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Authors, and Websites

Fanfic Shoppe by Kittie Verdana
  • Recommended by Wolfman2000
  • Synopsis: It is a gathering of many author's works in one location. It includes a little bit of everything from shipping to crossovers to anything in between.
  • Comments: Some of the stories on this website have already been recommended below, but are merely hosted elsewhere. Still, other gems are found here.

Tsukino Akume
  • Recommended by jenicaaladima
  • Comments: She has wonderful stories, and her Bright Skies universe has the best working of canon and fanon that I've ever seen. She is a slash shipper, so those that are opposed to that, stay away.

Guardian of Hope
  • Recommended by jenicaaladima, Mariko-chan
  • Comments: Focuses more on RPM and Samurai, but another masterful twisting of all canon to work together.
    • Seconded. I love her Rainbow Brotherhood series that links MMPR to JF and speculates on what each individual color is.

Ultimate Power Rangers
  • Recommended by LOMI
  • Synopsis: Take all of Power Rangers, give it cohesion that goes beyond the original Zordon era, create several over-arcing storylines, and then role in some Super Sentai to boot.
  • Comments: Basically an Ultimate Universe just like the title suggests. Most of the story follows the basic path of Power Rangers, but many of the Super Sentai story arcs and elements remain or are referenced, like the original Rangers getting their Power Coins from the Zyurangers before they even meet Zordon. It now has a sequel series ongoing, though the author's updates are infrequent due to having a life.
    • Now with its own page here.

  • Recommended by jenicaaladima
  • Synopsis: A Ranger AU that deals with politics and the gray side of the Power Rangers.
  • Comments: The world she's built is beautiful. And she had amazing characterization!

Power Rangers Hidden War
  • Recommended by Zarius
  • Synopsis: A virtual season based around the premise of the Psycho Rangers being good guys protecting an alternate universe from the forces of evil.
  • Comments: A well written series that fleshes out not just the Psycho Rangers, but plays around a lot with PR continuity, to the point it really starts digging a deep hole for itself trying to reconcile the Psycho Rangers activities with their apperances in Lost Galaxy. Whilst a consistent row of episodes came out over the early 2000s, updates became less frequent, and eventually became a dead fic. A special came out later which attempted to tie up the loose ends, but it still has no real conclusion to speak of.

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Mighty Morphin:

Loss of Innocents by Joe Rovang
  • Recommended by Speedbreaker, Kayube
  • Synopsis: After an encounter with a lone Putty, an unsettling revelation plagues Jason's mind, one he shares only with his closest friends. The once simple and obvious distinction between "good" and "evil" becomes blurred as they experience their last days as Rangers.
  • Comments: The episodes between when Jason, Trini and Zack's actors quit and when they were actually written out are regarded as a Dork Age at best, a Jump the Shark moment at worst. Yet the broad excuses to not focus on the Red, Yellow and Black Rangers outside of battle gives longtime fan Rovang the perfect window in which to address what really caused the team to quietly split in two before the old guard were Put on a Bus. More than that, it is a genuinely haunting look at the implications of a series built on the exploded remains of countless MOTWs.
    • This troper appreciated the justifications for all the odd edits and departures from the characters' established roles (particularly Jason's) that came about during this interregnum- in particular, Tommy once decides to wear one of his old green shirts to remind the others of the "old days", explaining the fact that he needed to wear green to fit with the Stock Footage from an earlier episode. And during the fight against the Hatchasaurus, what was originally an editing oversight in which the original Megazord is briefly visible fighting in place of the Thunder Megazord is turned into a glimpse into Jason's mind as he remembers the last time they fought this monster. It all works.
    • This troper thought the fic was a fun and worthy read despite the almost haiku-like inner monologue Jason occasionally had and other minor OOC things. The Gosh Dang It to Heck! quality of the show really shines through in the dialogue and Jason's revelation about the Putty ("It was drawing a bunny.") and his attempt at comforting a kid dressed up as a monster for Halloween are perfect examples of Narm Charm (and I mean that as a compliment). There's also something to be said for the existential horror of being trapped in an endless loop of Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World that the story touches on.

