Tear Jerker / Power Rangers Mystic Force

  • It's a brief moment, but seeing the quirky Clare and the sagely Udonna so....broken by Imperios's Dark Wish. It's pretty sad stuff.
  • What Udonna must have went through during the Great War as she almost lost everyone she loved and cared about. She lost her sister, her husband is presumed dead, the people who fought alongside him are most likely dead, Calindor is missing (she didn't know that he betrayed them at the time until the episode "Long Ago"), Daggaron is missing and Bowen is gone with her only hoping that he is taken somewhere safe during the chaos.
  • In "Ranger Down" Jenji nearly dying when he tries to help the Rangers against the Monster of the Week, because of his guilt over what he did to Fireheart.
    Jenji: Tell Fireheart I'm sorry...
  • "Heir Apparent Pt. 2", Udonna's breakdown when Leanbow is recaptured and turned back into Koragg.
  • What happens to Matoombo near the end of "The Return".