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Trivia / Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

  • Creator Backlash: Producer Jackie Marchand was not fond of the finished version of "Once A Ranger", which cut out scenes that would have made the Overdrive team's decision to leave explained better and made more sympathetic. She says the aired version "didn't reflect well on the Overdrive team and made them seem like assholes".
  • Dawson Casting: 18-year-old Rose was played by the then 28-year-old Rhoda Montemayor (though she looks very young for her age.)
  • Fake American: Will is played by a British actor.
  • Fan Nickname: iMack.
  • Milestone Celebration/Reunion Show: "Once A Ranger", celebrating 15 years of rangers, and also the last of the Disney era team ups and, until ''Power Rangers Samurai", was the last team up in the series.
  • Screwed by the Network: Initially, when the premise of this show was pitched to Disney, the company actually liked the idea and greenlit the series...then suddenly did an about face and give the production staff a limited budget. Which forced the staff to use work arounds in order to produce the season, resulting in lackluster quality of the season. It was also by this point Disney was making it pretty clear they weren't interested in the franchise.
  • Talking to Himself: David Weatherley and Kelson Henderson double as the Fearcats' voice actors.
  • Troubled Production: In addition to Disney's budget cuts, the show was forced to make more Sentai footage-heavy episodes.
  • What Could Have Been: Samuel Benta (Will) wrote & submitted a theme song for the series which ultimately was never used.
    • Benta and Caitlin Murphy (Ronny) were supposedly invited to come back for Super Megaforce, but couldn't.
    • There were deleted scenes from "Once A Ranger" which explained the Rangers' jealousy towards their predecessors.