Funny / Power Rangers Wild Force

  • The very first episode, while the Rangers were trying to convince Cole to come with them to the Animarium, after that fails, Taylor just punches Cole in the stomach and tells him he's been "drafted."
  • The debut of Toxica and Jindrax, in human form, lowered to stealing animals as "evil acts."
    Jindrax: Toxica? I miss the old days.
    Toxica: Ooooh, the old days!
    • When they meet Master Org, the two are whispering to each other on him looking different and Toxica insulted at the idea of looking older and so totally tune out Org's entire rant on gaining revenge.
  • In the second episode, Cole, still a pacifist, tries to reason with the Barbed Wire Org, using the "everything has a heart" cliche. When he realizes he's wrong, this exchange happens:
    Cole: I can't hear anything! You don't have a heart!
    Org: And you don't have a brain!
  • Episode 5: Cole trying to ride his motorcycle like a horse, while addressing it like it's his dog. After Alyssa helps him, Cole loses control of the bike, and pops a wheelie!
  • Org Express. Never leave the cave without it!
    • Jindrax in general was always good for a laugh.
  • After the Wild Force Rangers meet the modern Time Force Rangers, this is Taylor's first reaction.
    Taylor: I recognize him from somewhere. (recognizes Eric) Hey! (demorphs) You're the one who gave me a ticket this morning!
  • A background moment: At the beginning of "Reinforcements From the Future, Part 2" the Wild Force Rangers are looking at the static-filled screen on Wes and Eric's video comlink. While Shayla's telling Wes that someone's been trying to contact them, Cole reaches out to touch the screen... and Danny smacks his hand away.
  • The Rangers confronting Onikage, Jindrax and their pajamas.
    "So these are the famous Power Rangers. Interesting outfits."
    "Nice teddy bear."
  • In one episode, Alyssa is in a rush, and Cole swipes her breakfast behind her back!
    Alyssa: Cole!
    Cole: *with his mouth full* You make the best eggs!
  • It's hard not to chuckle at Cole getting star struck over Jason.
    Jason: Go for it, newbie!
    Cole: Morphenomenal!
  • Forever Red's ending.
    • The bloopers for this scene are even better as Christopher Khayman Lee (aka Andros), when the other Rangers are listing their amazing deeds, proudly proclaims:
    Andros: Yeah, well I killed Zordon!
  • Also a very weird moment, when Merrick uses his Crystals as pool balls, because it's the most disrespectful thing you could do with them.
  • Jindrax delivering a Badass Boast while falling up a hill. And it works.
  • In "Taming of the Zords", Jindrax and Toxica provide boxing match style commentary for the battle between the Zords and the MOTW- in this case, it's them trying to keep up with all the wacky Zord combos the Rangers have to improvise (as this particular Org is the Lion Tamer Org- meaning he can influence the Red Lion and the other Zords and they're busy fighting for control). The best part is when their announcer table gets completely destroyed by one of the Gorilla Zord's bananas and Toxica is pinned to the ground under the banana for several minutes while Jindrax struggles to lift it off her.