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"Once again Rangers, you're too late. There's no stopping me this time. All three drills have already...[started] digging into the Earth's usher in the coming darkness than with a solar eclipse...[which]...will unleash the darkest of my powers...This planet will meet its end as it deserves, in darkness and despair!"

Though Power Rangers is a children's series, it isn't free of this trope and it features some villains who are particulary evil and despicable.

Power Rangers in Space
  • Darkonda, unlike many villains in The Zordon Era (first six seasons), had no qualities or loved ones to balance his evil. This sadistic and ruthless Bounty Hunter feigned loyalty so he could manipulate his way to becoming "King Darkonda. Years before the series began, he was tasked to kidnap the young Karone and stop her dream of becoming a Power Ranger by having her memories altered and raised to be the villainous Astronema. When her older brother, Andros, learned it was Darkonda who kidnapped her, Darkonda proudly boasted that it was one of his finest accomplishments, frequently bragging about it to Andros for enjoyment. He was also involved in causing KO-35s population to abandon their colony, using methods as the Barillian Bug infestation; he took the planet and its riches for himself. His crimes in the series proper include using the same bug creatures to infect the Rangers; forcibly fuse with his rival Ecliptor and use him a shield; and attacking the survivors of KO-35 with a monster that turns victims into coral whilst framing the Rangers for it. When Astronema learned the truth and Ecliptor refused to betray her, Darkonda mortally wounded him and had him turned into a cyborg, with implants that prevented him from rebelling. When they recapture Karone, Darkonda has cyber implants forcefully put on her, completely erasing any goodness in her. In the final episode, he makes his last bid for power by directly attacking Dark Specter with two torpedoes capable of destroying a planet. He fails and Dark Specter devours him while being destroyed by the last torpedo, crippling the evil forces. A power-hungry, untrustworthy, gleefully evil psychopath who endangers all around him whilst lacking a single redeeming quality, Darkonda is one of the vilest creatures in Power Rangers history.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  • Deviot, in a show full of villains with standards, had none. He was a manipulative, treacherous Starscream who would cheerfully throwaway his men's lives, thought brainwashing was a useful tool, and had no loyalty to anyone. When Scorpius wouldn't allow him to enter the cocoon, Deviot arranged for his death. When Trakeena, and not he, inherited control of the army, he sends two of his men to kill her; when she survives the assassination attempt, he kills the assassins to cover his tracks. He later brainwashed Loyax into fighting the Rangers, leading to his death as well. Deviot ambushes Trakeena, forces her into the cocoon, and fuses with her. The absorption of his evil soul drives Trakeena completely over the edge, leading her to murder her mentor, Villimax, use her men as suicide bombers, and try to regain her human form by stealing the Life Energy of others. Totally untrustworthy, and out only for himself, Deviot proved that on his own, or influencing Trakeena, he could do more damage than any other villain in Lost Galaxy.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
  • Queen Bansheera is probably the worst boss in the history of the entire franchise. The queen of the demons, Bansheera returns to power by callously sucking the life out of one and forces Diabolico, her once loyal general, to open fire on his enemies without caring her most loyal minion Loki, whose only desire has ever been to serve her, is caught in the blast and dies. Diabolico has his mind forcibly erased to serve as her pawn. Her own son, Olympius fares little better, and Bansheera once ordered him abandoned to his fate while laughing. He is forced to fight alongside a brainwashed Diabolico, and his death provokes no feeling in her whatsoever. In addition, Bansheera attempts to open a gateway to the demon realm, allowing all demon-kind to pour out and overwhelm humanity.

Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers Mystic Force
  • The Master, whose real name is Octomus, is a demonic entity intent on destroying everything good. Prior to the start of the series he brainwashed Leanbow into becoming his loyal servant Koragg. Once he emerges, he possesses a follower who had turned good and was trying to prevent his rebirth and mutates his body into his own twisted image; he then possesses Leanbow's son Nick directly, transforming him into a much more sadistic and vicious version of Koragg who laid waste to parts of the forest and Rootcore before he was saved. After being exorcised from Nick, he attacks and destroys the Mystic Mother's palace in a matter of minutes and kills both Leanbow and Daggeron when they investigate the destruction before dropping their corpses down before the Rangers; finally he obliterates time itself, transporting the rangers to the future he plans to create where he's reduced the Earth to a barren, lifeless husk for no apparent reason other than because he can.

Power Rangers RPM
  • Venjix is a sentient computer virus who, after being unleashed on the world's computers, proceeds to exterminate almost the whole of the human race. When the last elements of humanity hole up in the domed city of Corinth, Venjix makes repeated attempts to destroy the city in order to wipe out what is left of humankind. To achieve those ends he: enslaves people to work in his factories, brainwashes Dillon's sister into becoming Tenaya 7, brutalizes his minions if they question his orders, discards any henchmen he no longer needs, and mentally hijacks half the city in order to force them into compliance with his orders. Possessed of no good qualities, and with the highest body count in the history of the franchise, Venjix is among the worst that Power Rangers has to offer.

