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Funny: Power Rangers Time Force
  • The ending of "Jen's Revenge". After Jen and Wes share a Heartwarming Moment, Katie, Lucas and Trip are found eavesdropping and Katie and Trip then mock Jen and Wes' said moment.
  • The Trapped In Movie Land two-parter "Movie Madness", especially the part where the Rangers stop running from the Big Bad for a Mid Battle Snack Break.
    Trip: LOOK! Snacks!
    • Not to mention Eric's attempts at being Tarzan.
  • Ransik as Overprotective Dad in the entirety of "Nadira's Dream Date."
    • Subsequently followed by Gluto remarking that the Blue Time Force Ranger is the ugliest one.
    • Mid-battle, Ransik appears and forcibly tells the MOTW not to mess up the Blue Ranger, due to the Blue Ranger unwittingly having a date later on with Nadira. Even goes so far as to groom Lucas and have Ransik call off his mooks, much to the confusion of Lucas' teammates.
    • Soon thereafter, Wes and Trip joke that Nadira and Lucas would be a cute couple, much to the dismay of Lucas.
    • Lucas is desperate to find a way out of the date and break up with Nadira, but is worried that Ransik will off him. So what do Lucas' friends plan on doing? Make Lucas into a a filthy, lazy, broke slob on their date.
    • After hearing Nadira and Lucas have broken up, Ransik gets livid.
    • No mention as to how it started? Well, it all started when Lucas is shown writing poetry of someone he loves...his car. That poem book was in his jacket when he morphed and when he morphed back, it dropped. Nadira picks it up and thinks it's about her and, well...the rest is history!
    • The entire episode becomes even funnier in hindsight after Nadira and Ransik both make their Heel-Face Turn and Lucas and Nadira do ultimately end up together in the next season at the end of "Reinforcements from the Future" making them the official Beta Couple to Wes and Jen.
  • One episode had a female mutant bewitching all three male Rangers, to the extent that they morph and battle each other, but when a most-certainly-not-jealous Jen discovers the truth:
    Jen: That's great!
    (Circuit looks at Jen confused.)
  • The Flashed Badge Hijack scene.
  • Jen is going over battle plans and strategy. What are the others doing? Passing a bowl of popcorn behind their backs to snack from every time she isn't looking.
  • In the first episode, the Time Force have to commandeer a vehicle. Jen stops one, prompting this exchange:
    Jen: This is an emergency. We need to commandeer your vehicle.
    Driver: Get lost!
    Katie: Wait wait wait wait, wait wait wait! *puts hands on Jen's shoulders* Jen, you have to be polite! *grabs driver by the shirt and flings him out of the window one-handed*

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