Tropers / Faislittlewhiteraven

A fairly new Troper who still hasn't quite gotten used to the ropes. Goes by the same username and ones very similar to it many other places on the net. Said name originated from having a rather bad crush on a certain anime character, being very fond of monotone colours and putting 'Raven' in virtually every Insert Player Name Here situation before then (a trend this troper has finally started to move away from).

She is female (hopefully) and spends most of her time playing videogames, watching cartoons, theorising over the many complex aspects of Pokémon and doing manga style art in sketch books. She has yet to ever be employed due to rampant terror of being anything other than self-employed and hopes to run a sucessful manga store someday.

Various places this troper can be found are:, DeviantART and

Anything someone wants to add?

Just saying hello: HELLO! — Grobi (btw., you WILL get used to tropes. Don't even TRY to escape; Resistance Is Futile.