Funny: Power Rangers S.P.D.

  • The interrogation scene in "Zapped." None of the Rangers' techniques work on the monster, but just a few moments of listening to Bridge ramble causes him to crack.
  • R.I.C. pees on Cruger and he gets away with it -- TWICE.
  • Whenever there's Bridge and toast in the same scene. Let's just say it gets *finger wiggle* buttery.
  • Bridge talking a Monster of the Week to death.
  • Perp Sweating, SPD style. Z plays Syd's hit single "Me" while Bridge goes full Motor Mouth on the perp.
  • For some reason, despite being a Drill Sergeant Nasty, Sergeant Silverback can be pretty funny. It might be the voice, or the fact that he does an ape hoot every so often.
  • At the Power Morphicon in 2007, Matt Austin (Bridge) demonstrated his morphing pose while wearing a hoodie.
  • "Perspective." When the Rangers are telling their version of a fight, in every iteration, Bridge loses count of the number of Krybots he destroys. Even in his own version of the story, and even in the final, true version of events.
    Bridge: Okay, that's 5, 7, 8...uh, whoa, wait, did I miss one? Uh, okay, wait, I'll just start over. 1, 2...
  • In S.W.A.T. the Drill Sergeant Nasty makes the team do push ups and the camera pans over showing each ranger counting out their push ups.
    Bridge: 42, 38, What number was I on?
  • In "Beginnings," after B-Squad is faced with a Megazord-sized foe, Doggie orders them to retreat and says A-Squad will handle it.
    Jack: We're not gonna fight that thing? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • An episode has Bridge being kidnapped, when he gets in contact with Jack this exchange occurs:
    Jack: Where are you?
    Bridge: I'm in a room.
    Jack: (Beat) Could you be more specific?
  • The episode where Bridge dreams of fighting the robots, there is a scene where he falls asleep while being debriefed by Kruger. The way Kruger handles this is hilarious. He soothingly says he can keep sleeping and suddenly yells at him to wake up.