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Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Sundown by The Cramp Returns
  • Recommended by polooglu, seconded by celebison
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Sun/Lillie
  • Synopsis: A modified retelling of Sun & Moon, as told through Lillie's perspective as she becomes slowly and irreparably enamored with the snarky but pathologically helpful new kid with a heaping helping of Daddy Issues. Hilarity and heartwarming moments ensue.
  • Comments: Takes the already Ship Tease heavy story of Sun & Moon into full blown romance territory, with Lillie and "Sun" (here called Holtz) working as an incredibly endearing unit, complimenting each other in terms of both personality and backstory. The interplay between both them and other characters (including Holtz' Pokemon, which get a fair bit of airtime and characterization) make not only for sweet anecdotes but also hilarious exchanges. Both leads and their relationship are flawed and grounded, yet always sympathetic, and the fic uses the skeleton of Sun & Moon's pre-existing plot to springboard into some very interesting interactions.

Into the Fires of Hell by Pokemaster-Samantha
  • Recommended by TheChaosEntity
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Silver/Lyra
  • Synopsis: Lyra is helping a hot-headed trainer, making sure they get rid of Team Rocket completely this time. But it seems that Team Rocket has gigantic plans that might spell disaster to the duo. To save our world the two will have to throw themselves into the fires of hell. Soulsilvershipping. Lyra and Silver are 18 and 19.
  • Comments: Very well developed in terms of overall plot and character interaction. True to the source material and everyone is in-character. Reviews welcomed by author.

Watch Your Back by Maia's Pen
  • Recommended by Nexus
  • Status: Complete.
  • Pairings: Gary/Misty (Yeah, Iknow. But it's written so well that it actually made it seem plausible, and I usually hate reading non-canon pairing ships.)
  • Synopsis: An unidentified new Pokemon kidnaps all of the world's strongest trainers one-by-one. After they are all gathered, they are forced by an ancient cult to participate in a rather dark Tournament Arc. The story mainly focuses on Ash, Gary, and Misty.
  • Comments: Very dramatic and well-written, though the descriptions of the battles could be better.

When One Ends by Soulja and a Gentleman
  • Recommended by The Jabberwock
  • Status: In Progress
  • Pairings: Ash/Misty, May/Drew and Brock/Solidad
  • Synopsis: After Ash disappears from the face of the earth for five years, he returns to Pallet Town hoping to open a Gym there. However, much has changed since he left, including himself: He recently realized that he has feelings for Misty. Unfortunately, Misty's already taken; she's dating a rich socialite named Nigel. The story focuses on Ash and Misty's now complicated relationship, along with some other subplots and a slew of OCs.
  • Comments: Extremely well written, though the grammar can use some work. The characters' personalities are engaging and fun, and each OC has a different and well-defined personality, especially Cloudcuckoolander Kai. The humor is also well timed. The drama between Ash and Misty somehow manages not to get boring. A personal favorite fic of mine.
    • Canto Candidus: About the OC's, i've seen better and with all due respect, they were irritating for me to read and i stopped halfway through the fic after multiple tries to at least NOT dislike them, it felt like they just barged their way through into the story. Again, this is just me talking. Read the fic and make your own judgement.
    • Tropers/dudinacas: At some point it changes from a good story into sex scene after sex scene.

FAITH by Miya Toriaka
  • Recommended by DATEMAY
  • Status: Complete.
  • Pairings: Ash/Misty, and a bit of Drew/May
  • Synopsis: Misty wishes on a shooting star one night to be with Ash again. When she wakes up the next morning... she's now a Pikachu. Found by Ash and Gary, she now has to figure out how to change back while dealing with her feelings and being with Ash again.
  • Comments: Very funny and well-written, and Misty's Pikachu form is so cute.

Freak on a Leash by Nibzo
  • Recommended by Ketsu
  • Status: Complete.
  • Pairings: Gary/Ash, Misty/Brock (not in focus)
  • Synopsis: "Ash is the missing link between Pokemon and humans, and is kept on a tight chain. But when Gary walks into his life, things could change drastically—but for better, or for worse?" Starts out dark, but a bit fluffy. One bit of sumt. Most definitely yaoi.
  • Comments: You'll forget about the smut due to the deaths and the ending. Well written and I know it made me cry. Very short at only nine chapters, but a good read.

