Heartwarming / Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

  • When, after Mack's Heroic Sacrifice the Sentinel Knight appears and uses the shows MacGuffin to, not only bring him back to life but help him to become human!
    • Even better, the Knight's reason? When Hartford sadly says that Mack never had life and he was just a machine, the Knight retorts that Mack fought with true heart and crowns him with the Corona Aurora.
  • While the Rangers might be...divisive this season, when they all leave to go back to their old lives, there are a few nice moments, particularly with Will saying that after learning the value of teamwork, he's going to build his own team to help keep people safe.
    • There's also the fact that during 'Once A Ranger' arc, while the other rangers resumed their old but self-driven activities, Will instead turned from a thief into a museum security guard, actually doing something that benefits others. Of course this can be mitigated with the fact that he eventually thought that wasn't fulfilling enough...
    • And the Adventure Continues for Mack and his father. In a Book Ends to the series, it ends with the both of them off on another archeological adventure.