Tear Jerker / Power Rangers RPM

  • The state of planet Earth during the series. Humanity is driven into near extinction, huddling in one city to survive. The world outside of Cornith isn't very hospitable. There is constant fear of being attacked by Venjix army and knowing that if Cornith falls, humanity is pretty much doomed at this point. While the Power Rangers did eventually beat Venjix who knows how long it would take before Earth can fully recover and the physical, psychological and emotional scars of Venjix invasion and rule won't heal that easily.
  • From "Ranger Green": Ziggy when he discovers the truck he was driving was carrying medical supplies. At one point he has a look on his face like he knows he's already a dead man.
    • Linkara points out that Ziggy successfully escaped the city and the cartels only to try and get back in because there was literally no where else to go!
  • From "Ranger Red": Scott watches helplessly as his brother is shot down in front of him. Marcus's last words: "SCOTT!"
  • From "Ranger Yellow, Part 2": Andrews sacrificing his life for Summer.
  • From "Ranger Blue": Flynn's father finally acknowledges him as the hero he was meant to be. Also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • From "Doctor K": The entire episode, especially Dr. K's flashbacks to her life growing up at Alphabet Soup, counts as one giant tearjerker. Someone please give her a hug.
    Female Government Agent: Now don't forget to make a birthday wish!
    Male Government Agent: You do have a wish, don't you?
    Doctor K: (Heaving a sigh.) I wish I could remember my name...
    • Even worse in perspective, Dr. K desperately wanted to escape Alphabet soup and become part of a bigger world, but that world immediately gets ruined by the same virus she wanted to use to escape, and she had no idea before it was too late.
  • From "Ghosts": Dr. K's reaction to seeing Gem and Gemma for the first time since Venjix attacked Alphabet Soup. And she smiles, even with tears running down her face.
  • From "Ancient History": Dr. K's exchange with Colonel Truman in Corinth HQ.
    Dr. K: We all do things in life we regret. But if we don't learn from them, and move towards a brighter future, we pay twice.
    Colonel Truman: I've already paid more than most.
    Dr. K: I know. And if I could access the space-time continuum long enough to undo what I did, I would. That's not possible.
  • The deletion of Gem and Gemma is one of the saddest moments in the franchise, right on par with the deaths of Zordon and Kendrix.
  • The last few scenes of the series has two. One where they were returning their morphers and Ziggy quietly, and not just a little bit sadly, says "Get in gear". And the second where Dillon returns to a flower we saw in the first scene.
  • A real-life example. Milo Cawthorne and Olivia Tennet tied the knot while living in Los Angeles in June 2013—a moment for happy tears. Unfortunately, they had split up since as of June 2016 according to this interview with Milo Cawthorne. Cue sad tears. Worse is that so far, no reason has been known why they split (although most fans accept the two split due to the pressures of marriage at their young age).