A Pikachu in Love by Golem Gojira.
  • Recommended by Toko WH
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Pikachu/OC Pikachu.
  • Synopsis: Set way back in the Jotho Saga, on their way to the next gym the main cast decides to take a little break in a forest. On that night when Pikachu catches a familiar scent on the winds, the events that insue send Pikachu into making one of the hardest descisions of his life...
  • Comments: One of the rare Pokemon anime shipping fics that mainly focuses' on one of the main cast Pokemon for a change. A Pikachu In Love is an interesting take on the concept of shipping in that instead of focusing on the couple, it focuses on how the possiblity of someone falling in love can affect others. Throughout the fic Pikachu battles to come to terms with the prospect that Ash may one day grow too old for his Pokemon training and instead seek solance in a new love, possibly forgetting his best friend in the process, ontop of already feeling alienated by the fact that unlike Brock and Misty he can't fully communicate with Ash. Having met a fellow Pikachu 'Pichi' the following night, he originally starts to meet her the next following nights to help cope with this possible outcome, but even that starts to cause him unnessicary grief as he starts to struggle with new emotions he's never felt before...
  • All in all, A Pikachu in Love is an interesting read if read with an open mind. Though the OC 'Pichi' does possess some Mary Sue traits, and her Genki Girl-ness can wear on some's nervs, this eventually gets balanced out by the fact that such traits get rather breutally Deconstructed later on in the fic. On-top of that, this fic also goes to show something other shipping fics rarely touch upon, in that sometimes, the bonds between true friends can be stronger than that of the feelings of love...

All We Know Is Falling by d i n o b o t.
  • Recommended by Dark Gyarados
  • Status: Complete.
  • Pairings: Ash/Misty
  • Synopsis: " Years in the future, Ash Ketchum is an agent of the Pokémon League sent to investigate the disappearance of an old friend. The evidence leads him to Cerulean City, fatal battles and a deadly conspiracy that could threaten all he holds dear."
  • Comments: Although it has its flaws, this fanfic is very well written and structured. It's got some kick-ass action scenes that really impressed this troper, Ash and Misty's romance was developed very nicely and it wasn't childish. On the whole, this is one of the many examples of how a Pokeshipping fanfic should be written.
    • Pykrete: A few very minor nitpicksnote , but lots of substance. Characters are kept believable, Ash Took a Level in Badass while still being a lovable doofus — he feels a bit like Red, really — and it seems Paul mellowed out just the right amount. Basically a really fun read that realizes any fluff between Ash and Misty will have a hell of a lot of steel behind it.

The Sound Of Falling Rain by DOTMW
  • Recommended by Sagacious Zu
  • Status: Complete.
  • Pairings: Ash/Misty, other minor pairings
  • Synopsis: Ten years after the start of the series, Ash vanishes from a championship tournament only to appear on Misty's doorstep one rainy afternoon. Misty's worried that something's wrong and through the course of the night, she unravels what finally scared Ash into finally giving up.
  • Comments: Still ongoing (described by the author as a "oneshot that got away from [him/her]") this fic is AAML matured and distilled into a small space of time with the emphasis on their relationship over the years. The author keeps the reader in Misty's shoes for the most part, unraveling the mystery as she understands it (and as of chapter 4, the whole "puzzle" is still forming). The author does a good job of keeping the lens focused on Ash and Misty while still including Ash's other friends who are just as worried as Misty. Still ongoing but promising to be a solid fic overall.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Time Travel by JapanDreamer09
  • Recommended by Assassin
  • Status: Ongoing.
  • Pairings: Lucas/Dawn
  • Synopsis: Team Galactic ruled the world. Now Lucas went back in time fourteen years ago to stop them. Along the way, he meet Dawn and Damion. Will they be able to save the world? Will Lucas want to go back after he realized his feelings for Dawn?
  • Comments: Like the author's other fics, this story is a finely combined concoction of both the games and the manga. The time travel aspect is a glimpse into a future where Cyrus succeeds in his plans and offers a story of what his victims endure. While it could feel rushed in the execution with the occasional grammar and spelling errors, it's a good read.

His Queen by Night Rain Illusion.
  • Recommended by Pichu
  • Status: Complete.
  • Pairings: Jun/Mitsumi
  • Synposis: Jun/Mitsumi. If you tell him that "love at first sight" isn't real, Jun will simply say that he must be blind with love for her. Based on the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga
  • Comments: Well..It's a DPA fanfiction, and this troper has only seen around two including this one. It's a short and simple fanfic that delves into Jun and Mitsumi's relationship. It's a recommended read, for even people unfamiliar with the manga.