Power Rangers Samurai
  • Master Xandred, when he isn't drinking his "medicine" and yelling at people, treats his followers horribly, yells at them, threatens to kill Octoroo at one point, attempts to kill Deker because he was meddling in his affairs, and his plan revolves around killing Jayden. Unlike Octoroo, who sends Nighloks to cause misery, Master Xandred summons an army of moogers to cause meaningless chaos in the human world and destroy everything. In episodes "Broken Dreams" and "Test of the Leader", we see that his moogers destroy entire buildings, meaning that he is responsible for hundreds of deaths of innocent humans. He brutally punishes Arachnitor when he tried to usurp him by mutating him into a mindless berserker slave. Even Octoroo says that his cruelty is boundless. In "Broken Dreams", he ruined Dayu's harmonium and attempted to erase her memory. She even says "I knew you were evil, but this..." Eventually, after Deker meets his Final Death and Dayu's sorrow is so great that she is able to fully restore Xandred on her own, he rewards her by absorbing her so that her human side would make him immune to the sealing symbol. However, by this point, Dayu didn't care if she lived or died, and didn't resist.
  • Serrator serves as a mysterious Nighlok whose presence shifts the series into a much darker tone . Introducing himself by giving the Rangers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and wiping out an army of Moogers sent by the aforementioned Master Xandred, he offer his services for the latter, acting as his Dragon-in-Chief and organizing several unsavory schemes, one of which includes forcing people on an island to fight each other to the death. When Xandred's Co-Dragons, Octoroo and Dayu, grew wary of his loyalty to Xandred, he reveals to have only served Xandred because his plan to flood the Earth with the Sanzu River, just happened to had been aligned with his own plan while admitting to betraying him once he has outlived his usefulness . Serrator also admits to Dayu to have cursed her and Deker 200 year ago when their house caught on fire. In that time Serrator made a deal with Dayu to save Deker's life, but then tricks her by taking away his memories and turning him into human/Nighlok hybrid forced to walk the earth for all of eternity while taking away her humanity and forcing her to remember what he had done for all eternity, something that Serrator still takes great joy from even now, along with the implication of having started the fire in the first place. Eventually, he would reveal to all of his plan to cause the Earth to crack and the Netherworld to flood it, serving as an attempt to take over both worlds, completely uncaring about the of lives lost in the process, human and Nighlok alike. Only loyal to himself , Serrator serves as one of the most dangerous adversaries that both heroes and villains had ever faced.

Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce

  • Vrak is the youngest son of Emperor Mavro, and the most dangerous and hated enemy of the Megaforce Rangers. Originally The Dragon to Admiral Malkor, Vrak arrived and was the Evil Genius who came up with plans to take over the Earth. His plans involved sending a virus that turned humans into their Loogie foot soldiers and using a monster of the day's music abilities to potentially kill as many humans on the planet at once. He frequently manipulated his allies like Creepox and the Mutants, eventually leading to their ends. When Malkor is defeated and Vrak is killed in the destruction of their spaceship, his robot servant Metal Alice finds him and brings him back as a cyborg, eventually taking a blow meant to kill him. Vrak "thanks" her by telling her he never cared for her before leaving her to die. He resurfaced in the season 2 two-parter "Vrak Is Back", after his older brother, Prince Vekar, is defeated, cruelly mocking him for being too weak and actually thanking the Rangers for killing him so that he could claim the throne. Having kidnapped Robo Knight and Orion, he drained the life force of the latter, forcibly reprogramming the former to attack his former friends while constructing drills that burrow into the Earth's core. He tricks the Rangers into destroying his two remaining monsters, who become new drills to complete his plan quicker. Lacking empathy for both allies and enemies, and aiming to destroy the Earth, Vrak is one of the franchise's cruelest aliens to invade the Earth.

  • Power Rangers (2017): Rita Repulsa, the former Green Ranger, was once a noble hero before her ambition drives her to slaughter her comrades and mortally wound her former friend Zordon. Resurfacing countless years later, Rita descends on the fishing town of Angel Grove and starts brutally murdering innocent people for their gold to regain her powers—in one instance tearing a homeless man apart to get at his gold teeth—burning down an entire populated building to demonstrate the power of her Putties. Capturing and then killing a man to draw in the Rangers, Rita tortures the location out of Earth's Zeo Crystal out of the Rangers and then callously kills Billy (temporarily) in front of the others once he wears out his use to her. Finally rising up a monstrous Zord of her own making that she calls Goldar, Rita starts decimating Angel Grove to find and take the powers of the Zeo Crystal. Rita's ultimate goal is nothing short of absolute godhood by harnessing the power of the Zeo Crystal—consequentially killing off all life on the planet, something Rita is only too gleeful to do. Barely resembling her original iteration, Rita brings a level of incredible seriousness to this otherwise lighthearted and fun film and is ultimately nothing less than a psychotic, murderous monster.