercenary: Well, that explains it...
  • Guts's absolutely dumbfounded expression when he sees Casca in a very pretty ball gown.
  • Casca had the tendency to fall off cliffs a lot during the Golden Age arc, either deliberately or by accident. When Casca dropped from a cliff telling Guts to take care of the Band of the Hawk, Guts' response after grabbing her and hoisting her back up was "Look, you! Don't you EVER go near a cliff again!"
  • Volume 10 is an odd instance where at least 1/3rd of the content constitutes as laughable material:
    • First when Guts tells Casca his plans of leaving the Hawks again, she yells at Guts and starts swinging some punches at Guts. Unlike in the anime, Guts' response is to not calmly hold Casca, but to grab one of her boobs. She immediately stops but then threatens to throw Guts over the waterfall before he has a chance to get himself killed in battle.
    • When the Hawks prepare to execute Operation Rescue Griffith, Casca professionally mantles her horse... until she mounts it a bit too roughly (especially after a morning of semi-rough lovemaking) and she winces with a most comical face. Guts comes by asking her what was the matter, only to be greeted with a glare.
    • When the Hawks make it to the old graveyard, Guts comments that if it were that easy to find a supposed secret passage in a graveyard, all mercenaries would be out of business. Seconds later, Casca finds the entrance. Judeau's response:
    Judeau: Hmm. Unemployment
    • Princess Charlotte has quite a uncharacteristic temper tantrum at the thought of not going with the now-exiled Band of the Hawk in order to stay with Griffith. To shut her trap, Casca, Guts, Judeau, and her maid Anna all put their hands over Charlotte's mouth.
  • Corkus' Lampshade Hanging when the Hawks are fighting Apostle Wyald.
    Corkus: Shit, it's always us! Who else has to fight these kinda fucked up things?
    Guts: Dont go popping a boner over my head now!
    Wyald: MY DICK!
    • As if that wasn't hilarious enough with the face that Wyald makes, the Dark Horse edition renders his response as "NOT MY #@*&^...!!" Somehow, bleeping this one thing out in the middle of such an NSFW chapter only underlines that it's supposed to be funny.

Conviction Arc: Lost Children

  • During the Lost Children Arc, Puck imagines a Chibi Godhand. Dear God...
  • Puck's first meeting with the deadly-serious Skull Knight. "Who'd have though Guts would be friends with a monster? Er-no offense! This guy's so terribly lonely, please be his friend!"

Conviction Arc: Binding Chain

  • Puck, finding Guts passed out and being mobbed by ghosts, does a quick bit of mental arithmetic in his head after beating on ghosts with a pair of spiked flowers.
    Ghosts>Guts -> Puck>Ghosts -> Puck>Guts
  • When Guts encounters the Holy Iron Chain Knights for the first time and they are about to apprehend him, Guts says this in his defense:
    'Guts:' "Why? I don't recall ever being arrested by Priests. 'Course, that don't mean...I ain't been..."
    Puck: "Zero persuasive power."
  • When Guts is being kept in a cage by the Holy Iron Chain Knights and the demons come out at night, Puck comes in time with the keys - but will only unlock the cage if Guts says, "Pretty please with sugar on top." And Guts actually complies. But swears revenge later. Does this guy really need anymore reasons to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge?
    • Before that, when Guts sees the demons emerging around his cage, he asks how things could get worse. Then Puck arrives. His response?
      "That's a good answer."
  • When Guts takes Farnese hostage, he walks past the guards threatening to burn her ass.
  • Puck's bug-eyed expression when a possessed Farnese strips naked and start to hump Guts' sword. It's like O.O
    Guts: Damn...
  • When Serpico arrives to rescue Farnese from Guts, he finds her naked and crying, demanding that he kill Guts to avenge her honor. In contrast to her hysteria Serpico is hilariously mellow, sheepishly stating that he can't fight Guts because he would surely die. He and Guts agree to let each other go, but when Guts turns his back his eyes shoot open and he attacks Guts with a quick draw, jumping to avoid the Dragonslayer. The outcome is that Serpico scratched Guts' cheek, while Guts tore open Serpico's boot so that his sock pokes out. After they acknowledge each other's skill, Serpico suddenly sheathes his sword and amicably says goodbye for real, leaving Guts both confused and impressed to have met such a piece of work. He even notices Puck!
    Serpico: "So on that note, until we meet again! I've done what I meant to do."
    Guts: "H-hey!'''
  • Puck takes advantage of his Invisible to Normals status to play pranks to Farnese, pulling her lip among other things. When he does it again to a random soldier later after Farnese was able to see him:
    Farnese: ...Why does that seem familiar?