Perfectly Good Reasons by Dagmar Buse
  • Recommended by Dr Thinker
  • Synopsis: How did the Power Rangers become friends before Zordon summon them to become Power Rangers? Let's just say, the Power Rangers would consider this a odd beginning to their own friends.
  • Comments: Let's just say the Power Rangers are mistaken for more serious gangsters members then Bulk and Skull by their junior high principal—anymore I'll be spoiling the story.

The Fifth Wheel by Silvormoon
  • Recommended by Dave The Analyzer
  • Synopsis: A story of the Alien Rangers of Aquatar. The fifth wheel gets her chance in the spotlight... if she can survive it.
  • Comments: An exellant story that fleshes out Cestria and the Aquitian Rangers. Cestria's the focus but nearly every ranger gets to shine in the spotlight. What few character traits have been mentioned in the show are elaborated on beautifully and the purportedly weaksauce dehydration weakness actually becomes frightening from the viewpoint of one of the characters. All in all, a good read.


A Mirror of Dark Glass by Silvor Moon
  • Recommended by jyshin2
  • Synopsis: Ecliptor meets someone who changes his life forever.
  • Comments: An excellent, moving story that focuses on how the familial relationship between Ecliptor and Karone/Astronema developed through the years.
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  • PRWF:

    Forever Red: The Novel by Rob Seibert
    • Recommended by: Jnman078
    • "Synopsis": A novelization of the 10th anniversary episode "Forever Red".
    • Comments: An exceptionally well written novelization with good characterization and that also heavily expands on the events depicted in "Forever Red".

    Dino Thunder:

    DinoThunder: The Legend of Tommy Oliver by liron-aria
    • Recommended by Berserker NW
    • Synopsis: PRDT rewrite. Moderate AU. Take a deeper look into the lives of Dr. Tommy Oliver and his fellow Rangers as they struggle to make it through the ups and downs of Rangerhood and the 2004-2005 schoolyear. Who said senior year would be easy?
    • Comments: A well-written story that delves deeper into the personal life and history of Tommy Oliver, as well adding depth to each of the characters. One aspect that was appealing was the connections made to minor characters introduced in earlier seasons. Each chapter is a good length. While it hasn't been updated in a few months (April 2011), there have been longer 'silent' periods between chapters.


    Confinement - Mora's Story by Dark Shadow
    • Recommended by Burstkiller
    • Synopsis: A one shot fic based on Mora and the unanswered questions surrounding her character: Why was Mora so afraid of growing up? How did she and Gruumm cross paths?
    • Comments: A very dark look into the past of one SPD's fan-favorite villains. Shows how a broken home robbed the years from Mora and turned her into the Little Miss Badass/Psychopathic Womanchild we know her as.

    Operation Overdrive:

    Imitation of Life: Five Questions Mack Never Asked by cmar
    • Recommended by: TheOtakuNinja
    • Synopsis: PROO: When your whole existence turns out to be a lie, who can you go to for answers? Mack asks questions that we didn't see onscreen. 'Five Things That Never Happened' challenge.
    • Comments: Considering how they never gave us more information on the whole Mack is an android thing, this is a nice look into his mindset during that time, and gives a much better explanation for the whole thing than the show ever did.

    Operation Overdrive: Rangers In Retrograde. by Neko LLX
    • Recommended by: random_fan
    • Synopsis: Instead of just the four he calls in on the show Andrew Hartford calls in a couple of other rangers as well, Tommy Oliver and Justin Stewart. Leanbow also joins after sensing the crown's magic signature.
    • Comments: It can best be described as OO if there was no need to worry about source footage or budget. Is a great For Want of a Nail fic as the three new Rangers slowly yet surely change the story, yet it never strays too far from the original.


    Operator Series Red by JDPhoenix
    • Recommended by: Burstkiller
    • Synopsis: In Corinth's early days, K considers Ranger candidates.
    • Comments: A nice, action packed one-shot of when Scott met K.

    Seven Steps From Humanity by Dream-Edge
    • Recommended by: Terrie
    • Synopsis: VENJIX's army wasn't just machines. We could have handled machines. No. Someone had given VENJIX magic.
    • Pairings: Dillon/Ziggy, Scott/Summer, Gem/Flynn/Gemma, K/Tenaya
    • Tags: AU
    • Comments: This is one of those stories where you start out skeptical about the premise (a world of magical powers, instead of technology) and then you get into it. The characters are still recognizable as themselves, but given a lot more depth.

