Funny / Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

  • Half of everything Spencer says counts as he has mastered Servile Snarker to an art form.
    Spencer: Giant red lizards are attacking your house guests, sir.
  • From "Once A Ranger"... Alpha's back! Also counts as a Moment of Awesome and Heartwarming Moment.
    • Not to mention the SPD Red Ranger's entrance, one word and you know exactly who he is.
    • Pretty much all of Bridge's lines when the past Rangers formally introduce themselves to the Overdrive team.
    Will: You've all been Rangers before.
    Tori: Yeah.
    Bridge: Well, except for me. See, I'm not a Ranger yet, but I will be. In the future, I'm going to be the Green Ranger, and then I'm going to be the Blue Ranger.
    Rose: But you're wearing Red?
    Bridge: Oh, yeah, well...long story short, our mentor, who's a dog...(Adam then gives Bridge a WTF look, coming from the same guy that had a giant, floating head as a mentor.) promoted to head of SPD, which used to be run by a bird, but he retired and went down to Miami, and then Sky got promoted, and then I got promoted, and that's why I'm the Red Ranger...or rather will be.
    Dax: Makes sense to me.
    • Adam sums up what every long time fan thought when they first watched Dino Thunder:
    Kira: Dr. O would've loved to see that.
    Adam: Hey, you know, I still can't believe he's a doctor.
    • Apparently, Johnny Yong Bosch wanted to get out of having Adam say "Morphenomenal," and he was vetoed.
    • At the end of the second part, after the battle is won and the Rangers are hanging at the mansion, the writers managed to put in one last nod to SPD. Spencer walks in with a stack of toast for Bridge, and this exchange happens:
    Bridge: Is it... *makes his little hand motion*
    Spencer: ...The butteriest, sir. *also does the little motion*
  • In one episode, Flurious says he has half a mind to turn Norg into a throw rug, and later says he has half a mind to shave him until he resembles a naked ice rat.
    Norg: Half a mind... for a throw rug... half a mind, naked ice rat—Well, that only leaves one half left!
  • The deliciously - fitting Fan Nickname iMack.
  • Pirate Rose. No, that's not a joke.
  • In "Follow the Ranger", we get a brief glimpse into the past of Moltor and Flurious. Apparently they first started hating each other when Flurious broke Moltor's red sled as a kid.
    • And when they start fighting each other at the very end, Norg is standing watching on the side just muttering, "Here We Go Again", and cringing at the off screen violence.
  • In "Both Sides Now": "...Man law."
    • For context: Will has defected to join Miratrix, and Dax is venting about how you don't just hook up with your friend's ex. When Rose and Ronny turn around, he and Mack have their shoulders on each other and they say the above line at the same time.