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08:18:28 AM Jun 7th 2016
Could somebody unlock this page? I'd like to add Master Org and Octomus.
10:43:23 AM Jun 7th 2016
If you want to add a Complete Monster entry, you must take it to the Complete Monster thread. First do a search to make sure the villains have not already been discussed (simply type "Monster" and the name of the villain in the search bar). Then do an effort post on the villain covering who they are, what they've done, any mitigating factors, and overall heinousness. They'll be a vote and if it passes, you can do a write up and it will eventually be added to the page. Read the first page on the thread if you ned any more clarification.
08:40:05 PM May 18th 2014
Put Mesagog back is a complete monster
10:42:03 PM May 18th 2014
Pardon, but you'll need to offer it up for discussion in the forum thread. Also, a mere assertion is not going to get it added.
06:40:47 PM Mar 28th 2012
If you going to make a list of Complete monsters for Power Rangers you need to include Mesagog
06:42:08 PM Mar 28th 2012
Mesogog from Power Ranger Dino Thunder should be a qualifier. Despite having the sympathetic Anton Merser, Mesogog is the evil alter ego who is determined to separate from Anton. Now for his atrociousness: He lied to Trent (White Ranger) when he made the trade for the Dino Gems when he said he would give Anton (Who he had separated from) back then he tries to kill them. To power his machine he takes the power from his right hand man Elsa when she points out he needed a power source to give it a boost to start it. He Mind Rapes his henchman when they fall behind or fail. And the fact his master plan is to bring about a new Dino age. If you think about it that would mean many people would louse their lives. Through all of the power ranger series Mesogog is played seriously at times. So being destroyed by all the power in the Dino Gems was vary amusing.
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