A New Chance Series by ARCEUS-Master
  • Recommended by Poptard, Caellach Tiger Eye, Brendan D Rizzo
  • Status:
    • A New Chance At Life: Complete
    • A New Chance For Adventure: Ongoing
  • Pairings: Ash/Latias, Pikachu/Umbreon (Gary's), one-sided Misty/Ash.
  • Synopsis:
    • A New Chance At Life: "Latios was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Altomare, for his sister. But some fortunate events give him a second chance at life thanks to Latias and Ash. So Altomare is safe and Latios is alive. Now, both Dragons depart with Ash on his journey."
    • A New Chance For Adventure: "Finishing the Johto region while catching two Legendary Pokémon, Latias and Latios, was certainly a joyous experience for Ash. With that region behind him, Ash has now set his sights on a new challenge: the Hoenn League."
  • Comments ("A New Chance At Life"): A very well written What-if story. The story covers Ash's journey to the Silver Conference with two Olympus Mons in tow. The writting gets continually better each chapter, and the characterization is perfect. There's even some Ash/Latias fluff. It's nearing completion, but will be continued in a sequel with Ahs going to Hoenn.
    • I second this one without hesitation. Though labelling it as a primarily Shipping fic is questionable, the romance is being hinted at frequently and is very slow-burning (a Justified Trope due to Ash's Oblivious to Love nature), but it's still there. Characterisation is strong and consistent, the humour never feels over-repetitive even with some Running Gag elements, and there is actually a pre-planned plot going on - in fact, the first story is just a Prologue to the much, MUCH bigger plot which is to be unravelled in ANCFA. Not to mention the expanded roles of faces such as Bianca (Movie 5), and the less-seen Team Rocket agents (who have a very large role for the sequel being Foreshadowed). My only quibble is the diminishment of some supporting characters (ie: Harrison, Macey, Jackson, etc), but given the structure, even this is excusable. Concluding, I must commend the author for his dedication towards this AU series - few who set at such a task are as skilled, patient or competent at it as ARCEUS-Master.

In Ruins by Lanie Kay-Aleese
  • Recommended by SofiaMerriweather
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It's a more mature and a darker look at the Pokemon cast, especially Shigeru and Satoshi (Gary and Ash). This fic details what happens after Ash comes back home, gets bored, and goes to visit Shigeru's workplace at ancient ruins, beeing thrown into a time where the ruins were alive with people and a unique culture. But why were they put there? And who put them there? Shigeru and Satoshi must find themselves, find out what's going on, and find a way home.
  • Pairing(s): Shigeru/Satoshi or Gary/Ash. This is male slash, but as a romance is very tastefully written. This is equally a romance and adventure story.
  • Comments: I love it, and it's very well written. The emotions and characters are real. It's pretty addictive, I must warn you.

''Bullet Proof by Otte
  • Recomended by Faislittlewhiteraven
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Manga version Gold/Silver SLASH
  • Synopsis: A one-shot set within an alternate manga verse. Actual summary: "They never expected to get in this deep. However, against impossible odds, all you can do is fight back."
  • Comments: Seriously, a very additive oneshot that takes a few plot threads left hanging from the end of the Emerald arc and manages to turn it into one of the most dark and intense fics I've ever read. It constantly jumps perspective between characters and between past and present but surprisingly still tells an understandible (if not an extremely well written) story, as well as managing to give one of the best reasons for why humans don't carry weapons that I've ever read in the process. It has a few lines of song fic but those are easily ignored; the shipping is also fairly ignorable except for a few lines in the middle and at the end, so for those not as into slash as myself please just ingore the shipping and read it anyway. Highly recomended.

Except Me by Mel-Girl
  • Recommended by Chariot
  • Status: Discontinued.
  • Pairings: Multi-shipping fic.
  • Synopsis: A fic set in AU at a boarding school. Revolves around Kengo trying to get with Hikari as well as various other character relationships.
  • Comments: An extremely memorable fic about life, love, and the struggle for courage. Very good, I was sad to see it go.

Cavern Of A Million Colours by Eeveebeth Fejvu
  • Recommended by CanadianPhoenix
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Ash/Misty, May/Brendan (implied)
  • Synopsis: "A novel. A magical cave doesn't seem like such a bad place to get trapped in, especially with your best friend. However, when a frightening occurrence happens to Ash and Misty, will Brock, May, and Max be able to get them out... alive? AAML"
  • Comments: The fic that got me into fanfiction. Admittedly a fan of Ash/Misty so I may be biased, but the tentative emotions between the two feels very tender and realistic, when taking into account their situation.

Cerulean Aurum by kagome002
  • Recommended by discorobots
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Silver/Ethan [Game-verse]
  • Synopsis: Those eyes were what drew him in. Every time he looked at those irises, no matter how many times he's seen them throughout his journey, they never fail to shine with the lustrous, beautiful glimmer of pure gold.
  • Comments: A heart warming piece that leaves you light hearted and wanting for more at the end of each chapter. The slow pacing conveys a sense of soft, tender emotions throughout the story.