    Sentai Adaptions:

    Power Rangers Take Flight by Joe Rovang
    • Recommended by AmadeusWindfall
    • Synopsis: An 40-episode adaption of Jetman. AU. In 1992, an Air Force soldier and four apartment tenants receive on military hardware from Project Jetman and become the Power Rangers.
    • Comments: Excellent - better than some of the real Power Rangers series. Rovang makes excellent use of sentai footage, and all of the characters - except for those who aren't supposed to be - are very likeable. It is in script format, but it's designed to be read rather than being in normal script format, and there are screenshots whenever sentai footage is used. Definitely worth reading. There is a second series, using the suits and Zord footage from Liveman, but it appears to have become a Dead Fic after four episodes.Now has it's own trope page


    Not Just Action Figures by Tweety Bird Alpha
    • Recommended by: Applesauce21
    • Synoposis: (Author Synoposis)Every Power Ranger and evil villain ever has been turned into three inch tall action figures and transported to a strange new world. Who is responsible for this and how will the many teams pull together to solve it? Mega-Crossover starring everyone!
    • Comments: Starts off as a cool idea fic but quickly tangents into a creative (if weird) plot that is no where near where it started. Great characterizations and it really does start almost every Power Ranger charcter ever.

    Ascendancy by Steven Q
    • Recommended by: Godeskian
    • Synoposis: The arrival of a magical gemstone in Reefside quickly sends thing spiraling out of control for the Dino Thunder Rangers, and that's before an Alternate Universe Kimberly arrives from a place where the Rangers lost the war against Lord Zedd all those years ago.
    • Comments: The author goes to great lengths to dig deep into the emotional side of the Rangers, and specifically of Conner, who is something of the butt monkey in the show, but gets a bit of a maturity upgrade. The Author turns out a hugely emotional story that has a couple of genuine twists to it.

    With Super Sentai

    Magiranger vs. Mystic Force by GreenNinja

    • Recommended by: Burstkiller
    • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis: When Nick futzes a spell, Makito, Houka, Urara, Tsubasa and Kai are brought to Briarwood, but so is a mysterious man known only as The Dragon Keeper. What lies in store for the ten magicians? Is something greater lurking in the shadows?

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  • Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

    Of Love and Bunnies by Crazy Girl 47
    • Recommended by JekWindu2, The Otaku Ninja, random_fan, TheViolentTomboy, SchizoTechnician, Mariko-chan
    • Pairings: Tommy/Kim is the centerpiece, with Jason/Trini, Adam/Tanya, and Trent/Kira in the background. In the more recent stories, Kat and Conner.
    • Synopsis: Angel Grove decides to give Power Rangers Day another try. Tommy is dragged back to town by the newly-retired Dino Thunder Rangers, who want to meet his old team and relive his glory days. Kim also arrives to celebrate old times. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Comments: While the quality of writing here is top notch, what really sells this is one is how absolutely hilarious it is. Over 100 chapters and counting, there's something to laugh at pretty much every other paragraph. The characters are well-realized and stand up remarkably well as the same people who fought Rita and Zedd +10 years. Quiet good, highly regarded.
      • This troper really likes how the author intertwines the various seasons together, and also fills in a few plotholes/adds characterizations/explains a few things that the show never touched on. It's kinda long, but still really good.
      • Absolutely brilliant. The entire thing is completely ridiculous yet not once do you find yourself thinking that anything going on is unrealistic. Recently ,Rangers from most of the other seasons (at least those before Dino Thunder) have shown up and it's slowly building a plot. It helps that while being off the wall crazy the actual dramatic moments are written with the same skill that the comedic moments are.
      • Anybody wanna make a page for this one? Definitely deserves one, but dunno how to start it.

    Happiness Comes in a Manshirt by anolinde
    • Recommended by TheViolentTomboy
    • Pairings: Tommy/Kim
    • Synopsis: Conner and Ethan get more than they bargained for when they go to Tommy's house to ask him to raise Conner's paper grade.
    • Comments: A cute one-shot with funny but spot-on characterizations. What else can I say? Though I do love DT stories that make references to Tommy's old teams.