Conviction Arc: Birth Ceremony

  • Inspector Mozgus can be strangely funny when he's not busy dealing with heretics. Specifically when he gets all emotional and just looks absurd, or does something ridiculous like smash his face in. It becomes difficult to take him seriously.
    • For a while there was a meme of drawing Mozgus as a much cuter (or at least more normal looking) Anime & Manga character. Get a load of Bishop Doraemus.
  • Before joining the party, Isidro tries to steal the Dragon Slayer from Guts. Of course since the sword is probably twice as heavy as Isidro himself he struggles to lift it and gets stuck underneath it. Guts wakes up and effortlessly lifts it off him, saying "It ain't a kid's toy."
  • It says a lot about Berserk that after the Eclipse some of the most amusing moments are courtesy of a thoroughly broken, traumatized and insane Cute Mute Casca. A case in point: Isidro, Wrong Genre Savvy kid, is attempting to save Casca and a prostitute named Nina from a cult of pagans planning to sacrifice Nina and rape Casca. He drives the cultists off with rocks, jumps down... and botches the landing. Casca's response is to wave, at which point he sheepishly waves back.

Hawk of the Millennium Empire Arc: Holy Demon War

  • Serpico's underwhelmed reaction to discovering who his father is, upon having his Orphan's Plot Trinket recognized by Farnese's father. "Oh... it's him." Serpico: Deadpan Snarker from childhood.
"There was nothing especially moving about it for me. It was rather underwhelming."

Hawk of the Millennium Empire Arc: Falconia

  • Isidro stating that he chose to be what he is now because of the Band of Hawk's raiding commander whose name he can't remember...who's Guts...who's standing right behind him.
    Guts: *While Isidro lists his deeds* It's been embellished...
  • Magnifico's epic fail moment upon trying to announce Roderick and Farnese's marriage to a huge assembly of nobles, including his father complete with Roderick facepalming.
  • Chapter 252 of the manga has all sorts of hilarity ensuing. First, Schierke struggles to bathe Casca while Isidro is tied to a chair to prevent him from peeping in. When she fails and Casca starts running around the room naked, Schierke then tries to wrap her in a towel...only for Casca to take off Schierke's towel and send her toppling, butt naked...onto a bed-ridden Guts, who she sets on fire and demands he forget what he saw. A still smoking Guts' response to this is to glance out the window and simply think Serpico and Farnese are taking too long.
    • Towards the end of it, despite his protests, Schierke insists on feeding Guts some soup herself...before realizing what this may imply. Her face is priceless.
    • She then immediately spills the whole bowl of soup onto Guts' face, who just sits there calmly. Ivalera's dialogue makes it even more funny.
    Ivalera: "The finishing blow."
  • Griffith rescuing Charlotte and her attendant Anna via flying bed. Anna's reaction? Go back to sleep.
    "...oh, that's it. I must be dreaming. Well, take me home, Sir Bed!"
  • After a fistfight with each other which ends in comically swollen faces and bloody noses for both of them, Isidro can't even speak past his inflated mouth:
    Mule: I'll remember you, Ijidodo!
    Isidro: It's Ijidodo!
  • Puck attempted to use Becchi a.k.a. Mr. Behelit as fish bait. "Do you best not to get eaten".
  • Guts, Casca and Co. are in a bar. A drunkard approaches Casca, who is busy demolishing a set of sausage links, and asks her to serve him a drink. Guts then nonchalantly kicks him in the face. Serpico then asks Gut's to remove his foot from table. Hilarious.
  • In volume 32, after an exhausting but kickass fight with Emperor Ganishka while teaming up with Zodd, Guts collapses flat, face first, onto the pavement (which is sorta funny in itself). Serpico's commentary?
    "Goodness, he seems to have gotten up solely for the sake of trash-talking."
  • Griffith eating Charlotte's home baked cake. Here we have FEMTO, conqueror of worlds, betrayer of friends, breaker of cuties, most haughty monster in manga history and deceiver of humanity eating cake...

