Tear Jerker: Power Rangers RPM

  • from "Ranger Green": Ziggy when he discovers the truck he was driving was carrying medical supplies. At one point he has a look on his face like he knows he's already a dead man.
    • Linkara points out that Ziggy successfully escaped the city and the cartels only to try and get back in because there was literally no where else to go!
  • From "Ranger Red": Scott watches helplessly as his brother is shot down in front of him. Marcus's last words: "SCOTT!"
  • From "Ranger Yellow, Part 2": Andrews sacrificing his life for Summer.
  • From "Ranger Blue": Flynn's father finally acknowledges him as the hero he was meant to be. Also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • From "Doctor K": The entire episode, especially Dr. K's flashbacks to her life growing up at Alphabet Soup, counts as one giant tearjerker. Someone please give her a hug.
    Government Agent: Happy Birthday! Make a wish!
    Doctor K: I wish I could remember my name...
  • From "Ghosts": Dr. K's reaction to seeing Gem and Gemma for the first time since Venjix attacked Alphabet Soup. And she smiles, even with tears running down her face.
  • From "Ancient History": Dr. K's exchange with Colonel Truman in Corinth HQ.
    Dr. K: We all do things in life we regret. But if we don't learn from them, and move towards a brighter future, we pay twice.
    Colonel Truman: I've already paid more than most.
    Dr. K: I know. And if I could access the space-time continuum long enough to undo what I did, I would. That's not possible.
  • The deletion of Gem and Gemma is one of the saddest moments in the franchise, right on par with the deaths of Zordon and Kendrix.
  • The last few scenes of the series has two. One where they were returning their morphers and Ziggy quietly, and not just a little bit sadly, says "Get in gear". And the second where Dillon returns to a flower we saw in the first scene.