Tear Jerker / Power Rangers Wild Force

In Canon
  • When Cole found out his parents are dead during "Secrets and Lies"
    Cole: I came all the way out here...to find my parents. And all I have are these cold stones...
  • Dr. Adler's flashback to when he worked with Cole's parents. His reasons for being evil are understandable, and can remind one of Dr. Wily's reasons for betraying Dr. Light or why the Shredder became evil. As evil as he's become, you can't help but feel a little sorry that life was so cruel to him.
  • Toxica's death and Jindrax's reaction to it.
  • The deaths of the Wild Zords in the finale. Yes, previous seasons had their Zords destroyed in the final battle, but this time the Zords were living creatures who were being brutally killed by Master Org. Them all coming back to life in the end helps soften the blow.
  • Out of all the Ranger teams, this one is the least likely to be reassembled, as Shayla took their morphers, their jackets, and all the Wild Zords onto the Animarium before departing to the sky again, implying that she will be returning to her slumber until a future generation of Wild Force Rangers is called.