Fantasia Arc: Elf Island

  • Isma's Cry Cute moment is surprisingly funny, since it felt like it came right outta nowhere. There's also the many, many, many Male Gaze moments she gave Isidro, which prompted Schierke to go "Guh?" when she tried to contact him via telepathy and saw her assets.
  • Every time Captain Sharkrider makes an appearance is a funny moment. He constantly chews the scenery with his card-carrying villain antics, and occasionally chews on the face of his first mate when he gets worked up.
  • The idle threat from the Pirate who was hit by Schierke's paralyzation spell: "LET ME MOVE OR I WILL PUNCH YOU!" Somebody give this guy a Nobel Prize...
  • While it probably wasn't meant to be funny, Falconia in Chapter 334. You ever wonder what is the size of Griffith's ego? There's your answer. There's hawks, griffins and even seraphim (Neon Genesis Evangelion Shout-Out and secretly Godhand Cult of Personality(they've been called Angels in the past after all?) statues and carvings all through the city, it's like a desperate cry for attention "Hey, look at me! Am I not fantastic?!". Seriously, not even Sauron, Lex Luthor, Doctor Doom, Joffrey Baratheon and all Real Life dictators combined couldn't reach that level of ego-trip, which only gets worse next chapter as he sets himself as a God Emperor and The Messiah of the Holy See and starts using his powers to bring the souls of the dead back to amaze his new subjects. Cause, you know, building an utopic city that makes Rome, Vatican and Florence its bitches wasn't enough. Apparently, becoming Godhand and losing his emotions didn't solve Griffith's insecurities issues.
  • The entirety of Chapter 337. Also known as "Kentaro Miura Draws Very Pretty Flowers", "Griffith's Tea Party: Sonia is not amused", and "Griffith Gets Bitchslapped"


  • Laughter doesn't just stop with the content within the volumes, but on the outside as well. The summaries on the back of each of the Dark Horse Manga English volumes are hilarious. You might not think much after reading the description on the back of volume one's cover, but they get funnier as they progress - and you have over thirty-five volumes to choose from. My personal favorite is the back of volume six:
    "... Berserk is a bloodstained manga juggernaut, equal parts savage violence, gruesome horror, and black humor packed inside a flaming powder keg and rolled downhill into a crowd of terrified civilians. Let the weak-kneed get out of the way, 'cause Berserk ain't about to give up any ground!"
    • Or volume three:
    "...Berserk is exactly what it's title advertises, a savage, gruesome, and often darkly funny roller-coaster ride, inspiring the internationally popular anime series. If you're looking for graphic fiction to take home to Grandma, this ain't it—unless Granny smokes cigars and rides a Harley!"

Anime examples:

Movie Examples:
  • In The Egg of the King, when Guts examines Griffith's Crimson Behelit and sees its eyes open, he gets so scared that he almost falls backwards off the balustrade he was sitting on. Griffith manages to catch him and starts completely cracking up, and even Guts has to admit it was pretty funny.
  • In The Battle for Doldrey when Adon and his men find Guts and Casca, Adon threatens Guts with torture while he plans to sic his men on Casca. Guts dispenses some sage advice to them: "I'm gonna have to seriously advise you against that plan. She'll bite something off!" The silly smile on his face, and Casca's annoyed conk upon his head, sell the scene.
  • When the Hawks' victory at Doldrey becomes clear, Corkus raises his voice as the first to cry victory but is immediately drowned out by Pippin's roar and looks really upset that he was upstaged.
  • During the victory parade Corkus hoists one of his female admirers onto his horse and kisses her, telling the other clamoring ladies to wait their turn, but one rather ugly lady appears and gives Corkus the shudders.
  • In his Big Damn Heroes moment during the escape from Midland, Corkus says "I've always wanted to do this" and tells the reinforcements to charge on his mark, but everybody leaves him behind before he can give the order. "Wait, I didn't say 'go' yet!"
  • One may find it hard to laugh right on the heels of Griffith's rape of Casca, but as Skull Knight rides in to save the day, Griffith uses his newfound powers to try to kill Skull Knight with a gravity well that crushes a group of unfortunate Apostles into nothingness. Immediately after doing so, he stares at his hand with an expression that can only be described as "Oh, hell yes.".