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Fridge: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Fridge Brilliance

  • At first, "Rose" seems like a stock Meaningful Name, but then you find out her Boukenger counterpart was named "Sakura." This goes to a CMOF level if you're a fan of the Street Fighter games.
  • In the scene reintroducing Alpha in Once A Ranger, Alpha implies he hadn't been in working order for a while. Who's been working on him to get him up and running? Adam, who had experience with Morphin' era tech, and Andrew Hartford. Who created an Artificial Human. Who better?
  • The Morphin' Grid is some sort of energy formed from the battle between good and evil, and the run-off energy tends to form in explosions. With multiple bad guys (and later in the team-up episodes, multiple good guys), the Grid must've been overloaded and gone crazy with the explosions.
  • The seemingly fridge-logical aspect of Andrew making his robot son a young adult in appearance shifts to brilliance because when he finally dies, Mack can live on his own and not be discovered by an adoptive parent.
  • Ronny being the only one to power the Fearcats' machine seems like just a lazy way of writing around GoGo Sentai Boukenger footage. However, Ronny is an Identical Stranger (possibly reincarnation) to the Goddess Freyja. Who better to drain power from than a supposed Physical God?

Fridge Logic

  • Andrew creating an artificial son that was physically a young adult, although it's likely that this is a preferable alternative to making new bodies for him to simulate growing up.
  • If Andrew is skilled enough to create a robot sophisticated enough to perfectly pass for human as much as Mack does, why doesn't he use that technology to create a team of Power Rangers?
    • He probably would have used up a lot of time and energy for it.

Fridge Horror

  • Since Mack is a robot, he won't age like those around him. If Andrew had died before telling him who he really was, Mack would never know why this was happening. Not every day you see a teenager filling up the fridge like this...

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