Hopeless by Morriganmkii
  • Recommended by pokefan
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: OC/OC
  • Synopsis: "A trainer lost in Eterna Forest finds comfort."
  • Comments: Starts off a bit slow, but it really picks up by the fifth chapter. the author has a good sense of grammar, and I'm excited to see what he/she does with it next.

United Through Two Worlds by Zer0c00l
  • Recommended by pokefan
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: OC/OC
  • Synopsis: "A young man, bored with life and the world, is suddenly united with a being that by all physical laws shouldn't exist. A Pokemon."
  • Comments: Huge story with many and varied characters. lots going on, plenty of action and character development. I can't recommend this one enough.
    • Contested. I have been reading this one up to chapter seven, and while the plot is largely interesting and very plausible, the writing is horrible (repeated statements every now and then, defective punctuation, Rouge Angles of Satin and more), romance is shallow and too hurried to be believed, and the author takes every single chance he can to demonize humans through the view of a loner by choice that is barely past his teens. This fic isn't godawful, but there's much better stuff out there.
      • Zer0c00l here, author of this thing. I'm glad someone liked it enough for it to be submitted here, although I honestly don't think it deserves the title of a recommended fic and so I support this objection. This fanfiction was written many years ago when my skills in storytelling were rather crude. I'm glad I wrote it, it did help me improve as the story progressed, but my improvement was also the reason I stopped writing it. The first chapters are terrible and are far too rushed, my proofreading was non-existent and the character development is sloppy. It was written during a very unhappy time in my life and I like to think it was a nice project to vent myself on, but that's about it. It isn't worthy of being on the Fanfic Recs page.
      • ....and if you think this is bad, you should see my older stuff, hohohooooo boy...

Girly Boy by Weathered Ego
  • Recommended by Gr3mlinify
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Jessie/James; (Rocketshipping)
  • Synopsis: "James notices how Jessie seems to be attracted to his effeminacy…and he's not quite sure how he feels about that. Slightly dark. Some slight out-of-characterness. Implied sexual situations. One-shot.."
  • Comments: Although at first glance it appears to be a typical Rocketship that emphasizes the Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy dynamic of the group, the story is actually a stealth criticism of molestation/harassment is love, as well as of the Bishonen trope, the fanatical Bishie-fangirl, and the implications about the types of people that would actually accept this behavior as genuine affection.
    • Dellanotte: Yeek. Seconded, but yeek. While this fic gives a pretty good character analysis of James, beware of the rape in this fic... which the characters lampshade just a little too much. On the plus side, James does stand up for himself, so it's not total Ukefication.

Ashes to Ashes by Island Wolf
  • Recommended by 2writeis2life
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Maxie/May
  • Synopsis: "May Maple used to think life was simple, that good always triumphed over all, but when the new evil that threatens Hoenn consumes her she must rely on an old enemy to be her savior and in the deepening shadows two hearts might find their own salvation"
  • Comments: This is the first fanfic based around the Maxie/May pairing ever to appear on, and is credited with helping to bring the pairing into the relative mainstream. It's also one of, if not the best fics of its kind. The relationship is surprisingly well-done and believable, and both Maxie and May have fairly complex, fleshed-out personalities and motivations. There are a few spelling and grammar errors, but nothing that detracts from the meaning of the story. In addition to the romantic relationship the story also features a plot in which Maxie and May must team up to help take down Cipher (who are bent on capturing May and turning her into the perfect Shadow soldier), and it's really interesting to see characters from the last of the Lighter and Softer Pokémon games go up against some of the darkest and scariest villains ever to grace the franchise- especially when you consider that both Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Pokémon Colosseum were produced just a couple of years apart from one another. The story also neatly avoids making the characters' May–December Romance too creepy (though perhaps not not-creepy, as even the characters themselves note) by having May be an adult.

A New Journey by Texas Longhorn
  • Recommended by Sceptilianblade
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Ash/Misty
  • Synopsis: Ash has finally defeated Cynthia and become the Sinnoh League Champion. But his adventure isn't over yet. Cynthia has given him a mysterious box, which contains instructions pertaining to the next step of his journey: to become the Pokemon Master! Unfortunately, Team Rocket is on the move... and it isn't just Jessie, James, and Meowth this time. Now, it's the whole organization, and Giovanni has a dangerous new operative. Technically no longer canon due to the introduction of Gen V.
  • Comments: An amazing story. As it goes on, the story gets Darker and Edgier, with a few Lighter and Softer moments thrown in as Ash goes around the regions capturing all the Pokemon he hasn't already caught. TL introduces a new character (not his own, by the way) in chapter 44. This character is a little overpowered, but he's had a generally warm reception. Now back in business after 7 months' worth of hiatus.

