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Series: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

"Overdrive, Accelerate!"
Morphing call, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

The fifteenth anniversary season of Power Rangers, taken from GoGo Sentai Boukenger. Legends speak of the Corona Aurora, the Crown of the Gods; an ancient jeweled relic with inconceivable power. According to the myths, millennia ago, two brothers warred with each other in their pursuits of the crown, only for the crown to turn them both into monstrous forms and seal them into planets. Afterward, the crown was taken and its jewels removed, all being sent away to an Insignificant Little Blue Planet...

In the present day, Adventurer Archaeologist Andrew Hartford has at last found the crown - but the discovery frees the brothers, Moltor and Flurious, from their respective prisons. Realizing that they and other villains would come seeking the crown's power, Hartford uses his wealth to assemble and equip a team to track down and claim the crown's five gemstones before they fall into the wrong hands.

Operation Overdrive has a few quirks compared to a usual Ranger season. For one thing, instead of using mainly self-contained Monster of the Week adventures, the season tracked the Rangers and villains as they followed a trail of clues around the world to the location of the jewels. It also had a Big Bad Ensemble instead of just one Big Bad, and they tended to fight each other as much as they fought the Rangers.

One of the more interesting episodes was the 15th Anniversary special "Once A Ranger" where a new villain comes into play, the son of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, Thrax. Targeting the Morphing Grid itself, they manage to cut the Operation Overdrive Rangers off from their powers. To stop their plan of decimating the entire grid and eliminating all Power Rangers, the Sentinel Knight commissions Rangers from previous seasons to form a new team (all of the Disney-era shows, with one before they took over) Xander Bly, Bridge Carson, Kira Ford, Tori Hanson, and Adam Park (most characters were Ensemble Darkhorses, the return of Johnny Yong Bosch especially was appreciated). In addition, Alpha Six takes on a role. The two-parter involves the Operation Overdrive Rangers worried about being replaced. While not quite as popular as "Forever Red," "Once A Ranger" has far fewer continuity snarls in part because of Sentinel Knight's involvement.

Despite this, Operation Overdrive has a massive negative reputation among the fans, even among the Disney Era seasons. The shift in the overarcing plot was a large departure from traditional Power Rangers fare (which naturally caused some negative feelings due to it being different), the acting was a far cry from the quality set by SPD and Dino Thunder (though it wasn't as bad as some past and future seasons), the late-season Jerkass qualities by Mack due to The Reveal were rather inconsistent and unfounded, and the explosion count became insane, topping in at over 250 in the entire show. Thanks to all of this, this commonly is on the top of many "Worst Season" lists.

In recent years though, after everything's cooled down, some fans have admitted there were some good ideas and, compared to Mystic Force, at least managed its characters better (actually focusing on the rangers this time and distributing equal time to the villains. Especially since there are four factions this time). The serialized nature of the season in contrast to others meant that the plot was always moving forward- finding this MacGuffin to find the other, which leads to the next Jewel, which starts the hunt for the next MacGuffin... The execution, on the other hand, really hampered the series and brought down what otherwise is a pretty decent globe-trotting adventure story. The general opinion on Overdrive these days is "Interesting premise, lackluster execution."

It should be noted that while ratings for this season started out good, the ratings would go on to crash and burn - a trend that the two final Disney seasons never really recovered from.

Succeeded by Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

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