Heartwarming / Power Rangers Mystic Force

  • During "Legendary Catastros" watching Nick get over his fear of Catastros and managing to help the wounded beast.
  • In "Ranger Down", Phineas finding and adopting an abandoned Fireheart, it's best when Fireheart starts calling him "Daddy".
    • Jenji staying well-past his time limit to try to help the Rangers against the Monster of the Week and risking vanishing forever.
      Madison: Jenji, why didn't you go back to Rootcore and save yourself?
      Jenji: You guys are my family... my only family. Tell Fireheart I'm sorry.
  • Near the end of "Heir Apparent Pt. 2" when Udonna reveals to Koragg/Leanbow that he's Nick's father, and her husband. Koragg stands there stunned for a second, then in a moment of clarity reaches out to his son. It's cheesy, it's Narmish true, but it's still a very heartwarming scene.
  • "Mystic Fate Pt. 1", after the master has possessed Nick, he forces Nick to don Koragg's armor and attack innocent creatures. Eventually Nick is talked down by his father much in the same way Udonna did for him, this manages to break him free of the Master's Mind Control.
  • In "The Return" the first thing Matoombo does when he arrives in Briarwood is save a child from getting run over in the street. He then zaps the car with a little lightning, taking the boy aside and warming him not to be careless in the future.
    Matoombo: You need to be more careful, now go.
    Boy: (gives Matoombo his ball and pats him on the head before leaving) Okay.
  • Watching several of the series villians getting along well with the rangers including a revived Matoombo.
    • Also, watching Itassis bombarding Daggeron with questions.
  • The friendship formed between the comic-relief characters of Claire, Leelee and Phineas, especially when Claire and Phineas very quickly warm up to Reformed, but Rejected Leelee and give her a chance, which helps convince the Rangers to finally do the same.
  • A meta example: Using the late Machiko Soga's footage as Magiel to portray the "Mystic Mother", and stating in-universe that she had formerly been Rita Repulsa before reforming.
    • Think about it for a moment. Rita Repulsa, the original empress of evil and the first enemy of the modern Power Rangers, is now the Big Good. According to supplementary material in addition to being the source of good magic, she created the Mystic Force Ranger's connection to the morphing grid. It's not hard to think that after regaining her magical powers and becoming the Mystic Mother, Rita used some of Zordon's methodology in creating the Mystic Ranger powers, honoring her old foe.
  • In "The Hunter", while Nick is on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to rescue his friends with the power of his new Battlizer:
  • Madison finally admitting her feelings for Nick in the finale, and Nick promising to come back to her after he spends some (much deserved) bonding time with his birth parents.