Unreliable Sources by R. Vienna
  • Recommended by Max300frk
  • Pairings: May/Steven, Lyra/Ethan
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: When I met Steven Stone, in someway, I was affected.
  • Comments: This is a very well written one-shot which I believe captures a situation of what could happen during Steven Stone's trip to the Sinnoh Region. Each of the characters' personalities are captured really well, especially Steven's personality. The fic contains two very good pairings and is worth a read if you are interested.

Blanket Of Shadows by Writerdragon
  • Recommended by Pichu
  • Status: Dormant
  • Pairings: Iris/Cilan
  • Synopsis: Life was a clockwork day in and day out. Everyone woke up at a certain time, everyone went to bed at a same time. Life is perfect here in Unova, just like a utopia. Cilan knew what was creeping behind the shadows; evil and corruption. AU. Dark Cilan/Iris.
  • Comments: It's a dark, mildly disturbing take on the Pokemon world set in a Dystopia. It's heavily based off The Giver, which should give you a good thought about how it is.

An Electrifying Valentines by Xianyu

''It's A Trap by Lady Chitose
  • Recommended by Pichu
  • Pairings: Brock/Erika, Sabrina/Erika
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: In which Brock finally gets some. Or maybe not. Kink meme crackfic thing.
  • Comments: It mixes game!Brock and anime!Brock a bit but it worked fine. The ending didn't quite flow off the tongue but it was nice for a quick giggle.

Chrysanthemums by Lord English
  • Recommended by Pichu
  • Pairings: Cilan/Iris
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Identities can change, but scars are forever. Iris/Dent. Gameverse, slightly AU. Rated for descriptions of rape and violence.
  • Warnings: Obviously Rape as Drama and quite a lot of violence, some detailed and others implied. There's implied sex but nothing is shown.

"If I Lost On Purpose, Would You Stop Following Me?" by Marlin Marlen
  • Recommended by Newt Girl
  • Status: Dead
  • ''Pairings": Silver/Lyra, later on Ethan/Crystal
  • Synopsis: Abandoned by Crystal, Elm bribes rash and crazy Lyra into taking her place. But Lyra attracts trouble wherever she goes– and as her cruel rival, Silver, soon discovers– she's more than a little hard to follow... Semi-crack, comedy, soulsilvershipping, Hot-blood!Lyra, Tsundere!Silver.
  • Comments: This story is done very well. The backstory they give Lyra is very enjoyable and interesting, and the relationship between Silver and Lyra is fun to watch, especially with how their personalities conflict.

Capture The Heart by r.k.Oujirou
  • Recommended by Nightshade 1218
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Dawn/Hunter J
  • Synopsis: With Team Galactic imprisoned and Pokemon Hunter J reportedly gone, things were looking to be more peaceful in the Sinnoh region. But as Dawn and Piplup would discover on a late-night adventure, their troubles weren't over after all.
  • Comments: A Hunter J redemption story, and one of the few shipping fics this troper is a fan of in the Pokemon fanon. The pacing is well done and the characterization is handled superbly.

Olivine Romance by Snowden
  • Recommended by Tarany and Innocent Zero
  • Status: Ongoing.
  • Pairings: Main: Jasmine/Morty... probably. Side: Ethan/Lyra
  • Synopsis: Jasmine is an adult now, but even as her fellow gym leaders mature and begin exploring their sexuality, she remains stubbornly shrewish and abrasive towards romance and sex. An old middle school pest returns to try to win her heart, and in the process, uncover the reason for her unnatural hatred towards men.
  • Comments:
    • Very amazing. The story has great writing, the characters involved are well-written, and the author even has his own canon that fills out spaces and loopholes in the official canon of the Pokemon series and paints the entire series in a more mature and interesting light. It's not everyday that you find a fanfiction that stars Jasmine and many other Gym Leaders who are only side characters in official Pokemon media—and a very good one, at that. ~ Innocent Zero
    • There are also some side-stories within the same universe that occur before the events of Olivine Romance: ''Succession'', a story told from Steven's point-of-view, and ''Trasmutation'', the events of HGSS told from Silver's point-of-view. ~ Innocent Zero
    • The author is leaving FF. The story is slowly updating here.
    • This fanfic now has a page here.

