Funny / Power Rangers Mystic Force

  • Every time someone says "Power Rangers", there's a musical sting.
  • Chip's reaction that Briarwood is outside a parallel dimension: "Is this a great city or what!?"
  • Clare gets a pretty silly introduction, particularly in how she turns herself into a sheep.
  • When Nick accuses Udonna of using magic to keep his bike from working, her only response is a confused, "I have done nothing to your bike." It's all in the tone of her voice.
  • When Vida gets turned into a vampire, Chip almost treats her like a dog, keeping her at bay with garlic every time she lunges at him.
  • Clare and Leelee's first meeting.
    Clare: I should turn you into a stikleberry you bad witch!
    Leelee: Try it granola!
    • Later in that same episode, there is a small battle featuring Clare, Leelee, and Phineas vs. a squad of Hidiacs. After winning the battle, Clare and Leelee start to leave only to notice that Phineas is not with them. After they spot him just off-screen, we get this exchange:
    Leelee: Phineas, what are you doing?
    Phineas: I'm wiping the floor with him!
    [The camera pans over to show Phineas using the body of the last surviving Hidiac to literally wipe the floor.]
  • Can you say, "Plan Xander"?
  • Near the beginning of "Heir Apparent Pt. 2" we learn that Jenji saved Daggeron, by stuffing him up his nose...
    Jengi: The things I do for this job. I mean really.
    Daggeron: Thanks Jengi, but trust me. It was more unpleasant for me than it was for you.
    Jengi: Yeah, that's probably true.
  • The Snow Prince proposes a plan to help Nick and Daggeron during training... switch student and teacher for a day.
    • After the Snow Prince returns Nick and Daggeron to the forest, Nick does the exact same thing as the audience, and laughs right in Daggeron's face.
    Daggeron: This isn't funny, stop laughing!
    Nick: Now now, don't talk back to the teacher. (continues laughing)
  • Toby's initial reaction upon discovering the guys were telling him the truth about being the Power Rangers.
    • His catching up on everything else in the following episode is even better.
    "And Leelee's mom is the Queen of the Vampires, who really did carry me off. So I guess I can stop seeking professional help now."
  • Gekkor's Famous Last Words after trying to take on Leanbow: "This ended poorly!"
  • In the final episode, it's not so much what Xander says, it's the fact that Xander actually said it at all.
    Xander: Leelee's Mom is hot.
  • The ending of the Dark Wish saga. The Rangers make Toby a (terrible) cake, which he ends up loving anyway. And then comes the blowing out of the candles...
    Toby: I'll just make a wish...
    The Rangers: (*horrified*) NO!!
  • In "Long Ago", the frog from the cave shows up in the music store, causing the Rangers to run around the store like crazy trying to catch it, while Madison tries to get away from it.
    Toby: (seeing the frantic employees) Rock n' roll.