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Nadira is Adopted
She was a young mutant outcast, whom Ransik, despite his bloodlust, saw as something more than just another follower. No, instead of just making her part of the gang, he adopted her as his daughter, and promised to make her rich when he finally ruled the world. She calls him "daddy" because he's the only family she has ever known.
  • Maybe she calls him that because he provides everything she wants i.e. a Sugar Daddy

Had the others not came back, Wes would've taken out Ransik in a Mutual Kill

It's stated that if they hadn't returned, Wes would've died, but also would have won.

Had they not returned, he would've eventually destroyed the robot, possibly sacrificing the Q-Rex, and then ended up in a final battle with Ransik, one mortally wounding the other but the other managing to take their opponent down with them, killing both.

Wes is Sky's father
Nothing is known about Sky's father other than the fact he's a Red Ranger whose outfit was Time Force style.
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