As Grey As Battleships by Falcitrix
  • Recommended by Demon Damian
  • ''Pairings": N/Touya
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: AU. Unova's involvement in a worldwide war places stress and restrictions on the entire region. When Touya and Touko are forced to move to Castelia, they come face to face with the effects of war and all the resistance and discontent it breeds. And as leader of the anti-government organization Team Plasma, N has plans of his own for the Unova region. Updates every Sunday.
  • Comments: An excellent story detailing how would Unova be if it were on a totalitarian regime in the middle of a war. N acts in character and the relationship is believable. While it is a shipping fic, the romance is slow building, and the setting makes the story very interesting.

Civil War by The Shiny Gengar
  • Recommended by: zeldafan128
  • Status: In Progress, 22 chapters already out
  • Pairing(s): Advance Shipping (Ash/May), Ego Shipping (Gary/Misty), possibly more as time goes on.
  • Synopsis: A civil war has erupted in the Pokemon world, splitting the characters apart from each other. Each move comes at some price, and a small resistance unit risks it all.
  • Comments: A very deep fanfic with a strong fanbase that serves as not only another Advance Shipping fanfiction, but also as an evident gun control analogy. The shipping is slow-building and almost non-existent at times, but is promised to grow and balance out the action that makes up a strong part of the fanfic. It is about halfway finished now and might become a trilogy. The author is highly decorated and has also penned Fiercer Than a Legendary, which had a major plot point used for the story of Pokemon Black and White 2.
  • Dead link

When Two Are One by FieryFafar
  • Recommended by: RN 452
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing(s): N/White.
  • Synopsis: "Dragons of Ideals and Truths were once one; forced to battle to defend their respective heroes' beliefs. Now, two different trainers must face their fate and realize that they are so much alike than they could ever imagined..."
  • Comments: This is a rare N/White fic that doesn't commit most sins of the average Ferriswheelshipping fanfics. N is completely in-character, being innocent, naïve, yet determined to his goals. White is a headstrong tomboy also determined to become a Champion. When they both encounter they realize that they are very different from each other, so the Ferris wheel scene isn't romantic. However, after that, N's character development starts to change him, in order to comprehend better the world he's in and to understand what White means and what makes her so different from other trainers. The development of their friendship and romance is slow, but it has a an appropriate pacing for the situation and there are a lot of funny moments with N's misunderstandings. Also, the fic focus on the character development of their Pokémon, Reading about Marcus the Lilipup can make any day much better. The only downside are the jumping PoVs in the beginning but they're fixed and shouldn't be an impediment to read this fanfic.
    • The relationships are very well-developed and everyone IS in character, but it has some critical flaws that drag it down. If a lot of swearing, people saying "Oh, Arceus" for just about everything, and heavily-described violent Pokemon deaths (which are admittedly not that frequent up until the end) are not your thing, this fanfic is NOT for you. The author also has a frustrating habit of describing the characters with "the greenette" (which is, of course, firstly not a word and secondly is feminine despite referring to N), "the brunette", "the bespectacled boy" and "the males" incredibly often, as well as repeatedly using eye colours to tell the reader which person is talking. Also has a fixation on pupils shrinking.
    • To be fair, English is not the author's first language and partially explains some of the grammar/syntax issues. So long as you can look past some occasionally clunky prose, this definitely one of the better FWS fics out there and more than worth your time if you're a fan of the pairing.

Learning Curve by Whiscash
  • Recommended by: Nightshade 1218
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Maylene/Candice (Glistenshipping)
  • Synopsis: "Maylene never expected someone like Candice to understand."
  • * Comments: A charming character study/friendship fic of the two gym leaders that eventually evolves into something deeper at the end. Also offers a nice little deconstruction on the gym leader lifestyle. Definitely worth a look at.

The Black Latios by Mekon
  • Recommended by: Brony Scientist DDLX
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: "After losing in the Sinnoh league, Ash and his friends head back home but make a stop in Altomare to visit some old friends. However, it's a start of a new adventure as unexpected changes befall upon our young hero that could decide the fate of the world."
  • Pairings: Ash/Latias (Altoshipping), Oc/Oc (Kirlia/Riolu)
  • Comments: A heartwarming, yet moderately slow burning romance that breaks the usual mold that Pokemon romances usually follow, thus making a somewhat unique, yet satisfying story. The plot is a little thin as of now, but it has a lot of potential to expand.

Champion of Champions by Basic Trainer
  • Recommended by: SanDemonMax
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: It's been 3 years since Ash left Unova or seen his friends. He spent all that time training and now he's ready to start again. As he starts his journey to conquer the Pokemon Leagues he meets an old friend who has a favour to ask.
  • Pairings: Main: Ash/May. Side: Brock/Lucy, Dawn/Zoey, Cilan/Iris.
  • Comments: It follows Ash after three years of solitude training following placing second in the Unova League. The story assumes that the movies (or at least the eighth movie) are canon with the rest of the anime. Specifically, Ash is now very proficient in the use of Aura, and has attained the rank of Aura Guardian as one of Lady Ilene's knights, even reaching the same level as Sir Aaron, being his direct descendant. As for the favor...

The Road You Choose by Skylight Sparkle
  • Recommended by: Jedi Master Draco
  • Status:
  • Pairings: Ash/Misty; May/Drew is teased
  • Synopsis:
    • The Mystery of Aura: Small things can bring big changes. While visiting Cameron Palace, Pikachu goes missing, and Ash, along with his friends and a mysterious pokemon named Lucario, go on a quest to find him. Along the way, Ash discovers things about himself that could change his entire life. AU Novelization of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.
    • The Master of Mirage: Direct sequel to The Mystery of Aura. Ash Ketchum thought that he experienced some strange things and faced almost every type of villain around, but this was something on a whole different level. One small thing can change everything, and sometimes the lines between what is real and what is just a mirage are impossible to see.
    • Between Time and Space: There's a balance to the world, a fragile but powerful one that keeps everything in motion. Something has started to shift and change that balance with potential cataclysmic consequences, and not everything is as it seems. This is barely the beginning, but for Ash and his friends, it might very well be the end. Sequel to The Master of Mirage.
    • Distortion: Legends whisper of a world that is a shadowed, distorted mirror of our own. Should harm come to this world, the consequences to our world would be dire. Time and space aren't the only things on a direct collision course, but how a small little pokemon fits into all of this is a mystery. A very annoying one, if you ask Ash Ketchum. Sequel to Between Time and Space
    • The Harbinger of Life: The signs and the warnings were all there, but only to those who were looking. Now judgment will reign down upon them for the mistakes of the past. Time cannot be changed without great consequence, and Ash is about to learn that nothing can be classified as just good or evil. Not even him. Sequel to Distortion.
    • When the World Ends: Nothing in the world lasts forever. Sometimes the good guys aren't all that good, and the bad guys aren't quite as dark as they seem. Ash and his friends are about to learn that, in a world that's about to end, all actions come with a consequence and all secrets come with a price. Sequel to The Harbinger of Life.
  • Comments:
    • This is an astounding series of fanfics. The story starts with an adaptation of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. But with one key difference: Misty shows up after Ash blackmails Daisy into letting her come to Cameron Palace. It follows the story almost exactly with Misty fitting in very naturally and making you think she'd been there to start with. However the ending is different with Lucario being reincarnated (sort of) into an egg. It sets the tone of the entire series as it is implied that Ash is slowly developing his Aura in between each story. They stories are adaptations of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai, and Giratina and the Sky Warrior, with a planned fifth installment to be based on Arceus and the Jewel of Life. At least two more are currently on the planning table. Ash and Misty's relationship is a central theme but it doesn't dominate the story. It is first and foremost a coming of age story as Ash deals with his role as "The Chosen One" and trying to figure out what that means. Overall they are great stories for anyone who actually wants Ash to have character development.
    • has its own The Road You Choose Wiki Page, in desperate need of wiki magic love, including Indexing.

Gardevoir by Atcross 26
  • Recommended by Zelenal
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairing: Seth/Gardevoir
  • Synopsis: Seth and his newly evolved Gardevoir decide to set out on their adventure after a long rest in Lavaridge Town. Seth wants to prove to his father that he has become powerful enough to beat him, but more importantly, he wants to show his lost first Pokemon that he is strong and that it was a mistake to leave him. Can Gardevoir help him achieve this?
  • Comments: The protagonist is the guy from Gen III if things went poorly for him in the beginning. It's a fairly cute story focusing on his relationship with the Gardevoir he's had for years after losing his old starter, Treeko. Just as a warning, there's a lot of sexual energy in it and they have full blown sex in Chapter 10.

For the Love of Pikachu by PokeMaster64
  • Recommended by The Snow Squirrel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Pikachu/Buneary
  • Synopsis: When a female Pikachu visits the gang, Pikachu develops a crush on it, which makes Buneary jealous. However, the wild Pikachu is not what it seems. Also, Team Rocket manages to get a lot of money and they're going to use it to catch Pikachu. Question is, what are they buying?
  • Comments: This story develops the characters (and the main pairing) believably without breaking anyone's character. There's also a dangerous, yet sympathetic villain joining Team Rocket, and a powerful new Mon joining the heroes. I applaud the author for making Team Rocket a legitimate threat while still being their wacky selves. If you're into fics that are faithful to the show, give this a note whirl.

Seven Nights by L100Meganium
  • Recommended by: The Snow Squirrel
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Celebi/Jirachi
  • Synopsis The Voice of the Forest never stays in one time for long, but when she becomes friends with a Pokémon that only awakens every thousand years, she finds herself wishing to stay in these seven nights forever.
  • Comments A very touching story with a bit of poignancy that explores the downside of Jirachi having to sleep for 1000 years, and Celebi's loving determination to show Jirachi all she can about the world before he has to go into hibernation and thus never see it again.

Dating a Team Magma Grunt by Gooberman(kdk5011)
  • Recommended by: Mr Terrorist, Gamermaster
  • Pairing: Brendan/Female Team Magma Grunt (Yes, you read that right!)
  • Synopsis Set after Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a female grunt from Team Magma dates her former enemy, Brendan.
  • Comments Prepare for a sweet romantic story. In this funny and diabetic inducing doujin by Korean artist, Gooberman(kdk5011), it tells the unexpected coupling of Brendan and the Female Team Magma Grunt and the romance between them. Plus some funny moments from others characters like the rest of Team Magma and the Female Team Aqua Grunt.
    • Sadly, the series is on hiatus until 2017.

AAML Diamond and Pearl version by Echidna Power
  • Recommended by: Useful Critic
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis & Pairings: {from the page}
Follow me as I remake the DP episodes in order and in sequence, all so I can add the biggest star besides Ash himself. Misty! Watch her and Ash's love grow as they go on their journey. A Pokeshipping series. Also includes Penguinshipping, Handymanshipping, slight mentions of Contestshipping, and a Brock shipping to be named later. Oh yeah, there's Pikachu X Buneary here too.
  • Comments: Extremely well written, sweet, exciting, in-character, and internally consistent. The greatest “how it should have happened” pokemon fanfic I have ever found. Reviews welcomed, (and often replied to) by author
  • Now with a page (currently still under construction) here! AAML: Diamond and Pearl Version

In the End/At the Beginning and Other Ferriswheelshipping Stories by tiera
  • Recommended by: Azelf 2010
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: N/Hilda(Touko)
  • Synopsis: A collection of one-shots written for Ferriswheelshipping Week on Tumblr.
  • Comments: The above link is a hubpage for four individual stories, and unlike a lot of FWS fics they focus on the emotional effects of love rather than the way it is expressed physically. Everyone is (gasp!) actually in character - Touko doesn't devolve into a wimpy Bella Swan expy when she's abandoned, and N is never presented as the Casanova many fanfic authors peg him as - he's just as refreshingly dorky as he is in canon. If you have time for just one story, go with The Lucky Ones, which chronicles Touko's journey and her encounters with N as seen through the eyes of her Pokemon team.

Across the Sun by Liz Hollow
  • Recommended by mutents
  • Status: Complete.
  • Pairings: May/Steven Stone
  • Synopsis: After May's sudden disappearance, Steven Stone discovers a letter left behind by the lost champion. Filled with instructions and hints to locate the other letters she left throughout the regions, Steven finds himself on an impossible and heartbreaking journey searching for her. And the more letters he finds, the more he fears what lies at the end.
  • Comments: Considering that it's a fanfic for a video game with a perpetual ten year old lead, this story is very deep. It's told from Stone's P.O.V., and the writer nails him. It's also got a one-shot sequel and longer prequel that should probably be read after the first story.

Wake me up when this chaos ends by Feni
  • Recommended by: Aquablue 11
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: In a world where Pokemon have turned against humans and even their own kind, Red breaks. Green is the only one left to pick up the pieces.
  • Pairings: Green Oak/Red Gold/Crystal [Brief]
  • Tags: Darkfic
  • Comments: A dark take on a "what if" scenario, where the shadow Pokemon featured in Gale of darkness were to be released around the entire world. While Red's character could be considered OOC, the premise of the world and story really makes you understand why he is very much that way.

Meowth's Christmas Gift by Team Rocket Rose
  • Recommended by fruitstripegum
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Jessie/James; (Rocketshipping)
  • Synopsis: Meowth has a special surprise for Jessie and James... that might create a bit of Christmas Rocketshippy magic!

Beginnings: Pokemon Tech by Team Rocket Rose
  • Recommended by fruitstripegum
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Jessie/James; (Rocketshipping)
  • Synopsis: This is my first pre-Pokemon story, about Jessie's first night at Pokemon Tech, and how she and James become friends.